The Life Colour Run

The number 1 reason I’m going to attend this colour run is because it’s in my neighbourhood and I have zero excuses not to show up!  I’m going to register for the 5K run because February is my month of 5K runs besides, the uphills in Hatfield can kill someone so I’m not taking any chances thanks.

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See you at the colour run!

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ParkRun Harare : October

Come and run with us this weekend at the ONLY park run in Harare.

Place: Greenwood Park

Date: 14 and 28 October 2017

Time 5:30am for 6:am

Join us for a fitness filled morning at the park hosted by Fitness Bae in partnership with Steward Health.

  • 5K Run
  • Body Weight Training
  • Stretching

Bring your towel and bottle of water.  Remember to wear something pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

*Please be early, run starts at 6am sharp!*

Admission is Free!

28 October 2017

28 October 2017

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Run 5K For The Fun Of It!

I love October!  Running is much more colourful thanks to the blooming jacaranda trees. The early morning runs are filled with beautiful fresh scents and that’s an additional reason to get up and run!  I’ve been training for my first half marathon and I’m currently on week 12 of 16.  I’ve stopped following the programme on My Nike Coach for this month because just looking at the set distances is making me sick to my stomach.  I don’t think I’m mentally prepared to wake up and run 18K on a random Wednesday morning.  I’m still going to run my half marathon though, but I’m going to do it my way!

I got this brilliant idea of documenting what you plan to do each week and then sharing both what you and don’t get done from one of my favourite fitness bloggers Piper.  You should check out her September and October goals from here.

What I Planned vs What I Did

Monday Run 5K * Ran 5K. It was one tough run considering I had gone out the previous night and left the event at 10pm, only to get to sleep at 11pm, absolute madness! 

Tuesday 50 crunches 50 push ups and 30 minutes Zumba 50 crunches 50 push ups the only problem here was the push ups.  Now that I know how to do them properly they are pretty intense.  I didn’t feel like doing Zumba afterwards so I let that slide.

Wednesday Run 5K Ran 5K It was mostly an uphill run but I smashed it and clocked in my best time and shaved off a whole 15 seconds from Monday’s run.

Thursday 50 crunches 50 push ups50 crunches.  My right shoulder is in pain.  I think I got overzealous on Tuesday morning.  I had to fix a hot water bottle and lie on it throughout the night to ease the pain on my shoulder.

Friday Run 5K * Ran 5K + 30 minutes of Zumba. It was a slow easy run.  I didn’t have any music today, I wanted to enjoy my surroundings.  My shoulder is still in pain but hopefully tomorrow I’ll be feeling much better.  Threw in some Zumba as well, the hunger I felt within an hour!  I gobbled down half an avocado before I left for work.

Saturday 50 crunches 50 push ups * 50 crunches 50 push ups.  I did these first thing in the morning before my body could make any excuses.

Sunday Run 5K * Ran 5K First #JustDoItSunday of the month, I loved it! 


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My highlight for the week was definitely Zumba.  It takes me to a happy place.  I love how my body can do all these various moves and still get to exercise at the same time.  It gets me sweating, way more than I do when I go for a run!  Maybe next week I will do two Zumba sessions instead of one…will see how things go.

How was your exercise week?  What did you get up to and what have you changed on your fitness plan?

Lesson Learnt This Week: Go out for your run at 5:00am if you want to beat running in the sun!

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The GloRun

The GloRun is a youth initiative that started last year. It’s a 5km glow in the dark night run that is then followed with a Glow Party. (yes, you read right, Issa Party!!) Last year it was in aid of Magis Zimbabwe Pilgrims who were raising funds to go to the World Youth Day in Poland. After the success of last year, where over 600 tickets were sold in 3 weeks, we decided to continue and have managed to maintain the interest of our previous sponsors and gained a few in the process.

This year The GloRun is in aid of KidzCan Zimbabwe and we would love to raise as much as possible for this worthy cause. The run is on the 19th of August 2017.


The GloRun is being held at The Country Club in Newlands starting at 5:30 pm with registrations at theglow painting booth.  GloRun participants then go under a UV light to activate the paint and will do a short dance warm up around 6 or 6:30pm then start a 5km (9 hole run) around the golf course.

After completion GloRun participants join a glow in the dark foam party with the resident DJ Smith.

ZiFM Stereo is the media partner for this event and they will also be partnering with KidzCan to celebrate Zi@5!

You already know I love all things fitness and I will be at the GloRun party.  It will be my first time attending this event and I am super excited! I am always happy to be part of a worthy cause and I hope you will join me next Saturday for lots of fun, selfies and fitness.

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Stretching 101

We’ve all had that super stiff feeling especially at the beginning of or Fitness Journeys. And what advice do the pros give us?  Stretch!   In fact if your pro didn’t give you this advice you might need to reconsider your pro. Here’s the thing about stretching, there’s more to it than we think. The benefits of stretching go far beyond stopping soreness. They include:

  • Increased injury resistance
  • Improved performance (who doesn’t want that?)
  • Speedier recovery and even improved sleep
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From my experience; when I was told to stretch I hated the idea. I was advised to ditch the pre and post workout stretching and focus much more on a stretching programme.  Stretching before bed and when I wake up. On days when I’m sore or just feel like it, stretch in the afternoon too or through the day if possible  First day I noticed one change that made it worth it, my muscular pain from strength workouts was drastically reduced. What I wasn’t prepared for however were the other results of taking stretching seriously like this. My running pace improved, I was much more flexible and got to sleep real easy.  Why didn’t I think of that?

Getting it right

Now I wouldn’t totally ditch pre workout stretching but because of the regular stretching habit I can dedicate much less time to it. 3-5 minutes and I’m ready for a 5K run. Just remember a few things to get those stretches right.
1. Hold don’t pull – seek to hold a position and not necessarily ‘pull’ on your muscles
2. Keep it comfortable – if it hurts it’s too far
3. Keep it short – 10 – 30 seconds at a time
4. Don’t bounce around or move – you hold for a certain amount of time and release. Then repeat, you should notice you can reach farther than the previous time
5. Breathe normally – don’t hold your breath or breathe fast, just breathe normal
6. Opposing muscles – try to stretch the opposing muscles when you stretch e.g.: hamstrings and quads, calves and shins etc.
7. Get advice- if you’re injured seek professional advice before attempting to ‘stretch it out’.

Known benefits of stretching
1. Stress relief – the connection between your physical state and mental state is well documented
2. Reduce injury risk – prepared muscles move better
3. Ease of motion – the increased flexibility leads to a better range of motion (e.g. increased stride length for runners)
4. Improve performance –better range of motion means you get through movements (e.g. running or lifts) easier and therefore faster (more reps or movements per minute)
5. Quicker recovery – Your muscles will repair faster and better and you’ll need less rest time between working out the same muscles (that doesn’t mean don’t rest)
6. Increases endurance – by loosening muscles and tendons blood flow is improved which combats fatigue
7. Better sleep – stretching before sleep reduces tightness and this improves sleep quality
8. Improved posture – tight muscles may be a sign of weaker muscles, stretching helps to correct posture by freeing muscles

Try it!
I challenge you to try this for a week. Whether you’re active or not just get into the habit of stretching in the morning and before sleep. For the active ones I’d suggest you add it in the afternoon or through the day if you can.

Thank you to Fitness Zuda for the very informative article.

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