UnPlugged Zimbabwe Ticket Giveaway!

As promised, I have tickets to giveaway for the UnPlugged Zimbabwe event happening this Saturday, 31 March 2018.  You can look forward to a fusion of great music, delicious food, Harare women and men killing it on the fashion front and lots of Easter treats for the kids.  Please check the poster for details of the venue, payment methods, performing acts and contact numbers incase you need more information.  You know I always have the hookup!

All you need to do is answer the questions below.  Take a screenshot and share it on any of your social media platforms using the hashtag #UnPluggedZim and stand a chance to win a ticket for yourself and a friend.  How cool is that?!

The closing date for this giveaway is Friday at midday so make sure you have your answers in by then.

MaKupsy UnPlugged Zimbabwe Easter Edition

  1. How old is UnPlugged Zimbabwe this year?
  2. Which other city has UnPlugged Zimbabwe been to?
  3. Which corporates have partnered with UnPlugged Zimbabwe?
  4. How many acts does UnPlugged Zimbabwe usually feature?
  5. What time does the UnPlugged Zimbabwe event finish?
  6. Who can attend UnPlugged Zimbabwe?
  7. Which act pulled in the biggest crowd at UnPlugged Zimbabwe?
  8. What are the perks of being an Unplugged Zimbabwe black card holder?
  9. Where can you find UnPlugged on social media? Please add their handles.
  10. What do you enjoy the most when you attend UnPlugged Events or what are you looking forward to if you win a ticket for this Saturday’s event?

UnPlugged Zimbabwe: Love, Live, Music

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Single On Valentines Day

This was the first Valentines Day I was single.  I’ve spent most of them with someone special but 2018 was different. A good kind of different if you ask me because it gave me time to have some reflect on relationships I’ve been in in the past.  I wasn’t expecting to receive any gifts or flowers because I know my relationship status so not receiving anything didn’t come as a surprise.  I had planned to treat myself  to coffee and cake but thanks to committing my money to other important things that didn’t materialise.  However, that wasn’t a train smash, the year has so much to offer and I have other entertaining things I plan on doing as the year progresses.

MaKupsy Single On Valentines Day.jpg

Image from Pinterest

I need to do better when it comes to relationships.  I used to be really good at this.  My very first boyfriend taught me how to put someone first.  That boy had me running around town trying to figure out what to gift him.  Not because it was his birthday or it was Valentines Day but because he was so good to me and I had to find ways to reciprocate.  Loving him was easy.  Then life happened and well, let’s just say I made not so clever decisions and ended up dating guys who didn’t take time to learn my love language  and that was frustrating.

I’m taking time out for myself to love myself fiercely and learn exactly what I’m about and what makes me happy.  I know I deserve all the love I keep giving to everyone else.  I can’t keep hoping and wishing for the perfect match when I’m not practicing being a good person myself, how on earth will that work out?  I made a decision on Valentines Day that the next time I’m in a relationship I’m winning that Girlfriend of The Year Award!  I’m going to take time to learn what makes my partner happy and do exactly that and more.

Relationships are a two way street.  Everyone wants to feel loved, adored and celebrated by their significant other.  Ladies, let’s pay more attention to our men, sometimes we expect to always be the “takers” and give nothing back.  Receiving gifts is lovely but take time to spoil your significant other as well; it doesn’t have to be anything out of this world, it really is the thought that counts at the end of the day.

MaKupsy Single on Valentines Day (2).jpg

Seeing that I’m in such a wonderful mood today I would like to do a give away some Golden Pilsener beers to two lucky readers.  How to enter:

Ladies: What is one of the most memorable thing you have ever done for a guy you were dating?

Men: What gift have you received from a woman you were dating that knocked your socks off?

The ones with the best answer will win themselves a 6 pack each of Golden Pilsener.  Don’t forget to take a screen shot of your comment and share it on social meida; don’t forget to use the hash tag #ShareTheGold 

MaKupsy Golden Pilsener.jpg


Share the moment. Share the experience. Share the gold.


