3 Phone Apps I’d Die Without

If certain phone apps were wiped away from the digital world I promise you my life would never be the same again.  I love technology and all the benefits that come with it and that’s why I’m constantly on the look out for new apps.  However, I have three favourites and when it comes to choosing which apps need to be updated they always come first and everything else can wait until I have data to waste on them.

Period Calendar MaKupsy.png

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  1. Period Calendar 

Before technology I had to keep a diary and mark my calendar to keep track of my days.  It was a cumbersome task and half the time I couldn’t locate my diary so “surprises” were almost always a thing every month.  Thanks to technology someone decided to make life easier for women.  With the period calendar :

  • I know exactly when my period will be.
  • I love the ovulation tracker feature.  I’m NOT trying to get pregnant so I know when it’s an unsafe time to be having sex.  It’s also great for those who want to get pregnant; you can increase your sexual pleasures around that time and hopefully get pregnant.
  • If you’re a woman you know that half the time you go and see your doctor one of the first questions he will ask after you tell him what’s going on with you is “When was your last period?”  Thanks to the Period Calendar you know exactly when it was and not just give him a vague day to work with.
  • I like that it gives you a reminder a few days before your period is due.
  • I like that it backs up data so even if I change phones I don’t have to struggle to remember when my last period was.
  • If you’re dating both you and your partner can download this app it’s not for the ladies only hey.
  • I can plan in advance.  Nothing like arriving at your weekend getaway with your partner only for your period to show up.  All that anticipated sex out the window…
Twitter MaKupsy.png

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2. Twitter

Twitter is very addictive once you get the hang of it.  I’ve been using this application for the past 6 years.  If I had to use one social media platform to use for the rest of my life I would choose Twitter a million times over.  Twitter has everything you need in one app.  News, motivational quotes, fitness, food, gossip, twars, challenges, trolls, you name it it’s there.  You just need to make sure you follow people that actually tweet things you like to read otherwise you will be in for a disappointment.  Am I the only one who has never changed their Twitter from night mode for nearly two years now?  Also, the Edit button please, we NEED it!

Over the years I’ve made very good friends, grown my own interests, partnered up with amazing brands, fallen in and out of love, watched people I follow get married, have children, start businesses and recently heard heart breaking news that one of the first few bloggers (@RaeLyric) I started following when I embarked on my blogging journey passed on.  May her dear soul rest in eternal peace…

NRC MaKupsy.jpg

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3. Nike Run Club

2917 kilometers later and I’ve stayed true to my NRC app.  I remember when I switched form an Android phone to an iPhone and I couldn’t figure out how to download applications.  I was so close to taking the phone back because if I couldn’t access my NRC app there was no point in having the phone at all.  I was up for the greater part of the night and once I figured it out I went to sleep.  That’s how much I’m addicted to both the app and running.  My life is empty without running or fitness and without this application to track my records then what’s the point of it all?  I have so many reasons why I love NRC; I’ll try not to bore you and just give you a few.

  • I can track my runs with or without data.
  • There are medals for milestones that you reach.
  • Challenges are back so you can partner up with friends or join an existing challenge to keep your runs interesting.
  • My favourite has to be the Guided Runs.  I love the speed runs, they really put my body through the most.
  • I can track my running speed progress and adjust accordingly.

My friend and I are currently hosting a July Fitness Challenge and you can join in anytime.  Check out my Facebook Page for more information @thefitnessbae

There you have it, my top 3 phone apps I’d die without.  What are your favourite phone applications?  Which one have you used the longest and are there any that you’re dying to try out?  Please share, I love to try out new things.

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My Thoughts On Abortion

Abortion in Zimbabwe is illegal as provided for under the Termination of Pregnancy Act of 1977 [Chapter 15:10].  The crime of unlawful termination carries a maximum prison sentence of 5 years.”

Thoughts on abortion MaKupsy.jpg

Image from Pinterest

Abortion is a sensitive subject because so many issues are at play.  The image above shows you how society can easily influence one’s decision.  The very same influencers will turn back and ask why you chose to keep a baby you couldn’t take care of?  Like who’s side are you on exactly?  Taking care of another human being is taxing, from diapers, formula, clothes, medical care; you really have to be up for it otherwise you might come out of it with stress instead of the happiness you hoped for.

Yesterday someone on Twitter had a poll that asked if men should have a say when it comes to abortion.  I replied him and said that yes a man can voice his opinion but at the end of the day it was the woman’s body that was going to go through all the changes so ultimately the final decision lies with her. I’m a mother, I’ve gone through pregnancy and that ride was not a walk over.  My body and my mental health was never the same again so if anyone chooses not to walk down that path I would never judge them.

