Don’t Post The Quote Sis, They Don’t Care

One of my marketing flyers once read “I Live On Social Media” which wasn’t a lie. I was always glued on my phone swiping through different platforms to keep up with everything except for the time I was asleep. Even then, I would dream of some of the people I follow especially those on Twitter. I’m still curious about how that works, you dream of someone you’ve never met in real life, someone you only interact with online. Strange indeed!

2019 changed my perspective on so many things around social media.

social media MaKupsy

1. People Don’t Care

You got a new job, you just had a beautiful bouncy baby, you relocated and you’re finally living in the city of your dreams. The first thing you think of is sharing with your online friends. Yes, they will send you dozens of likes and messages of congratulations but do they genuinely care? That single post has probably given one of your online friends a reason to despise you, not that you’ve done anything wrong but you reminded them of how things aren’t going well in their lives.

Does that mean you shouldn’t post your achievements? I say post them BUT choose your platforms wisely. I’m assuming it depends on which country you’re from but from the part of the world I live in your well-intended post might end up being a meme or have people pass snide comments. Want to know what they care about? Your downfall. Now that’s the stuff they’ll enjoy any day. Human beings are strange creatures.

2. You Put Yourself In The Spotlight

Tweeting used to be my favourite past time. I always changed my handle to something spicy. Whatever the name was would go with the sort of tweets I’d share. I would initiate hot conversations around sex.  Did I get a lot of attention for all the wrong reasons? Certainly! People would take screenshots of my tweets and share them in groups or make them their WhatsApp status updates. Imagine the shock I’d get when someone would tell me my tweet was a hot topic in a WhatsApp group. I made a conscious decision to end the madness.

sex conversations makupsy

That’s round about the same time my brand was taking shape and I knew I wouldn’t want to be remembered for any of that. I did a whole online makeover, changed my handle and now use the same name on all platforms. It’s been 2 years of making sure I share content that adds value to my audience. Fast forward to a month ago, I was in one of the biggest interviews in my life and one of the panelists told me she follows me on Twitter. Had it been 2 years back I was going to hide under the table with shame.

They say the internet never forgets; whatever you put out there is something you won’t be embarrassed to repeat in an interview setup or better yet to your parents.

3. You Need A Hobby

Believe it or not you can do other things with your time that don’t involve social media. Read a book, listen to a podcast, write, read or cook something different. From experience, the more free time you have on your hands the more you’re tempted to share every single part of your life with the online community. We all have people who even tell us about the colour of their poo that morning. Don’t be that person who overshares. Get yourself an enriching hobby that will make social media an occasional activity not the centre of your life.

makupsy social media

Phew! This has been the longest blog post I’ve penned down in a while. I had so much to say but I’ll keep this short because I always complain about bloggers who write never-ending posts.

What are your thoughts on sharing about your life on social media?

©MaKupsy 2020

6 thoughts on “Don’t Post The Quote Sis, They Don’t Care

  1. Research shows that social media use causes an increase in dopamine levels… those feel good thingies
    And it’s also associated with love, food, exercise, sex….. So naturally if you fuse all of that you are going to have very interesting results the science is undeniable.

    Depending what sort of brand you are trying to be remembered as I would say you must be very deliberate with what you share and be aware of its consequences.
    Sometimes being the outdoor gin and tonic hunters hottie is the all new rage or being the hot mess mother navigating life and relationships or even being the all round fitness brand.
    Someone told me something striking about how you have to honour each part of your journey as one part probably led you to another.

    You say it might have been awkward had the interview panelist followed you in the past but on the other hand some of the following and influence you have now is from then..

    Interesting aside, I was reading a bio of some gospel musician. Who said they started off doing the secular bad boy dancehall type music because they knew as a gospel artist they would have been unknown, then after making waves in the secular under went a born again phase then launched a kicking Gospel career… I am not going to mention any names though in an just

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  2. Auto screen rotated decided to be a hater and sent was pressed before I could finish but on the upside out, it saved me from making a long comment which I was probably not going to send after rereading it ha!
    Like Hmmm too long *delete* *delete* darn should have saved to draft


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  3. I’m definitely an overthinker when it comes to sharing on social media and I especially wonder how some people share so much especially on whatsapp status, I cringe on their behalf. My rule of thumb is to ask myself “who am i posting this for? myself or my what can someone learn from it” In most cases if it’s for me then I end up not sharing, eg a quote, I can learn from it and keep it to myself or decide to share with others.

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    • Girl! Those WhatsApp status updates take the cup, I often ask myself, was that even necessary. Now the whole world knows what you’re going through…sigh. Then again, it’s very tempting to overshare with limitless platforms available to do so.

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    • I’m happy you agree. I also think as we get older we get wiser and realise that after all is said and done people don’t really care so you may as well keep some parts of your life to yourself.


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