The Other Woman

Love her or hate her, the other woman exists and chances are she will continue to exist till the end of time.  I’m not saying your boyfriend or husband has her; not all men are cut out for that.  However, if you are one of the unfortunate few he has one and it is highly likely that she is not going anywhere anytime soon.


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I was the other woman, once upon a time…how did I end up there?  A case of a long distance relationship gone wrong and after that I told myself I was not going to do relationships until further notice so a situationship was more ideal for me then.  Couple that with insecurities from a failed relationship and not realising my worth, I easily settled for being the other woman in a heartbeat.  I used to enjoy the thrill of the secret relationship, the attention was priceless because he would try to compensate for the time he was not able to be with me.

This is a phase in my life I look back to and ask myself what the heck was I thinking? But you know what they say, everything that happens to you is a learning curve.  Thankfully that phase only lasted a short while and was over before it even started because I clearly could not stand being an option in his life.  Believe me when I tell you that kind of emotional stress is not good for anyone, at all!   Ask me if I will ever travel down that road again?  The answer is a definite NO!  It was a phase I am not proud of to date.

That is one of my favourite tracks by Changing Faces – The Other Woman and they are mainly singing about why they are no longer willing to share a man because they have finally realised what they deserve. (love is not so blind after all) However, not all women share the same sentiments because below are a few who are currently the other woman and not complaining about it.

“I enjoy the financial benefits that come with being the other woman, I have never worked a day in my life and “my husband” provides me and our children with everything we need.” Small House

“Sex with someone who isn’t my boyfriend every once in a while is a thrilling experience, you know what they say about variety being the spice of life.” The SexAHolic

“There is a sense of adventure, things done in secret give me an adrenaline rush and I got hooked to it I simply can’t stop.” The Side Chic

“I don’t have to worry about attending funerals, washing his clothes, cooking for him, I get to see him at his best and get to spend quality time with him.” The Cougar

“I get my rent paid, my child taken care of, endless outings, someone to sponsor my drinking habit and never having to worry about how I am going to put food on the table, that’s his job!” The Alcoholic

“Since we don’t see each other often when I do see him there is no time for fighting, I always look forward to seeing him.” Miss No Pressure

“I have been lied to and deceived one too many times, it is better to be with a married guy who won’t make empty promises to me.” Miss Content

“I have my own money, I can take care of myself but I don’t have the time for a full on relationship.  I only see him as and when I am free because I have a busy schedule so being the other woman works for me.” Miss Independent 

Relationships are complicated if you let them be, but from my experience being the other woman never ends well.  It seems for the women above it is working to their advantage and they are happy.  I say, life is too short so one must do whatever makes them happy as long as it gives them sleep at night.

What’s your take on the “other woman”?  I am happy to read on both negative and possibly positive things you have to say about her in the comments section below.

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20 thoughts on “The Other Woman

  1. Only those who have been the other woman, or those whose families have been wrecked by the other woman would know that no joy or happiness comes from this situation. It wrecks so much emotional havoc, it really isn’t worth ruining your life and others’ over it.

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    • That is very true. Most people get caught up in the heat of the moment and do not stop to consider the feelings of the next person, or other people involved. To be frank, most people I asked really don’t care. It is scary though, considering how risky it is, with all sorts of sexually transmitted diseases that keep coming up every other day. It is not worth risking your health and your sanity…There are so many people in the world, if one is patient enough they will get someone just for them and them alone.


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    • Once you are the other woman it is easy to tell yourself lies and think some day you will become THE woman in his life. I am glad I got out while I still could, I realised my worth and like you said being an option is a no no, it is clearly settling for less.


  3. Can’t imagine if the woman is truly happy or holding onto a fools joy; either ways i judge them not, because one really never understands the other’s journey. True peace may not play out if one stays the other woman or man so to say. I wish ’em luck and wish the other woman they make unhappy victory someday

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    • I couldn’t agree more “one really never understands the other’s journey” and trust me it is a journey i have no intention of going back to. What I realised was even if he did eventually leave and I became his official woman, at the back of my mind I would still think there was “another woman” lurking in the background.


  4. It’s not very fun getting involved with a woman that such things became the normal routine with several others (before me) I can say that! I’m probably too easy to take advantage of though, with my gullible heart lol, or else I would have avoided it


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  6. I always say I could never be the other woman. But love can be a tricky thing. I will keep saying it because I feel I am worth and deserve a lot more. But…I do know it is not as black and white as it seemed when I was younger. I would hate to hurt the other woman in the man’s life as I saw my mothers hurt too much

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    • Its true, love really is a tricky thing and once you are in love you are usually very blind. I think the worst is being the “other woman” unknowingly and you are led to believe you are a mans everything when you really aren’t. People are quick to judge the other woman but never take time to understand how she became one. Thank you for reading Deb and I agree, too many women get hurt.

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