5 Tricks That Changed My Attitude Towards My African Hair

I haven’t always had a beautiful love affair with my African hair.  At some point I thought it was the most difficult part of my body.  Nothing I did worked and I was left frustrated.  I bought and tried out products I saw other black women using on social media platforms and still no joy.  I decided to give my hair a big chop to start all over.  It’s only then that I was fortunate to bump into hair events and these changed my attitude towards my hair forever.

My Natural Hair MaKupsy.jpg


  1. Massaging your scalp helps with hair growth, blood circulation and opening your pores.  It’s important that you take enough time massaging your scalp, 5 minutes or more will do the trick depending on how much time you have.
  2. Wash day doesn’t have to be a nightmare.  The reason you sometimes ended up having a killer headache after a new hairdo was because I was doing everything at once.  Instead, undo your hair today, shampoo it tomorrow and then get the style of your choice the next day.  This routine will leave your scalp feeling happy.
  3. You don’t have to shampoo your hair each time you wash it.  Sometimes a co-wash (conditioner wash only) is all you need to leave your hair with an extra layer of moisture.
  4. A woman should have a signature look.  Choose at least two hairstyles that work for you and don’t give you a headache when its time to get your hair done.  My signature look is the image above, it’s usually done in under 30 minutes giving me time to get on with other important things.  When I undo this style my hair is tangle free and straightened.
  5. Find out what your hair type is and you can kiss confusion goodbye.  The reason my hair regime never seemed to work out was because I didn’t know what to or not to do to it.  My hair type is 4c and two things work for it.  Moisture and coconut oil.  I no longer waste time and money on things that have nothing to do with my hair and have more money for wine 🙂

My relationship with my hair right now is amazing.  I’ve accepted that I won’t have long that flows all the way to my bum.  Instead I’ll enjoy thick bouncy hair that will look like candy floss after a wash and blow and completely shrink by the time the day ends and that’s perfectly okay.

Do you have a hair care routine, if yes, what works for you and how long have you been keeping your hair for?

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I Left Zimbabwe For A Better Life

I can’t keep living in Zimbabwe. This country brings fresh horrors that I can’t seem to keep up with anymore.  I’m mentally exhausted.  I never used to think about it as much as I do now but it’s time I made solid plans to relocate.  One can only take so much and I’ve reached my breaking point.

I asked friends on social media to share their positive experiences that came from leaving Zimbabwe.  I think you have to gather as much information as you can before taking the big leap of faith.

leaving zimbabwe MaKupsy.jpeg

I never planned on leaving Zimbabwe.  I had been self employed for a year after my contract was not renewed.  Out of mere chance I bumped into a job post advertised in South Africa,  I took a chance, sent my resume and to my surprise, I got the job!  The move was cushioned by the company including a relocation allowance in addition to facilitating a Visa.  If that company hadn’t provided all this, I didn’t see myself moving out of Zimbabwe, I would probably still be there and going through the everyday struggles.  This move has expanded my view of the African continent as I’ve lived and worked in 3 countries now.  One thing is certain I still miss food from home, especially the meat. – Business Development Manager, Africa. Age: 38

I’m originally from the lush green suburbs of Bulawayo.  I come from a well off background where I was blessed to have parents that could take my siblings and I all over the world and afford good schools. Fast track to present day and life is the complete opposite.  Zimbabwe’s situation has gone from the frying pan to the fire.  I left University and  struggled to get a job even though I was qualified.  The moment I got a job opportunity to leave the country I held onto it tightly.  I relocated to the Middle East in January 2019 and here I’m relieved and at peace because I have access to basic things.  I have water that comes out of the tap each and every time I switch it on, electricity, health care, money I can withdraw from a bank or ATM and a sustainable salary.  I still miss Zimbabwe a lot, I love my country but I definitely will not be settling back home anytime soon.  – Personal Trainer, Qatar : 28

After graduating with an Honours Degree in History and International Relations  in 2014, I was beaming with hope of finding a job soon and living the “good life”.  By mid 2015 it dawned on me that it was all wishful thinking so I enrolled for Master’s and bagged my International Relations qualification in 2016.  Still no jobs in sight.  A very close friend sponsored a trip to leave the country for a while just to catch a break in Cape Town for 2 weeks.  I decided to start 2018 on a determined note and in January I went back to Cape Town and stayed with a friend.

I somehow feel robbed by the system in Zimbabwe.  Many dreams have been lost.

