No Romance Without Finance!

You better get a J.O.B if you wanna be with me!  Dating has just gone to that next level if you ask me.  Gone are the days you used to enjoy leisurely walks, go for a picnic or enjoy ice-cream cones with your significant other.  These days it’s about how much money a man pursuing you can splurge on a date.  Goodbye creativity because as far as I have observed the most that will happen is a night out of drinking expensive alcohol and actually not getting to talk to and get to know the next person.  It leaves me asking myself, why are people dating?


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There’s a world of reasons why people decide to date:

  1. Dating for companionship
  2. Dating for sex
  3. Dating for free food
  4. Dating to have someone take care of your financial needs
  5. Dating to find a life partner
  6. Dating out of loneliness

There are obviously more reasons why people date but those are the first few that crossed my mind.

One of my male Blogger friends said;

“A lot of Zimbabwean men are too eager to spend money on women.  Not even in the club when you’re trying to take her home for a one-nighter but when looking for an actual relationship men do the most!”

Some men date for fun and if that’s your cup of tea by all means let that money fall on the flavour of the night; after all you have nothing to lose even if it involves you selling your belongings or ending up neck deep in debt trying to impress a woman then go ahead. From what I hear and read everything men do is to get laid.  They work hard to get more money to buy fancy cars, phones, homes so that they can get laid!  It is after all to make an impression and get between her legs right?  You get laid, she gets a fancy night or two out everyone is happy, yes, no, maybe?

Most women love things, me included but it seems most of them are taking this loving things a bit too far.  Just the other day there was talk on Twitter about how Zimbabwean women want things that they can barely afford and expect whoever they are dating to provide it for them.  Example, demanding a date at Victoria 22 that time you can’t even afford to buy a single glass of wine if you tried to go there on your own.  Dear Zimbabwean men, there is nothing wrong with your woman wanting nice things but if you can’t afford it it’s perfectly okay to tell her that it won’t be happening anytime soon.  At the same time, ladies, if you can’t afford to go there yourself then maybe just maybe try and go somewhere else and come back when it’s something you can both afford?  Then again most people date someone who can upgrade them in all aspects and if you are dating someone who can’t upgrade you then maybe you need to reevaluate things?  Or maybe that’s just too drastic it is after all just a date!

Money makes the world go round but it’s the same money that will ruin a perfectly great relationship if you don’t address the issue in the right light from the get go.  I love beautiful things, I really do; but I want to enjoy well thought out dates that show creativity and have a personal touch to them that will leave me with a beautiful memory for years to come.

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What are your thoughts; is dating about money?  Do you think your potential or current significant other should break their budget to impress you or there are other ways of winning your heart that don’t come in the form of spending?

Should we be going out of control on dates? Is it necessary? Desired? A turn off? Ladies do you like it? Men do you like it? Both when it’s done to you and if or when you have to do it?  So many questions and I would love to hear your answers.

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11 thoughts on “No Romance Without Finance!

  1. I’m a man and I believe men have to understand that they do need to spend money from to time to time when going on dates but nothing too crazy. I believe a man should never go above and beyond to impress a woman with money. Money does play a small portion when dating but money shouldn’t be everything. Materialistic things cone and go.
    They way to win a person’s heart is to unique and demonstrate your strengths, don’t be afraid to communicate the weakness you have, and just put fourth the effort in relationship which is communication and listening. It sounds simple but most people still don’t get it. But then again I don’t people care.
    Technology , music, and social media plays a huge impact on dating in this generation. I don’t want to get in too much detail becuase I don’t want to make this comment too long

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    • Louder for those in the back! I couldn’t agree more. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with splurging here and there but who are you as a person without the money, now that’s something I would like to know. Money is like a river, it comes and goes and you don’t want to date someone solely for one reason because once that’s gone what will happen to the two of you?
      Then again I’m a sapiosexual so I’m probably biased on the matter 🙂

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, it’s always great to hear what goes on in the mind of a man.

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  2. Money should not be the back bone if the relationship but it is important to have, for both/all parties involved.
    It shouldn’t necessarily be Bill Gates kinda money (even though that would be nice) but panongodiwawo ka something kari convinient wo at least kekungoti zviendeke.

    I feel relationships apart from the assigned or assumed financial responsibilities, should be a 2 way street. You should be able to take your person out here and there and buy them gifts here and there (with your money, not money they would have given you).

    Of course the way our society is set up makes it a lot easier for women to get into relationships without having money, but I don’t recommend it, 2 incomes or more between the two of us is an added advantage, what if the one income stream gets compromised, relationship yotopera? At least if that happens you can cover each other, kwete kubva mapererwa.

    This is my 2 cents on the matter.

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    • Women have it lucky when it comes to relationships hey? You can walk in without a single dime to your name and have a partner give you the world!

      I agree, if it’s not a two way street it can bring a lot of problems in a relationship. My opinion is always if the man takes the lead in spoiling his woman it comes naturally for her to return the favour…I guess I’m old fashioned like that.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and stopping by 🙂


  3. That’s very true, surely one must have more to offer in the relationship? I hope more people, especially women, read this and share their thoughts and perhaps change their view on dating while they are at it.

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