The Best Advice You’ll Read About Blogging

I’ve always had a beautiful love affair with reading and writing.  Growing up I had a little bookshelf in my bedroom just above my bed.  It had story books that my mother would sometimes read to me before bed and when I got older I read them to myself.  I used to stay up late at night and read Enid Blyton books; my favourite being her Malory Towers series.

As I got older I looked forward to English Literature classes, writing essays was my forte.  Who would have thought that  years later my love for literature would produce a beautiful space?  A space that has birthed so many stories that have changed not only my life but the lives of friends, family and readers who stop by every now and again to read through my blog.

I’ve been blogging for 5 years and I now have two blogs. A Lifestyle and a Fitness Blog.  These two blogs have given me a lot of clarity when it comes to blogging and you can implement all these tips into your own blog and let me know how it works out for you.

Blogging Tips MaKupsy

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  1. Blog.  It won’t be perfect in the beginning but trust me the more you blog the more you will get better at it.
  2. Have a strong WHY.  Why do you want to start this blogging journey?  Without a strong enough why you will blog for a few days, weeks or maybe a year and then stop.
  3. You’re never going to know what the outcome of blogging will be.  You might get financial success, invaluable experiences, amazing opportunities, a useful network or all the things I mentioned.  Keep giving input and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.  You can read about what blogging has done for me over here.
  4. Have at least 20 blog ideas written down.  This way you won’t run out of ideas of what to write about next.  Do your research, ask other people their opinions, this always helps to come up with a rich blog post.
  5. Unlearn.  We spend a lot of time taking in so much knowledge we forget to let go of some bad habits.  I used to be guilty of adding 15 billion tags on my blog post.  Now the maximum I’ll put is 3.  People will find your content, panic not.
  6. Go out and ask for what you want.  Is it to interview one of your favourite celebrities, do you want to partner with a local brand or do you need access to event so that you can publish it on your blogging platform?  Whatever the case is, ask; the worst that could happen is they will say no.  Get up and try again.
  7. Attend events.  I look forward to attending events that have speakers who share their life experiences.  You can’t possibly know everything and attending events will  not only educate but also give you a fresh perspective on different aspects of your life.
  8. Your hard work might get recognised and you might win awards.  We now have Blogger Awards in Zimbabwe.
  9. You will learn new skills.  Blogging is the one space that will have you adding new skills to your CV every other month.  Think content writing, photo editing, graphic designing, marketing, social networking and many more.
  10. You will make new virtual friends and get along so well you would think you’ve known each other for years.  Connecting with people in the same space is a great way to share ideas and help each other tackle some of the blogging challenges you might face.  You will unfortunately lose some friends as well.  @RaeLyric was one of the first Zimbabwean Bloggers I followed on WordPress. We would drop a random message here and there to say hello. She wrote so well.  It’s been a year since she passed on and sometimes I visit her blog just to read her work.  I sadly never got to meet her.

What has blogging done for you?  If you’re just starting out what are you hoping blogging will do for you?  You can read more free blogging tips from here.

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5 Things Successful People Do

Do you ever think if you could win the lottery most of your life problems would disappear? I know I’m one of those people and I always laugh when I remind myself that I don’t even play the lottery so how the heck would such a thing happen in the first place? You see when it comes to being successful; you have to be doing something about it and not just sitting, waiting and wishing upon a start. Sometimes luck and being at the right place at the right time can help with success but most times it has to do with putting in the work to get there. How can you make this happen for yourself? A lot! For now, I’ll share 5 things that you can start implementing into your life today.

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1. READ 

I challenged myself to read at least 12 books that will have me improve different aspects of my life this year. I started on a very good note and read 4 books to date but now I’m exactly 2 reads behind and I feel absolutely awful about it. I will catch up, it’s a new month and this is where most new beginnings materialise. Did you know that successful people read on average 60 books a year? If they can do it what’s your excuse for not doing the same? You don’t have to limit yourself to reading, listening to audio books or podcasts is another way of feeding your mind with useful information. One of my favourite reads to date is a book titled The Richest Man In Babylon  add it to your reading list, you won’t regret it.


You might be limiting yourself from being the greatest version of yourself because you think that you don’t have what it takes or you can’t afford it. I’m a firm believer in working with what you have. Want to travel? Start locally, it can even be in an area within your city or town. Want to upgrade your education? Study online and get certified in your field of expertise. Instead of wasting your expensive data on catching up with Instagram Stories that almost always leave you feeling inadequate invest that time towards learning something new that will benefit you. A good place to start is While you’re in pursuit of learning new things make sure you’re also unlearning habits that stop you from moving forward.


