Dreadlocks Love Affair

I met Beaton years ago and the first thing I noticed about him were his dread locks; then his upbeat personality followed soon after.  A few months ago I penned down a product review and complained that it did absolutely nothing for my natural hair.  A few hours later a ping notification alerted me that I had a new comment on my blog post and lo and behold it was something from Beaton.  He advised that I try a different product that he also uses for his dread locks and; true to his word a few weeks later my hair was more manageable, soft and super healthy.  Now that right there is a man with the best hook up in town!

Beaton Becoming The Muse MaKupsy.jpg


I love so many things about his blog I might need all day to tell you about them but I’ll try and keep it short and sweet so that you can head over and check out his blog soon after.

  • He’s original.  I’ve been reading a lot of blogs over the past 4 years and never have I bumped into one that starts with inviting you for coffee.  That’s his thing, if you were on Beaton’s blog right now he would be in time to join him for …. (insert anything random here) he gets up to the most interesting things.  My favourite piece is Of Months And Their Names.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think of writing what each month is in Shona but he went on and did that.
  • His blog is interactive and filled with free and informative information.  He’s the sort of Blogger who will publish a post and have 33 likes and 20 comments on it.  The trick here being…he shows up for other bloggers.  He’s right there commenting, sharing and liking so it’s easy for them to reciprocate.
  • He writes very rich content and disguises it with dashes of humour.  If you’re someone like me who doesn’t particularly like reading about current affairs he will have you hooked into a post only to later realise he was writing about what’s happening in Zimbabwe!

However, one thing I think might add an extra punch to his work is use of quality images.  He already has great content but those pictures will probably explode his statistics.  

4 Things You Didn’t Know About Beaton

  1. He is part of AfroBloggers and their platform was selected to be in the pilot group of the Connect.Hubs program run by Hivos, British Council, Nesta, Enthuse Afrika, Electric South connecting together 44 creatives from Southern Africa; in Harare and Cape Town to come connect and go create.
  2. He is currently teaching a creative writing course to a Sunday School class at his church.  A poem he penned for 8-11 year olds was performed at a National Poetry Event.
  3. Meeting Steph Kapfunde(Managing Director of Enthuse Afrika); someone he has known virtually for 5 years but never met in real life.
  4. He does his own hair and he has a secret formula he uses on his hair because when I met him last week his hair was smelling diving I just wanted to hug it!

You can connect with Beaton on;

Website: becomingthemuse.wordprss.com

Twitter: @Beatonm5

Blog Indaba The Meeting Place Community is hosting a creative crush this and every Wednesday.  You will never run out of a good read from here on.  Below are Bloggers who are also crushing on Beaton;

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It's National Wine Day!

Do you have dread locks?  Have you tried them out before?  I’d love to have those but my hair type won’t let me live my best dread locked life 😦

©MaKupsy 2018


4 thoughts on “Dreadlocks Love Affair

  1. wow I am reading this and I am like who is that? I am barely stopping myself from heading over to go check on my blog hahahahahaha
    Thank you
    The images thing is something I was working on, I prefer to use my own pics (where possible and its also a bit hard to find relateable HQ images on the interwebs which is another reason why always encouraging people that lets populate the internet with our stories) and anyway was saving up on acquiring a camera and upgrading my phone then someone decided to help themselves to my laptop, my external hard drive and in that same week my phone crashed taking…. so yeah…
    Thanks again, hahahahahahaha maybe I should start packaging a hair regime program

    Liked by 1 person

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