How To Find Out Your Most Fulfilling Blogging Niche

When I started blogging I had a lot of online critics. I concluded that that’s what happens when you put your thoughts out there for the world to see. One person tweeted saying “what sort of blogging is that”?  It stung, in my world, I was expressing myself the best way I knew how and to have someone else think it wasn’t good enough nearly led me to give up on a new hobby I was enjoying. To my surprise, one woman reached out to me and she encouraged me to keep writing. She told me that my blog was my space, a place to have my voice heard and my stories shared. She inspired my blog tagline. I embraced her advice and continued to write, without a niche in mind but still, I shared my experiences one post at a time.

Bloggin niche makupsy

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6 years later and I’m still churning out content weekly. Where did time go and where do some of these topic ideas even come from? Maybe I can write about that in my next blog post? Today I want to help you figure out what your blog niche is and how you can welcome it with open arms.

1. What Are You Well Informed About?

This one was easy for me. My blog was inspired by heartbreak and that’s all I wrote about for the longest time. When I look at my  WordPress blog insights readers stop by to read mostly about relationships and personal (read that as sex) posts.  With that information at hand, I run with it and deliver juicy stories you can’t resist reading. Like this post; Sex On The First Date it’s the most popular post with over 100 likes! Write about what your readers love the most. They will keep coming back for more!

2. What Tickles Your Fancy?

It could be anything. Some people enjoy wearing makeup, others love to travel while a handful like to eat out. Whatever you’re passionate about works in your favour. For someone like me who likes the finer things in life; writing about my eat-out experiences is one of my favourite things to do. Not only do I get to share mouth-watering pictures but I give you ideas of what you can try out the next time you have a date. I save you a phonecall because I share all the useful information you need at the end of the post.

MaKupsy Restaurant Review

A meal from one of my favourite restaurants in town 🙂

3. Don’t Follow The Crowd

It’s easy to want to do exactly what your friends are doing or what your favourite blogger does. Where’s the uniqueness in that? You want to stand out and have people know that this is your work the moment they start reading it. Your signature might be your catchy blog titles, the playful words you use or the high-quality images that go with your work. Whatever happens, stay true to you.  Noone can be you and that’s your superpower!

So how do long does it take to figure out what your blogging niche is? It depends on the individual in question. It took me a couple of months to understand that I was a personal blogger because I mostly share my innermost thoughts and feelings. Couple that with other topics but the top theme in my work is personal experiences.

It might take you a longer or shorter time. Whichever way it works out give yourself time before putting yourself in a box. Allow your work to guide you. It’s the only way you will find the most fulfilling blogging niche.

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*Top Secret Tip*

If you really want to stand out in the blogging world, choose a niche that most people aren’t a part of. I’m the only Fitness Blogger in Zimbabwe and that dear reader is how I stand out from the crowd. Oh, you thought I only had this blog. I’m a woman of many talents…

Have you figured out what your blogging niche is or you’re still riding the wave trying to figure things out?

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8 thoughts on “How To Find Out Your Most Fulfilling Blogging Niche

  1. To be honest I still haven’t quite figured out “my niche” but then most blogs are never quintessentially the one specific thing, are they?

    My blog has fictional stories, personal musings, book and movie reviews and conversation over virtual coffee yet some say that they read my blog for the news which forever keeps me surprised as I never intend to write news, ha!

    Personally I think a niche should be something you evolve into rather than something you try define. A niche is more for the benefit of your audience than it is for you and it rather limits your range and as make considerations remember it circles back to why you blog

    Can you imagine if you had simply started off with a Fitness blog from the very first day, where would the rest of the stuff you have to share gone????

    Like you say if you want to stand out, pick the lesser populated niche, I am considering starting my own niche then I would be the only one it!!!


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  2. It’s comforting to know that there are others out there who took time before getting an effective niche. Thanks for the insights. Im a little uncertain about my own blog because it has been about life matters in general (motivation, friendships, etc) but i recently decided to make it a blog about the journey of an intermediate-level freelance writer and aspiring novelists. Im afraid this niche may not work. Id appreciate any thoughts you have on this. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for stopping by. What do your website insight say? Between the general life matters and the freelance writer journey which one is your audience enjoy the most and which do you enjoy writing about? That should give you a direction on which way you should go…


      • I haven’t posted about general life matters for quite a while. Based on past insights, though, I’d say the readership is pretty much distributed between the two topics. I guess I’ll need to continue experimenting. Thank you for your advice. Happy blogging!

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