My Sleep Paralysis Experience

Sleep paralysis happened to me once before when I was still in College.  It did not give me too much of a fright.  I brushed it off as something that happens to everyone in this lifetime.  However, the year 2013 gave me such chills I have never forgotten the experience to date.  It happened sometime in winter, those two incidents have stuck in my memory bank all this time and nothing will probably shake it off, just writing about it is actually starting to make my heart beat very fast.  This is my sleep paralysis experience…

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It had been a long day and all I wanted to do that evening was take my evening bath and get some rest.  I remember fixing a hot water bottle and making sure my apartment was securely locked and all lights were switched off.  (I am extremely sensitive to light so I sleep in complete darkness.)  Within minutes I had dozed off to la la land.  I rarely dream, or maybe I just forget the dreams because they are probably not that interesting but on this particular night I felt a presence in my apartment.  I wasn’t sure if I was asleep or awake but I lay as still as a log to make sure whatever that had entered would leave without noticing me.  All my doors were locked and closed but from my bed I could see through the walls and I saw a dark shadow move from the entrance to my apartment all the way to my bedroom.  I could not make out the face of the shadow but it had an outline of a woman.  The shadow came right next to my bedside and started moving down towards me.  Petrified does not even begin to explain what I was feeling at that moment, I was unable to move or scream for help.  The shadow kept coming closer and closer, it felt like it was trying to suck the life out of me, I saw the hollow outline of a wide open mouth and my eyes nearly popped out of my sockets!  I started screaming for help but in my attempts I could tell that I was screaming but no sound was coming out of my mouth.  I was paralysed and could not do anything; I honestly thought I was going to die right there and then.  I started to say the Lord’s Prayer over and over again and just before the shadow had completely enveloped me I woke up!  I was sweating, panting and crying all at the same time, I didn’t understand if I had been awake or asleep but whatever the case was I had no intentions of staying at home after such an experience, I checked the time, it was 1am and I had to go somewhere, anywhere but home…


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You would think after such an experience sleep paralysis would never occur anytime soon right? Wrong!  Just a few days after that incident I had another bad “dream”.  I was being chased by a woman through the woods.  I was running as fast as my feet could carry me but this woman kept coming for me.  I ended up in a graveyard.  There were men at work digging up a grave but I was puzzled why they were doing so because it was late at night.  I called out to them to help me but it seemed they could not hear me.  I tried to hide from the woman chasing me. There were several tombstones in sight and thought she would not see me if I was behind them. It was pointless because they kept crumbling down each time I went behind any one of them.  I started feeling tired and I was running slower now and before I knew what was happening one of the graves I stepped on started giving in and I was being swallowed into the ground!  I kept screaming for help to no avail and as I was being swallowed in I found myself falling right onto my bed and feeling an uninvited presence pulling me from underneath my bed.  This time around I could not move, scream or say a prayer, I just felt tears streaming down my eyes.  I remember hearing a knock on my door but it felt so faint.  Within minutes it kept getting louder and I somehow managed to wake up and rush to the door.  The moment I heard a female voice from the other side of the door I screamed the place down and woke up.  Almost everyone in the apartment building was alarmed and the woman on the other side kept asking if I was okay and if I should open the door.  I simply said I was okay and she explained that she had not been knocking on my door but on my neighbour’s door.  I didn’t open my door and went back to my bedroom.  I looked at the time.  1am!

That week was probably the worst week of my life.  I had a friend who worked by a 24 hour food outlet and I had to go and sit and chat with him or sometimes just sit in the shop and play on my phone.  I needed a distraction, something, anything that would stop me from experiencing another sleep paralysis incident. I remember bumping into my friend Larry on one of the random days.  We were both grabbing pizza at the food outlet and I am sure he was puzzled as to why I was getting food at around 2am.  I was sleep deprived for an entire week, going to bed was my biggest nightmare.  I didn’t know what to do to make it go away but it eventually did go away after popping some sleeping tablets and then having trouble sleeping without taking them, the vicious cycle!

I did get back to sleeping soundly and I have not experienced another sleep paralysis incident.  However, I did learn that sleeping alone might be a great thing but can be a great disadvantage when things like this happen.  It got me thinking that I could actually die in my sleep and no one would know until days later.  It also got me thinking that when you are scared out of your mind it would be nice to actually have someone to cuddle up to and probably have them wake you up when they hear that you are experiencing some form of disturbed sleep and cut your horrific experience short!

I am curious to hear from you, have you experienced sleep paralysis at any point in your life?  If yes, how did you deal with it?  Please share tips, I am sure they will help a soul or two.

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17 thoughts on “My Sleep Paralysis Experience

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  2. I used to experience if a lot in high school whenever I shared a bed with my best friend. I’d not sleep at all and when I tried to sleep it would occur. Sometimes it would happen to the body of us. I’ve heard that there’s some sort of spirituality linked to it, yet again science has a different explanation for it. The moment you’re in sleep paralysis you’re aware of your surroundings but there’s not much you can do about it . I guess as Christians the only thing we can do about it is pray before we sleep and when it occurs..

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  3. Interesting read, l hv these every now and then. If only l could make it stop. I tend to talk in my sleep too, sometimes l wake up having nyayas 😁. Unfortunately l stay alone these days so dnt knw how much tht happens anymore.
    It’s the incidents where dreams and the paralysis is jus too real to convince myself it was jus another dream that scare the hell out of me!

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    • Eish, I hope you don’t sleep walk as well. Now that would be a disaster! We should certainly read articles from those who have studied sleeping patterns because some of these bad dreams can’t easily be shaken off. How often is now and then for you? What have you tried to do to prevent it…

      Thank you for reading Nyasha.


  4. Yep i can definitely relate to that. It happens once in a while probably at least once a year. Apart from sleep paralysis, I experience some form of disturbing sleep when I’m up watching tv late or studying. My mind is restless and i end up having the nastiest of dreams. I suggest sleeping early, if somehow you don’t manage to do that, then have a drink. Preferably something strong.


    • Does alcohol fall into the “something strong” category? It must be hectic having to experience it often…At least you have come up with a remedy or two that might work, I know for a fact that sleeping early will not work for me. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts Dennis 🙂


  5. Thanks for sharing. I also experience this once in a while. I don’t even know what it means but everytime i do, i wake up and pray. A friend of mine once told me that you should pray the moment you realize it’s Sleep Paralysis and that way it helped me.

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  6. Sleep paralysis is always a terrifying expierence. Intially, i didnt no such a thing existed, and anytime it happened and i spoke to a friend they would say i was been “spiritually attacked.” It happened a lot during high school. It alays felt like someone was sitting on my chest and all attemts to move, scream and shout wouldnt yield a thing. It didn’t happen again until last three months when it happened again. I was pertrified, wondering what at all i had done and why these attacks wouldnt go…hehehehehe. i said the Lords prayer and at some point i moved.
    I got up picked up my phone and googled, Why you cant move, or scream during sleeping?’. And that is how i got my answers, it doesnt terrify me as much as it use to in the past

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    • I can relate to your experience. What makes it all the more scary is that I don’t seem to know what actually causes sleep paralysis. If I could get to know the cause then I would sleep better on some days. I am happy to read that you aren’t as terrified as before, it really is an out of body experience no one wants to go through again. Thank you for sharing your experience 🙂 P.S. What tips did you find on Google?


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