#ShareTheGold MaKupsy.jpg


MaKupsy #ShareTheGold.jpg


#ShareTheGold golden pilsener.jpg


MaKupsy Golden Pilsener.jpg

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UnPlugged Faves

The first UnPlugged Zimbabwe event for the year 2018 is just a few days away.  Are you ready for an electrifying day packed with music, friends, food and fashion?  I know I am!

MaKupsy UnPlugged Faves.jpg

I asked a few UnPluggers what their highlights from last year were and this is what they shared with me:

The November UnPlugged Zimbabwe;  I think it was Souljah Love or was it Killer T who performed that night not too sure anymore but somewhere along the ZimDancehall genre that month was epic! – Luwy

November! I also don’t quite remember the performances, but all I remember was it was lit!!! – Esy

I don’t remember the month maybe it was October I guess but Winky D performed.  It was lit, his band is 🔥 – Tatenda

I loved December with DJ Zinhle ❤ – Xtina

May, July, August, October, December…which UnPlugged Zimbabwe event did we go together last year?? I feel like I left another month out but all the same, too much fun was had! – Fungai

UnPlugged Zim MaKupsy.jpg

Photo Credit : Luwy & Gaultier

From the UnPlugged Zimbabwe reviews I’m certain of a few things:

  1. I should have been there when WinkyD performed it seems like he did the most and I missed out, here’s hoping he performs again this year.
  2. Reverb 7 is the actual plug!  When he shows up on stage and starts working his magic on the decks you know you won’t be sitting down anytime soon; you will dance till it’s 10pm and you won’t even want to go home, he’s that good!
  3. I was happy to finally watch Sani Makhalima perform, I was right there in the front row taking pictures and videos, my iPhone is a happy phone.
  4. My favourite UnPlugged Zimbabwe experience was Mokoomba performed.  I have no clue what they will be singing half the time but they have massive stage presence, they are talented, their music will shock your entire being with rhythm, soul and afro fusion and they are a serious crowd puller!
  5. UnPlugged Zimbabwe is my highlight every month and I hope you will make it a part of your lifestyle as well, it’s worth every moment of it.

What have been your UnPlugged Zimbabwe faves to date?

UnPlugged Magic: Love. Live. Music

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Love Is Winning In 2018!

I have declared 2018 to be my year of love.  Most of my love stories have ended on a disastrous note usually with me suffering a serious case of heart break but not this year.  This year my love life is going to flourish, I’m going to love out loud and I’m going to share a lovely post on how love has won this time around before the year ends.  I feel something positive coming my way!

For some reason love and music seem to go hand in hand for me and there’s this Afrofusion artist who has stolen my heart musically!  His name is Ashton Mbeu Nyahora and he is part of the group; Mbeu and The Mhodzi Tribe.  If you don’t know him you are obviously living under a rock. Think love, celebrating women, daily struggles in our country and celebrating life.  He sings it all.


Photo Credit: Ashton Mbeu

I got in touch with him and asked him what or who influences him musically;

Everything around me influences my music and I owe my mentoring to Dr. Oliver Mtukudzi. To date we still go and seek advice from him, he is a fountain of wisdom.” – Ashton Mbeu

A few facts about Mbeu and The Mhodzi Tribe:

  • Ashton’s family wanted him to join the army but his chose his musical passion instead.
  • The genre of their music is called Mhodzi Music but their fans prefer to call it Afrofusion; the group is not afraid to experiment with different genres.
  • Mbeu and The Mhodzi tribe  are all professional and full time musicians working towards penetrating the international platform.
  • The age groups of the band members vary from 22 to 28 years old.

This is one of my favourite tracks, I even have it on my running playlist!

You can get in touch with the band on Facebook (@MbeuTheMhodziTribeBand) they are very responsive on that platform.

My personal favourites by the band are:

  1. Mbeuyashe
  2. Dhabuka
  3. Ndapfugama
  4. Chawakandidira
  5. Hazvineyi

As I was saying; love is beautiful, relationships are oh so lovely.  However when you get into a relationship I hope and pray that you and your partner take time to talk about what your relationship is about and which direction it’s taking.  Be clear about what it is you want and need.  The year is 2018 refuse to waste your time on things that don’t grow you, relationships included.🤗

How’s your new year coming along?  Have you started working on your resolutions as yet?  Have you listened to Mbeu and The Mhodzi Tribe before?  If yes, what are some of your favourite songs?  If not, what are you waiting for???