Silence makes a lot of people uncomfortable, angry, nervous or scared.  Hinduism tells us that all thoughts arise in silence, arise in silence and resolve into silence.   Why are most of us scared of silence?  Are we scared of ourselves? Between Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and WhatsApp silence has effectively disappeared.  I believe that we all need to make time to be silent and do some self introspection.  After all, successful people are usually emotionally self aware.


Do you have a plan for what you’re going to be up to this week? If not, how do you get through the next few days without a plan? Successful people set daily, weekly, monthly and sometimes as far as 10-year goals. Set goals that set your soul on fire, goals that make you jump out of bed in the morning, goals so big you can’t wait to see them materialise.


Stand-Up Comedy, braai, drink ups, clubbing you name it; wherever the fun things were happening I was there! It always left me feeling worn out by the time the weekend came to an end. This was about 5 few years ago.  Fast forward to present day and I know that if I want to have any chance at being successful I have to stop trying to kill too many birds with one stone and settle for things I actually enjoyed doing.  I love:

  • blogging,
  • exercising ,
  • traveling,
  • listening to podcasts,
  • and drinking wine.

If what’s being advertised as the flavour of the weekend doesn’t involve any of the things on the above list you won’t find me there. It’s called preserving your energy and you should try it too.

At the start of this post, I asked you how winning the lottery could change your life? The answer remains the same. You have to play the lotto if you want to win! In this case, you have to deliberately make changes in your life today if you want to succeed in the future.

What are some of the steps you’re taking on your journey to success?

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5 Things That Make A Vagina Happy

Your vagina has probably gone through a lot of experiments when it comes to hygiene.  In the past I’ve tried the sticking up cotton swabs with lemon juice up my vagina (a very uncomfortable experience) or ice cubes in the name of cleaning it and keeping it “tight”.  I’m told it works for some people but after I tried that I knew I had to look for an alternative that would make both my vagina and I happy.

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What Does A Vagina Want?

  1. Water.  Did you know that to clean your vagina all you need is water?  I’m not sure if you need warm or cold water.  I’ve been using cold water and it works like a charm.  Whichever temperature you choose that’s all it needs.
  2. Exercise.  Kegel exercises are the best form of exercise for you vagina.  Practice these daily and you can say hello to stronger orgasms!
  3. Go commando.  I checked out the prices for new underwear from the place I used to buy my favourite lingerie pieces.  They’re now sold in United States Dollars.  With that in mind going without underwear on some days is a perfect chance for your vagina to breathe; especially when you’re in a dress.  No need to worry about your underwear line showing too.
  4. Masturbate.  You need to learn what your body likes and doesn’t like.  How else will you find out if you don’t take time out to pleasure yourself?
  5. Money.  Not your money; the money that your boyfriend or husband splurges on you.  I read somewhere that money is a natural lubricant.  Spend any money on him and you will certainly face vaginal dryness.

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What You Shouldn’t Be Doing To Your Vagina

  1. Stay away from scented soaps, perfumed products and random experiments that are said to clean your vagina.  In case you didn’t know, your vagina is self cleansing.    These intravaginal practices put you at risk of infections.  You don’t want to be dealing with that.
  2. Onion and garlic.  The foods are not bad, they’re very good for your health but unfortunately they contribute to a not so fresh vagina smell.
  3. Scented shower gels.  I didn’t know this until a few years ago.  It turns out that the shower gel must not go anywhere close to your vagina because the chemicals contained in it will give your vagina a drying effect.  If you use shower gels and experience some itchiness in your vagina sometimes this could be the reason.
  4. Sex.  If you and your partner love being spontaneous; you know how some people like to go all out and use both holes?  If you’re one of those people then shifting from anal to vaginal sex must be done with caution.  If you’re using protection make sure you change the condom if you aren’t make sure thoroughly clean the penis before proceeding to switching things up.
  5. Having unprotected sex with someone who’s HIV status you don’t know.  Your health is your wealth.  Stay safe and protect yourself.

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The Ugly Truth About Living Alone

I started staying on my own when I was 23 years old and I thought I was going to have the most amazing time of my life.  All that freedom!  Okay, I’ll be honest.  I did have a blast.  Do you have any idea how it feels to know that you can do whatever the heck you want without having to ask for permission from anyone?  The first days I enjoyed staying at home catching up with a good series.  That time Gossip Girl was a hit and I would binge watch it on a Saturday.  Then enter new friends and staying home became an illusion.  We used to go out partying midweek all the way till Sunday and we still had energy to make it to work fit and legit.  Fun times.  Sadly, I can’t try that out now.  One night out is enough to have me struggling for the next three days.  I’m clearly not as young as I used to be.