To my surprise jobs were also difficult to find particularly for Faculty of Arts Graduates.
I received financial aid from another friend in Australia.  I managed to secure a decent place to stay and finally  to my relief a job offer came through. I now get more job offers and get to pick and choose what my next job might be.  I’ve also managed to secure a place for myself and furnishing it with beautiful pieces which I could have never dreamt of owning had I stayed in Zimbabwe.  The move has been helpful as far as my writing career is concerned. – Copy Editor, South Africa: 29

Last weekend when I posted this Tweet I had no idea it would resonate with so many people.  I’m a firm believer or speaking things into existence because most times they do materialise, so this is me letting you know that some day soon we will both look back at this post and smile knowing I worked hard for the dream to come to fruition.

Leaving your country of birth can’t be an easy move to make but sometimes you have to look at the bigger picture and decide what it will have to be for you.  I know that not everyone who gets to leave has a happy ever after story to tell.  Some people have gone and had to come back while others are out there struggling to make ends meet.  I’ll write a blog post on that as well sometime soon.

Are you a Zimbabwean thinking of leaving the country?  What’s stopping you from packing your bags and going to seek greener pastures?

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8 Facts About Tehn Diamond

I had an interview with Tehn Diamond nearly 4 years ago at the once was vibrant and home for creatives; The Book Cafe.  These were the most interesting 30 minutes I got to spend with “The Happy Smurf”.  It was great to finally meet up and chat and ask him random things about his life and today I get to reshare them with you.  Methinks I should touch base with him sometime soon and find out if he managed to fulfill the goals he had set up for himself.  


Tehn Diamond

What are your thoughts on Social Media?

I believe everything in this world is neither good nor bad until we touch it; until we decide what it’s going to be.  If you know what you are doing, if you know why you are there and you manage yourself and your time well social media can be very good.  BUT it can easily become an addiction.  It can be very bad if you let it own and control you.

Would you consider acting?

It was actually my first love.  I started out as an actor and spent a lot of time on stage.  I was the lead role in most of the plays I did in High School such as Romeo in Romeo and Julliet.  I ended up excelling at my third love despite attempting to venture into acting.  I have managed to do the things I love the most which is rapping, singing and eventually I will look into acting.  I have been offered a number of scripts over the years but time has never been on my side.

Have you been in any commercial adverts?

Yes, but a long time ago. It was a Christmas advert which went like “We wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas, and a happy new year!!”  Unfortunately I can’t seem to remember which company it was but yes, I have been in a commercial advert before.

 Why is Zimbabwe hip hop not taking off like South Africa and Nigeria?

  • We are completely different countries, different setups.
  • South Africa and Nigeria have well defined industry structures.
  • Access to funding.
  • Massive population.
  • Zim Hip Hop is the fastest growing genre in this country.  It’s a shame that people don’t really see that because they are constantly comparing us to our peers in South Africa and Nigeria. We are hot on their heels and this year is going to be the defining year and showcases how big Hip Hop is in Zimbabwe.

What are your personal goals for 2015?

I want to generate $100 000 worth of revenue this year from my various music business activities.

That’s what’s keeping me busy…

What have you lined up for your fans, album wise, live performances?

This entire year you will catch me performing somewhere at least once a week.  Alternatively have a look at my website or type in or hashtag #SOTGNews and something will come up.

Album wise I am finally releasing my debut solo album by the second quarter of the year.

Relationship status?

Yes I am in a relationship but I will not be sharing her name.  Some people know her but I believe that in life when you have something you cherish you have to fight for it and protect it to keep the magic alive.

How old are you?

I am turning 30 next Saturday and there will be a party here at Book Cafe.

I don’t usually celebrate my birthday; I usually use my birthday to give a gift to my fans such as releasing a song.  I have special things in mind for my big day.

Do you play sport? When did you start and why did you stop?

No, I don’t have the time.  I enjoy exercising more.

I played a lot of sport when I was in High School.  I played Rugby, Swimming, Water Polo, Basketball, Athletics; I was very much into everything.  I was involved in all extra curricula activities like Toast Masters, Debate, Interact, Drama, Music.  However, my heart was always in entertainment, the moment I left school I simply ditched all the sports stuff and focused on how I was going to get myself on stage for the rest of my life.

Any team sport you support?

I never used to watch sport I never used to support a team until I fell in love with Barcelona.  I love everything about that club (I wish it had never happened), they take me high and they take me low…I don’t watch every game though; I will probably just wake up to check the results or watch from twitter.  I will try to watch the Champions League or El Clasico but I try not to let it get out of hand but I love me some Barcelona!

What is your take on the youths not respecting their elders?

