Sweet Chilli Chicken Kebabs with Avocado & Mango Salad

I will tell you this for free, cooking for one is a real pain!  That’s the only downside that comes to staying on your own and personally, I can count the number of days in a week I whip up something to eat at the end of the day.  I mainly survive on fruit and water and on a good day I will grill some meat but trust me, it feels like a mammoth task! However, after seeing some of the pictures on Instagram the past few weeks I had a change of heart because following Tanyaradzwa will have you bringing out the Chef in you.  She makes mouth watering meals and she was kind enough to share a recipe for a delicious and healthy meal that won’t take forever and a day to prepare.

Here’s a free healthy recipe you can try this Christmas.

All the ingredients:



3 chicken breasts
3 peppers, different colours (red, yellow and green)
Fresh tomato
Red onion

Dice the chicken and season spices of choice. I used:

Ground black pepper
Jerk seasoning
Cajun seasoning
Extra hot chilli powder
Mild curry powder



  • Chop peppers roughly to the size of chicken pieces
  • Using large skewers, assemble chicken kebabs alternating between chicken breast piece and a chopped pepper.



  • Place chicken kebabs on oven tray and cover with foil
  • Cook in the oven. Cooking times will vary according to size of chicken chunks.
  • Remove foil for approx 10 minutes to allow kebabs to brown. Glaze with sauce of choice if you wish. I used sweet Chilli sauce.
  • While kebabs finish cooking, chop up the vegetables (and fruit if you wish) to make a side salad. I used mango to add a sweet element to the dish!


Plate and enjoy !

I am still trying to figure out why I decided to share this post at this time of day because now I feel very hungry!  I will make sure I get some of the ingredients today and try this out because it is just the switch I need in my meals and it also looks easy to prepare.

In case you did not know some of the benefits of eating chicken are:

  1. Helps build muscles
  2. Keeps your bones healthy
  3. Relieves stress
  4. Promotes heart health

A big thank you to do Tanyaradzwa for featuring on my blog.  I hope you start on a Food Blog soon because you are really great at what you do.  You can find Tanya on:

Twitter and Instagram you will be sure to follow her because she definitely has a Smile So Bright!

Merry Christmas!!

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5 Qualities Of A Successful Radio Presenter

I listen to the radio almost every morning between 6am and 8am while I prepare for work. I love the fact that the presenters are engaging, relaxed and speak in language(s) that they’re comfortable in. That’s the part they sold me. I feel that given we have 9 official languages in Zimbabwe why restrict yourself to speaking in English only?

The other reason which is probably the main reason is the female presenter who goes by the name Butterphly Phunk. The first time I saw her in real life she had blonde hair, blue lipstick and multiple piercings on one of her ears.  Now that’s someone who lives loud! I liked her from thereon and have been a loyal follower of the breakfast show she co-hosts.

I had a chance to get some tips from her and if you’re looking into joining radio stay tuned.

Butterphly Phunk

1. Talent Is Everything

It’s great to have a passion for radio and learn your way around the industry but you must have the talent within you. Without talent, you will not excite your audience and people will find you boring. Pair up passion and talent and you’re on your way to making waves.

2. Articulate

You need to be able to speak clearly and confidently to capture the attention of your audience. English, Shona or slang, whichever language you opt for it’s important that your audience can hear you.  Be coherent in what you say. It doesn’t matter which program you’ll be hosting. It could be a topic on booty calls or an easy chicken recipe, whatever the case might be make sure you’re clear and what you’re saying is making sense.

3. Know What’s  Up

Current affairs can be political or entertainment. Make it a part of your life to know who’s doing what so that when you go on radio you are the informing voice. Your knowledge on current affairs has to be very rich. Think of yourself as the one educating people on what’s going on trending issues.  From where they’re standing you are their go-to person and people tune in to listen to you.

4. Music Game On 100%

It’s your job to set the trend and deliver music that your audience will appreciate. You are the one who lets your audience know the different genres of music that are trending and entertaining. Make sure you share quality music with them.