Staying alone is bliss.  You can practically do anything you want with your space and time without having to consult anyone but it does have it’s disadvantages.

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  1. Cooking for yourself gets boring.  If you’re anything like me at some point you want to eat what someone else prepared and with the way the Zimbabwean situation is set up eating out is not an option.  I don’t have that kind of money.
  2. Oh, did you know eating alone gets boring too?  There’s something about sharing a meal with someone that just makes it taste different.  Different in a good way.
  3. Chances of staying in the dark because you can’t reach the light bulb get higher by the second.  I’m not very tall and it’s unfortunate that my light bulbs are placed high up and if I don’t ask a friend to pass through to replace it for me then it’s the candle light life for me.
  4. You forget you can actually talk.  Ever tried spending a weekend on your own?  If you don’t receive or make a phone call chances of speaking to anyone are close to none.
  5. It’s generally scary staying on your own because in the event that an intruder shows up what are the chances of getting out alive.  It’s even more unsettling if you’re a woman who stays alone because not only will you get robbed you might get raped too.  ZimStat data shows that 1 067 murder cases and 7 394 rape cases were reported in 2017.  I shudder to imagine what the 2018 stats are.
  6. You get so used to being on your own so much that when you do have company you want them to go away after a while.  Human beings are strange if you ask me.
  7. You miss human contact (not sex) but just having someone around to talk to, cuddle with, share a meal with or even watch a movie with.  A movie isn’t as much fun if you don’t have someone to hold on to when the scary bits pop up.
  8. You have to do everything by yourself, from doing the dishes, to cleaning the house, to replacing stuff that gets broken and most of all paying all the bills; all that stuff is on you.
  9. That rat that you keep hearing scratching against the door at odd hours will only be gone after you do something about it.  If you don’t that just means it is going to keep eating whatever it can get in the house and grow bigger and then you will have a rat for a roommate. Eeek!
  10. The heavy lifting of objects has to be done by you and if you are anything like me you will just chill and hope for a miracle to happen and magically move that box to the next room.
  11. When you get sick no one is there to pamper you and make sure you are okay, if you have had something to eat or taken a bat.  You could actually die in your sleep all by yourself and no one would ever notice because you stay on your own and lately people are too invested in messaging calling has become a thing of the past.  I can picture the headline already “Woman found dead in her apartment after missing for 3 weeks.” THE HORROR!

I asked my friends on Twitter when they moved out to stay on their own.  You can check out their replies from here:

What are some of the things you think make staying alone a not so great experience?  I’d love to hear from you.

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5 Brutal Truths About Life

I have been through a lot of interesting experiences to date and all of them have taught me a thing or two.  If God grants me more years on this earth my grandchildren will hear the most bizarre tales.  If they are lucky they might actually get to read them instead because I am planning on writing a book at some point but procrastinating is my greatest enemy at the moment.  Right, about those life lessons…


Lesson 1

You have to love yourself first before anyone else.  Be good to you and treat yourself right.  That way you make your life easier by avoiding toxic relationships.  When you know what you deserve you make sure you get nothing short of that.

Lesson 2

Don’t beg people to stay in your life.  Don’t beg them to love you.  Don’t beg them to call you.  Don’t beg them to treat you right.  The ones that truly love and care for you will not need you to beg for their affections, they will do any of these things naturally because you actually mean something to them.

Lesson 3

Use your head and not your heart when you make life changing decisions.  I have made one three many decisions based on feelings and those never ended well.  Since then I have constantly reminded myself that the best decisions are those made with a sound mind.

Lesson 4

Social media can be used for the greater good.  I know I follow people on Twitter who have landed jobs and life changing opportunities through that platform.  I have also been lucky to be invited to events and have landed paid gigs thanks to blogging and tweeting and networking remains constant.

Try not to use your social media presence to troll, complain and shame others.  Let me also say my 2 cents on nudity while I’m at it.  Don’t take nude photos that show your face and send them to your significant other, you don’t know who else he will share them with or where they will end up.  If you can help it DO NOT SEND NUDE PHOTOS AT ALL.

