30 Days Without Alcohol

27 August 2018 marked the day I declared my sobriety challenge.  After an amazing night out the previous Saturday I woke up feeling tired, groggy and questioning my not so productive habit of nearly a decade.  I love alcohol, mainly because of the happy and care free feeling I get from it while I’m drinking it but the next day isn’t rosy at all.  Mind you, I’m a fitness enthusiast so my drinking is really counter productive for the most part.

I have a couple of reasons why I’ve decided to embark on this journey which include:

  • I’ve gained weight.  You should have seen how much I was drinking throughout winter.  Once upon a few months ago I had a 6 pack. Now I have a little pouch and I’m not amused.
  • I’m tired of feeling tired.  Having to pop pills before I go to sleep so that I can wake up feeling half alive isn’t fun anymore
  • I need my energy back, I used to run a lot faster now my pace is slower.  I have to choose a side, either I’m fit 100% or I’m not fit at all, I choose the former.
  • My face looks puffy and tired and I know alcohol is somehow contributing to that. I want to be forever young.
  • I want to save money.  Do you have any idea how much it costs to maintain this habit?  I can’t even type it out, just know it’s A LOT.
  • I also read an article saying that the top beverage company in the country is currently facing a beer crisis so I may as well adjust accordingly before things get bad.

Please note that I’ve been on this booze free journey before and didn’t even document it because the plan was to stop for a short while.  This time around I not only want to stop drinking alcohol for 30 days, I want to stop completely and I’m going to need all the will power under the sun to make this materialise.  I won’t say I’m feeling enthusiastic about this challenge. What shall replace my weakness?

MaKupsy Alcohol Addiction.jpg

Image from Pinterest

Day 1

I got home to a bottle of opened wine from the Saturday event.  I was tempted to drink it up but told myself that I’ll pack it away instead and if anyone chooses to buy me alcohol I’ll gladly accept it and keep it.  Why not start a mini bar?  For some odd reason I was feeling very hungry throughout the day even after eating something which is ordinarily filling.  Perhaps I still have alcohol in my system from the weekend?  Either way, I feel heavy and it’s not okay.

Day 5

I’m okay so far.  I can’t say I have any withdrawal symptoms I can point out.  Methinks exercising twice a day has kept me from thinking about alcohol.  One thing is certain, I’m sleeping peacefully.  I only wake up once for a pee break and that in my world is a great achievement!  I also now have a YouTube Channel and it’s really keeping me busy; you can check it out over here. I’ve been learning a lot about how  YouTube works so I guess what my friend said about replacing a habit with another habit actually works .  Thank the stars I’ve adopted a positive habit.  The weekend is just a day away and I normally go all in on alcohol especially when I visit my hometown.  Pray for me, it’s not going to be easy to stay sober but it has to be done, it is after all, a challenge…

Day 10

The other day I dreamt that I had a glass of wine at a party.  I was completely flat with myself for giving in so early only to realise that it was just a dream.  Man I miss me some wine.  That sparkling chilled glass after work is the answer to relaxation.  Sadly for me I can’t enjoy anymore of that.  I’ve resolved to drinking my fanta with lots of ice in a wine glass to make myself feel better.  Don’t even ask me about the cravings galore I’m currently experiencing.  Chocolate, biscuits, crisps, fizzy drinks, those are my current weaknesses and I hate myself for indulging in them.

Day 15

I’m proud of myself for not drinking any alcohol for the past 15 days, I’ve kept my word and I’ve been a good girl.  I even went to church on Sunday.  Mind you I last went a very long time ago and it felt refreshing to start my Sunday morning sober and thinking clearly.  The only downside to this challenge is that I’m now having trouble sleeping.  Just yesterday I shared my thoughts on my Twitter timeline;


I was wide awake the entire night and there was nothing I could do about it.  I was used to drowning my sorrows in a glass of wine or vodka but that wasn’t an option.  I was also out of pain medication, I drink the ones that come with the instruction “may cause drowsiness” to help me escape to dreamland but it just wasn’t my lucky day.  It turns out insomnia is one of the withdrawal symptoms for stopping alcohol.  I’m honestly tempted to stop this journey, the side effects are not easy to handle.

Day 20

I took a selfie the other and I couldn’t believe my eyes.  My skin is glowing, my face is fuller, my cheeks are back to being nice and round, I don’t have dark circles under my eyes anymore and I look pretty hydrated if I do say so myself.  Alcohol was leaving my face with a puffy effect and it didn’t look good at all.  My sister tried to tempt me the other day and bought a 6 pack of Hunters Gold(thankfully I don’t like it) and wanted to see if I would give in and drink it. I didn’t and the next morning she took me shopping just to show how proud of me she was.  Coolest sister ever right?

