The Cook Out ZW

The CookOut ZW is a picnic style, family friendly event that celebrates the Zimbabwean summer with special focus on great food and great music.  The first CookOut ZW event was held last month and I still have no idea how that missed me but fear not I’m here with the hook up.

This shindig is basically a cool, intimate Sunday chill out event with lots of fun for kids as well! The CookOut ZW will feature succulent meat braaied to perfection by braai masters and the only thing cooler than the music will be the drinks.

A variety of food including but not limited to juicy loin chops, tender flame grilled chicken pieces, hot off the grill burgers, fresh, colourful, crisp salads and soft drinks, coolers, cold beers will be readily available so fear not, you will NOT go thirsty or hungry.  Payment options include cash, swipe and Ecocash.

Take it from me, this Sunday The CookOutZW is something you have to check out; I’ll be there you already know I like all things entertaining.  Music features include melodious fusions by Bryan K plus Afro-Pop and Soul by Vera.


For more information log onto The CookOut ZW Facebook Page on @theCookOutZW

Prayersoul is giving away 3 CDs of his album, While I Was Away.  To stand a chance to win name any 4 songs by PrayerSoul, add them in the comments section of this post, take a screen shot and add to my pinned Twitter or Facebook Page.

Please note that if you win you can only collect your CD from The CookOut ZW event on Sunday from Prayersoul himself.

Bring yourself, your friend, your siblings, your children, your significant other to The CookOut ZW.

It’s important that you call the number on the poster and tell the host that you will be attending the event.  RSVP for The CookOutZW please!

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Man Crush Monday : Chef Takura

Every woman wants a man who can cook; okay I lie, I love a man who can cook so I will speak for myself on this one.  Imagine getting home to a meal prepared with nothing but tender loving care by your one and only.  Chef Takura (hello beard gang) took some time out to share spinets of his story with me and you can read all about it below.


Chef Takura

I have always loved cooking, working in hospitality made the choice easier.

My favorite meal changes so often. I am into soups at the moment. I also always love making pizza and pasta from scratch because they are so versatile for toppings and sauces!!
I currently work at Forest Hills Resort as the Managing Director.  I love building and making our product better. Sadly I have very little time to cook. (There goes my dream to have a Chef Bae!)  Forest Hills is a beautiful location many places to hike and enjoy nature.

Forest Hills

Being the wine lover that I am I couldn’t resist asking him on his thoughts on food and wine…
Pairing food and wine was my last job in Australia where I was the Head Sommelier (a wine waiter) at a Modern European Bistro. Pay attention to the weight of the dish as well as flavour. A hearty beef dish will go better with a full bodied red wine and a light spicy Asian dish would go better with a lighter white wine. Experiment a lot and see what your palette enjoys!!!
I do try and exercise as much as I can. The nice thing about living on a mountain is that EVERY walk has an incline!! I also like to swim and skip.
I have just gained a little more fitness and I get to see the area and take loads of nature photos.  The greatest challenge I have had so far when it comes to exercising is making time and there is no one to work out with out here.  Chef Takura needs to read about the benefits of running alone.  However, I do enjoy running, I will start running when I get someone to chase me!

Shakshuka or eggs in rich tomato sauce


Grilled Crumbed Fish Fillets with home made mayonnaise and pineapple salsa!


Beef Fried Rice

You can get in touch with Chef Takura on Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date with his mouth watering meals and beautiful views that he constantly shares on social media.
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Sweet Chilli Chicken Kebabs with Avocado & Mango Salad

I will tell you this for free, cooking for one is a real pain!  That’s the only downside that comes to staying on your own and personally, I can count the number of days in a week I whip up something to eat at the end of the day.  I mainly survive on fruit and water and on a good day I will grill some meat but trust me, it feels like a mammoth task! However, after seeing some of the pictures on Instaram the past few weeks I had a change of heart because following Tanyaradzwa will have you bringing out the Chef in you.  She makes mouth watering meals and she was kind enough to share a recipe for a delicious and healthy meal that won’t take forever and a day to prepare.