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10 Reasons I Crush On Yemi Alade

I have a major woman crush on  Yemi Alade!  I’ve tried to hide it for a couple of weeks now but I can’t help myself anymore, Yemi is going all out to make you notice her whether you listen to Nigerian music or not.  Below are some of my favourite things about her:

  1. Her creativity juices abundantly flow.  She doesn’t restrict herself to singing one genre of music, now that’s creativity!
  2. She is confident, you just have to see her in action to know this.
  3. She is hard working, her videos are not mediocre, you can see a lot of work has been put in.
  4. She is a happy person, if you’re anything like me and stalk her every once in a while you would know this from her photos.
  5. She has a contagious smile.

    Yemi Alade.jpg

    Image from Google

  6. Yemil Alade has the body of a goddess!  Talk about having lady lumps in the right places.  Her thick thighs are definitely saving someones life 🙂
  7. She has her dance moves on lock.  Just watch any of her videos, she isn’t just sitting about looking pretty, she’s putting her back in it!
  8. Her fashion sense is amazing.  Never a dull moment in her wardrobe, think bold and loud colours, she’s wearing them.
  9. Big hair lives here.  She goes all out with different hairstyles mainly natural hair looks and occasionally something not so natural, either way she is always rocking it.
  10. The reason why I crush on her the most is that she sings in her own language.  I have no idea what she will be singing the greater part of the time but the rhythm always gets me excited.

This is my favourite Yemi Alade video. She went out and went straight into Salsa!  Now that ladies and gentleman is what I call breaking musical barriers.  I can never get enough of this woman, she’s definitely won my heart…musically that is 🙂

What’s your favourite song by Yemi Alade?

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UnPlugged : 10 Reasons Zimbabwe Loves Coca-Cola

UnPlugged Zimbabwe, this Saturday,1 Brompton Close, Highlands, Harare, starting from 2pm till 10pm.  Save the date!  I for one am looking forward to Sani Makhalima’s performance, he is one of my favourite artists and his music has never disappointed since I fell in love with it nearly a decade ago!  I hope to see you there, UnPlugged Zimbabwe never disappoints when it comes to keeping you entertained.


Image from Pinterest

Here are the Top 10 Reasons Why Zimbabwe Loves Coca-Cola:

  1. Coca-Cola has it’s marketing game on lock!  Almost all Zimbabweans call any any soft drink “Coca-Cola”.  That’s just how much they have successfully sold us to their brand, we are hooked!
  2. Location, location; you can find Coca-Cola anywhere, travel to any part of the country, rural areas included and you will certainly find a place that sells it.
  3. Coca-Cola is cheap.  The small 300ml bottle goes for 50 cents.
  4. Coca-Cola is refreshing, given the current weather in the country an ice cold bottle is more than welcome to help you cool down.
  5. Coca-Cola is universal.  It brings people together.  There is no part in the world that is not familiar with Coca-Cola.
  6. Coca-Cola comes in a bottle, a can or a pet.  The different packages cater to individual preferences.
  7. If you are Zimbabwean you definitely know just how delicious a coke and freshly baked buns goes down!  It’s the ultimate combination.  Coca-Cola compliments food including, sadza with a side of your choice, pizza, burgers you name it.
  8. Coca-Cola hugely supports small businesses.  Most takeaways have the huge Coca-Cola branding.  Depending on the territory they give Coca-Cola fridges for free and in return you put coke branding next to your take away name.  Cool deal right?
  9. You can mix Coca-Cola with your favourite alcoholic beverage of choice and enjoy a refreshing UnPlugged Zimbabwe experience.
  10. Whenever there’s fun there’s always Coca-Cola.  Think all things celebration, they would be incomplete without Coca-Cola!

UnPlugged Zimbabwe is giving away 6 tickets.  All you have to do is describe the one thing you are looking forward to experiencing at UnPlugged Zimbabwe if you win a ticket.  Please leave your answer in the comments section, take a screenshot of your answer and share it on the pinned post on Facebook or Twitter.  

See you at UnPlugged!


Prayersoul, Trevor Dongo & Sani Makhalima (Red Wine)



Shami, birthday girl!






