The Truth About Open Relationships

An open relationship according to Walter is this; from a more practical perspective that is:

  1. You explicitly state what you want in the relationship from day one in this case it’s sex and fun; though fun is relative.
  2. It should be clear that prospects of a future together is non-existent.
  3. Each party is free to see whoever they please besides you without repercussions.
  4. Each individuals independence is important in ensuring the sustainability of such a responsibility.
  5. This type of relationships is typically based on Mr and Miss Right “Now”.
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I would like to believe that everything has it’s pros and cons and open relationships are no exception.


  • Transparency.  The pair that gets into an open relationship knows exactly what they are setting themselves up for.
  • There is room to meet someone else even though you are technically seeing someone else.
  • You get to enjoy the best of both worlds.  We all have different needs and if one person isn’t meeting them then the next person certainly will.  You certainly can’t rely on one person to fulfill them all.
  • You will have a great sex life!  We all know that you can’t always be in the mood for sex and sex drives for couples are different but if you don’t have to rely on one person to fulfill your sexual needs you’re in for one sexually charged experimental journey.
  • There will always be some sense of adventure going on in your life.  Boredom will definitely be a thing of the past.


  • Disease and pregnancy will be one of the many things that you will have to worry about because you won’t know if your partner is protecting themselves when they hook up with someone else.  I don’t even want to imagine the stress that might come with falling pregnant with someone you only wanted to have a good time with.  Hello depression!
  • Chances of getting emotionally attached to your open relationship partner are highly likely and that will put some strain on the relationship.  Expect jealousy to creep in at some point.
  • Time management will be hectic.  You can’t be everywhere at once and having more than one partner will mean having to let down one of them at some point.
  • With time one or both parties will start developing hidden expectations and that right there will be the death of all the fun.

In my opinion an open relationship might work best if you’re both attached to someone else, that way you will play it safe because you both have something to lose.  If you plan on trying this out try it at your own risk!

Cheating is easy but staying faithful is hard! What do you choose?

©MaKupsy 2018



Day 20: Breathtaking African Destinations

If I had all the money in the world I would travel the whole world; twice!  Nothing gives you that kick as much as leaving your day to day routine and simply plunging into a completely new environment.  The first time I went on a travel adventure I went to South Africa all by my merry little self.  I made bookings and hit the road.  My parents were worried sick because they thought something tragic would happen to me but nothing did and it was one heck of an astounding experience!

Sadly I’m not as well travelled as I would like to be so I got some travel junkies to help me out with today’s post.  After reading this I promise you the first thing you will do is be friends with Google and search for the first flight out of your country.

Vumba, Zimbabwe

eL7e8Mne (1).jpg

Photo Credit: @NdiSandra (Twitter)

My favorite Destination in Zimbabwe is definitely Vumba. I am still to travel to a place more beautiful than Vumba. Very quiet and serene with the humming of beautiful birds. The weather is amazingly cool and I have done a gazillion countless trips there because you can never get used to the beauty.  The food is amazing. Tony’s cakes are out of this world. I’m sure that’s the best cake one can ever eat. Forest Hills is my favorite resort in Vumba, it’s such a homely place with amazing people. The food is beyond amazing and Takura makes bomb weird dishes. I would totally stay there and just get fat!!


Prince of Wales View

Minus the good food and hospitality at Forest Hills, they have amazing views. Its not far from Leopard Rock Hotel so if you need to play some golf or go for a game view Leopard Rock is the place. Game views are so much fun and you get to feed the Ostriches.  Make sure you also pass by Prince of Wales View point on your way. The beautiful view of Mutare will always brighten your day. – @NdiSandra


You gotta love Vumba!


Arusha, Tanzania



I recently had the pleasure of travelling to Arusha, Tanzania and I would definitely recommend it as a top destination to visit. As a Zimbabwean I warmed up to it very quickly because it reminded me of home. The people there are so welcoming and friendly and the food is the organic goodness we grew up eating in Zimbabwe. Although I never got an opportunity to sight see as I was on a business trip I managed to visit some of the local Masai markets and the markets in the CBD. The Masai markets boast of beautifully handcrafted proudly Tanzanian pieces; from bags to shoes, to jewellery. If you are looking for souvenirs from your visit to Arusha this is definitely a place to stop by. I also enjoyed the markets in Arusha’s CBD. I’m an avid fan of African print material and in the search for an originally Tanzanian piece the CBD was definitely the place to visit.