All the ingredients:

3 chicken breasts
3 peppers, different colours (red, yellow and green)
Fresh tomato
Red onion

Dice the chicken and season spices of choice. I used:

Ground black pepper
Jerk seasoning
Cajun seasoning
Extra hot chilli powder
Mild curry powder

  • Chop peppers roughly to the size of chicken pieces
  • Using large skewers, assemble chicken kebabs alternating between chicken breast piece and a chopped pepper.
  • Place chicken kebabs on oven tray and cover with foil
  • Cook in the oven. Cooking times will vary according to size of chicken chunks.
  • Remove foil for approx 10 minutes to allow kebabs to brown. Glaze with sauce of choice if you wish. I used sweet Chilli sauce.
  • While kebabs finish cooking, chop up the vegetables (and fruit if you wish) to make a side salad. I used mango to add a sweet element to the dish!


Plate and enjoy !

I am still trying to figure out why I decided to share this post at this time of day because now I feel very hungry!  I will make sure I get some of the ingredients today and try this out because it is just the switch I need in my meals and it also looks easy to prepare.

In case you did not know some of the benefits of eating chicken are:

  1. Helps build muscles
  2. Keeps your bones healthy
  3. Relieves stress
  4. Promotes heart health

A big thank you to do Tanyaradzwa for featuring on my blog.  I hope you start on a Food Blog soon because you are really great at what you do.  You can find Tanya on:

Twitter and Instagram you will be sure to follow her because she definitely has a Smile So Bright!

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I have to be honest with you, when I initially started working out I never in my wildest dreams thought that it would inspire so many people around me.  It has been and continues to be an interesting fitness journey.  I created a WhatsApp group with amazing individuals and everyday we push each other do to better than we did the day before.  Within the group there are Fitness Instructors, Physiotherapists, Lawyers, IT Personnel, Secretaries, University Students, Bloggers…tell you what, the list is endless and the group is diverse.

The great thing about it is thanks to technology we don’t have to be all in one place to run, just a running application on your mobile device and you are good to go.  There are runners from the UK, Algeria, Malawi, Namibia, South Africa,Zambia, Zimbabwe.  Minus running we get to learn different languages, cultures and foods.  Okay, I will have to expand on this on a different day, for now let  me talk about the #UrsulaChallenge


Flyer by @KingKGC (Twitter)

The last challenge we had, Taku won hands down.  We have a rule that whoever wins the challenge is the one who will choose what the next challenge will entail.  I decided to have a little twist to it because I realised that to keep the motivation alive runners who are improving need to get some form of recognition as well and so Ursula was the lucky runner to get chosen. She has been running with the team since October and she has outdid herself, even running after a long day when all she wanted to do was sleep.

There are a few additions to her challenge which are:

  • Participants are to weigh in on Monday morning or Sunday evening and have their weight recorded.

You are encouraged to weigh in at the same time you weighed yourself at the beginning of the challenge and to use the same scale.

The one who loses the most weight during this weeks challenge gets 15 bonus points.

P.S The weight loss is for those who have it as their goal to lose weight, if not please do not worry yourself with the weigh in.

  • There will be a cook off on the Rest Day of the challenge.  The participant who sends through a plate that has healthy  food options, is well presented and appealing to the eye will get 5 bonus points.

I hope you will take part in this challenge, trust me, if you are a fitness enthusiast you will completely enjoy it and probably come back for more.  All the best in the upcoming challenge team, and may the best runner win!

#UrsulaChallenge #RunWithFitnessBae

P.S We always use Nike+(read as being resistant to change) for the challenges but this time the rules are more flexible and participants can use Strava, Cardio Trainer, Adidas and NRC.

Share. Like. Join.

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I Went Through His Phone And This Is What I Found…

Curiosity killed the cat…


I did that poll two days ago and it got me thinking I had to add it to a post I wrote sometime last year.  As you can see from the statistics most people say they do not go through their partners’ phone which is a very good thing if you ask me.  For those who had not read this post before this is your chance to read through and enjoy. 

I have never been one of those people who want to poke my nose in other people’s business but once you start dating a guy who leaves you wondering where you stand with him or what he has been up to believe me the curiosity will kick in and you will go through his phone like its nothing!  It becomes a very destructive and addictive habit though so if you decide to go that path be prepared to never have peace.

I have had some pretty heart wrenching encounters in the past and that just taught me a lesson (for that day only) to stay away from your partner’s phone.  For those who have always wanted to go through his phone and wondered when best to do it;

  • try when he is dead drunk,
  • when he is asleep or
  • the few seconds that he dashes to the loo.

Please be warned that you should do this at your own risk as you might not be able to deal with whatever you find in his phone.


