Alo Alo Restaurant!

Alo Alo Restaurant was on my to-do-list for the longest time!  If you are a regular reader  you already know that I am a lover of all things divine.  From divine food, divine travel destinations, divine accessories, divine eye candy, okay fine divine everything because put simply I love nice things.  Sometime last year I got to try out Alo Alo Restaurant and this was my experience in a nutshell.  Today I have no plans of making you read a never ending review so I will keep this one short and sweet.


The restaurant has a beautiful setup and you can choose to sit inside or outside.  The decor is different, different in a good way though. We chose to sit outside, the garden is kept well and I didn’t want to miss an opportunity to take it all in.  Naturally, I took a dozen photos of the place and a few selfies and they all came out looking so posh.  (It must be my phone camera!) I also got to kick of my shoes, walk about and feel the cool plush lawn on my feet.  The waitress was quick to bring the menu and we went about deciding on what to have, but first I needed a drink!  However, she didn’t look too happy at first but she warmed up later on.  Given the heat that day I was happy to receive an ice cold Hunters Dry.  Unfortunately after the first round of drinks I had to go out looking for the waitress, points deducted already! d8ea7232-40b2-4d29-b1aa-f60e0a125d52.jpg

Be warned though the prices are pretty steep so it might be a place you want to go for a special occasion not some random lunch because your wallet will bleed. Expect to spend at least USD15 for a meal.  I don’t remember the name of the meal I chose you know how restaurants have all this fancy names for simple things that make you wonder…Put simply I ordered spaghetti, meat balls and a salad that was ohhh sooo crunchy!  I had initially ordered chips and pork chops but they were out of potatoes; like how?   I strongly feel that the waitress should forewarn you before placing an order what they do or do not have!


My food was well presented.  I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was well cooked, served very hot and it was ready in reasonable time. For that they get their points back.  You know how you order something and you think yes, this is THE meal, well.  In as much as mine was delicious you should have seen the plate next to mine!  Now I know why they say relationships are like ordering food in a restaurant.  You choose what you really want and then you see what the next person is having and you have to have it!  Human beings can never be satisfied!


You can be the judge; which plate would you choose?  I obviously got a slice of that pork chop it was too tempting, I could not help myself.


The Aftermath 🙂

My experience at Alo Alo Restaurant was okay, to be honest there was nothing that really wowed me.  A few things that I liked would be:

  • The waitress regularly checked up on us.
  • The food was delicious.
  • They serve hearty portions.
  • The garden is beautiful.
  • It’s a beautiful place you can take your family.
  • The bathroom is clean, they have sweet smelling hand wash, lotion and flowery tissues.  Yes, it matters.
  • It’s the perfect place for selfies!


Have you been to Alo Alo Restaurant before?  If yes, what was your experience like?  I will rate them a cool 7/10.

©MaKupsy 2017


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