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Would you understand if Bae tells you he is broke on Valentine’s? But will make it up to you? @tatenda_abel

Are you insane?  It’s Valentine’s day, how can you not have been saving for this big day?  What are my friends going to think?  Where will I even hide myself?  I am going to be so embarrassed.  Can the earth swallow me already???!! – This would have been my reaction 10 years ago when I didn’t know any better.


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If I am completely honest with myself the reason I like Valentine’s Day is the gifts that come with it. I have no idea what Valentine’s Day really is, all I know is that it’s some day that has been commercialised over the years and puts most women and men under unnecessary pressure.  These are my two cents on the question that was posed on Twitter yesterday.

I would not be upset with Bae if he didn’t get me anything on the day.  I would be disappointed if he didn’t get me a bouquet of roses though, now that is unforgivable!  I think a gift given on any day still gives you that warm mushy feeling so whether he gets the gift or not will not be a train smash for me.  It’s just like any other day for me but because I always look for a reason to spoil myself I will get myself a gift.  This year I think I will get myself the red dress I have had my eye on since the beginning of the year, anything to put a smile on my face.

Over the years I have learnt the art of gifting myself.  On my birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas Day or any other day I have the means to do so I get myself something.  I realised that it is not anyone else’s duty to buy me presents; if anything if they do so it will be a bonus.  I had a year I didn’t receive any gift sometime back and I was gutted.  (Where is the joy in singledom?). In my head I thought my friends and family have forgotten me and I threw a pity party.   It was only then that I realised why wait for the next person to do something for me when I can do so myself?  Life is way too short to be moping over petty issues.

I am not saying this is the case for everyone but… I think for some women if they don’t get a gift on this day they get really upset because perhaps their Bae does not get them a gift any other time during the year so if they miss this chance then that’s it!  Yes, there are guys like that, believe it or not.  I don’t know why and how some men think it’s not okay to pamper their woman and vice versa.

The other reason is competition.  Some women just loooove show and tell.  See what my Bae got me, see what Bae did for me.  You men are in trouble I tell you.  Women out here trying to outdo each other.  Makes you wonder if it’s really about the gifts or a reason to show off to friends.

BUT if I get a gift you will hear about it, if I don’t you will still hear about it.  I have no chill like that.  LOL


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I asked two people their thoughts on Valentine’s Day.  No prize for guessing which comment was from a man or woman.

Opinion 1

It has been turned into a money making day instead of celebrating love.   However, my problem with the Valentines Day is that why wait for 14 February to do something nice for my person when I have 365 days to do so.  I also feel many women will be expecting something on the day even if you do something for her on the 10th or 12th she still wants something on the 14th like its the only day that is important for me to express my love for her.

Opinion 2

It’s just an overrated silly day…though l expect a gift on that day LOL.  I don’t care which year it is I must always get a gift.

There you have it dear readers.  I would like to hear your thoughts on Valentine’s Day.  I have heard of stories where a woman has actually ended a relationship because she didn’t get a gift.  Do you have any stories to share as well.  Let’s get talking, this sounds like it will be an interesting discussion, I am already excited!

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12 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Loading…

  1. I have never liked Valentine’s day because I simply do not like gifts like that. I always threw away my roses whenever my mum didn’t take them to display them as hers. I would rather get myself something I need not collect clutter from people.

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  2. You know growing up I hated Valentine’s bcz it was just a competition. Who got the most flowers and from which schools. And who had the guy from a top school who drove to deliver his roses personally. Now years after high school it’s nothing more than just another day Lol. I’ve spent the day single or with guys who don’t take the time to do anything about it and this coming Valentine’s the only boy I intend to spoil is my son Lol.

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    • This is so true. I went to a Girls High School and the competition was real. It put you under unnecessary pressure only to realize when you grow up that it really was not that deep. I say, if you think valentines day should be celebrated be sure to let your person know, if not its still okay. Make sure you get your son something lovely and yourself as well😊


  3. I Believe gifts should be spontaneous,you should be able to get bae gifts when u feel like it and when u really can. The best gifts are the ones that come from the heart because they are the thoughtful ones unlike valentine gifts were you are basically getting someone a gift simply because you have to and not because you want to. V gifts are usually cliches, it’s mostly cards, chocolate, flowers and red lingerie. Somehow it’s less romantic but as a guy you just have to plan and get bae a gift on V-day just to stay on the safe side. I know a guy who tried to save money by cooking a special V-day meal for his then GF and got dumped for being cheap so i’d rather stay safe and get something for mine. It’s tougher in these economic times but you have to try. Imagine getting someone a gift when the both of you can barely make ends meet, buying chocolate for bae when there is no food in the house.

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    • You are right Albert! At the end of the day it really is about communication and looking at the situation at hand. I would be really upset if I got a lavish gift when there was no food to eat. At the same time I would be annoyed if we had the funds but I never get pampered occasionally. Just so we are still on the same page, pampering should go both ways, for the man and the woman 🙂


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