5. Have A Blast

This will probably depend on what sort of presenter you want to become. Enjoy the time you’re on air. Have an incredible time when you’re on radio. People tune in to tune out what’s happening in their lives. You have to be an escape for your audience. Your love and enthusiasm for radio will speak through your program. The minute you enjoy it everyone else will do so because they can hear that you’re having fun.

A big thank you to Butterphly Phunk for taking time out of her very busy schedule to share these tips.  I hope you’ll tune into her program and experience their vibrant show, it’s the best in town!

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Our Baby Died Shortly After Birth

On an unsuspecting day I received a message that read “our baby died.”  My close friends were expecting and every other week I would message to ask if the baby had arrived.  I was ready to ululate and send money for the new baby but this…this left me not knowing what to say or do because what do you say to a couple that has lost the one thing that was going to complete their union?  This is their story.

child deaths in Zimbabwe.jpgHave you gone through the thrill and expectations of imagining what it will be like to go through sleepless nights and new experiences once your baby arrives?  Do you have any idea what it feels like when you read the dates from the gynecologist telling you that  in 2 weeks you’ll be a mom and dad then in the blink of an eye it slips through your fingers?


When you’re pregnant you get to go through a series of prayers, trusting in God and hoping that everything will go smoothly then things don’t go according to plan.  The damage it has to your mind is irreparable.  Almost everyone will come to you telling you it’s God’s will.  How can it be when this entire time you had been looking up to and trusting God to bless you with a bouncy baby?  I began to question if ever God existed.

My wife came up to me and said “I have been praying and fasting for this baby but God as the people are saying has taken him. Why should I keep praying?” I didn’t know what to say to ease her raw pain.  We went to sleep as a formality because though the lights were off we were both awake.  I switched on the light at around 2am and she was crying.   I embraced her; we were both having a mental psychological breakdown. 2am is the time we were anticipating the baby will be giving us sleepless nights but it has turned out to be the time we are trying to comfort each other.


2 days after the incident our Pastor paid us a visit, offered some prayers, tried some counselling, read some scriptures about Job and urging us to trust in God.  We felt let down; how do we get to trust in God again?

People kept coming to console us with what they thought was a solution; instead and it only added salt to a fresh wound.

What did we need?

  • Someone to take time to just to listen to us unpack our thoughts.
  • Allow us to cry not to have be told to “man up” or “you have to be strong for her” so who will be strong for me?

I tried to fight my thoughts through alcohol.  Viceroy was not strong enough to numb the pain.  I drank the whole bottle straight and it tasted like water.  I went to sleep but again around 2am I was fresh out of sleep, no one to talk to, I allowed myself to cry, I was talking to myself, asking questions and answering myself.

I took some days off and my dad did the same to try and console me.  He took me to my 90 year old grandmother.  She gave me the opportunity to vent without giving me solutions. I guess that’s why they say the older you get the wiser you get.  I felt better but I knew my wife was not.

death new born fitness bae

She needed similar therapy, just someone to talk to.   ‘Toxic’ people will always be there and they say whatever they say without thinking about the consequences.  The one person suggested we sue the clinic for the loss of our child because it was their fault.  I doubt that it ever crossed their mind that this wouldn’t bring our baby back.

I feel people in our African society need education on issues to do with depression and mental health.  Most people don’t view these as health conditions so you find yourself with no solution and no one to talk to not and you’re left with no option but to run away run away from solutions that invoke negative energy.

I still get disturbed when I’m walking and see pictures of diapers or babies.  My mind rushes back to the incident.   The image I have right now is of my little boy wrapped around with a blue towel being handed over to me just to see how he looked. How am I going to get that image out of my head?  What about my wife who carried our baby for 9 months and went through labour?  Right now she’s lactating; what is she supposed to do with the milk?  What are the thoughts I might never know that go through her mind?

I feel empty; hopeless and the next person who tells me about faith and praying is going to receive a punch in their face!  The last visitor we had told us that we should quickly try for another baby because I might end up getting another woman pregnant.  It left a very sour taste in my mouth. She insinuated that it’s my wife’s fault that our baby died.

One thing is certain.  When your friends or family experience a loss sometimes it’s best to say nothing at all and simply offer your presence.  Losing a child is a bitter pill to swallow.