Lesson 5

Do not make decisions based on other people.  Be it your education, love life, career choice the list is endless.  At the end of the day YOU are the one who lives with the decisions that concern your life.  You have no one to answer to but yourself when you look back and wish you had done things differently. If you want to be a pilot, do that!  If you want to have a life partner and live happily ever after with no kids, do that!  If you want to write for a living, by all means do that!  Why?  Because life is too short to not do what truly makes you happy!

That said; what are some of the lessons you have learnt so far?  I would love to read all about them.

©MaKupsy 2019

A List Of Things I Can’t Stand

Everyone has a list of things that they simply can’t stand.  After you read through my list I’m certain you’ll bump into a few things you can also relate to.  Here goes;


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  • That long pinky nail that some men keep.  The other day I saw a guy who actually had nail polish on that finger.  Imagine the shock on my face!
  • People who leave hair on the soap bar, that is beyond revolting.  What in the world are you thinking leaving your hair on there, that might be your pubic hair you expect the next person to pluck out of that bar of soap.  Have some regard for others please.
  • I can’t deal with people who shout over the phone.  Like what ever happened to speaking into your phone?  I’m not interested in listening in to your conversation.  Telephone etiquette anyone?
  • People who chew bubble gum, especially professional people.  There is this colleague of mine all suited up, attending to customers and chewing bubble gum, for the why?
  • Poor Customer Service that one really has me all worked up.  If I’m paying for a service I expect to get great service otherwise me and my hard earned money are leaving.
  • Gossip.  Okay fine, I’m guilty of gossiping as well but you don’t want to hang out with people who gossip all the time.  There are so many things to talk about that are actually productive and life changing.  How about we try that for a change?
  • Parents who put weaves on their toddlers. WHY???
  • Parents who do not cut their children’s nails.  I have seen countless toddlers with dirty nails.  Can the parents not see that their children need to get their nails cut?  Imagine all that dirt stuck in the child’s nails.  When they eventually eat all those germs will dig into their food and straight into their mouths.  It is very unhygienic and untidy.
  • Parents who assist their children in bunking after school activities like swimming.  You are only disadvantaging your child, allow him or her to be an all rounder if need be, they will need it in the future.  Physical education is just as important as academic education.
  • Parents who watch their children throw tantrums in public places and do nothing about it.
  • Sweat.  I won’t dig deep into this one.  Let’s just leave it here.
  • People who go on about how they were in the first team of some sport when we were back in school.  Honestly, that was close to a decade ago.  Let’s celebrate current achievements and keep it moving.
  • Holier than though individuals.  We all know these; they act like they have never done a questionable thing all their life.  Judgmental much?
  • People who are too much.  I don’t know how to best describe them.  Say…once they start helping you with something they want to tell you how to do everything.  Or when they tell you about a movie they spoil it for you by telling you every single bit of that movie.
  • People who burp in your presence and not excuse themselves.  That’s plain rude.
  • Inconsiderate people.  Too many times I have seen people standing in line and not giving a pregnant woman or an elderly person the chance to go ahead of the queue.  That could be you one day you know and besides it’s only considerate to let them go ahead and get on with their day.
  • Public transport.  I really should buy my own car soon.  The whole hassle of bunching up in a minibus is just too much.  And the music they play can be such a drag especially if you don’t listen to that particular genre.  Don’t get me started with  toddlers who keep stepping on your clothes with the mother acting like she can’t see it.  Yes, my car is long overdue.
  • Nosy Parkers. (I prefer calling them Nosy Fuckers)  Always wanting to know your business, what you are up to, who you are doing, why you are doing it.  Get a grip and live your life.
  • People who are full of themselves.  I already am full of myself so we can’t all be like that, who will notice the other? On a serious note being vain is not good look on anyone.
  • Unexpected Visitors; it’s a NO for me.
  • Lazy people. Get up and do something!
  • People who drag their feet…Pick up your feet and walk properly already.  Where’s your excitement for life?
  • People who always try to ruin a perfect moment.  Kill joys, this one’s for you.
  • Weddings.  They drag on and on and on.  For that reason I’ve only attended two weddings to date.  Let’s just get to the fun part please I don’t like things that go on forever.
  • Internet bullying.  I shall dig deeper into this at some point before the year ends.
  • And finally I can’t stand my own handwriting.  It has gone from bad to worse to terrible over the past few years.  I don’t even call it a handwriting anymore.  Words fail me.

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Social Media Etiquette Tips

Social Media has taken the world by storm and has not left Zimbabweans behind.  Most people are on most social media platforms and loving it.  However, from my personal observation there seems to be a lack of social media etiquette with most people and I will address some of the experiences I face every other day.


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Links, Links and More Links!

