Let’s Celebrate Each Other!

I always enjoy reading through Facebook messages, especially ones from Linda.  The other day she posted something that I could completely relate to.  It read…

You see, this is the thing with some of the Zimbabweans.  You will bump into someone in the street and they will tell you “Oh I just love what you are doing with your fitness journey” but last time you checked they are not following you on social media, not liking a picture or event and better yet not even taking part in the challenges you post.  We are the kings and queens of stalking!

If you ask me most people follow your journey from the sidelines waiting for things to go wrong so that they can say “That’s why I never followed him or her.”  It really is no biggie though, when you are working towards something you will face obstacles along the way, it’s part of the process.  The irony of it all is that when you eventually do make it they are the first to go around claiming to be your “friends”, we see you!

As for some of the church people…I could write a whole blog post about how they do not practice what they preach but that’s a story for another day.

BUT at the same time, let us also not do mediocre things and expect people to support us.  Be it in music, food, fashion whatever the passion.  People want to be able to pay for something they feel is a quality product.  There is no way anyone will want to part with money or share events they feel are not well thought out or polished.  Let’s do our best to bring out our A game.

For now all I can say is that I am behind Linda on this one, let us celebrate each other and our dreams.  It is not always money that people want from you.  Just sharing a Facebook status, sending a message to tell someone how well they are doing in their area of expertise or referring someone to an event you think might interest them, the list is endless…

Let’s put our time to better use and be better individuals in the community.

Linda K Sibanyoni – The Business Woman
“Do not interrupt my greatness”

MaKupsy© 2017


One thought on “Let’s Celebrate Each Other!

  1. I don’t agree with this and here’s why….

    Being a friend does not mean one is obligated to “support” everything, this assumes that people have no sense of agency at all. The whole “support your friends’ businesses or hustle” is low key emotional blackmail because why should one have such expectations of their friends, are the friends robots that they cannot decide for themselves what they do or do not like?

    Just because a friend does not like a business page does not mean they do not support it, they could very well be in the backgrounds praying for the success of the business. I used to think this way especially about my blog. I would get super touched that my close friends do not read my blog and I would feel like they don’t support me yet in reality this wasn’t the case at all. The day I understood that they are under no obligation to read or “support” my blog is the day I freed myself from these expectations.

    The key here for anyone is to keep working on your craft. Let your work speak for itself, it will attract the right people. Stop stressing about which friend has not liked your page or shared your posts. At the end of the day not liking a business page does not mean one does not support, we all cannot like the same things and that’s OK !

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