21 Things Learnt From Past Relationships

I like to keep my blog as interactive as possible because I want the people who read my blog also feel a part of this journey.  I posted a question on Twitter and asked my followers to respond and this is what I got.


@chaluva263 Love is not enough to sustain a relationship, it takes a lot more.

oney don’t buy loyalty.

@TinoNyandoro The thought of long term commitment scares me.

@ZaneleM_ That I wasn’t ready to be a girlfriend. I wasn’t ready for the commitment and dedication required.

@mangaliso21 I learnt that trust is like virginity; once lost it can never be regained.

@nyashanekutenda Not to take people for granted.

@YoliSpice Dreams can be shattered and you learn from them to create new and improved dreams, after all life does goes on.

@ICallMeCharmzyy I need to learn how to be selfish.

@zedd_tahlz Once a cheater, always a cheater.

@Do_Mie_Son To be honest and open about your feelings and be real to yourself.

@_Vickie_M Love in its “purest” form is a beautiful thing but on the flip side it can enslave you to your partner.

@yard_aric Be honest…I lost the love of my life for not being honest.

@DESIGNER_ANDRE Be in a relationship with someone who respects,appreciates,supports your goals and passion in life at all times.

@rufaro_et To be careful of emotional blackmail /manipulation.

@itskfizzle I’m currently too selfish and immature for relationships.

@the_dimpled_one A person will treat you how you allow them to. Stick to your standards and you will be surprised 😉

@tofunmi_ Love is not enough, really.

@stuntuya Our hearts crave companionship. Our minds never got the memo.

@kikkybadass I learnt that people will lie to get what they want ,I learnt how selfish humans can be at times,I learnt to love myself more.

@makholisa Sometimes God removes people so we meet better people.

The one lesson I learnt from past relationships is that I do not need to transform myself in order to be loved and accepted.  The one made for me will love me just as I am, flaws and all.

Care to share your own lessons from your past relationships?

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13 thoughts on “21 Things Learnt From Past Relationships

  1. I learnt that people will only treat you how you allow them to treat you. If you feel that someone isn’t respectful towards your feelings and is constantly causing your heart harm, then it is OK to not tolerate and leave. After all, if something is meant for you, it will stay otherwise no action in this entire world will make them stick if it was never meant to be.

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    • I agree. Your comment just reminded me of a screenshot my friend sent to me with a message which said something along the lines of…a guy will take you to Mereki for dates because you have shown him you are cool with Mereki dates. If you are a dinner and coffee type of girl you have to let your person know from the get go that that is how you want to be treated.
      So yes, people will treat you the way you allow them to treat you!

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  2. I learned that people redefine love as what they can get. And most of them are unwilling to give what they expect. Also, in many realms people see respect as a weakness and opportunity to overpower. It’s easy to work with though when you understand the statistic of anyone over 26 not married yet is for some reason unfit or not ready to be.

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  3. Very interesting views from people. Thanks for sharing doll!
    The biggest thing I’ve learnt is to appreciate your patner and to always keep your side of The street clean. Love them and don’t expect/demand anything back.Always get into a relationship thinking ‘What can I do for him to improve his life’ not ‘What can this person do for me’. And remember no one is perfect. Communication is key.

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    • Anytime dearest and thank you for reading 🙂
      However, I have to disagree with you on “What can I do for him to improve his life” I believe people should be complete individuals and it’s not my responsibility to try and change them. If anything I should compliment them, that way if things go wrong I won’t be left feeling that I should have not wasted my time and efforts in trying to make them a better person.


  4. This is my first time reading your blog. And I must say, It is very interesting. I stumbled on this blog post and I would say that what i learnt from past relationships is that love is a choice. One simply chooses to work things out and stay or to walk away. In that case, every person has the gift of free will. So if any one hurts you, they had a choice to make, only at your expense. Mistakes don’t just happen, accidents happen. Many times every choice we make is premeditated or at least given some thought. So my big lesson is that love is a choice.

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    • Hello Lyndah. Care to share how you got to find out about my blog?
      I agree with you, most actions take some planning and serious thought so the moment someone hurts you, chances are they already knew they were going to do so, it was just unfortunate that you got to find out.
      Thank you for sharing your lesson and for reading 🙂


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