I get it, you are trying to push your work through your social media platforms but have you ever stopped to think that maybe just maybe it’s a bit overboard?  Just yesterday I had to unfollow a few people on Twitter because I felt spammed.  I had observed it over time but yesterday was my breaking point.  How are nearly 20 of your Tweets all about links directing me to your work?  Are you an automated machine?  Is there no human being behind your account?  Whatever happened to maybe talking about the weather or engaging with your followers on whichever subject they might trending?  I know it’s your account and you can do as you please but if you want people to actually get interested in what you have to share then perhaps you need to consider actually talking to them instead of force feeding them with your work.  A simple retweet, a reply or a genuine compliment will go a long way.

Still on the subject of spamming; if there is one thing that really grates on my nerves it has to be broadcast messages on WhatsApp!  I believe if you have my number in your contacts it means we at least know each other on a “hi hi” basis.  With that in mind I also think that if you want to bombard me with your products, links and posters then by all means at least have some form of conversation with me.  I’m not saying send me a good morning message everyday; just a simple occasional hello message or even a comment on a status update to show that I’m not in your phone for decorational purposes will suffice.  I actually now have a few people that I automatically know are simply forwarding their links the moment their name pops up on my notifications.  Stop it!  Actually, I have asked some contacts to stop adding me to their broadcast list, I just think it’s rude and unnecessary especially if you don’t even have the decency to make conversation with me.


I have 9,705 followers on Twitter.  Before you get shocked by the number, I have been on Twitter since 2012 so my following has grown organically.  One thing I can tell you for free is that in order to grow your followers you need to interact with them.  It can be a retweet, sharing their work, event or simply liking their tweet.  I don’t follow back a lot of people BUT I will respond to almost every mention on my timeline because I believe everyone has something they can teach you no matter how big or small it might be.  Interacting with your followers makes you approachable and being approachable leaves you open to a world of opportunities.  Trust me, I know this, I live this.

Facebook Business Pages

Dear Facebook Business Pages who do not give adequate information, what are you doing?  When you send incomplete messages what’s supposed to happen?  You want me, your potential customer, the one you want money from, to pick up the phone to call or WhatsApp you or send you a private message???  What in the world is going on with you?  Let me give you a few examples:

  • I’m selling A, B, C please WhatsApp for price.
  • 2 bedroom flat to rent price negotiable (how do you not know how much you want to rent out your property for?) 
  • Friday Special, lamb chops and a salad (no price included on the image posted)

Then customers start responding asking how much, where do we find you, which methods of payment are available and guess what, no one replies and yet this is 2019 where everything moves at the speed of lightning.  How are you going to give your customers quality service if you can’t even respond to their questions?  The common excuse I hear is “We are not always on Facebook”.  Funny!  Why then do you have an account if you don’t want to manage it?

Thankfully there are some pages that actually do a fantastic job when it comes to being responsive and helpful and you check them out.  My top 2 favourites are Chop Chop Brazillian Steak House and TBagsZim please take notes, they are on the right path.


Image from Pinterest

Update Your Information

This means your contact number, social media accounts and your websites.  It’s not a good look when a customer follows a link only to find that it’s broken or no longer exists.  It simply screams disorganised and you definitely don’t want customers to think that way about your business.

Please also take time to check for grammatical errors when you post your content.  You don’t want to come of as careless.  Our gadgets are loaded with applications that spell check, kindly use them.  I think I’m the pettiest customer you will ever come across and if your advert has grammatical errors I lose interest real quick.

That said, please bear in mind that people don’t have time and if you keep them waiting for too long they will move on to the next reliable source.  Options aplenty.

Do you have any social media etiquette tips to add on?  Sharing is caring.

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Is Junk Food The Way To Go?

We can’t live without food, it’s one of our basic needs.  However, what are we actually putting into our bodies is the biggest question of them all.  If you are anything like me, you think before making a decision on eating any and everything, not because of calorie counting on my part but because I genuinely think of the nutritious benefits.  Being the fitness enthusiast that I am sometimes I must admit I can be a little bit judgmental.  Let me tell you about an incident that happened over the weekend…


Image from Pinterest

I make a trip to Marondera every other week.  I make sure I am on the first mini bus out of town so I usually get at to the bus station just before 8am.(I NEED a car public transport is killing my vibe!)  On this particular day a woman who had a little boy who looked like he was about 3 years old sat next to me.  I assumed the woman was probably the little boy’s grandmother.  I love having breakfast but I had no time to prepare it that morning so I opted to buy some fruit to cure my hunger pains.  My neighbours were ready to eat as well and they had with them a huge cream doughnut, a can of a fizzy drink of sort and a bunch of bananas.