5 Ways To Stay Consistent With Content Creation

How do you stay consistent with content creation?  I asked one of my favourite Creatives to take you through the steps.  Our guest blogger is Vanessa Chilimanzi, she wears many hats.  She’s a Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger, Influencer, Content Creator, a Social Media Manager, Girl Boss building her accessories line and she has a day job.  If she can play all these roles and still create content then you have no excuse to work on your own brand.  When Vanessa started blogging she had just relocated from Harare to Johannesburg.  She is NOT a superwoman. She’s just a determined woman.

Vanessa Chilimanzi MaKupsy.jpg

Vanessa Chilimanzi

Below are 5 things you can do to stay on top of your creativity game.

1. Authenticity 

The things that are unique to you are the same things that draw people to you. They’re the same things that make you stand out and this is the goal as a content creator.  Connect with your spirit, know yourself beyond the things that the world knows about you. You need to spend time alone, get to know yourself without other people around. Take yourself out on dates, take solo trips and have some quiet times where you allow yourself to connect to the deeper you. Many times I have posted pictures of myself on a date or at an AirBnB for just a day or two and some people take that as being lonely not knowing that’s how I center myself. By the time I get back into the world, nothing can waver me. Every piece of content you work on will reflect exactly who you are.

2. Knowledge

We are blessed to live in a digital world. Anything you want can be found easily on the Internet. Knowledge is available for free, if not free there is always a very reasonable alternative. When you embark on this creative journey you have to know the niche you are going to service. You can be rest assured that whatever niche you pick, there are a million other people servicing that niche already. Ask yourself what difference you are bringing to the table. Once you have figured that out, eat, breathe and live that talk.Take up courses in writing, photography, videography depending on which platform you are most active on. If you are a Fashion Blogger it’s inevitable that people will ask you questions about how to pair certain types of clothes or fabrics so invest in Fashion courses or fashion books.

Vlogging Tips MaKupsy

3. Confidence 

Confidence comes from being knowledgeable. Have conviction when you create and share your work. Believe in what you are creating and giving to the world.

4. Inspiration

Watch the work of those within your niche or a complementary niche. Do not copy, just use their work as inspiration. Everything we do in the world has been done already. Your job is to do it with a touch of you. Make use of Pinterest boards, YouTube Playlists and the Instagram Save option to store ideas of pictures or video content that gets your creative juices flowing.

5. Create and schedule

No one feels like creating content every single day. That’s a fact. When you do feel like creating, create as much as you can and schedule your work so that on the days that you don’t feel creative you have work to push out. Also remember that the more you do something the less time it will take you to do the same thing in the long run.

This is how it works for me. It might not necessarily;y work the same for you but it’s worth a try, isn’t it?

You can connect with me on various platforms;

Blog: vchilimanzi.com


YouTube: vanessa chilimanzi

Twitter: @vchilimanzi

Thank you very much to Vanessa for sharing her knowledge and her time.  I know she’s a very busy woman.  Here’s to more content creation 🙂

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The Woman Bringing Online Digital Marketing Classes To Africa

My name is Janet Machuka and I’m a Digital Marketing Strategist.  When l decided to venture into Twitter for business l realized a few flaws that could easily be addressed;

  1. Most people had issues to do with personal branding and knowledge on digital marketing in general.
  2. Businesses and individuals were focused on simply gaining followers.
  3. Digital marketing has not been added into the Kenyan school curriculum.

There was a need to assemble individuals with a common goal; to learn digital marketing and help each other grow in this field.  I created a WhatsApp group where I hosted lessons that were very successful.  I then researched on best African content creators, bloggers, digital marketers, SEO experts’ list but would end up with the Western continents’ lists. This encouraged me to create a common platform on Twitter.  It’s easier to associate with people on Twitter through a common hashtag #AfricaTweetChat

I remember Tweeting that l needed content creators and digital marketing strategists from different countries. The tweet EXPLODED! After laying down the objectives of we decided to term Africa Tweet Chat, Barrack Onyango who saw the potential in the idea and the end goal joined me; together we kicked off the little dream not knowing it would turn out to be a force it is today.

