5 Brutal Truths About Life

I have been through a lot of interesting experiences to date and all of them have taught me a thing or two.  If God grants me more years on this earth my grandchildren will hear the most bizarre tales.  If they are lucky they might actually get to read them instead because I am planning on writing a book at some point but procrastinating is my greatest enemy at the moment.  Right, about those life lessons…


Lesson 1

You have to love yourself first before anyone else.  Be good to you and treat yourself right.  That way you make your life easier by avoiding toxic relationships.  When you know what you deserve you make sure you get nothing short of that.

Lesson 2

Don’t beg people to stay in your life.  Don’t beg them to love you.  Don’t beg them to call you.  Don’t beg them to treat you right.  The ones that truly love and care for you will not need you to beg for their affections, they will do any of these things naturally because you actually mean something to them.

Lesson 3

Use your head and not your heart when you make life changing decisions.  I have made one three many decisions based on feelings and those never ended well.  Since then I have constantly reminded myself that the best decisions are those made with a sound mind.

Lesson 4

Social media can be used for the greater good.  I know I follow people on Twitter who have landed jobs and life changing opportunities through that platform.  I have also been lucky to be invited to events and have landed paid gigs thanks to blogging and tweeting and networking remains constant.

Try not to use your social media presence to troll, complain and shame others.  Let me also say my 2 cents on nudity while I’m at it.  Don’t take nude photos that show your face and send them to your significant other, you don’t know who else he will share them with or where they will end up.  If you can help it DO NOT SEND NUDE PHOTOS AT ALL.

Lesson 5

Do not make decisions based on other people.  Be it your education, love life, career choice the list is endless.  At the end of the day YOU are the one who lives with the decisions that concern your life.  You have no one to answer to but yourself when you look back and wish you had done things differently. If you want to be a pilot, do that!  If you want to have a life partner and live happily ever after with no kids, do that!  If you want to write for a living, by all means do that!  Why?  Because life is too short to not do what truly makes you happy!

That said; what are some of the lessons you have learnt so far?  I would love to read all about them.

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16 thoughts on “5 Brutal Truths About Life

  1. I have also learnt that in order to have control of ourselves and our lives, we have to spend more time on our lonesome than in the company of others. Solitude reveals parts of you to yourself that you didn’t know to exist. It reveals the raw, true you — the you that is bare and basic. Solitude forces you to look at yourself for who you really are. These moments bring out a lot out of you but can only be achieved if you listen to the inner you when its talking to you.

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  2. I have learnt never to have permanent friends. As you grow, as you shift professions, work locations,or become ambitious, you tend to make new friends accordingly.

    I have learned that things that chew most of our times are the most popular.

    I have learned that inorder to be successful in life, you need to play with the right people who bring you up than who judge you and never give you meaningful advice.

    I have learned to consult strangers. they dont know you and they give advice not based on emotions or strings attached

    I have learned that the best things in life are for free

    Lastly contrary to peoples’ beliefs, I have learned that life is not short. Living is the longest thing that you can ever do

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    • Great lessons indeed! I like the lesson on strangers. It’s actually true, the moment you ask an outsider on a certain issue they will give you an unbiased opinion because they have no hidden intentions.
      Thank you for sharing 🙂

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    • I really love the lessons you learnt, I enjoy your writing, however I learnt to appreciate every little positive thing in life, I always thought that I can only appreciate God after I got big life changing opportunities only, not knowing even the little things will go a long way

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      • Thank you for stopping by Florence and I’m happy to know that you enjoy my writing. 🙂
        God continues to work miracles in our lives even when we don’t take note of it. I’m glad you’ve learnt to practice gratitude each day. It contributes greatly to having a positive attitude where every other area in your life is concerned.


  3. I love your lessons. I have learnt:
    To love me more
    To believe in myself
    To love my God and family more
    To work hard and no matter who does what to you to always stay bright and happy
    To be a good example to others especially my siblings
    To be more positive and optimistic after all it all works out in the end
    To laugh at haters, why get angry with them. Waste of time

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  4. I’ve learnt a whole lot of things!

    Life taught me to be patient, everything will fall in place at it’s own time
    someone you’ve known for a month, sometimes a stranger, can treat you and care for you better than someone you’ve known for 6 years
    friendship doesn’t mean I have to be up in your face everyday, we can go for days without talking but when we do it’s like we last spoke a few minutes ago
    Not everyone will love you and look out for you better than you can for yourself- so put yourself first. ALL. THE. TIME.
    you can give someone your all & love them with everything you have in you, but it still won’t be enough.
    There are good people out there, not everyone was created to hurt you
    Sometimes people PRETEND to be happy for you yet they’re so ENVIOUS because you’re doing better than them.
    etc lol

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    • Those are A LOT of life lessons, heck I even learnt new ones too. Like how “Not everyone was created to hurt you.” It’s true I know but sometimes it’s just hard to believe.
      And you just reassured me that I am normal after all, I don’t believe in speaking to my friends every single day. I want to get to miss them too and actually get on with life while I’m at it. If they are really my friends they should know that I am a call or message away. Talking to each other everyday leaves you feeling smothered.
      Thank you for reading Audrey and for the Life Lessons you shared, someone will read this and start taking notes too 🙂


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