I asked a few of my #BlogIndaba friends their thoughts on abortion and this is what they had to share;

Pro Abortion

Blogger 1

The number of babies I’ve seen and I’ve treated in children’s homes, hospitals (one mom gave birth in Harare Hospital and left the baby; upped and left) is depressing. The adoption system is in shambles. I have a couple wanting to adopt. They have the means, they have the desire but one year later we’re still waiting.  I don’t like the idea of abortion, but I have to come to terms with the fact that people have different principles than me.  I’d rather advocate for safe abortions than those backdoor ones because they do happen, and we can’t act like they’re not.  If we can have free contraception, things that cost a bomb in other countries; contraception is expensive elsewhere, surely we can have low-cost abortions. Yes, it has many implications, because it’s terminating a pregnancy. Her hormones are all over the place, and some will grieve. So that’s when you need sensitive people who will counsel before and after abortion. So yeah… that’s me.

Blogger 2

I’m pro-abortion. We all have our reasons for not being able to keep a child. Finances, negligence, a case of rape.  The reasons vary.

Blogger 3

I’m pro-abortion.  Backyard abortions are rampant and it’s only right to lessen it by legalising abortion.

Blogger 4

I think people with issues on this should visit children homes and hear some stories that come with children who were simply dumped and someone else found them and chose to take care of them.  I personally think if you are not ready to fend for a child abortion is a good idea.  Most of us have sex with condoms not really because we scared of diseases but mostly fear of getting pregnant.

In my opinion these are some of the reasons why some women would choose to have an abortion:

  1. Age, maybe you’re too young.  Having a child when you are still in your teens might change your life forever and disrupt your learning life.  However, it has worked out for some.  Maybe you are too old; there are a lot of complications that come with having a child when you’re old and one of them is giving birth to a child with special needs.  When you’re older you have less energy to be up and about now add a child to the mix…
  2. You are not yet financially stable.  Imagine the situation for the majority of Zimbabweans, most people do not have any form of income and adding another mouth to feed to an already existing issue can only spell disaster.
  3. Your partner is not forthcoming and you don’t want to have to deal with dead beat daddy issues so you save yourself the drama.  One day when you are free take a trip to Civil Court and listen to some of the child maintenance cases where men are not taking care of their children.  Some men are offering to pay $20 a month to their ex spouses who they walked out on 3 kids later.
  4. It’s an unplanned pregnancy.  In case you didn’t know contraceptive methods aren’t 100% effective and you could be doing everything right but still fall pregnant.
  5. You simply don’t want a child right now.  Not everyone wants to have children but almost everyone wants to have sex, that’s not a crime AT ALL.
Anti Abortion MaKupsy.jpg

Ireland Repeals It’s Abortion Ban; 26 May 2018


Blogger 1

I’m anti-abortion.  A friend of mine was forced to abort because the baby had a weak heartbeat and it wouldn’t survive. It was a medical abortion but she did get sick for a while.

I can think of a couple of reasons why I would join the anti-abortion wagon;

  1. It might be the only child you will ever be able to conceive.  If children were a big part of your life plan and that one abortion incident is the reason you can’t have anymore children you will probably be filled with regret for the rest of your life.
  2. In as much as a pregnancy was unplanned what else did you expect to happen if you were actively engaged in unprotected sex?  I’ve heard of incidents where a boyfriend will deny his girlfriend’s pregnancy; last time I checked “You won’t be pouring fanta down her vagina” it’s sperm my friend and unprotected sex comes with consequences.  You must learn to take responsibility for your actions.
  3. The act of abortion might haunt you for the rest of your life especially if it’s in the later stages of pregnancy.
  4. Depending on which type (legal or back door) of abortion you choose to have it might affect your health. Some of the unsafe abortion methods I’ve heard about include bathing in scorching hot water, using a coat hanger or knitting needle, drinking ghastly tasting herbs. Chances of you damaging your internal organs are very likely or the worst case scenario is death; will any of this be worth it in the end?

There are so many layers to abortion, I can’t possibly cover all of them in one blog post.   The one thing I strongly feel our society needs to emphasise on is sex education.  A lot of people from my generation had to hunt and gather information regarding our sexual health through various and not so reliable sources.  We can do better by being honest and open with children where sexual health is concerned.  You can read some of my experiences on the subject; The Birds & The Bees  and My Birth Control Experience.

