5 Qualities Of A Successful Radio Presenter

I listen to the radio almost every morning between 6am and 8am while I prepare for work. I love the fact that the presenters are engaging, relaxed and speak in language(s) that they’re comfortable in. That’s the part they sold me. I feel that given we have 9 official languages in Zimbabwe why restrict yourself to speaking in English only?

The other reason which is probably the main reason is the female presenter who goes by the name Butterphly Phunk. The first time I saw her in real life she had blonde hair, blue lipstick and multiple piercings on one of her ears.  Now that’s someone who lives loud! I liked her from thereon and have been a loyal follower of the breakfast show she co-hosts.

I had a chance to get some tips from her and if you’re looking into joining radio stay tuned.

Butterphly Phunk

1. Talent Is Everything

It’s great to have a passion for radio and learn your way around the industry but you must have the talent within you. Without talent, you will not excite your audience and people will find you boring. Pair up passion and talent and you’re on your way to making waves.

2. Articulate

You need to be able to speak clearly and confidently to capture the attention of your audience. English, Shona or slang, whichever language you opt for it’s important that your audience can hear you.  Be coherent in what you say. It doesn’t matter which program you’ll be hosting. It could be a topic on booty calls or an easy chicken recipe, whatever the case might be make sure you’re clear and what you’re saying is making sense.

3. Know What’s  Up

Current affairs can be political or entertainment. Make it a part of your life to know who’s doing what so that when you go on radio you are the informing voice. Your knowledge on current affairs has to be very rich. Think of yourself as the one educating people on what’s going on trending issues.  From where they’re standing you are their go-to person and people tune in to listen to you.

4. Music Game On 100%

It’s your job to set the trend and deliver music that your audience will appreciate. You are the one who lets your audience know the different genres of music that are trending and entertaining. Make sure you share quality music with them.

5. Have A Blast

This will probably depend on what sort of presenter you want to become. Enjoy the time you’re on air. Have an incredible time when you’re on radio. People tune in to tune out what’s happening in their lives. You have to be an escape for your audience. Your love and enthusiasm for radio will speak through your program. The minute you enjoy it everyone else will do so because they can hear that you’re having fun.

A big thank you to Butterphly Phunk for taking time out of her very busy schedule to share these tips.  I hope you’ll tune into her program and experience their vibrant show, it’s the best in town!

©MaKupsy 2019

3 thoughts on “5 Qualities Of A Successful Radio Presenter

  1. Blue lipstick and short blonde hair…. was that at the Zim Blog Awards thing? Talk about leaving an impression cause that was almost two years ago^_^ funny how after that I started seeing her everywhere, on the TV even or rather noticing oh thats her, thats her again… (I should have taken a selfie then now I could be like h please we go way back)
    PS Are you considering a radio gig, I am sure I have heard you on the radio once or twice….

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dude! You should have taken a picture right there and then. I saw her by Jacaranda Festival and asked her to take a picture before she disappeared.
      She’s got an amazing personality, I really admire her for that.
      Radio will happen this time next year. It’s work in progress 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by B. I appreciate


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