The Ugly Truth About Living Alone

I started staying on my own when I was 23 years old and I thought I was going to have the most amazing time of my life.  All that freedom!  Okay, I’ll be honest.  I did have a blast.  Do you have any idea how it feels to know that you can do whatever the heck you want without having to ask for permission from anyone?  The first days I enjoyed staying at home catching up with a good series.  That time Gossip Girl was a hit and I would binge watch it on a Saturday.  Then enter new friends and staying home became an illusion.  We used to go out partying midweek all the way till Sunday and we still had energy to make it to work fit and legit.  Fun times.  Sadly, I can’t try that out now.  One night out is enough to have me struggling for the next three days.  I’m clearly not as young as I used to be.

Staying alone is bliss.  You can practically do anything you want with your space and time without having to consult anyone but it does have it’s disadvantages.

MaKupsy disadvantages of staying alone.jpg

  1. Cooking for yourself gets boring.  If you’re anything like me at some point you want to eat what someone else prepared and with the way the Zimbabwean situation is set up eating out is not an option.  I don’t have that kind of money.
  2. Oh, did you know eating alone gets boring too?  There’s something about sharing a meal with someone that just makes it taste different.  Different in a good way.
  3. Chances of staying in the dark because you can’t reach the light bulb get higher by the second.  I’m not very tall and it’s unfortunate that my light bulbs are placed high up and if I don’t ask a friend to pass through to replace it for me then it’s the candle light life for me.
  4. You forget you can actually talk.  Ever tried spending a weekend on your own?  If you don’t receive or make a phone call chances of speaking to anyone are close to none.
  5. It’s generally scary staying on your own because in the event that an intruder shows up what are the chances of getting out alive.  It’s even more unsettling if you’re a woman who stays alone because not only will you get robbed you might get raped too.  ZimStat data shows that 1 067 murder cases and 7 394 rape cases were reported in 2017.  I shudder to imagine what the 2018 stats are.
  6. You get so used to being on your own so much that when you do have company you want them to go away after a while.  Human beings are strange if you ask me.
  7. You miss human contact (not sex) but just having someone around to talk to, cuddle with, share a meal with or even watch a movie with.  A movie isn’t as much fun if you don’t have someone to hold on to when the scary bits pop up.
  8. You have to do everything by yourself, from doing the dishes, to cleaning the house, to replacing stuff that gets broken and most of all paying all the bills; all that stuff is on you.
  9. That rat that you keep hearing scratching against the door at odd hours will only be gone after you do something about it.  If you don’t that just means it is going to keep eating whatever it can get in the house and grow bigger and then you will have a rat for a roommate. Eeek!
  10. The heavy lifting of objects has to be done by you and if you are anything like me you will just chill and hope for a miracle to happen and magically move that box to the next room.
  11. When you get sick no one is there to pamper you and make sure you are okay, if you have had something to eat or taken a bat.  You could actually die in your sleep all by yourself and no one would ever notice because you stay on your own and lately people are too invested in messaging calling has become a thing of the past.  I can picture the headline already “Woman found dead in her apartment after missing for 3 weeks.” THE HORROR!

I asked my friends on Twitter when they moved out to stay on their own.  You can check out their replies from here:

What are some of the things you think make staying alone a not so great experience?  I’d love to hear from you.

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22 thoughts on “The Ugly Truth About Living Alone

    • Oh my, the visitors! It’s like they just don’t stop coming, and to top it all up, you have to make sure you cook and clean up after them. Like why are you they visiting without eating from wherever they came from. LOL. My mum says I am hopeless. Thank you for reading and I am glad you can relate to the post. Have a lovely week ahead 🙂


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    • The sadza…girl when you eat with family everything tastes extra delicious. When you stay by yourself half the time you don’t end up settling for take out or not eating at all. 😦


      • Sadly true when you are with family sadza time is the best you can’t miss otherwise you can’t sleep when hunger starts driving you nuts but when you are alone you can tolerate it till morning and still wake up strong.(:


  2. This piece!

    I stayed alone for 2 years and now I am back with my mom, and honestly, I miss being on my own! I miss not having to do anything if I don’t want to. The joy of being able to let someone knock on the door and eventually give up and go away because I don’t want visitors (I hate visits!). But I do get the part about being sick, that was my biggest problem. I want someone to hold me and do things for me on my sick days. Nobody should be on their own when they are sick!

    And yes, you get so used to being on your own, that when someone comes over, you’re already wondering when they are leaving. And finally, and most importantly, the inspiration to my Independence Is Tiring post, you have to do EVERYTHING yourself! that was my greatest Goliath.

    Thank you for speaking to my heart 🙂


  3. I relate with this post on every level, especially number 6. Sigh, I was on leave the whole of last week and visited my sister’s place. It was a great experience but I kinda got tired of talking and low- key missed being alone again. Got me wondering what will happen if I get married. Phew! I am so used to being alone, been staying alone since I was 18 its been 9 years…

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