Body Active Gym

When I started my fitness journey going to the gym was never an option.  The reason I could not go to the gym was because I told myself that I had to commit to at least 3 months of working out from home;if I could do that I would certainly be able to do the time at the gym.  There is something about paying your own subscriptions that makes you not feel bad when you miss a workout.  I had done so in the past and I was not willing to waste any money on something I was not dedicated to.  The other reason was I simply could not afford to do so.  At the time I told myself I had to make a plan and work with what I have in order to reach my goal weight and it worked like a charm!

However, I have reached my goal weight, I have new goals to smash and this time around I want to actually join a gym and get to tone my body and tighten my arms more than anything.  I decided to go and see for myself if joining the gym would be worth my while before doing anything too drastic like paying a full year’s subscription before giving the whole gym a “feel”.

Two weeks ago I had a “Gym Date” with Kev; I never in my wildest dreams thought that was ever going to be something I would look forward to in this lifetime but trust me I was excited!  It was easy to make my way there because I got transport just a few minutes walk from my place.  I dropped off right at the entrance of the office park where the gym is located; hurray for me!  This was already a plus for me because a gym easy to get to means less stress and less excuses.

When you get to the entrance of the gym, the outside does not look very fetching and you automatically assume that you have been short changed.  I am here to  admit that I was blown away when I stepped into Body Active Gym!  The place is a Fitness Freak sanctuary.  I had to try everything out!  The first thing that Kev did was take me on a tour around the gym and I had not one but four favourite spots once I was done with the tour.  I will add them within the blog.


Pool as blue as the sea of a dream! 

After the tour Kev directed me to the treadmill for a 10 minute warm up.  Thereafter my body went through the most!  We decided to work on my arms and core.  Kev did not put weights on the bar I was using but it was so heavy I wondered how the guys I was side eyeing lifted weights so effortlessly.  Apparently the bar alone is a whole 5kgs!  That explains why I was having a hard time.  Kev is patient, very helpful and shows you how to do your reps like it’s nothing.  Mind you he was using weights on his reps, I just stood there in awe.


Kev doing his reps on the Cable Crossover Machine

After a good one hour of working out I sort of broke a sweat and thought to myself well, so much for that!  Fast forward to days later my whole body was tight and in pain from working out that Saturday.  I didn’t realise the effects would hit later on not on the very day!  The one thing I liked about the gym was that it has a relaxed atmosphere, it has a co-ed setup, it is multiracial, it is not crowded and there is a lot of space for you to exercise at ease.


Spin Class

I didn’t realise we had Spin Classes in Zimbabwe.  I only ever read about it when people abroad tweet about it.  Now I have a chance to also take these classes and see what wonders it can do for me!  The gym has more than enough equipment and there is a wide selection to choose from.  Staff is available to help with  how to use the equipment.

There is a machine I used and totally loved.  It’s called the Body Massaging Machine.  I have seen it on TV advertisements and when they advertise it they give you the impression that if you just stand there for 10 minutes all your weight issues will melt away, such lies!  The Body Massaging Machine actually helps your body to relax after a workout, the vibration from the machine helps develop leaner muscle tissue as it increases the metabolic rate resulting in a higher caloric burn, reduces tension and stress among other things.


Body Massaging Machine

Would my visit be complete without a Sauna experience?  Heck no!  After my workout I took a quick shower and took time to unwind in the sauna for a good 15 minutes.  The showers and toilets are well maintained and that’s a really sensitive area for me. No matter how I enjoyed my Gym Date experience if I had noted that this area wasn’t on point my interests would have gone out the window!

Available Classes

  • Pilates Classes
  • Yoga
  • Zumba
  • Ladies Circuit
  • Swimming
  • Spin Class
  • Boxing

I will probably be trying all the above because I like to challenge my body.  The fees are also not too bad but because of my ever hectic exercise schedule I will settle for being a Casual Member for now.  If you would like to join Kev is your man and you can reach him on +26377705111

If I am to rate Body Active Gym they get a cool 8 out of 10 from me and yes, I will certainly be paying them another visit soon.


What did you get up to this weekend?  Did you take time to workout or prepare yourself a healthy meal?

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