The people there are so welcoming and friendly and the food is the organic goodness we grew up eating in Zimbabwe.


Although I never got the chance to go out to try their local cuisine or their braai spots or as they call them “nyama chomas” I think this is a definite must do for anyone visiting Arusha. The night life in Arusha is also something worth exploring. I would say it is different from what I am used to in its simplicity. The prices of alcohol are very reasonable. On a night out we spent about 60 000 shillings on two rounds of drinks (several beers and double whiskeys and cognac orders for four people), which is equivalent to R400. Tanzania seems to have a great appreciation for African music from not only within the East African region but also from the rest of the continent. We enjoyed ourselves dancing to music from Angola, to the DRC and the DJs even accommodated us by playing our favourite Zimbabwean and South African songs.


Photo Credit: @_____layslee (Twitter)

Due to my limited time there I was unable to visit Mount Meru which is one of the main attractions in the city. Mount Meru is the second highest mountain in Tanzania and is the fourth in Africa. It is a definite must see. Of course there is Mount Kilimanjaro which everyone deserves to see at least once in their life. There is so much one can do in Arusha as the city boasts with many National Parks such as the Serengeti National Park, the Arusha National Park, Ngorongoro National Reserve and Lake Manyara National Park. I would definitely visit Arusha again so I can experience everything it has to offer. – @_____layslee

White Sand Beaches, Mozambique


Image from Google

The White Sand Beaches of Mozambique are on my list of dream destinations.  If there is one thing I NEED this year it’s definitely a holiday!  I need to get away from all the stresses this country brings me on a daily basis and just enjoy an adventure filled weekend away.  I’ve been to Mozambique before but to the boring parts of it and on business so that wasn’t any fun.  I have a vivid imagination and I’ve already pictured what my trip will be like once it materialises, at least dreaming is free right?

I will arrive in Mozambique on a Friday evening and check into a medium range hotel.  Apparently accommodation in Mozambique is pretty reasonable averaging $24 per person.  I can’t go all out high end accommodation because I have a daughter starting Grade School next year(the joys of parenthood).  I’m obviously tired from my flight so I settle for an early night.  Still deciding if this will be a solo trip or I’ll bump into a chocolate brother over the weekend…

When I’m there I try out everything from the food to the drinks, no time to waste I’m here to have a ball of a time!  I’m honestly tired of all the food lately so it will be a welcome change to try out a local dish and definitely delicious sea food; I love all things white meat.  As long as it’s prepared in a way that I normally have it I’m going to enjoy every bite of it.


Food of Mozambique (Image from Google)

You know those drinks in coconut shells you see on TV?  I want to try them out and I know there is no way they won’t have them in Mozambique.  I mean, this is my dream so it’s definitely there.  I will have me some sex on the beach both figuratively and literally!  How am I going to come all this way and not get laid???  But keep it on the hush, what happens in Mozambique stays in Mozambique…


Image from Google

These are some of the activities you can do when you visit Mozambique and I will try out all of them because life is too short to not go hard.

  • Diving
  • Ilha de Mozambique
  • Maputo Central Market
  • Cocktails at the Polana Hotel
  • Swimming with Wild Dolphins (just wait till you see the pictures I will take!)
  • Gorongosa National Park
  • Sailing in a Traditional Dhow

Image from Google

Don’t forget the walks on the beach.  My trip would be incomplete without it.  Take a dip every other minute to enjoy the cool water on my skin while taking in the clear blue water.  This is the one trip I will be completely off the radar and not even buy a sim card.  I will simply take photos of beautiful views and interact with locals and dare to do something different.  I can’t wait to visit Mozambique!

What are some of your favourite destinations in Africa?  What’s your dream destination and when do you plan on going there?

It’s day 20 of the #30DayAfriBloggerChallenge this is the first time I have ever actually counted down days in a month!

©MaKupsy 2017

Marriage Is A Journey

Marriage is a journey.  I know this because I read it on the news feed of one of my favourite couples on Facebook.  I randomly stalk their page and each time I do so there is always something inspirational and heartwarming.  Today this is what I bumped into.