The woman fed the little boy at least 3/4 of that doughnut then he downed the fizzy drink.  She called out to one of the boys who were selling food stuff and bought a packet of crisps.  The whole time I was completely in shock.  I mean, this wasn’t even 8am and this little growing boy is being fed all this junk food, mind you we hadn’t even left for Marondera yet.  We eventually took off and during the entire 45 minute ride the little boy was being fed one bad food after another until they dropped off along the way.

This is a trend I have observed over the years.  Whenever people are traveling with their children most make sure they have some junk food of sort to give them during the trip.  Even when you go to church you notice some mothers taking out little treats during the church service and you ask yourself why they didn’t prepare a meal for their children before coming to church?  We all get hungry, no doubt about that, but why not opt to give your child something that contains vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, protein and fat?  What sort of eating habits are we teaching our children?

I have a 5 year old daughter who loves her food but she knows before we travel she has to sit down and eat because I do not buy treats along the way.  She eats junk food, her super power is pizza!  At the same time she loves a fruit salad and will have that any time of day because she enjoys it that much.  I don’t deny her life’s little pleasure but she will not be eating pizza first thing in the morning!  I’m not trying to encourage unhealthy eating habits because that’s one sure way of having a child with weight issues.  After she has had a decent meal or two I will let her enjoy the occasional ice-cream, biscuits, juice of her choice but it’s not an everyday thing.  I believe when it comes to food there should be a balance of sort.  I would like to believe I have set a good example for my little girl, unfortunately I will not have a say in the food choices she makes when she is all grown up.  However, as long as she is in my care I will do my best to make sure she eats right.


Image from Google

Every bite you take is either fighting disease or feeding it.

What are your thoughts on the subject?  Are you the parent who let’s their child eat whatever they like or you are strict when it comes to food options?

©MaKupsy 2019

Shorthand Will Be The Death Of Zimbabweans

Let me send you some of the conversation killers disguised as “short hand messages” that come through in phones all over Zimbabwe, mine included.

MaKupsy woman-texting.jpg

Image from Google

“HUD” How You Doing

“WYA” Where You At

“Gr8” Great

“Toq to m pliz” Talk to me please

“HBD” Happy Birthday

“l8tr” Later

“Kkkkk” ((this is supposed to be some form of laugh))  Please show me one person you have seen who laughs like that in real life.

“Cm tmw n brng ur own vhcl we wnt prvd trnspt” This is a very lazy someone who obviously can’t construct a sentence.

“fon” Phone

“waal” I have NO IDEA what this means, the word isn’t even in the dictionary, but if you know it’s meaning please give me a shout.

“wtv” Watching Television

“K” Okay.  Anyone who K’s me does not get any replies from me for a very long time, what form of disrespect is that?  Like are you so busy you can’t even type the word OKAY?

These are some of the messages you will receive when you decide to communicate with some people in your contacts list who use WhatsApp.  I find it very f*%king annoying that some grown a*s person on the other end of the message can sit down and actually type that up and send it to the next person.  Like what the fu*k?  How old are we?  Do you realise I have a metal I.D, yes, that’s just how grown up I am!   Whatever happened to actually composing a whole sentence or word that the next person can actually understand.  Now when someone sends you that you have to first try and figure out what they are trying to say.

I have figured out how to deal with people who do this.  IGNORE.  I hardly ever use shorthand  like ever.  Ask anyone I communicate with.  What’s really is going on with the next person who has a whole QWERTY keyboard on their phone which will give them all the letters in the alphabet and you choose to use a select few?

I know shorthand is supposed to speed up the communication and get the message across faster but gosh, it has gone completely out of hand.  Why not just send a voice note if you are too lazy to type?

Then come the typos; last time I checked our phones came with dictionaries do they not?  If you didn’t know, now you do.  People have taken sentence construction and grammatical errors to a whole new era you wonder if they are even paying attention to what they are texting to you.  I find it very annoying and it just kills the conversation.  I’m one of those people who actually reread the message I have typed out before actually hitting the send button and of course it’s silly of me to expect the same from others but really people will you lose a minute of your time by just double checking what you just sent?

The whole reason for this blog is to find out WHY you have become so lazy to type and proofread your messages.  You do realise that this is one of the reasons why people don’t reply your messages right?  Dear Zimbabweans, please help me understand what’s really going wrong, have we become such a lazy generation?

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