My final thoughts when it comes to abortion; babies eat money, have them at your own risk!  On a serious note, I’m pro whatever makes you sleep at night, at the end of the day you are the one who has to live with the decision you choose to make.

Friends from Facebook shared their thoughts here.  What are your thoughts on the subject ?

©MaKupsy 2018

10 Things That Used To Be Cool Before Social Media

I come from a generation that used to not have social media.  Right now everything goes by so fast if you aren’t careful you will miss out on a lot of things.  It’s not a bad thing to have information at your fingertips but nothing beats the good old times.  This morning during my run I couldn’t help but think of all the things that used to be cool before social media and here’s my list.

Before Social Media MaKupsy.jpg

Image from Google

  1. Calling each other on the landline.  If your family setup was anything like mine the moment the phone rang everyone rushed to try and pick up because we were all expecting a phone call.  My dad used to give boys who would call a really hard time!  I remember the one boy was told to wait till I finished High School before he could even think about calling me again.
  2. Recording music.  This is round about the time when audio cassettes were a big deal.  The DJs used to kill our vibe though, here you are trying to be the cool kid with a flawless collection of mix tapes and the DJ starts talking right in the middle of your recording!
  3. Calling a taxi.  You had to know someone who knows someone to finally get yourself one.  Then there was a time there was probably one taxi service provider and you called their landline and wait on them to come and pick you up.  That was a whole different life I tell you!  Now there’s taxis everywhere you turn and Uber in some countries!
  4. Keeping time.  If you had a date at 2pm trust that the next person would be there at the exact same time.  If they were delayed you would wait for at most an hour because there was no other way of getting in touch with them to know how far along they were.  These days people keep sending messages or calling every other minute for an update it’s crazy!
  5. Dating.  These men used to go all out.  They would express themselves, take you on well thought out outings, open doors and shit but alas, times have changed!
  6. Autobooks.  I remember getting into trouble for owning one of these in High School.  Each time I think about it my heart bleeds, it was the most beautiful book I had created and all my friends had signed in and then it got confiscated!
  7. Watching TV as a family.  Back then there was only ONE TV channel so everyone watched the same thing.  Who remembers the character who used to say “Laura my sweet potato.” ?
  8. Family photographs.  The whole town had one photographer and you had to make an appointment to have him to a house visit.  On the day everyone had to take a bath, have vaseline blue seal smeared on their faces to look fresh and wear their best outfit.
  9. Reading books.  I remember going through the entire Enid Blyton series during my primary school days.  I loved and still love to read but lately most things are digital.  I’m really old school, I want to read a book and touch, feel and smell it, am I weird?  Maybe I am but I love it that way.   Oh yes, and going to the library was something we looked forward to doing but now Google has all the answers, yawn!
  10. Writing letters.  Expressing yourself and actually having feelings and emotions was not a crime.  I still have letters from my very first boyfriend.  That boy used to write the most heart warming letters.  The whole process of buying stamps, envelopes, writing pads and then adding a dash of fragrance to the letter before posting it off was a thrilling adventure.

*Bonus point* PRIVACY!  People kept their relationships and their business to themselves.  Fast forward to 2018 there’s no more room for mystery because almost everyone let’s you in on what they are doing with their life.

I know some of the pictures below will take you back in time.

Things before social media MaKupsy.jpg

before social media MaKupsy 1.jpg

cool things before social media MaKupsy.jpg

life before social media MaKupsy.jpg

What are some of the things that you used to enjoy before social media took over? I know these can’t be the only cool things from way back when. I would love to hear from you.

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Do You Love Yourself?

I mean it, do you ever stop to ask yourself if you really do love yourself?  The decisions you make every single day that concern you, are they coming out of a place of love?  I realised that I probably don’t love myself enough, I mean I do but sometimes my actions speak otherwise.  There are times when I find myself making really bad decisions that will cost me in the future but I go ahead and do them anyway.  That can’t be love!  I guess loving yourself is a never ending journey so you have to find ways to perfect it everyday.  I have a few pointers that I try to adhere to for the most part and you might find them helpful as well.

Do You Love Yourself MaKupsy.jpg

Image from Google

Stop Putting Conditions To Love Yourself

I used to be guilty of this.  I would tell myself that I would only start feeling happy or do certain things once I achieved certain goals.  A great example was not wearing a crop top until I got killer abs.  What if I never got them, what if they stopped making crop tops and I had been holding back on that?  I told myself  I would wear whatever I felt like as long as I felt happy and comfortable screw what everyone else thinks.  I hope you realise how short life is.  You will die this very minute and you would have been postponing your happiness when you could have been living your best life right now!