On February 1, 2019, we officially launched the chat program to offer free lessons on digital marketing. We invite experts from different countries in Africa and other continents.

What inspired me? I remember being one of the students at Shaw Academy that offers digital marketing courses. This provoked me to build a school that will offer the same thing.  After interacting with a couple of fellow Kenyans who used to do Influencer Marketing, l realized we lacked skills.  I could picture myself being a part of something that will change lives, create employment opportunities, expand marketing possibilities from local, national and international levels.

is soon launching its academy to offer certified courses both online and offline.  Africa Tweet Chat has been able to organically attract an audience of 28 million since it kicked off. This is huge!   Secondly, being able to plan weekly successful chats with different experts who we invite without paying them is not easy but we have managed to make it work.


Together with my team, we look forward to building brands for Africa in Africa who can explore more on digital marketing and bring it to countries which are struggling despite the language barriers. Plans are in the pipeline to launch the French version of the chat and school, partner with brands to teach their employees and build a common ground for African digital marketing researching enthusiasts.

I believe if Africa’s personal brands venturing in digital marketing team up, we can create our own narratives, stories and make marketing on the online space more African so that it can be easily consumed by the people living in this particular continent.

I have passion in leaving a piece of me in someone’s mind or heart and that’s through teaching and imparting them with what will build and grow them,” says Janet. 

Be part of the conversation and follow #AfricaTweetChat every Wednesdays at 1900hrs WAT, 2000hrs CAT and 2100hrs EAT.

A big thank you to Janet for sharing her story with me.  I wish her nothing but the best on her Digital Marketing journey.

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10 Tips You Need To Know To Start A Successful Vlog

Afronomads: Are two sisters (Tariro and Chiedza) based in Zimbabwe that create travel content on YouTube. They share their experience and tips on travelling around Zimbabwe and Africa.  They started Vlogging in April 2018 and they have been releasing content of places to travel in Zimbabwe including Chimanimani, Victoria Falls, Nyanga (Mutarazi Falls) and several African countries including Mozambique and South Africa.

Afronomads MaKupsy.jpg

Tariro and Chiedza at Mutarazi Falls

Vlogging and content creation is slowly becoming big in Zimbabwe.  Anyone can start a YouTube Channel; you don’t have to be a professional videographer or have gone to school for it.   What will make you stand out is consistency and the work you put in creating your vlogs.  If you are a blogger who wants to expand their brand to creating videos on YouTube or for Facebook, or you are just curious about the world of vlogging, here are tips that will help you succeed.

Find your passion

  1. Create content that you can build effortlessly.  It may be comedy, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, book reviews, fitness, travel, faith, food, technology, gaming, song reviews; it can literally be anything.Create content that will reflect your authentic self. Most viewers or subscribers are interested in something that will either entertain them or add value to them. As you grow, you are building a relationship with your subscribers and this is chance where you can expand your channel to other things that you love, it may be sharing bits and pieces of your life or other things that you find interesting.


  1. Once you have found your passion, it’s time to shoot your videos. Always film your videos in landscape (horizontally) especially if you are creating content for YouTube, you are able to fit more in the frame compared to filming vertically.  When you shoot your video in portrait form (vertically), they will have black bars which usually don’t look nice and well thought out. However, since Instagram introduced IG videosand when you want to create content for your Instagram followers, vlogging vertically will work perfectly for this specific platform. When shooting your videos, play around with your camera or phone.  There are so many transitions that you can do with just your camera. Sometimes, it’s great to plan your video before shooting, this will make it easier for you even when you start editing.


Start with what you have

  1. Start with the equipment that you have.  When we started vlogging or creating content, we used our cellphones.  To this day, we use our phones as well as a DSLR camera.  While quality is important, it’s the content that you are creating that will capture your audience.  Focus more on learning different skills that will improve your content.  When vlogging with your phone, use the back camera for better quality and when importing the footage, transfer the files with your USB cable or via Bluetooth to maintain the quality of your video. Applications such as WhatsApp and email will distort your video quality!

Afronomads MaKupsy

Capture the audience from the get go!