MaKupsy Sober Challenge.jpg

MaKupsy living the sober life 🙂

Day 30

I made it through.  Even I didn’t believe I could go through with this but here I am.  A quick look at my progress(or none) report:

1. I gained weight even though I cut out alcohol for a month.

27 August 2018 :  77.2kgs

26 September 2018: 78.6kgs 

A whole 1.4kgs added to my weight and here I was thinking it would actually aid with weight loss.  The freaking irony!

2. I used to get super sloshed every weekend but I managed to stay sober throughout even when my friends looked like they were having double the fun under the influence of alcohol.

3. One of the reasons I got through this challenge was because I had an accountability partner in the form of an amazing boyfriend.

Some of the lessons I learnt from this challenge are definitely that I should stick to drinking alcohol because when I drink I feel bad then work out extra hard the next day.  I might stick to drinking on some weekends only from hereon because alcohol makes me happy and why in the world would I want to deprive myself of this pleasure?  Lastly, this challenge made me do more productive things with my time; church, reading, travel and actually spending quality time with my significant other instead of us always nursing a hangover.

Have you been on a sobriety challenge before?  If yes, how long were you off alcohol for and what are some of the lessons you learnt from staying sober?

P.S My friend Umba suggested we do a No Sex October Challenge next; she has gone and lost her mind!

©MaKupsy 2018


WhatsApp Addiction

My name is MaKupsy and I used to be addicted to WhatsApp.  I used to have my phone on me 24/7 even took a bath while I was starring at it!  I would attempt to prepare a meal and most of the times I burnt the food because all my attention was on my phone.  Housework, well, it took me double the time to finish doing it because the number of breaks to check out new messages slowed everything down.  I would sleep late night and wake up feeling all groggy all in the name of wanting to chat.  The work front was worse, countless times my manager would walk in on me and I would be chatting away and that did not look good on my work image, AT ALL.  Talk about not wanting to miss out on what’s happening around you or rather on the latest gossip!  This whole WhatsApp phase has got people hooked and most people don’t even realise it.  I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing but if your whole life centres around your phone and the moment you run out of credit or your battery dies out on you you feel like the world will come to an end then there is definitely a problem there!images

The worst thing about having someone to talk to at the tip of your finger is that when you are going through something you just blurt it out.  Mainly because someone is online and ready to talk you find yourself pouring out your emotions to them and half the time they are not even interested but they would like to tell the rest of the world about your problems; and you don’t even realise it.  It was easier when you had to make a call or meet up with a friend to tell them what you were going through now you just type away and who knows, someone might screenshot your conversation and share it with a whole bunch of people who don’t even care about you…Technology is a funny thing.

I had to work on my addiction with baby steps.  Started leaving my phone behind when I went to work and then attended to it from the moment I got home to bedtime.  I wrote things down in my notepad for reminders and important things I had to do that day all in a bid to not rely on my phone too much.  It wasn’t easy considering I used to walk to work and text at the same time for fear of missing out on something that might pop up on my phone screen.  Just imagine the chances of being run over by a car because I wasn’t focusing on actually walking to work and getting there in one piece.

Don’t get me wrong, social media is not a bad thing, but for me, I now prefer it in small doses because if all my focus is on my phone chances are I will miss the priceless moments.  I won’t even notice that it’s a bright and sunny day because my eyes keep darting through my phone.  Now I use my WhatsApp as and when necessary, it is no longer a life threatening issue if I don’t have my phone… life goes on.  It is actually more peaceful for me.  Actually, the reason I am still on it is to communicate with my mum so that she can send me my daughter’s photos, videos and voice notes.   If it wasn’t for her I would have since left because the addiction was unbecoming.


Day 20 – Comparison Will Steal Your Joy


when i grow up i want to dress up like that and look fabulous and ready to take on the world! photo credit @MAKOSI

I follow Makosi on Instagram for inspirational purposes because I am addicted to living a healthy lifestyle.  She posts photos of her runs, yoga, church service messages, outfit of the day you name it but mostly her workout and that’s why I can never get enough of her.  The other day she posted the above photo with a caption that read;

“Comparison is the thief of joy, Love your life. Focus on the positives and realise that everyone puts their best foot forward on social media…”

She could not have said it any better.  I am very guilty of going through Instagram and wowing and liking photos at the same time wishing I had a body, a house, a relationship, shoes, a smile, you name it that I would have seen while scrolling through different accounts.  By the time I am through with all that trust me most times I am left feeling miserable and questioning why my life isn’t as fabulous as everyone else’s.  But the truth of the matter is people rarely ever showcase the troubles they are going through.  They make sure that you see the positive aspects and that’s not a bad thing really, what is bad is wishing your life was like that without actually realising yours is just as fabulous the way it is.  There is nothing wrong with wanting the finer things in life but we should not make what we see on the internet deceive us because there is clearly more to it than what meets the eye.

This week I promise to start off my week on a positive note and stop comparing my life to people that I don’t even know and be easy on myself.  This life is too short to not celebrate the goodness happening in your own life.

Have a lovely Sunday and a smashing week ahead and never forget how great your life is; it could be worse but here you are living it to the fullest!