Know Yourself

You know how they say “To know is to love”? Well this love business needs to start with yourself.  Are you taking yourself through activities which will help you get to know yourself better.  One of my favourite things to do every once in a while is to spend time alone.  It helps me be with my thoughts and figure out what I need to do to make myself happier.  This little ritual has also made me actually cut out some of the activities I used to be a part of.  I used to attend almost every event in town because I mostly like things but now I only spend my time on things that actually matter to me.  Fitness, music, hair, food, entrepreneurship, digital related events, I’m there!  Ask yourself if the things you are doing are out of love or simply a fear of missing out.  Once you establish that you can save yourself money and have more peace of mind while you’re at it.

Love vs Vanity

It’s a thin line between love and vanity.  Unfortunately for me my self love is often mistaken for vanity and that’s okay.  I know my strengths and weaknesses but I tend to hype my strengths more so that obviously sends a different message to those around me.  My advice, no matter what others may think, celebrate your positive aspects while also working on your weaknesses.  Be easy on yourself, no one is perfect.

Pamper Yourself

I absolutely love hot bubble baths but only two problems almost always present themselves.  First of all too much of bubble baths will end up giving me some form of yeast infection and secondly water isn’t always there so having to use a bucket for bathing ruins the entire pampering routine!  In the end I have to make an alternative plan and take it out in the kitchen and prepare a scrumptious meal while enjoying a powered up music playlist.  Whatever you do, always make time to show yourself some love.

You can also try the following:

  • Read or listen to books that talk about self love
  • Attend events that encourage self development
  • Listen to music that makes you feel good
  • Have sex, okay I kid! Sex isn’t the answer to everything really and truly

Ever since I started loving myself more my life has never been the same.  Yes, some days aren’t easy but the moment I get back to a positive mindset it only gets better.

I once wrote about the reason why you are not happy, you can check it out here.

I would like to know; do you know who you are, what you want and what you feel?

Today is Tuesday, the perfect day to start to choose to love yourself.

©MaKupsy 2018

This Is What Happens When You Have A Guy Friend

I have a colleague who has turned into my close friend.  I’m a fitness enthusiast and when he started his journey sometime last year I was naturally his go to person.  I would share tips, tricks and encourage him to keep pushing because I love to see people living their best life!  A few months ago I moved house and I now stay in the same area as him and we have been inseparable ever since.

Having a guy best friend MaKupsy.jpg

Image from Pinterest

Turns out almost everyone in the office is triggered by our friendship.  Apparently a man and woman can’t simply be friends.  According to them there surely must be something going on between us because we are either spending too much time together doing lunch, going home together, swimming on weekends, going for ice cream and basically doing what any other pair of friends do.  I paid no attention to it because I know most of them are married and bored out of their minds with nothing better to do except pry into other people’s business.  Then the one the day my colleague told me that someone approached him and told him the following:

  • I was going to influence him to not get married.
  • He shouldn’t date older women.
  • The person wanted to find out if I was good in bed.

Like what the heck is wrong with people?  I found it both amusing and shocking at the same damn time.  First of all, why are people triggered so much by our friendship?  Secondly, what if he’s the one who is stopping me from meeting my future husband because we’re always together, thirdly, we’re the same age and having a big juicy booty does not automatically make me older; how are my bedroom skills any of their business and lastly, why oh why are they not coming to ask ME all these questions?  What a bunch of gossipers!

This experience just made me realise that people ain’t shit.  I’m single, he is single too.  Imagine if we were actually dating and people were going around saying things like that to my “boyfriend”.  How long would he stick around before giving into what people around him were saying.  From what my colleague tells me the majority of the people coming to him with negative things to say are women.  I’m not surprised, it seems women are really each others worst enemies.  Why wouldn’t you want one of your own be in a happy healthy relationship?  Turns out being a single mother is a serious disability, it will be an abomination for me to be with a single never had children before man.  Us single mothers should be left to date whatever comes our way as long as it’s not a single man.

It’s all too funny if you ask me but I’m used to this crowd, I’ve worked with them for a good 6 years and I know that they live for gossip and negative energy.  I’ve written a couple of pieces which you might enjoy and you should check them out;

Office Eye Candy

Miss Petty

If you have a friend of the opposite sex what has been your experience with people around you.  What’s the worst or best thing they have said about you two?  It’s Monday, let’s talk about it and chase the blues away.

