Clients Who Pay The Least Are Often The Biggest Headache

Dear Creative,

By now you know that the client who wants to negotiate their way out of paying you the amount you charged is going to give you a headache; let them go!

Social Media Management MaKupsy

Someone shared her sentiments on the topic and said;

Clients who pay the least in most cases have the most demanding of work. It’s like they undermine your work but at the same time want you to give it your best shot. It’s demotivating and draining. -Anonymous

Since I started my social media management hustle I’ve made it a point to steer clear from individuals who will give me potential headaches.  

Yesterday morning I scrolled past the post above on my Twitter timeline but quickly went back to give it my full attention after I saw the title.

Have a watch and let me know your thoughts.

MaKupsy – Social Media Manager

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