Cynthia & Her Husband Sean

Marriage is like buying a second hand car. What attracted you to it was probably the shiny paint, the interior, the sound system etc, and it felt like a “new car” to you.
You then bought the car , entered into a relationship with it to start your own car journey experience. Your journey with the “new car” was an adventure as you began finding out things you never knew existed! 

You set off to go on your journey which is 1500 miles away, but it doesn’t bother you because you know the journey will be worth it! A third into your journey you hear a weird sound and you smell  something that wasn’t there before you can’t put your finger on it but you know something isn’t right!

You’re at a strange place with a now strange car and you’re faced with a dilemma!
1. Do you get the car checked out, fixed so you can continue on your journey? Or…..
2. Do you accept it as a loss, abort the journey forfeit your destination and find your way back to where you started? 

Marriage is a journey…

It’s an adventure, quite exciting and exhilarating at the beginning, but then the going will get tough at some point, you begin to see characteristics you never knew existed, you get disappointed, you feel let down, angry  feel like throwing in the towel.  You feel like it’s easier to just get a brand new car, but even those break down at some point too, so what will happen then??

You get to know your car  you get it fixed, you continue with the journey, it will be an experience, your own adventure, embrace it, focus on your destination!! It’ll be worth it.
Marriage is not for quitters, neither is it for the faint hearted!


Cynthia is a Gym Addict and you can find her on Instagram where she always posts some mouth watering food and you can also find her on Facebook ,where she shares her fitness workouts.

Are you married?  If yes, what are some of the marriage nuggets you have to share?  Feel free to drop your thoughts in the comments section.

©MaKupsy 2017

Chop Chop Brazilian Steak House

We have long since agreed that I am a lover of fine things so it will come as no surprise that I already got to check out the new joint in town, Chop Chop Brazilian Steak House.  This was actually a surprise outing so I was not looking the part so there will be no filtered selfies in this post.  The plus side of this place is that it’s right in town and just a 5 minute walk from my place of residence.  I was excited to find out if they had better service than News Cafe Fife Avenue because this was going to determine if they will be my go to place when I am feeling lazy to cook.


I am one of those individuals who always asks the person waiting on me which dish I should try if I am at a new place.  I didn’t want to have chicken, I have eaten it in so many different forms it’s the last thing I want to eat when I go out.  She recommended I try out the Chop Chop Pizza.  In the interim I ordered a cappuccino and I was disappointed when it came through.  This cappuccino looked unhappy and malnourished; it didn’t even have a smiley face.  I have seen happier cappuccino’s in my life to be honest.  I am particular about the small details and this already got me less excited.


USD2 😦

I took it in slowly while I waited on the pizza which surprisingly didn’t take long.  I am sure the wait was just 5 minutes and it was ready.  My Blesser Lite ordered chicken and chips and it was then that I realised there was nothing green in both our plates.  When the waitress came we ordered a veggie mix and I felt so much relief because food doesn’t make sense for me if it isn’t colourful.


Behold the Chop Chop Pizza

Prices for image above:

Cappuccino : USD2

Mixed Veggies : USD3

Chop Chop Pizza : USD8

The presentation was alright but the truth is when I took my first bite of the pizza I was not wowed.  I always insist that if you eat out the experience must be a shock to the system.  I mean what’s the point if you pay for a meal that doesn’t impress you, might as well not go right?  I expected more from them, the way it had been hyped and the way I was excited each time I ran past the building watching renovations taking place during my morning jog… it was a real train smash.




We ordered dessert and I chose Apple Crumble because it tastes divine; they serve it with ice cream but I’m used to having it with custard but there is always room to try new things.  The apple crumble did not disappoint, I loved every bite of it!  I didn’t know how to combine it with the ice cream so I just had a spoonful here and there till I had finished it.



My Blesser Lite loves things and even though he insisted he was full after eating a whole half chicken and chips he ordered a chocolate cake which he didn’t finish because he complained that it was too rich.



I would have eaten the remaining cake myself if I still had space for it!  I was stuffed.  I only ate 2 slices of pizza, part of his chips and part of the salad and I was good.  I had to ask the waitress to pack away my food because I had plans for it for today.  I will probably have it for lunch.  I ordered a glass of hot water with lemon because I felt too full and needed something to make the bloated feeling go away.


The face you make when you are officially stuffed!