©MaKupsy 2018

It’s Not You, It’s Me…

“Alcohol is not in my vodkabulary.  However, I looked it up on whiskeypedia and learned if you drink too much of it, it’s likely tequilya.”

I had so much alcohol last year.  If I were to collect all the bottles of wine, ciders and vodka that I went through I would be embarrassed for myself.  You see, I have a love looove relationship with alcohol, something about it just makes me feel better.  After a few glasses my spirit is lifted and I can take on the world again.  Unfortunately that relationship has come to an end.  I spent the entire Easter break sober and it was NOT by choice.

MaKupsy quit alcohol.jpg

Image from Pinterest

I’ve stopped drinking for medical reasons.  Don’t think I didn’t try to have a glass or two over the weekend.  I did; but two sips into a glass of wine I knew this was a bad idea and I threw it out, I couldn’t stomach it.  Last night with a splitting headache I attempted a bit of vodka which never happened because soon after mixing the drink I was sure going to throw up.  My heart is breaking, what we had was unique, alcohol has never let me down, why is it doing this to me?  I thought we were in love, I thought we had great chemistry, I thought we were in this together forever but here I am, alone with no one to turn to.  What the heck am I going to do with myself on weekends?  What do sober people do with their time.  Surely there must be more to life than drinking fruit juice?

Let me take you a walk down memory lane…

Vodka+Berry Blaze/ Berry Nice/ Red Grape Juice + Ice

If I wanted to have the best time of my life this was my drink of choice.  The only problem with vodka is that it will take you from 0 straight to 100.  There’s no in-between.  However, I only have this drink from the comfort of my home or when I’m around friends I completely trust, black outs are real.  The hangover was from out of this world if I had Russian Bear but Skyy and Absolut never gave me such problems.


White wine made me feel relaxed, I could have a few glasses(or the bottle) while reading a good book or watching a feel good movie.

Rose isn’t all that, I only had it when I couldn’t find anything else.

Red wine made me so freaking horny!  Oh, and the confessions, I would start telling my friend about all the naughty things I used to get up to.  He used to look forward to those messages, it’s a pity it’s all over.  Red wine had a bitter taste and gave me a headache the next day so I tried to have it moderation.


Give me Hunters Dry or Hunters Edge and you would have made my day.  The perfect drink to have when chilling out or going for a road trip.  It had zero effect, just felt like I was having a nice cold drink.  No hangover too.

You see.  This time around I know for a fact that I won’t be drinking again and it’s hurting me so badly I don’t even know how I’m going to manage.  Ideas of how to still enjoy this life thing sober are sincerely welcome, help me.

Dear alcohol, it’s really not you, it’s me…



Free The Boobs

On Saturday I made a  decision to free my boobs!  I’ve been wearing a bra since my late teens and frankly speaking I’ve had just about enough of them.  They are uncomfortable, if you’re unlucky you sometimes get scars from the wires underneath the bra, some days they fit perfectly on both breasts and on other days one of your breasts chooses to have a mind of it’s own!  I will not be wearing a bra on weekends anymore.  I’m tired of having to conform to so many things that concern MY body!

#FreeTheBoobs MaKupsy

This was my Tweet on Saturday;

I’ve dedicated my weekends to not wearing a bra. Can’t be imprisoned every single day of my life please.

  • I rarely wear one. People need to stop staring at my nipples as if they’ve never seen any before. @NessaNess_x
  • I have dedicated 2018 to not wearing a bra or only wearing on certain occasions. Bra pain is real! #tateendah
  • I’m with you! @Laurah_Tapiwa27
  • It’s the first thing I remove when I get home. I can’t stand that peice of necessary evil. @lavendertsitsi

As you can see, I’m not alone on this.  I just want to live a happy and comfortable life and clearly this bra life is stealing some of my joy.  I went on to go bra-less on Sunday and it felt so damn good!  I’ll be doing this more often, floppy boobs and all, life is too short.

What are your thoughts on freeing your breasts every once in a while?  Have you tried it before, if not, what are you waiting for?

©MaKupsy 2018



Fighting Demons

I have emotional demons that I’m fighting and I’ve made a firm decision that I will stay away from getting myself into a relationship until I heal from them.  I can’t accommodate anyone else with the state I’m currently in.  I’ll drown them with me and that will not end well.  It’s time I work hard on myself so that I become a better person and future partner. I believe that the better you know yourself, the better you’re able to match yourself with someone when the time comes.(I can only hope)

After talking to a friend of mine about what I’m currently going through he said:

“I also think it’s the best thing you can do for yourself.  It’ll help you shed a lot off things that you carry around that you think are you but have nothing to do with you.”