I believe that what is construed as the youth not respecting their elders is quite generally the natural progression of life.  We come into this world as a broom (clean broom), to renew our values, to continually push the boundaries, to reassess ourselves.  It is the kind of task that is best fitted and suited for the youth.  When you have been on this planet you are set in your ways and not so open to change and not open for innovation and change.  We are all meant to learn from each other; the old from the young and the young from the old and everything in between.  If you go back in time you will hear people saying “Oh but when we were growing up…” It is not supposed to be the same as it was for you because times change and people evolve.

What advice would you give to kids who look up to you as their inspiration?

Don’t look up to me, look beyond me.  If I can do anything to inspire you that means you should tell yourself you want to be bigger and better than me.  When people see when things that people say cannot be done being done it expands and opens up the realms of possibility.  Now if some kid somewhere says I want to grow up and be a rapper and if someone objects they can point out and say but this person did it and that means I can do it too!

Where can people get in touch with you?

Tehn Diamond.jpg

Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Tehn Diamond

  1. He went to Saint Georges College.
  2. He is releasing his debut solo this year titled The Perfect Tehn.
  3. When he left school his plan was to get into Theatre or Movies.
  4. His three loves are acting, singing and rapping in that order.
  5. He doesn’t own a TV; he doesn’t want to be enslaved to it.
  6. He loves hanging out with his little brother and teaching him new things.
  7. He loves to read.
  8. His favourite movie of all time is The Matrix.

It was close to a year ago when he asked me to be a part of the Bloggers on his website but back then I had too much on my plate and I could not take part.  Funny how a year later I am interviewing him for my own blog.

Many thanks goes to Tehn Diamond for taking some time out of his busy schedule to meet up for this interview.  He has an amazing personality and he’s very well spoken, no wonder he wants to spend his life on stage.  I wish you nothing but the best in 2015 and the year to come.  Below is one of my favourite videos by Tehn Diamond which features Junior Brown, happy watching.

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Women, Wine & Words

Women, Wine and Words Festival was held in Harare for the first time on the 17th of November 2018 at Theatre in The Park.  I had the honor of being one of the three panelists at this event and spoke on the topic of Body Positivity.  All three of us put together were a recipe for censored content, we didn’t mince our words and kept it real.

I noticed that the venue had been repainted.  A job well done to the guys who took the time to make this place captivating.  You can read all about their reason for doing so over here. The colours they used were made for perfect selfies, I took more than enough of them.

Intwasa MaKupsy.jpg

Thembi Terry, Sokostina & Patience Phiri

Women Wine and Words 2018.jpg

Steph Kapfunde & Rumbi Takawira aka News Bae 

Women Wine and Words 2018 MaKupsy.jpg

I met different women in the creative industry who are making a positive impact to the community.  I enjoyed every bit of this event because women had a platform to express themselves and touch on different topics and talk about them at length without feeling judged.  There’s nothing as refreshing as talking about something the next person can relate to.  Think hair politics, body issues, what the media industry is like for women and everything in-between.  We need more of this please!


“The show; a full on celebration of creative women through music, poetry, theatre and art, has been staged at the Intwasa festival for the past five years and has been a hit among festival goers. This event has clearly been admired by Harare’s leading theatre venue – Theatre in the Park through Rooftop Promotions who have partnered with Intwasa to stage the show in Harare.” – Chronicle

The event was so good it trended first place on Twitter.  You can search for the hash tag #WWWFest to see more of what was shared on the day.

Have you been to this event before?  If yes, what was your experience like?

©MaKupsy 2018



The Making Of Mambokadzi

I came to the realisation that KikkyBadAss is the only female Zimbabwean Hip Hop Personality that I know who hypes herself A LOT.  She has a daring creativity.  She’s the one female rapper I know who is comfortable in her skin, speaks her mind and plays no games when it comes to pursuing her passion.  Last year she scooped two awards for Best Female and People’s Choice at the Zimbabwe Hip Hop Awards.  Enter 2018 and she’s on the nominees list yet again and I did my fair share of voting; true to her words she has been working hard on getting her shine on.

KikkyBadAss MaKupsy.jpg


“Peace of mind in times of war help me get some clarity”  KikkyBadAss

A few weeks ago she dropped her EP titled Mambokadzi (A Queen).   A Queen is strong, an inspiration and a goal getter and KikkyBadAss mirrors these qualities.  After she shared her story with me it all made sense.  KikkyBadAss has been through a lot in the past year; her music has been her form of expressive therapy.  She wrote her album during a very dark time.  She went through a miscarriage, she had to let go of a relationship of almost 2 years, she contemplated suicide and she also lost her grandmother who she was very close to.  All this plunged her into depression; she had to channel her pain into something beautiful and it birthed the album Mambokadzi.  This album is dear to her and once you listen to it you will understand just why…

I love all the songs on the EP, I’ve listened to it a million times over. My favorite tracks are Mambokadzi and Rewind. I could add Suicide to my favourites but each time I listen to it I end up feeling blue and experience flash backs filled with past hurts.  It’s not a bad interlude at all but it really gets you deep in thought, a place we often don’t want to revist.

