The Best Advice You’ll Read About Blogging

I’ve always had a beautiful love affair with reading and writing.  Growing up I had a little bookshelf in my bedroom just above my bed.  It had story books that my mother would sometimes read to me before bed and when I got older I read them to myself.  I used to stay up late at night and read Enid Blyton books; my favourite being her Malory Towers series.

As I got older I looked forward to English Literature classes, writing essays was my forte.  Who would have thought that  years later my love for literature would produce a beautiful space?  A space that has birthed so many stories that have changed not only my life but the lives of friends, family and readers who stop by every now and again to read through my blog.

I’ve been blogging for 5 years and I now have two blogs. A Lifestyle and a Fitness Blog.  These two blogs have given me a lot of clarity when it comes to blogging and you can implement all these tips into your own blog and let me know how it works out for you.

Blogging Tips MaKupsy

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  1. Blog.  It won’t be perfect in the beginning but trust me the more you blog the more you will get better at it.
  2. Have a strong WHY.  Why do you want to start this blogging journey?  Without a strong enough why you will blog for a few days, weeks or maybe a year and then stop.
  3. You’re never going to know what the outcome of blogging will be.  You might get financial success, invaluable experiences, amazing opportunities, a useful network or all the things I mentioned.  Keep giving input and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.  You can read about what blogging has done for me over here.
  4. Have at least 20 blog ideas written down.  This way you won’t run out of ideas of what to write about next.  Do your research, ask other people their opinions, this always helps to come up with a rich blog post.
  5. Unlearn.  We spend a lot of time taking in so much knowledge we forget to let go of some bad habits.  I used to be guilty of adding 15 billion tags on my blog post.  Now the maximum I’ll put is 3.  People will find your content, panic not.
  6. Go out and ask for what you want.  Is it to interview one of your favourite celebrities, do you want to partner with a local brand or do you need access to event so that you can publish it on your blogging platform?  Whatever the case is, ask; the worst that could happen is they will say no.  Get up and try again.
  7. Attend events.  I look forward to attending events that have speakers who share their life experiences.  You can’t possibly know everything and attending events will  not only educate but also give you a fresh perspective on different aspects of your life.
  8. Your hard work might get recognised and you might win awards.  We now have Blogger Awards in Zimbabwe.
  9. You will learn new skills.  Blogging is the one space that will have you adding new skills to your CV every other month.  Think content writing, photo editing, graphic designing, marketing, social networking and many more.
  10. You will make new virtual friends and get along so well you would think you’ve known each other for years.  Connecting with people in the same space is a great way to share ideas and help each other tackle some of the blogging challenges you might face.  You will unfortunately lose some friends as well.  @RaeLyric was one of the first Zimbabwean Bloggers I followed on WordPress. We would drop a random message here and there to say hello. She wrote so well.  It’s been a year since she passed on and sometimes I visit her blog just to read her work.  I sadly never got to meet her.

What has blogging done for you?  If you’re just starting out what are you hoping blogging will do for you?  You can read more free blogging tips from here.

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14 thoughts on “The Best Advice You’ll Read About Blogging

    • Thank you for stopping by Catherine. Gosh, I LOVED going to the library. I could spend hours in there just reading new adventures. I’ll also check out your blog so that I can get an idea or two on how to spice up my writing 🙂


  1. Similarity? I too had a metallic bookshelf at the head of my bed. Little stories that interested me and I would read them again and again.
    Now, about blogging. Since blogging is writing, it helps me release my emotions especially the deepest ones and because since I’ve grown up with an unstable life of loss, want, depravity and broken parenthood, I blog about issues that would encourage my readers to look at life in a responsible but yet fun way. Talk about being playfully responsible.

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  2. Relating to your matter, when I was growing up, under a kinda-strict Christian following, I wanted to keep chaste till marriage. But damn, outside home I was rolling with some bad guys. It was hard. The movies, the music, the books; sex was everywhere but I thought it was overrated & because of that, I even finished university a virgin. Imagine. Many people around me couldn’t believe it because I was always good with the ladies & I was a celebrity at one time as a dancer, good with writing sensual stuff & was a media guy but damn until one day (3 years ago) when I was 25 I started having it. I was like screw it am eating some. The notion of having a girl who’s a pro & here I am an old guy fidgeting around to put it in scared me. I’d met this girl who I’d thought was my lost rib & we did it. Wasn’t her first time but she says after the first 2 failed attempts, the rest are the best sex she’s ever had. I didn’t practice anywhere else but I read, wrote & watched sex for some time so I practiced what I’d consumed. We broke up unfortunately about 7 months ago & up to now I’ve not met someone to sex with but after a good 3 years of sex, the need is high. Damn.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Eish! Talk about being honest to a tee. I love it! That’s the thing hey, sometimes it’s the media we consume and the company we keep that let’s us give into things we ordinarily wouldn’t give a second thought to. I’m sorry about the break up. I’m curious, will you go celibate while you wait for the one or you’re just going to take one day as it comes?


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