Ameera Mimi, Lifestyle Blogger



Fungai, fellow iPhone user


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The Cook Out ZW

The CookOut ZW is a picnic style, family friendly event that celebrates the Zimbabwean summer with special focus on great food and great music.  The first CookOut ZW event was held last month and I still have no idea how that missed me but fear not I’m here with the hook up.

This shindig is basically a cool, intimate Sunday chill out event with lots of fun for kids as well! The CookOut ZW will feature succulent meat braaied to perfection by braai masters and the only thing cooler than the music will be the drinks.

A variety of food including but not limited to juicy loin chops, tender flame grilled chicken pieces, hot off the grill burgers, fresh, colourful, crisp salads and soft drinks, coolers, cold beers will be readily available so fear not, you will NOT go thirsty or hungry.  Payment options include cash, swipe and Ecocash.

Take it from me, this Sunday The CookOutZW is something you have to check out; I’ll be there you already know I like all things entertaining.  Music features include melodious fusions by Bryan K plus Afro-Pop and Soul by Vera.


For more information log onto The CookOut ZW Facebook Page on @theCookOutZW

Prayersoul is giving away 3 CDs of his album, While I Was Away.  To stand a chance to win name any 4 songs by PrayerSoul, add them in the comments section of this post, take a screen shot and add to my pinned Twitter or Facebook Page.

Please note that if you win you can only collect your CD from The CookOut ZW event on Sunday from Prayersoul himself.

Bring yourself, your friend, your siblings, your children, your significant other to The CookOut ZW.

It’s important that you call the number on the poster and tell the host that you will be attending the event.  RSVP for The CookOutZW please!

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Tytan The Ndebele Rapper

Tytan has stayed consistent in dropping melodies that evoke all sorts of emotions within you after his hit song Mukoko which incase you didn’t know reached 2 million views on YouTube last week!  2017 has certainly been a good year for him so far.  I got in touch with the ever smiling Ndebele Rapper and he shared his journey with me.



My musical highlights for 2017 include the The Bho music video, four other video releases, release of the Tytan EP and it’s great sales and my United Kingdom Tour.

Mukoko is my favourite music video because it’s the one that broke the mould and helped me step out of my cocoon and dare to try new things.

My music is available on all online stores especially the popular ones 😉, local distributors in Harare or on kynrecords.com

This year I traveled to the United Kingdom and South Africa. The United Kingdom was lit though, I pretty much was everywhere through back-roads and all sorts on my way to Estates, cities, towns…pretty much anywhere I was called out to do some work.

My favourite destination was a beautiful estate in Leicester where I’d gone to sing at a wedding, it was “goals”! I’d love to own such a property but I’d definitely make sure there’s a phone signal at least (there wasn’t any can you imagine the social media withdrawal symptoms!)


Minus being a musician I’m also a Brand Consultant and Graphic Artist. Both are exciting because I love piecing stuff together to fruition.

Since the onset of my music career I’ve learnt to be very patient with everyone and the processes that entail progress and success as much as learning not to waste my time on things that don’t add any value. I’ve learnt to stay true to myself in my craft and take in as much as I can to enhance my knowledge of it. I’ve learnt that as much as I inspire people with my life experiences, to most my life is just entertainment be it good or bad. I’ve learnt that I still have a long way to go as far as my dreams are concerned.


My fans should expect more exciting collaborations and visuals as I plan to continue to tour the world in the process.

Those who have always wondered what my music genre is can safely take note that it’s Pop Music (Afro Pop); I rap and sing.


©MaKupsy 2017

Day 20: Breathtaking African Destinations

If I had all the money in the world I would travel the whole world; twice!  Nothing gives you that kick as much as leaving your day to day routine and simply plunging into a completely new environment.  The first time I went on a travel adventure I went to South Africa all by my merry little self.  I made bookings and hit the road.  My parents were worried sick because they thought something tragic would happen to me but nothing did and it was one heck of an astounding experience!

Sadly I’m not as well travelled as I would like to be so I got some travel junkies to help me out with today’s post.  After reading this I promise you the first thing you will do is be friends with Google and search for the first flight out of your country.