Despite the dark cloud in her life KikkyBadAss has still experienced wonderful opportunities this year.  She traveled to Cyprus and left me behind even after I asked her to be her hand luggage.  It’s not everyday an artist gets to leave the country to perform on an entire island, it shows that she’s doing something right and we should take notes.

KikkyBadAss never disappoints when it comes to quality visuals and her latest video Boys Dze Tonaz was a great way to highlight 2018.

One thing I’ve come to learn after writing this piece it’s that you need to find your passion and give it everything you’ve got.  You only have this lifetime to leave your mark.

Mambokadzi is my album of 2018.  Which music album made your year?

©MaKupsy 2018


Different by Shekhinah is my song of 2018.  I can play this track a million times over and I’d never tire of it.  I had the pleasure of watching her perform at UnPlugged Zimbabwe in August this year.  She’s one talented woman! However, my heart always breaks each time I remember that her parents abandoned her when she was born.  I can never shake that from my mind…

What’s your favourite song by Shekhinah ?

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Mutorashanga Green Pool

Mutorashanga Green Pool is your go to destination now that the weather is playing nice again.  I’ve seen one too many posts on social media with people having an amazing time there I’ve put it down as one of my places to visit list for next year or earlier if a miracle happens.  I checked out one of my favourite Instagrammers (@justzaniexoxo) and she happened to have visited Mutorashanga and has some very useful tips to share.  Couple that with a Vlog and today’s blog promises to be both fun and informative.

MaKupsy Mutorashanga Green Pool.jpeg

Photo Credit : Zanele


Tips On How To Make Your Trip Epic!

1. There isn’t much to see, so it comes down to the company you’re with, swimming and taking lovely pictures for the gram.  😅

2. You want to go with your swim suit or bikini on because there are no changing rooms or anything, there are no structures at all!

3. Go with your food picnic style.  Pack sandwiches, snacks, water, juice, alcohol, braai stand, the whole shebang that will give the trip a vibe.

4. The most ideal car to use would be an off road vehicle or 4×4, though my little Bibi took us safely to and fro I had to be super careful whilst driving.

Mutorashanga Green Pool

5. There are two routes, you can either use Mazowe Road or Chinhoyi Road, from research we gathered Chinhoyi is slightly shorter, has a better road, and much clearer signs so you less likely to get lost.

6. Once you drive past Mutorashanga Police Station you have tokeep asking for directions from anyone you see on the road until you get there.  There are no signs that read “This way to the Green Pool” 😂. A bright idea might be to take someone with you who has been there before.

7. It seems the locals now like to hang there and stare, and call out all sorts of ill meaning things.  Sooo make sure you pack your zero fvcks to give attitude with you and watch out for your valuables!

8. Don’t go all the way there and not Cliff Dive!!! Trust me…you will regret it!!!

To find out more about how amazing Mutorashanga Green Pool is you can check out Zanie’s Vlog.  Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button to keep up with her adventures.

If not be sure to follow the hash tag #mutorashanga on Instagram so you can see how beautiful parts of Zimbabwe are.

Have you been to Mutorashanga Green Pool before, what was your experience like?

©MaKupsy 2018

Tamy Moyo : Tekere

Tamy Moyo has a new music video out titled Tekere.  Tamy whose full name is Thamsanqa is a Zimbabwean singer, songwriter and guitarist.  Talk about a tripple threat!  Whoever is behind her music and video production is doing an amazing job to amplify her talent.  I’m a very visual person and colour speaks to me.  Her latest video is making love to my eyes it’s sinful! She officially has a new fan!

You can check out her latest video below.

My other two favourite videos by Tamy Moyo are:

  1. Beautiful Ndozvandiri

2. Lay It Down featuring Nutty O

All I can say is she’s got international standards going on.  She’s really setting the pace for the rest of the Zimbabwean artists and I’m impressed, that time I’m the queen of criticism.  She has shut it down!

Show her some love and check out her music videos and subscribe to her YouTube Channel while you’re at it.

What are your favourite songs by Tamy Moyo?  Also what does Tekere mean?

