Single On Valentines Day

This was the first Valentines Day I was single.  I’ve spent most of them with someone special but 2018 was different. A good kind of different if you ask me because it gave me time to have some reflect on relationships I’ve been in in the past.  I wasn’t expecting to receive any gifts or flowers because I know my relationship status so not receiving anything didn’t come as a surprise.  I had planned to treat myself  to coffee and cake but thanks to committing my money to other important things that didn’t materialise.  However, that wasn’t a train smash, the year has so much to offer and I have other entertaining things I plan on doing as the year progresses.

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I need to do better when it comes to relationships.  I used to be really good at this.  My very first boyfriend taught me how to put someone first.  That boy had me running around town trying to figure out what to gift him.  Not because it was his birthday or it was Valentines Day but because he was so good to me and I had to find ways to reciprocate.  Loving him was easy.  Then life happened and well, let’s just say I made not so clever decisions and ended up dating guys who didn’t take time to learn my love language  and that was frustrating.

I’m taking time out for myself to love myself fiercely and learn exactly what I’m about and what makes me happy.  I know I deserve all the love I keep giving to everyone else.  I can’t keep hoping and wishing for the perfect match when I’m not practicing being a good person myself, how on earth will that work out?  I made a decision on Valentines Day that the next time I’m in a relationship I’m winning that Girlfriend of The Year Award!  I’m going to take time to learn what makes my partner happy and do exactly that and more.

Relationships are a two way street.  Everyone wants to feel loved, adored and celebrated by their significant other.  Ladies, let’s pay more attention to our men, sometimes we expect to always be the “takers” and give nothing back.  Receiving gifts is lovely but take time to spoil your significant other as well; it doesn’t have to be anything out of this world, it really is the thought that counts at the end of the day.

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Seeing that I’m in such a wonderful mood today I would like to do a give away some Golden Pilsener beers to two lucky readers.  How to enter:

Ladies: What is one of the most memorable thing you have ever done for a guy you were dating?

Men: What gift have you received from a woman you were dating that knocked your socks off?

The ones with the best answer will win themselves a 6 pack each of Golden Pilsener.  Don’t forget to take a screen shot of your comment and share it on social meida; don’t forget to use the hash tag #ShareTheGold 

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Share the moment. Share the experience. Share the gold.


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This year I asked the men what they think would be the best gifts to received.  After reading through the replies I came to a safe conclusion that this is the reason why they hardly ever get gifts.  Wakanda madness is this?

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13 thoughts on “Single On Valentines Day

  1. Hi Makupsy. The best gift that I received from a lady that I dated that ‘knocked my socks off’ was a set of undergarments. It was so shocking as we hadn’t slept together, like how did she know that I needed new pants. I asked her and she said, this will break the shyness/timid ice between us. And yes she was right, we grew an aura of comfortability around each other. #ShareTheGold

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    • Wow, would you look at that! She was really good. She even got to figure out your size without having to ask you, I hope you guys dated for a long time after that, she was definitely a keeper 😉


  2. She lives in Malawi, how we started dating is another story.
    She came to Zim and we spent the day together. To most it may not seem like much, but for me her crossing borders to come see me is the most amazing thing anyone has ever done for me

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    • It takes a LOT for me to leave my house to go to work, now imagine leaving the country to go to a totally different country altogether. Now that right there is love! I hope you got to visit her as well as your relationship proceeded.


      • I do too and am planning to. I know most people say it for the sake of it, but when I say she’s the one, I really mean it.

        Let me stop there I’ll start spilling all

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  3. Hie the best gift i received from a woman i dated that knocked my socks off was whitening tooth paste. I have discoloured teeths by birth so she thought i wasn’t brushing my teeths well and thought it would help to whitening my teeths. However when i received the gift i thanked her but i had to tell her the truth that i have got discoloured teeths by birth so the whitening tooth paste will not help at all.

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    • Oh dear, she certainly meant well and that was really thoughtful of her. I’m glad you got to tell her the real problem otherwise you were going to get more whitening tooth past as gifts.
      Thank you for sharing your experience Lesley 🙂


  4. Relationships are a two way street, Hell even in friendships. I found that I always gave more to my friends then they did for me. However, most men in my life that I have dated have shown various forms of appreciation by showering me with gifts or simply picking me up in their car from work or school at night so that I don’t have to take the train and bus home. I love those little things!! One guy I was engaged to got me a job that turned out to be the same job that I would my long term partner that put a ring on it. I have given wonderful gifts and did wonderful things. I brought tickets for him and his kids, so that he could spend time with just them. I made dinner when I know I’m not a good cook and I hate to cook so they appreciate when I can make that one dish that’s not too bad. I purchased video games systems, clothing, jewelry etc I enjoy taking of the person I’m with.
    This is not for the contest. This was just pure fun sharing memory lane!

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    • I don’t know how I forgot to include the friendship part but yes you are very right, both relationships and friendships need to be two way in order for them to thrive.
      Finally!! someone who understands me. So many times I’ve told the guys I’ve been with that sometimes all I need for him is to worry about my safety, find out if I made it home okay, call a taxi for me, something, anything but alas, I’ve met the worst kind but I still have faith that the one is out there somewhere.
      I like the sort of men you’ve been with, the sort that will have you get off your butt and find ways to return the favour.
      On the engagement, did you guys get married if yes, congratulations to you two 🙂
      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

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  5. Congratulations to Dante, Chris and Lesley Makoni. You each won yourself a 6 pack of Golden Pilsener beers. Will be in touch to make arrangements for collection. #ShareTheGold


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