Vumba, Zimbabwe

eL7e8Mne (1).jpg

Photo Credit: @NdiSandra (Twitter)

My favorite Destination in Zimbabwe is definitely Vumba. I am still to travel to a place more beautiful than Vumba. Very quiet and serene with the humming of beautiful birds. The weather is amazingly cool and I have done a gazillion countless trips there because you can never get used to the beauty.  The food is amazing. Tony’s cakes are out of this world. I’m sure that’s the best cake one can ever eat. Forest Hills is my favorite resort in Vumba, it’s such a homely place with amazing people. The food is beyond amazing and Takura makes bomb weird dishes. I would totally stay there and just get fat!!


Prince of Wales View

Minus the good food and hospitality at Forest Hills, they have amazing views. Its not far from Leopard Rock Hotel so if you need to play some golf or go for a game view Leopard Rock is the place. Game views are so much fun and you get to feed the Ostriches.  Make sure you also pass by Prince of Wales View point on your way. The beautiful view of Mutare will always brighten your day. – @NdiSandra


You gotta love Vumba!


Arusha, Tanzania



I recently had the pleasure of travelling to Arusha, Tanzania and I would definitely recommend it as a top destination to visit. As a Zimbabwean I warmed up to it very quickly because it reminded me of home. The people there are so welcoming and friendly and the food is the organic goodness we grew up eating in Zimbabwe. Although I never got an opportunity to sight see as I was on a business trip I managed to visit some of the local Masai markets and the markets in the CBD. The Masai markets boast of beautifully handcrafted proudly Tanzanian pieces; from bags to shoes, to jewellery. If you are looking for souvenirs from your visit to Arusha this is definitely a place to stop by. I also enjoyed the markets in Arusha’s CBD. I’m an avid fan of African print material and in the search for an originally Tanzanian piece the CBD was definitely the place to visit.

The people there are so welcoming and friendly and the food is the organic goodness we grew up eating in Zimbabwe.


Although I never got the chance to go out to try their local cuisine or their braai spots or as they call them “nyama chomas” I think this is a definite must do for anyone visiting Arusha. The night life in Arusha is also something worth exploring. I would say it is different from what I am used to in its simplicity. The prices of alcohol are very reasonable. On a night out we spent about 60 000 shillings on two rounds of drinks (several beers and double whiskeys and cognac orders for four people), which is equivalent to R400. Tanzania seems to have a great appreciation for African music from not only within the East African region but also from the rest of the continent. We enjoyed ourselves dancing to music from Angola, to the DRC and the DJs even accommodated us by playing our favourite Zimbabwean and South African songs.


Photo Credit: @_____layslee (Twitter)

Due to my limited time there I was unable to visit Mount Meru which is one of the main attractions in the city. Mount Meru is the second highest mountain in Tanzania and is the fourth in Africa. It is a definite must see. Of course there is Mount Kilimanjaro which everyone deserves to see at least once in their life. There is so much one can do in Arusha as the city boasts with many National Parks such as the Serengeti National Park, the Arusha National Park, Ngorongoro National Reserve and Lake Manyara National Park. I would definitely visit Arusha again so I can experience everything it has to offer. – @_____layslee

White Sand Beaches, Mozambique


Image from Google

The White Sand Beaches of Mozambique are on my list of dream destinations.  If there is one thing I NEED this year it’s definitely a holiday!  I need to get away from all the stresses this country brings me on a daily basis and just enjoy an adventure filled weekend away.  I’ve been to Mozambique before but to the boring parts of it and on business so that wasn’t any fun.  I have a vivid imagination and I’ve already pictured what my trip will be like once it materialises, at least dreaming is free right?

I will arrive in Mozambique on a Friday evening and check into a medium range hotel.  Apparently accommodation in Mozambique is pretty reasonable averaging $24 per person.  I can’t go all out high end accommodation because I have a daughter starting Grade School next year(the joys of parenthood).  I’m obviously tired from my flight so I settle for an early night.  Still deciding if this will be a solo trip or I’ll bump into a chocolate brother over the weekend…

When I’m there I try out everything from the food to the drinks, no time to waste I’m here to have a ball of a time!  I’m honestly tired of all the food lately so it will be a welcome change to try out a local dish and definitely delicious sea food; I love all things white meat.  As long as it’s prepared in a way that I normally have it I’m going to enjoy every bite of it.