However, this doesn’t mean I won’t stop admiring lovey dovey couples, it’s part of my favourite past time.  Love is still a beautiful thing and when it does come my way I want to be ready for it, physically, emotionally and financially; I’ll give it my best shot!

This is one of my current favourite feel good love songs.  You should check it out, you will probably fall in love with it at first listen the same way I did.

Have a lovely weekend ahead.

©MaKupsy 2018


Rules For Kicking As* In Life

Comparison will steal your joy.

I love to read and I’m always finding useful nuggets from the internet.  This is an extract from Pinterest that I know you will enjoy.  I hope after reading this you will go easy on yourself and stop comparing yourself to other people and focus on being your very best version.

#SheHeals Day 7 MaKupsy.jpg

  1. Stop worrying, if it’s supposed to happen it will.
  2. Allow yourself to be a beginner.
  3. Don’t let your happiness depend on anything outside yourself.
  4. Stay close to everything that makes you feel alive.
  5. Listen to your body, it will lead you to unlimited health.
  6. Support yourself with people who see your greatness.
  7. Make peace with your past.
  8. See all setbacks as growth and expansive opportunities.
  9. Comparing yourself to others will hurt your health and steal your joy.
  10. Don’t give up, EVER!
  11. You always have a choice.
  12. Stop chasing what’s not working.
  13. Believe whole heartedly in miracles.
  14. Don’t postpone joy.
  15. Trust the universe.
  16. Wake up every morning with a grateful heart.
  17. Remember things take time.
  18. Always trust your gut.
  19. No need to change people, love them for who they are.
  20. Don’t resist change.
  21. Forgive yourself.
  22. Your life is a creative adventure.
  23. Release expectations and enjoy the journey, there is no destination.
  24. Just do you.
  25. You’re not broken or damaged, you are perfect the way you are.

©MaKupsy 2018

Who Are You When No One Is Watching?

I get up to some pretty interesting things when no one is watching.  My favourite being peeing in a bucket. My bathroom is just across my room but the whole task of getting out of bed, opening the door, walking to the toilet sitting myself down…too much work so I just place my bucket in my room and pee from there.  It’s fine, judge me all you like, my secret is out!  I bet a handful of other people do this, I can’t possibly be alone on this one but thanks to social media most won’t admit to it and that’s just how social media is slowly but surely stopping us from being our true selves.

#SheHeals Day 6 MaKupsy.jpg

Under Pressure (insert Queen audio track here)

I love me some golden oldies and that track just reminded me just how much social media can put you under necessary pressure. Have you seen how gorgeous people look online?  Every other day they are wearing top of the range clothes, shoes, hair and makeup and the rest of us mere mortals are looking like we walked right out of a corn field!  A few years back it really used to bother me.  I couldn’t even imagine posting a photograph on Instagram wearing the same outfit I once posted weeks ago, that right there was taboo!  Now that I’m all grown up I can safely say I post whichever picture I want to and that’s not even every other day anymore because data is expensive, I have other things to do with my money.

Love Lives

I used to be very anti love.  After putting myself through unnecessary pain in relationships I didn’t have to be in I concluded that love was a farce. However, I have social media to thank for changing my perspective.  Friends I follow on different social media platforms celebrate love in so many ways it’s beautiful to watch.  The engagements, dates, adventures, marriages, the happiness that doesn’t stop popping up every other day assures me that there’s still hope for me and everyone else who is waiting on their love story.

Cyber Bullying Is Real

Once upon a time I could tweet whatever I liked until I got dragged for sharing my opinions.  Nope, definitely not revisiting that part of social media anytime soon.  That experience taught me to keep parts of my thoughts to myself because you never know who is waiting to pounce on you.  I don’t even have clever ‘come backs” or the energy to fight anyone online.  I can safely say social media has taught me to choose my words wisely!  Just not on my blog though, here I write what I like.

Take Time To Switch Off

If you aren’t careful you can spend the entire day on social media platforms and not get anything productive done AT ALL.  I take time out to enjoy my life offline and come back feeling more refreshed than ever.  Trust me, you need it for your own sanity.

So who really am I when no one is watching?  To be honest, I stay consistent, what you see online is exactly what you see offline.

I love my daughter, I love to run, I love to blog, I love to drink;vodka being my drink of choice and I love life!

How has social media impacted you both positively and negatively?

©MaKupsy 2018