I Will Marry For Money

Given two choices will you marry for money or will you marry for love? 

I choose money!

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I see you making a face and saying to yourself, “I don’t believe she just made that her blog title!”  Believe it or not that’s how I feel and I am not changing my mind anytime soon.  You see; growing up I read one too many story books and watched too many Disney Princess cartoons that left me feeling like love was supposed to be all rosy.  There have been hardly any happy endings for me in the relationship department thanks to believing that fairy tales actually translated to real life stories. I made a decision a few years back that if I do decide to get married I am getting hitched to a rich man and I don’t care what anyone else thinks!  I am not trying to have a $2 wedding, if it’s going to happen it’s going to be HUGE!

The great thing about life is that you get to learn from your past mistakes.  Thanks to them I know that even though love is such a beautiful feeling it is not enough.  Love will not feed me or put a roof over my head.  Love usually fades after a few months or years for some but guess what, money if used wisely will be forever (read Janet Jackson divorce story here)  I don’t know about the rest of the women but I will speak for myself when I say if I am going to be with someone I need to feel secure.  I want to know that if I stopped working today my husband will not let me want for anything.  I can still go on lavish trips, go on my shopping sprees, those spa dates will keep coming and above all else my daughter will continue going to that good school we would have enrolled her in because well, I have a rich husband.

Money makes the world go round.

I love watching those historical series like Reign.  They constantly remind me that back in the day people married for power.  Parents made sure that their daughters got married to the “right” family so that they too would benefit from that union.  Love was not something that mattered, most times they were told they would grow to love that person.  Which usually happens anyway, what’s not to love about someone who makes sure you are well taken care of?  So if it worked for them back then, trust me it still works now.

I am not one of those women who believes in 50-50 relationships.  I believe that the man is the head of the house and he should go out there and make that paper.  I think I am a 70-30 kind of woman actually.  Let the man do the leading please and allow me to enjoy being a woman in the background.


I like beautiful things.  I love to be pampered and spoiled rotten and you can just imagine how extremely happy I will be if I married a rich husband.  I would want to have just one more child if all goes according to plan and trust me I won’t be having that child with anyone who will give me headaches.  Let the headache be about which car I will be driving to work today thank you very much.

Two things will happen if the rich husband doesn’t come along.  Firstly, I am working towards being a rich woman myself so that when he does eventually come we will build a whole empire!  Secondly, If he doesn’t come I will stay unmarried with all my money and enjoy every dime of it.

You guys can do this marry for love thing while I chill and wait for that rich husband to someday sweep me off my feet while working hard towards getting my own money.  If anyone tells you that I got married, best believe that rich husband came my way.

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9 thoughts on “I Will Marry For Money

  1. Everyone is entitled to there own opinion ,but in my view marry solely for money is a bad idea. Money never lasts forever , what may seem like a huge successful business could all come crashing down in the blink of an eye.
    Even if the money lasts , it will not take care of you when you are sick , it will not comfort you in sad moments , it will not celebrate with you in happy times.
    Being extremely rich but miserable in your heart is not a good thing.
    It is better to marry for BOTH Love and money.

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    • Thank you for reading Kapa. I also understand your view and yes, you are very right, money won’t take care of you where people are supposed to fill in the gaps. Yes, money comes and goes and that’s the reason I highlighted that I am working towards making my own. I will date yes but when it comes to the final marriage decision I will not choose to settle down with someone who will be struggling financially. It’s very few people who get to be with someone for both love and money, lucky for them. The rest of us choose to be grow to love someone who has the money 🙂 I loved your comment by the way, it shows the other side of the coin.

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  2. I agree, I work my bum off to try and get to a stage where I have the finances to allow me to breathe so no I won’t marry someone struggling financially, I want someone stable but I also need someone who loves me these things should be mutually inclusive because I have been through a whole lot and a half to allow someone who is rich but comes with a lot of bs to take me into the hole I’ve just climbed out off

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