  1. Start your video with the most interesting part it can be a blooper or a hilarious moment or anything you feel might let the person who clicked your video want to see more.  People easily get bored and no one wants to waste their data #Whyisdatasoexpensive #reducedataprices #contentcreatorsneedlovetoo! So from the get go, start your vlog with a bang! This however doesn’t mean that it has to be staged, let it be organic moments from your footage.  Since data is expensive, try to make your videos short, making your videos under 15 minutes is usually good when you are still starting out.


  1. Being in front of the camera can be one of the hardest things to do.  The first vlogs you may feel awkward or uncomfortable but as you continue creating content you will get the hang of it and feel more comfortable.  Be yourself and have your own style of vlogging.  You can draw inspiration from other content creators and from that, you figure out how you can make it your own (this may take time but be patient your style will soon reveal itself).  Being authentic includes interacting with your audience and asking for their opinions on certain topics.

Natural light

  1. If you are a beauty or fashion content creator or basically create videos that don’t require too much movement; we recommend shooting in natural light, in most cases in front of the window. It works!  The more you progress, you can purchase a ring light or soft boxes (umbrella lights) but natural light is always the best.  Make an extra effort to film your videos during the day.


  1. This is probably one of the most difficult part of content creation or one of the things that stop aspiring content creators to start a YouTube channel; but this is the fun part  and where your video comes to life. There are a lot of free editing softwares as long as you have a computer or a phone.  For Microsoft– Windows Filmmaker is a good start although it is limited. Wondershare filmora is another great software that is free (although there is an option to upgrade).  For Apple users– iMovie is a great free software as well as Wondershare. For our first video, we used Wondershare Filmora. You can watch the video here.  As you progress with editing, Adobe Premier Pro and Final Cut Pro are great editing softwares that will take your content to another level! To level up your content, you can use sounds, emojis, photos or GIFs and all of these are a free download away from making your content great.  To put more information on your video about your social media handles search on YouTube for free lower third designs and you can edit your name on your videos.

Tariro and Chiedza in Mozambique


  1. Music.  If you are going to create content on YouTube.  It is best to use non copyright music. YouTube has a lot of free music and you can get some from SoundCloud. The risk in using copyright music is that your video maybe taken down or the audio will be removed. Another option would be to ask for permission to local artists to use their music.  Make sure your music is in sync with the mood of your video.
  2. Thumbnail and title of your video.   A thumbnail is one of the things that makes a person consider watching your video or not.  Let your thumbnail tell a story (a thumbnail is the cover of your video). A subscriber or non subscriber should be drawn to your video just by looking at the thumbnail. Canva and PicsArt are great free apps for creating thumbnails.  When deciding on a title for your video, choose an interesting title but never click bait (put a misleading title or a title that has nothing to do with the video). This will put a bad taste on the subscribers.
  3. Collaborate!  There is so much power in collaborations.  Link up with other YouTubers and creatives. This will be great for your audience as you are trying to bring more diversity to your channel.


Practice, practice, practice! The more you shoot and edit your videos, the better you become! Never stop learning and improving your craft. There is a lot of material on YouTube on how to improve your vlogging skills.  Your first video will probably be terrible but the fact that you uploaded that video means that you are willing to put in the work.   So enjoy the journey, don’t rush the process of wanting to be great, it will all come together as you continue to put in the work.


Thank you to Tariro and Chiedza for these amazing Vlogging Tips.  You can find them on social media on:

YouTube: @afronomads

Twitter: @Afronomads1

Instagram: @afronomadszim

Blog: www.afronomads.wordpress.com

Do you have any more additional tips and tricks for content creation?  Which ones are some of your favourite YouTube Channels?  Please share, I’d love to hear from you.

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What You Need To Know About Solo Travel

I’ve always wanted to solo travel but never been brave enough to actually do it.  I was meant to go with a friend but she cancelled last minute.  I considered not going but I told myself that if you wait on friends and those close to you to do something you might never get anything done.  After I did my first solo trip to Barcelona on my birthday I told myself that this would be a tradition from hereon.

MaKupsy Barcelona 2018.jpg

Nessa in Barcelona

1. Never wait on friends and family if you have the opportunity to do it just do it otherwise you will miss out on a great adventure.

