Is This Your Enemy Of Progress?

I believe we all have that one thing that we know is an enemy of progress.  It can be laziness, lack of faith, that one ex who calls and suddenly has you thinking of taking them back, the love for money and even sex! Being an adult comes without a manual but through experience you get to know yourself better and realise when certain temptations hit all that progress you had made is about to come crumbling down…


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My love for natural sweet white wine will be the death of me!  I just love it so much it may as well be my best friend.  Last year my poison was Vodka but it came with stomach cramps the next day.  I had an affair with red wine that didn’t last for long because I would have a splitting headache the next day.  I finally decided to try out white wine and I absolutely loved it!  I remember Chef Takura(single and very sexy but he has a beard so he isn’t a potential candidate) recommending it to me and it listening to him was the best decision I ever made.  The one thing I love about white wine is I usually have it from the comfort of my warm bed and just after two glasses I am off to la la land.  I prefer having it on the occasional weekend that way I don’t feel so guilty for indulging in something I know is an enemy of progress in the fitness department.  I have a bottle all weekend though, that’s much better than having 3 bottles during the course of a weekend, yes, no?  (trying to defend the error of my ways here)


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I have had days were my whole day has been mapped by the things I have read, seen or watched on social media.  There was a week when the #MenAreTrash hash tag was trending on almost all social media platforms.  It was the most heartbreaking week of my life.  The stories I read about what women go through left me feeling blue.  I remember sharing my own story on my timeline and after that all the negative thoughts and feelings from the past came back to haunt me.

The very same platforms that bear sad news also come with beautiful things such as travel, love, relationships all wrapped in one.  Now this stuff will make you wish you can order a partner just like the one you saw on Instagram!  Don’t do it to yourself, take it from me.  People will always show you the bright side of their lives and hardly ever the problems they are going through.  Next thing you will contemplate breaking up with your partner because they have not taken you for a surprise getaway weekend to Italy, you will die from stress o!  To make matters worse you can actually go an entire morning surfing through the internet giving yourself self inflicted stress.  This is why you should stick to reading blogs like mine instead, nothing but good times only here.  However, I have found a way to deal with this and that is by simply taking time off social media.  Spend your time on other fulfilling activities that will not leave you green with envy or constantly comparing your life with the next person. Remember that comparison will steal your joy.  Do not let this be your enemy of progress!


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Negative energy is real.  Ever noticed how some people just love to complain about any and everything and once you are done talking to them you wonder why you are feeling miserable.  I am one person who values their peace of mind.  There are so many things going wrong in our country that could easily send you straight to your death while you are asleep the last thing you need is spending time with a “Negative Nancy”.  I understand that we all have problems and sometimes all you want to do is vent and get someone else to listen to you.  That’s perfectly fine but it is NOT okay to vent for an entire day.  Do you have any idea how that drains the next person?  Please do not do it to your loved ones.  If you decide to vent by all means do so but with all the venting make sure you come up with a solution to the problem together and act on it.  No one wants to spend time with negative people, they steal your joy.  Next time someone tries to ruin your day remember that it is your right to protect your peace and you can politely tell them to take their negative energy elsewhere.

I would love to hear from you.  What are some of your enemies of progress and how do deal with them?

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8 thoughts on “Is This Your Enemy Of Progress?

    • I don’t wish to have a repeat version of that week, it did the most to me emotionally. Thank you for reading dearie, it’s always a pleasure to get feedback from you.


  1. enemies of progress, heheh. my biggest ones are procrastination and lack of self-esteem. i tend to lose faith in myself when it comes to solving certain problems and this always sends me into a downward spiral of despair and hopelessness.

    the way i get over both these is basically looking at the next person/my peer and trying to figure out why they are where they are and how they’re managing (especially in this crazy country). this always pushes me to get off my butt and do something about stuff coz well, everyone else is in the same pit but they’re working their way out

    p.s. i just browsed through your post, it’s loooooong. lol. ini ka

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you for reading Tino. On the self esteem part you might need to follow my fitness blog I am always emphasising on how important it is to be your own hype man. If you don’t believe in yourself noone else will. I’m happy to note you have a plan for when things start going sideways. That’s all we really need at the end of the day. Something to put us back on track.

      LOL, next time I will make sure the post is short and sweet 🙂


    • Tino!! I miss you friend esp your energy. Never pegged you for a procrastinator and that other thing, you always seemed to take everything well during the horrid Varsity days lol and you can literally rock anything from dreadlocks to clean cut with suit and you’re a computer scientist, my guess is you have solved more problems than most of us. Keep your head up. *smiley emoji (I’m on my desktop smh)

      Liked by 1 person

      • There’s something called hiding it well. Lol. People won’t notice certain things unless you let them hey. Plus I also believe that you should always stay smiling, coz a frown won’t help anyways.

        Thanks for the motivation though. Glad somebody can say that. Ndozokubata on app when my phone is behaving again.


  2. oh dear
    this hits home
    my enemy of progress is always surrounding myself with people that do not have any ambition or any hunger to be better than they were yesterday.
    I have gone off facebook. might probably change my whatsapp number for the 6th time but I need this!
    good read
    am a crazy fan of white wine as well

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for reading. You said you have changed your number how many times now? WOW. That said, I might actually do the same as well because people can really do THE most. Thank you for reading and we should do wine sometime 🙂


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