The few things I liked about the place were:

  • The waitress was helpful
  • The restaurant is clean
  • The dessert was alright
  • They have both a swipe and Ecocash facility

I did not like:

  • The food was bland, we may as well have gone to Pizza Slice and had a better meal
  • The ambiance was nothing to ride home about
  • I don’t recall any music being played
  • The experience was nothing out of the ordinary

I think the only thing that made the evening bearable was the fact that I had good company otherwise had I been on my own I would have not lasted 10 minutes in there.  On a scale of 0-10, 10 being completely satisfied with my experience I will give Chop Chop Brazilian Steak House a 4.  I would like to believe they are still new in town and probably after a few weeks in the business they will up their game.  I have faith in them because it would be nice to come back to something that will bedazzle me.

In my opinion Chop Chop is Pizza Slice that went to Private School.

The End

©MaKupsy 2017

Speak Things Into Existence

Believe me when I tell you that the universe pays attention when you speak.  Many moons ago I wished for a tall, good looking man who dressed up nice and would shower me with flowers; I have a serious weakness for them it’s insane.  I used to tell my colleagues almost everyday how my handsome prince would come for me and guess what, months down the line I was in a relationship with a guy who fit those specifications to a tee.   Like how was that even possible?

I remember this one time I tagged along when my friend when she was going to court.  I was heavily pregnant at the time and when I saw the women standing in line for Child Maintenance issues I said; “One day I will be standing in line too given the drama we are always going through with the father of my child”.  Again I tell you, the universe pays attention, I was in that exact same line 5 years later going through the most.  I spoke this into existence and I don’t even know why I was surprised when it actually happened.


image from Pinterest

Thankfully, there are some pretty good things that have happened.  The one time I was going through pictures on the internet and wishing for a holiday.  Something about the Christmas holiday makes me feel like travelling.  I had my eyes on Cape Town and told myself it was going to happen and it did!  My sister is the best for making it happen and you should find yourself a sister just like her!

From my experience when it comes to self talk, the more positive things you say to yourself the better your experience outcomes.  When I started my fitness journey I was outspoken; most people didn’t understand how a “big” woman could have so much self love but they were never ready for the extra confidence that would come once I lost the weight.   I used to go for my runs without music just to have a chance to speak to myself and encourage myself throughout the run.  I would tell myself things like:

  • You’ve got this, just one more kilometer to go
  • Wait till you do your weigh in tomorrow and see how much work you have put in
  •  They are not ready for the after run photo I am going to post on Instagram
  • Who would have thought I would ever run 10K
  • The way I am smashing that cellulite on my thighs right now though
  • Girl you are on fire did you hear that pace on the voice over!

You see, all that self talk got me to push myself and my body to the limit.  Imagine if I had been telling myself negative things.  This body would have never come to life, it’s a pity I can’t show it to you, it’s still illegal to walk around naked this part of the world.

I have a whole list of other positive things that I have asked the universe to grant me after I realised she actually pays attention.  No more random negative thoughts because I certainly don’t want to end up in situations I will dearly regret.  Lately I ask for good health, success, financial security, a whole Land Rover Discovery (in red of course), to be the first Nike Woman in Zimbabwe and a rich husband.  Speak things into existence people!!

In whatever you do, be good to yourself.  Speak of all the beautiful things about yourself and those around you and the universe will also respond positively.

What are some of the things you speak into existence?  Have any of them come to life, care to share?

©MaKupsy 2017

Sanganai Creek, Mazvikadei

I had always wanted to go to Sanganai Creek but because I am not mobile (yet) I always thought it would not happen anytime soon. Thankfully a group on Facebook was organising a weekend package which included transport, accommodation, activities and food; all one had to do was pay USD60 for the weekend do.  We were supposed to meet up at 9am on the Saturday but the organisers did not have everything ready so we waited a good solid hour in the sun while they went to get the trailer for the bus.  I was already annoyed, is this not something one does the night before a trip?  Eventually we left at 10am and started on the journey that is 120 km out of Harare.

The first thing we did when we got there was take selfies, naturally.


Then we proceeded to our designated rooms.  You don’t even want to know the state of affairs that was in those rooms.  I didn’t even take photos, I was that disappointed!  To be honest, before we go any further let me tell you the things that really pissed me off about this trip before I get to the fun bits.