2. I stayed in an Airbnb as I was meant to go with a friend but next time I’d rather stay in a hotel.  I bought some groceries which I never got round to cooking so that was a complete waste.  Hotel accommodation would be more flexible as I’ll have my breakfast and decide on what to eat during the day.

3. A lot of women travel alone . I joined Girls Love Travel, a group on Facebook of women of all ages and races across the world who are solo travelling.  It’s a great way to meet new people.  I met a lovely American young woman we spent the day sightseeing Sagrada la familia.

Barcelona MaKupsy

Sagrada la familia

4.  Don’t be afraid to ask people for directions or to take your pictures. I met another young woman who I spent half of the day with, she was solo travelling . We took a dozen pictures of each other.

5. Google Maps is your best friend. I got lost but this was a life saver and you can always save some directions to use off line for when you have no data or WiFi access.

6. Pay attention to reviews for activities you want to do.

7. I always book a 5 day or week pass to use both on trains and buses.

Barcelona Food MaKupsy.jpg

Food Market

8. I love booking classes especially cooking classes. It’s a great way to meet new people and also learn about the culture. Use Google via Trips Adviser and AirBnB to make bookings for these.

9. Plan ahead.  You get to focus on things you actually want to do especially things you may not be able to do with friends. I went to 5 or 6 museum’s.  I bought an art passport which gave me access to museum’s and art galleries.  This also gives you a chance to enjoy your own company.

10. To ensure my safety I didn’t stay out till late and didn’t drink much.

Barcelona National Museum.jpg

Barcelona National Museum


Barcelona 2018.jpg

A big thank you to Nessa for sharing her Best of The Year Travel Experience with me.  You can find Nessa on: Twitter @NessaNess_x  and Instagram@nessaness_x

All images courtesy of Nessa.

Which destination did you travel to this year?


©MaKupsy 2018

5 Tips On How To Write Attention Grabbing Blog Titles

Coming up with an attention grabbing blog title is often the reason why I sometimes get stuck.  You know the sort of titles that make you want to click and read more of what the writer wants to share?  I’m that writer who without a title can’t get herself to unleash the creativity within me.  Please tell me I’m not the only one who experiences this?  One of the few bloggers who’s work I truly admire does a brilliant job of coming up with compelling blog titles.  He took some time out of his busy schedule to share these tips with me.

National Sunglasses Day.png

1. Title – The titles to your posts are just as important as what’s in them.  You need to put thought into your titles, by making them both informative as to what’s in the post but also inviting to the reader.

2. Mind your language As writers, we have a tendency of repeating certain phrases in our work. You need to be on the lookout for this.  One word often abused is very.  However, it’s simple to replace it with other terms, for example very old can be ancient, very noisy – deafening, very often – frequently and so on.

3. Subjects – Target the subjects everyone is afraid to talk about as much as it might feel uncomfortable. Everyone is always looking out for unique points of view and things that challenge them.  A great example is Chronicles of Depression

4. Connect – Make your readers feel like they’re part of what you’re sharing. This can be done by simple changes in the terms you use to write, instead of I or me you can utilise you, we and us more often to keep your readers captivated and involved.

5. Lists – When it comes to catchy blog posts, lists are your friends and something almost everyone is interested in. Top 10 reasons a walk is good for you, the 5 best ways to drink alone, how drinking more can improve your mood etc. Incorporate one of these ever so often in your blog posts.

My favourite posts of all time by Tee that you should check out are;

Chronicles of Mental Health

The Last Time I Felt Alive

You can connect with Tee on;

Website: www.teemadzika.wordpress.com

Twitter: @teemadzika

Blog Indaba The Meeting Place Community is hosting a creative crush this and every Wednesday.  You will never run out of a good read from here on.

It's National Wine Day!

Do you have any additional tips and tricks to share to come up with a creative blog title that will hook your readers?  I’d love to hear from you.

©MaKupsy 2018

Mutorashanga Green Pool

Mutorashanga Green Pool is your go to destination now that the weather is playing nice again.  I’ve seen one too many posts on social media with people having an amazing time there I’ve put it down as one of my places to visit list for next year or earlier if a miracle happens.  I checked out one of my favourite Instagrammers (@justzaniexoxo) and she happened to have visited Mutorashanga and has some very useful tips to share.  Couple that with a Vlog and today’s blog promises to be both fun and informative.