©MaKupsy 2018

5 Things You’re Going To Love About Goals & Headwraps

I love every inch of my natural 4c hair but what I like all the more is knowing that there’s a hair event lined up just for naturalistas.  This doesn’t happen very often so I have my calendar marked, dress and shoes picked and a brightly coloured head wrap to match.  I’ve no idea how to tie it.  I’ve tried and tested the YouTube tutorials with no luck so this is my chance to watch someone do so face to face so maybe I might get it right this time around.

If you’ve never been to a hair event like this then you must make sure you come through because 5 things will happen on the day.

  1. Hair tutorials.
  2. Live demonstrations (my hair is so over cornrows I needs a fresh funky look for the festive season).
  3.  Networking; you never know who can hook you up with your next breakthrough or even better a hair endorsement deal?  I dream big my darlings 🙂
  4. Phenomenal speakers.  One of them happens to be the youngest Yoga teacher in the country.  You’ll have to come through to find out who she is.
  5. Fun.  Who said you can’t have natural hair and fun at the same time?

Harare Natural Hair Event MaKupsy.jpg

I hope to see you there.  I’ll be one of the first people to show up and get myself a front row seat.  These IG pictures need a pop of colour and I have a feeling this event will be just what I need; tell you what, what you and I both need.

If you’re on Pinterest let’s follow each other and continue to pin ideas that give our hearts serious palpitations.  This is one of my favourite board on my page, I can never get enough of natural hair ideas.

Other posts I’ve featured on natural hair that you have to read before you go include:

  1. Who Are You To Police My Black Hair?
  2. Hairstyles That Make Me Happy

I hope you come through for this hair event that promises to change the attitude you have towards your hair. It’s going to be a game changer.

©MaKupsy 2018

3 Amazing Things About UnPlugged ‘Beach Themed’ Edition

UnPlugged Zimbabwe is best known for constantly delivering a live music experience like no other.  I’ve attended almost all of the events for the past year and I can safely say UnPlugged is a “must attend event” in Harare.  If you happen to visit make sure you add it to your to-do-list; I promise it will be worth every dime of your hard earned money.  Treat yourself, you deserve a new and refreshing experience.

MaKupsy Zinarayah.jpg

MaKupsy (middle) with the group members of Zinarayah

Last Sunday was certainly the highlight of my weekend and this is these are the reasons why:

1. Venue

I loved the fact that the event was held right by the waterfront.  There’s something about water that gives me renewed energy.  The number of people I saw taking pictures right by the water confirmed that the views were indeed beautiful.  UnPlugged is a child friendly environment so the scenery gave the children a chance to run around and build castles in the sand.  The water area was manned by volunteers so you knew the children were in good hands.

2. Customer Service

The staff were cheerful, friendly and very helpful.  I remember the last UnPlugged was held at ZB Sports Club and a few people complained about a few glitches especially the one on entry and exit points.  That process is of paramount importance, once your drinks run out you need a quick dash out and back in without any unnecessary headaches.  I was happy to note that management took note of that and this time around it was easy to get in and out of the venue without having anyone man handle you.

3. Upcoming Local Artists

I had no idea a music outfit called Zinarayah existed.  They grabbed my attention when I was in the powder room trying to change from my very short shorts to my denim jeans – more about this at the end of this post...  Zinarayah is a trio of absolutely gorgeous women with the most powerful voices you’ve ever heard.  The three are Afua, Deline, and Rachel and they sing Afro Pop.   Apparently they grew up together and music is what has kept them strong.  I’m just going to call them soul sisters from now on because they stole my soul when they performed Chiwoniso Maraire’s song, Wandirasa.  After that it was one surprise after another as they continued to do cover songs and threw in a song or two of their very own.  Watch out for these three, they’re onto something!


Find below a link to the reason why I woke up with no voice on Monday morning.  WinkyD went all in.  He performed almost all of my favourite songs and I was right in the front row to capture these moments.  This man is talented and he knows how to make love to the crowd so to speak.  We were on a different kind of high.  I’ve never screamed and danced so much in my entire life and I loved it!


The Not So Great Things…

1. Weather

It played some tricks on us and switched from a sunny Sunday to rain in minutes.   Thankfully I had packed a pair of jeans and a jacket just in-case.

2. Directions

A bunch of us got lost along the way.  Thank the stars for Google Maps otherwise we would have ended up at someone’s farmhouse.  Perhaps next time more sign posts need to be put up along the way so that people know they’re going in the right direction.

Unfortunately my phone battery ran out and I missed out on capturing more magical moments.  Please feel free to share some of your high and low moments in the comments section.  I would love to hear from you.

On a scale of 0-10 with 10 being the most epic experience ever, I rate UnPlugged Beach Themed Edition a cool 8 out of 10, fun was had!

©MaKupsy 2018