Would You Take Your Ex Back?

Yes, I am guilty of getting back with one okay maybe two ex boyfriends in the past with the hope that things will work out and we will live happily ever after.  However, over time I have come to the conclusion that it might not be the best for me, I should simply let bygones be bygones and here are my reasons why;

  • The same things we argued about before we broke up were the same reasons we fought over after getting back together.
  • People don’t change, we broke up with a certain ex because he wasn’t faithful, and after trying again he was still unfaithful.
  • I value my health and in this day and age of HIV/Aids one can’t be taking risks on their health.  You don’t know where your ex has been and what they have been up to the time you were apart and taking them back might just risk your health.
  • Someone takes advantage of you the moment they realise you keep taking them back even after they have hurt you.
  • Physical abuse is not a pleasant experience and I will never again be associated with anyone who puts his hands on me.  Not only is it physically damaging it also affects you emotionally.
  • I don’t want them thinking they have a hold on me!
  • There is a high chance you will break up again anyway.

But wait… it has worked out pretty well for other people, I just have been the unfortunate one.  Those who have rekindled their love after breaking up share these thoughts:


Photo Credit: Luwy Kay(Facebook) & her boyfriend, are they just not adorable!! 🙂

We were both financially unstable and separated by distance.  We decided to break up and when we were both in the same country we would give our love another try and years later we got married and have a beautiful baby together.


The love and connection we felt for each other was stronger than anything we had felt before and close to 20 years later we got back together and started a family.


He wanted to get married, I wanted to focus on my career.  We wanted different things and decided to break up.  After I finished University I bumped into him at the Mall and we got back to talking.  We will be moving in to an apartment we chose together a few months ago. 🙂

You know what they say about life?  It sure is full of surprises!  What might not work for you will work wonders for the next person.  Some people got their happy ending and well, the rest of us are on that  “do not let an ex be the reason you don’t move on and find happiness and true love” tip!  In my opinion once you say your goodbyes that must be enough to let you know that chapter of your life is closed.

Let’s talk about taking back your ex lover.  Have you tried it before?  How did that work out for you?

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13 thoughts on “Would You Take Your Ex Back?

  1. All very true. I always to pray against soul tie. It is real. Whenever we have sex with someone, it’s like we’re married to them. Even if it’s one time. I’ve been through so much with ex. Excellent post. Thanks.


    • Soul ties are real! I read about them the other time and i was completely taken aback. Most people don’t realise that though. Glad you enjoyed the post. 🙂


  2. You’re right on this, its never a good idea to go back. People hardly ever change, if he failed to change for your relationship while you were together, what more when he’s free from you? I learnt that the hard way, after goin back to him too many times, (altho to this day I still carry a lil of him in my heart. Learning to let go slowly, I’ll get there 🙂

    Soul ties..I’ve heard of this but don’t have any knowledge of it. An informative blog maybe? 🙂


    • That’s the great thing about any relationship, once it’s over you get to know what YOU DO NOT WANT in the next one. On soul ties just search through google you will definitely bump into an interesting link.


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  4. I am actually dating someone that I dated a few years ago again. We split because I was emotionally unstable and attempting to recover from a very damaging relationship before him. I had not healed enough to be in another relationship. Things are so much better this time around. And because he has seen the roughest parts of my life, I feel 100% safe with him in all regards.


    • I am glad to hear that you gave your relationship another try. What’s even better is that you now feel a whole lot safer and you managed to get over the issues that tampered with your relationship the first time around. All the best and I wish you both nothing but lovely moments.

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  5. I think, like you said, the reason you broke up, will probably be the same reason you split the second time. I almost got back together with an ex and just when I thought “Ok, things are good, we’re definitely starting on a clean slate,” something just reminded me of why I left in the first place…let bygones be bygones…a re-run might work for some, but for me, nah!

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    • It’s true, sometimes it works out for the best for others but for the rest of us it will a disaster. Just out of curiosity, how long did it take you to finally decide that it was a bad idea trying to rekindle an old flame?


      • It was after about a year since we had broken up…we had gone through so many backs and forths when I realized, eh! I’m literally going nowhere fast! I needed to move on with my life and I was the one who has those keys to make it happen…

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  6. Good for those who have rekindled with ex’s and are enjoying their journey of love…

    I have never got back with an ex and quite honestly, don’t think I will! Unless there were extenuating circumstances i.e., financial instability/career vs education then it’s a No for me. It’s mostly not worth it as there won’t be anything new to learn from that person and you’re most likely to fall out on the same issues that would have caused an initial breakup!
    My personal reasons always boil down to the 3 billion men in the world yet I still choose to be yoked to one it didn’t work out with? No thanks, I’ll pass 😊

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