  • Communication skills were non existent. For example, once we got onto the bus we didn’t get any introductions.  Nothing on our intended destination, how long it was going to take to get there, if we were going to make any stops.  Just get on the bus and go type of thing.
  • People were misinformed.  In the WhatsApp group chat people were told to bring linen and guess what, they did exactly that.  When we got to our rooms the bunk beds had no linen or blankets.  IMAGINE!  I feel cold at night no matter what the season so I had both linen and an extra blanket with me but imagine the rest of the guys who just brought linen, I am completely out of words…
  • The food was terrible.  I am very particular about the things I put into my stomach especially given the fact that I know I can cook up a storm myself.  I actually didn’t eat the greater part of the trip because I got sick.  I am not sure if it’s the water or the food either way I felt short changed.
  • Once I was added to the WhatsApp group the first thing I asked was if the swimming pool was blue.  I was assured that it was and to my surprise the pool was GREEN! I remember someone telling me they saw a dead fish in the pool after our swimming session. OMG!


That said, let’s get to the fun part.  Nothing is ever completely a train smash, I must admit that this trip was the break I needed after weeks of feeling like I just wanted to take the next flight and leave adulting for a while.  The group was amazing!  There were couples, singles, married and kids too.  We had different activities that encouraged team building and before you know it we all felt like one big happy family.


My favourite activities were the ones were mud was involved.  I enjoyed watching it but not exactly taking part in it.  I made sure I was in hiding when it was my turn.  There was mud wrestling and crocodile crawl.  The amount of dirt that we had by the time that activity was done!  It was worth every minute though.


The guy in the yellow tshirt above, also known as The Fat One, you do not want to mess with him!  The aim of that game is to wrestle your opponent and have them topple over.  Once one person is down you move ahead until the whole team is off the log.  They put mud on the log so not only is it slippery it’s hard to balance, wrestle and keep your feet locked!  However, The Fat One had everything under contol and their team won.  It was a fun sight to watch!


I didn’t take part in this activity, I was too scared and kept thinking of the embarrassment if I fell.  I was hiding behind a tree the entire time!


We went for a breakfast cruise on the Sunday morning.   I loved this part; it was refreshing.  Minus taking lots of selfies and videos when I finally got to settle down I took in the views and clean air.  We spotted a few houses by the lakeside.  Now that is something on my Things To Buy in this lifetime.  Imagine waking up to a beautiful view and the sound of waves every morning.  Too beautiful!

20160904_094908.jpgAfter the cruise we went horse riding, once again I didn’t take part.  I have done horse riding before and the experience was not something I wanted to relive.

It was time to pack up and go but before leaving we passed through Mazvikadei Dam.


By this time everyone was exhausted and the heat wasn’t playing nice at all.


There is a story behind the sculpture behind us.  Apparently the woman was taken/ abducted/stolen (I honestly don’t know which word is befitting)  by a mermaid and after days was released.  When she came back she was a traditional healer.  Her gift spread far and wide and people from all walks of life started to come to her village for consultation on different life issues.  History has it that when people arrived they were asked “Masvikasei?”  (How did you get here).  However, white people did not know how to say Masvikasei but pronounced it as Mazvikadei.  Interesting…


Part of the group

It was a great trip and we had tonnes of fun. I am sure if the event organisers sort out some of the issues I pointed out the next group won’t feel let down.  I can safely say this trip turned out to be a success because we all decided that we were going to make the most of the situation and make the weekend count.  I can’t wait for my next road trip!! (we are going to organise this one ourselves)


©MaKupsy 2016

Hiking In Domboshava

I went hiking for the first time yesterday and had the best time ever!  It was just a few weeks ago when I Tweeted that I had never gone hiking and fate would have it my tweind Linda sent me a link to a hiking do that was going to take place soon.  I got all the details for the hike and started my hiking count down.

Yesterday morning I got up, ran 4km did 100 squats (I’m doing this 100 squats a day challenge for the month of July) took a bath, prepared something to eat and got ready for the main event of the day.

Everyone was supposed to meet at Pomona Food Court by Sam Levy Village at 1:15pm for 1:30pm.  Unfortunately we had to wait for a couple of people and we only got to leave for Domboshava at 3pm. We were also supposed to have gone to a different location but because of something along the lines of non residents weren’t allowed to go through yesterday we had to settle for Domboshava.  Ordinarily I would have been really upset about this.  I mean, after waiting for over an hour and then changing the location unannounced my blog post was going to be about how super annoyed I was yesterday but after the experience I had I can safely say it was worth the wait.