Food of Mozambique (Image from Google)

You know those drinks in coconut shells you see on TV?  I want to try them out and I know there is no way they won’t have them in Mozambique.  I mean, this is my dream so it’s definitely there.  I will have me some sex on the beach both figuratively and literally!  How am I going to come all this way and not get laid???  But keep it on the hush, what happens in Mozambique stays in Mozambique…


Image from Google

These are some of the activities you can do when you visit Mozambique and I will try out all of them because life is too short to not go hard.

  • Diving
  • Ilha de Mozambique
  • Maputo Central Market
  • Cocktails at the Polana Hotel
  • Swimming with Wild Dolphins (just wait till you see the pictures I will take!)
  • Gorongosa National Park
  • Sailing in a Traditional Dhow

Image from Google

Don’t forget the walks on the beach.  My trip would be incomplete without it.  Take a dip every other minute to enjoy the cool water on my skin while taking in the clear blue water.  This is the one trip I will be completely off the radar and not even buy a sim card.  I will simply take photos of beautiful views and interact with locals and dare to do something different.  I can’t wait to visit Mozambique!

What are some of your favourite destinations in Africa?  What’s your dream destination and when do you plan on going there?

It’s day 20 of the #30DayAfriBloggerChallenge this is the first time I have ever actually counted down days in a month!

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Bulawayo UnPlugged

UnPlugged Zimbabwe decided to branch out to Bulawayo because they are amining to build a national brand. How often Unplugged goes to Bulawayo will depend entirely on the take up. If the people of Bulawayo come out and have a great time, UnPlugged will definitely look into making it a regular fixture, similar to Harare.



I caught up with the energetic and charismatic CalVin who was one of the main acts of the Bulawayo UnPlugged event held last month and here is what he shared with me.

Which genre does your music fall under?

My music falls under Hip Hop and Jazz.  I’m currently experimenting with Jazz so I’m a rapper who vocalises, you could say I’m Jazzy Hip Hop.

What are your favourite songs and which ones are your fans favourites?

My personal favourite songs are: King, My Life and Uthando
My fans like: Zkhuphan, Jeki and Bebengakholwa

What inspired you to pursue music?

Music is something that I grew into.  It’s something my cousins were seriously into and I caught up with that fire and I ran with it ever since I was 10 years old.

How long have you been singing?

I’ve been rapping since 1996 so that makes it 21 years of singing.  The first time I recorded something commercially was in 2003.  I can safely say I have been a commercial artist for 14 years now.



Top 3 things that people don’t know about you?

  1. I love comedy.
  2. I enjoy watching soccer.  I’m a Highlanders Football Club and Manchester United Football Club supporter.
  3. I don’t write my music I just freestyle my way through it.

What did you like about UnPlugged Bulawayo?

I liked the vibe that UnPlugged has.  The chilled out vibe is something you want to continue to experience.  It’s a family oriented event.  People came through with their drinks, food and their kids as well.  It was properly organised, the sound system was on point and the money was good too!

What was your experience performing at UnPlugged Bulawayo?

I enjoyed my performance.  I loved the vibe people threw back at me.  I actually took the opportunity to perform one of my Jazz songs and I did well, the crowd loved it!

Any precious gems to drop for those who want to pursue music?

If you want to pursue a career in music the first thing you need to know is that it is going to eat up most of your time.  It will demand your full attention, your money, your energy, your everything actually!  People always think it’s just about coming through to the studio and recording a song.  It doesn’t go down like that, you have to put in the work if you want to shine through a world full of artists.  We don’t want any lazy artists in the game waiting for handouts, come into the music industry knowing that you are here to work!

 You can follow CalVin on his social media platforms to stay in touch with his musical journey on;

Instagram: @iamcal_vin

Twitter: @IamCal_Vin

Facebook: @Cal Vin

Website: www.cal-vin.com

Don’t forget to mark your calendar for Sunday 1 October 2017 for another blanket, wine and music affair at UnPlugged Zimbabwe, see you at Wingate Hararians! 

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