MaKupsy Mutorashanga Green Pool.jpeg

Photo Credit : Zanele


Tips On How To Make Your Trip Epic!

1. There isn’t much to see, so it comes down to the company you’re with, swimming and taking lovely pictures for the gram.  😅

2. You want to go with your swim suit or bikini on because there are no changing rooms or anything, there are no structures at all!

3. Go with your food picnic style.  Pack sandwiches, snacks, water, juice, alcohol, braai stand, the whole shebang that will give the trip a vibe.

4. The most ideal car to use would be an off road vehicle or 4×4, though my little Bibi took us safely to and fro I had to be super careful whilst driving.

Mutorashanga Green Pool

5. There are two routes, you can either use Mazowe Road or Chinhoyi Road, from research we gathered Chinhoyi is slightly shorter, has a better road, and much clearer signs so you less likely to get lost.

6. Once you drive past Mutorashanga Police Station you have tokeep asking for directions from anyone you see on the road until you get there.  There are no signs that read “This way to the Green Pool” 😂. A bright idea might be to take someone with you who has been there before.

7. It seems the locals now like to hang there and stare, and call out all sorts of ill meaning things.  Sooo make sure you pack your zero fvcks to give attitude with you and watch out for your valuables!

8. Don’t go all the way there and not Cliff Dive!!! Trust me…you will regret it!!!

To find out more about how amazing Mutorashanga Green Pool is you can check out Zanie’s Vlog.  Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button to keep up with her adventures.

If not be sure to follow the hash tag #mutorashanga on Instagram so you can see how beautiful parts of Zimbabwe are.

Have you been to Mutorashanga Green Pool before, what was your experience like?

©MaKupsy 2018

The Drakensberg Mountain Range

The Drakensberg Mountain Range is the highest mountain range in Limpopo, South Africa.  It offers incredible natural beauty and a wealth of recreational activities. My friend Danai (@Miss_Chiherahad the pleasure of traveling to this beautiful place.  She shared her experience of staying at Champagne Sports Resort with me.

MaKupsy Drakensberg Mountain Range.jpg


What I Loved About Champagne Sports Resort:


Breath taking views of the Drakensberg Mountain Range. The resort is situated along the mountain range which gives you a perfect view of the range. Absolutely AMAZING!

2. Accommodation
There are 1 to 3 bedroom chalets with kitchens, living room and dining areas.  It’s perfect for sharing with your friends.

3. The Amenities

The resort comes with a swimming pool, a lovely golf course , a spa to die for a tennis court and a fully equipped gym (You can still work out while you are on vacation).

MaKupsy Champagne Sports Resort.jpg

4. It’s Child Friendly

There’s a dedicated young guide that rallies the kids together each day to keep them occupied while you go about your day.  Activities for the kids include:

  • Putt putt
  • Jungle gym
  • Beach volleyball
  • Hiking

5. The Bar & Food

The bar has a variety of cocktails but one cocktail captured my heart.  I tried this amazing cocktail: Something Peachy which is made up of vodka, pineapple juice , orange juice and peach schnapps. The resort provides buffet breakfast. They cater for everyone; Halal, Kosher, Vegetarian; no one will feel overlooked.

6. It’s A Hideaway

It’s far from the city.  A perfect place for a romantic getaway or just a place to relax and unwind.

There is no WiFi at the chalets which gives you a chance to connect with your loved ones or detox from social media.  A must try! 

There are neighboring resorts with activities such as zip lining and canoeing.

What I Did Not Love About Champagne Sports Resort:

1. The drive from the Airport. It’s a 4 hour ride from OR Tambo Airport. You need a book and some really good music to get through it.  However, the plus side is that the resort provides a shuttle to and from the airport.

Would I want to go back?

gala dinner (1).jpg

If you would like to experience Champagne Sports Resort check out Rennies Travel on www.renniestravel.com


Did you get to travel this year?  If yes, where did you go to and which were some of your favourite destinations?

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