Wesley giving us brief information about the hike before taking off.

Wesley told us the hike was going to be 2 and half hours in total.  In my head I was like that’s easy, I run 10K in 1 hour so what’s 2 and a half hours of walking.  Boy was I wrong or was I wrong!  To be honest, In my head I thought hiking was a walk in the park where you get to enjoy watching all sorts of scenic views, take nice photos, go up a little mountain or two and basically have a great relaxed day out.  Biggest joke ever!



There were 15 of us in the group, one tour guide and two instructors with serious energy.  These instructors would run up part of the mountain and come back and we would be panting and feeling like we were having a near death experience!

Domboshava hike MaKupsy.jpg

It looks like we were taking a leisurely stroll up the mountain but that was actually the hardest part of the whole climb!

It was a good kind of feeling though, it took my body to the next level and I also overcame my fear of heights at the same time.

Hiking in Domboshava MaKupsy.jpg

Those are the two instructors with toooo much energy!

We took breaks every few minutes so that everyone would get a chance to take pictures of the amazing views and to catch our breath.  I for one made sure I didn’t drink any water at all.  I can’t stomach water during a workout I always get cramps so I was not about to get myself feeling all sorts of unwell during such a time.


There is so much peace and quiet during hiking.  Its such a welcome change from the constant noises from town.  Sometimes all you need is some time out and a chance to inhale some clean air.


He is the only person I saw who managed to go up that part of the mountain, the rest of us would have failed dismally if we had tried to do this!

Domboshava hiking MaKupsy.jpg

Made some new friends along the way.

I actually want to do this again and from what I learnt, they do this every month so they should be sure to count me in each time.  If you want to be a part of this be sure to Like their page on Facebook so that you are always up to date.  The wonderful experience was $5 and that right there is value for your money.  You get to exercise, refresh and network at the same time.


Group Photo

My camera really takes beautiful pictures if I do say so myself and the sunset photo wasn’t too shabby.


All in all it was a beautiful day and minus the great test of my physical capabilities I will still do this again.  I am actually surprised that my body is not in any form of pain today.  Maybe it’s all the working out that I do?  I am happy my hiking dream came true, its amazing how the universe keeps answering all my little wishes except the one where I win the lotto.  Something really has to be done about that one!

Domboshava MaKupsy.jpg


What was your weekend all about?  Did you get up to anything exciting and memorable?

For the couples out there, next time you think of something fun to do with your partner this would be a really nice outing and it won’t cost you much.  Instead of downing bottles of alcohol every weekend why not have clean fun for a change, you will love it!

P.S. Someone from the group said they recognised me from blogging and they even knew my blog name!  She said always passes through to read a blog or two.  I was totally wowed, I must be doing this blogging thing right!



The Adventures Of Miss Kupsy

My daughter is a handful.  The little girl just won’t stop talking.  She even talks in her sleep sometimes.  I read somewhere that at this age (4) they ask a dozen questions every few minutes and that is so true.  To think that when she was a little baby I always used to wonder if she would be able to talk and now that she does I wonder if she will ever keep quiet.  The one time I actually asked her if she ever kept quiet and she said yes.  The next day she was quiet all morning until I asked her what was going on with her and she said: “But yesterday you said I talk too much so I have decided to keep quiet.”  LOL!

Let me share some of the things she says and gets up to.  I know one day she will read through this and probably not believe it but guess what, this is part of the reason why I blog so that she can go back in time and know the exact details.  So let’s get started.


Miss Kupsy

Two weeks ago I got my monthly’s from out of the blue.  Actually, they were two days early and I had gone to my parents for the weekend and forgot to take my sanitary wear. ( Too much information!!)  This meant I had to make a trip to the store and yes my mini me tagged along.  Once we got to the toiletries department the moment she saw a packet of pads she held them up and asked “Mhamhi aya madiapers ema big girls handiti?” Translation: “Mum, these are diapers for big girls right?”  Sigh, I just said yes and proceeded to the till operator to pay up and we headed back home.  Fast forward to around after supper time.  We were hanging out in her room and she randomly grabbed the packet of “diapers” and started running towards my parents bedroom to show her grandma and grandpa the “big girl diapers”.  I have never gotten out of bed so fast.  I thankfully got to her before she reached their bedroom but just imagine how embarrassed everyone was going to feel if she had managed to get there before me!

Incident two.  My dad forgot to lock up when he went to take a bath.  Miss Kupsy needed to pee and didn’t know the bathroom was occupied.  My dad quickly shouted out “It’s occupied!” to which Miss Kupsy replied “I need to pee.”  My dad told her she had to wait till he finished taking a bath and she went on to complain that it wasn’t fair because everyone gets in when she is taking a bath as well so why can’t she do the same?

On another random day we went to my cousins place to spend the day there.  There are a couple of children her age there so she was on cloud 9.  The one little boy started jumping up and down the couch and you know how parents are like when it comes to things like that.  My cousin kept telling him to stop and he wouldn’t until her husband told him to stop otherwise he would smack him if he continued being naughty.  He went and got a stick outside and pretended like he was going to spank him.  Baaad idea!!  Miss Kupsy started crying.  She thought that she was going to get a spanking as well.  She wanted to go home there and then.  I have never seen her so traumatised.  I tried telling her that he was just pretending but she would hear none of it.

The thing is; I don’t spank Miss Kupsy (yet).  I will occasionally spank her little hands when she does naughty things like scoop teaspoons of sugar and eat instead of having her meals or when she continues to drop her glass of juice on or whatever beverage on my mums carpet after telling her countless times to have her meals from the kitchen.  These little people are something else I tell you.  However, this spanking issue is a story for another day because it will divert the whole purpose of this blog post.

Last incident.  Miss Kupsy was lounging outside with her grandparents on a lazy Sunday afternoon.  My dad went indoors for a few seconds and my mum was falling asleep.  Miss Kupsy was busy playing games on her laptop when she saw a huge snake slither onto the veranda where she and her grandma were seated.  When you ask her about the incident she says that the snake went and coiled itself up right next to the steps that lead into the house.  After a few minutes it uncoiled and slithered back into the hedge close to our neighbours’ house.  She managed to wake her grandma up just before the snake disappeared.  When my mum woke up she asked her why she hadn’t told her that there was a snake to which Miss Kupsy replied; “I thought it was a hose pipe.”  Oh my, children are really innocent little beings.  I am so glad she was not curious enough to get off her chair and go and touch the “hose pipe” otherwise I would be blogging about a completely different story right now.

That’s all I can think of for now.  Do you remember some of the things you got up to when you were a child?  If you have children what are some of the random or unforgettable experiences that you would like to share?

Children are natural Zen masters; their world is brand new in each and every moment.
John Bradshaw



I Thought Today Was Wednesday!

A lot of emotional issues that I can not even begin to divulge have been getting the best of me lately.  You know I am an open book but this stuff is deep and sadly it is consuming me.  I hope I will get to sit down and talk to someone about it before I lose my marbles.  It’s so bad I woke up thinking today was Wednesday, imagine; I lost a whole day and I have no idea how that even happened.


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I think one of the reasons could be that I am spending too much time indoors and it’s time I did something spontaneous. I was thinking I would do some sight seeing on my own come Saturday.  Sometimes you need that right?  I will make sure my phone is fully charged up so that I can take a lot of photos and just enjoy my surroundings.  I hope the heat won’t be too harsh but I have that part figured out.  I will make sure I have ice cold water and juice to stay hydrated.  I will apply lots of sunscreen before I leave the house; wear my big ass sun hat.  Shoot!  I forgot that my pair of favourite sunglasses broke a few weeks ago.  On a totally unrelated issue, am I the only one who keeps breaking their sunglasses?  Do they make shatterproof sun glasses or something (i need to go and buy a pair from there if they do) because I have bought enough sunglasses to last me a lifetime?!

I miss adventure and once I think of the most random place to go I will go and have the best time ever!  Hopefully when I get back I will be feeling as good as new again.

I just need to clear my head and get a lot of things into perspective…


My Top 15 Favourite Bloggers

Ever since I started blogging I have come to look forward to reading to certain bloggers work.  Please don’t get me wrong, I enjoy all the work by the bloggers I follow but a girl has favourites right?  Today being a lazy Sunday I would suggest you take a peak at some of the blogs I absolutely enjoy.  They are in random order so follow and read whatever blog title tickles your fancy.

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There you have it.  Take a look see and get to see why I simply can not get enough of their blogs.

Have a fruitful Sunday.