Image from Google

I will list a few messages I bumped into in the past, I remember word for word for some of them but for others I have a rough idea what they read.  I will also include who had sent the messages; here goes:

  • I am not in love with her.  I am only staying with her because I feel sorry for her.  I want to be with you and I am going to do everything that I can to make that happen. (my then boyfriend)
  • How was the evening with the girl you hooked up with from church, did you tap that ass? (my then boyfriend’s close cousin)
  • You shouldn’t marry her.  If you marry her you will be making the biggest mistake of your life.  You ex was a better fit for you and if you let her go you will be doomed. (my then boyfriend’s best friend) 
  • Send me some of your nude photos. (my then boyfriend)
  • Please send me airtime, I am low on credit. (my then best friend asking my boyfriend without my knowledge)
  • She is so fat I don’t even know why I am dating her, you know I like slim women. (my then boyfriend)

I can only remember the very juicy messages and the ones that really got to me the rest were really nothing to go on about.  What did this experience teach me?

  1. Not everyone who smiles at you actually likes you.  Take that then boyfriend’s best friend for example.  This guy used to come to our place and I would cook lunch, supper, breakfast, you name it just to make sure he was comfortable and yet his ass didn’t even like me!  What a fucking asshole!  Once I knew that’s how he felt about me I ended those privileges, what a prick!
  2. Even your so called best friend can get up to something behind your back.  I couldn’t help but wonder what else she used to ask for…
  3. Do not date anyone who bashes your self esteem, yes, I used to be fat, but you pursued me knowing I was fat, at what point did you realise that I was actually not your type?
  4. His friends are not your friends.  Do not be fooled!

These random experiences made me promise myself that I WILL NEVER GO THROUGH SOMEONE’S PHONE.  You will die an emotional death after you discover things you were not prepared to deal with.  To make things worse you can not exactly ask about the messages because you would have breached someone’s privacy.  You have no right to be going through a phone that does not belong to you.  At the same time it helps you see where you stand with someone but it really isn’t advisable to do that.  I would say talk things through if you feel there is something that is bothering you.  And even if you do decide to continue going through your partner’s phone and they do find out that’s what you get up to, trust me they will find ways to hide things from you and you will never find a single grain of evidence.  Bottom line is, if your partner is cheating the truth always has a way of revealing itself…just sit tight and relax.


Image from Google

The amusing thing about going through your partner’s phone is if you find out something that hurts you the first thing you tell yourself is that you are going to break up with them and leave.  Sadly, most people stay and complain and bore us to death about how their partner is cheating…As for me, I stuck around for a while(that puts me in the boring department) but eventually things got from bad to worse, hearts were broken, words were said, trust went flying out the window but yes, that is life, we get to experience all sorts of things before we decide to make changes.  And that’s how I ended up deciding I won’t ever go through my partners phone because nothing good has ever come of it.  Ideally it would be nice to go through your partner’s phone and find out they are planning a surprise party or a getaway weekend but how often does that happen???

I would like to find out from you if you have gone through the Private Investigation phase of wanting to know who your partner has been talking to.  If yes, what did you find and how did you deal with it?

Remember the quote at the start of this blog about the cat?  Well…

Satisfaction brought it back.

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Chickpea & Chicken Liver Salad

Hello everyone.  Today I have an easy to make salad recipe from my good friend Chef Thami.  He is my go to source when I want to prepare something tasty and different and he never lets me down.  

1 can chickpeas
75g chicken liver
3 tablespoons olive oil
1 tablespoon lemon juice
Salt & pepper to taste
1 teaspoon sugar
3 cloves garlic, minced
1 tomato, chopped
Spring onion x2, chopped


1. In a pan fry the liver till cooked and crispy on the outside. Remove from heat; in the same pan stir fry drained chickpeas for 3 mins then add chopped liver into the pan then fry for another minute. Remove from heat and set aside in a bowl.
2. In the same bowl add the tomato, garlic, spring onion, olive oil, salt and pepper, sugar and lemon juice and mix well & serve.
3. If you want a cold salad, then refrigerate for 2 hours then serve.



There you have it, you have no excuse to not whip up something healthy and yummy at the same time.  This is definitely going on my list of soul foods.  Oh yes, you can have it for lunch or dinner but I will probably have mine for lunch instead.

P.S I am still praying for a Chef Husband. LOL


Imaginary Bae

I started off my morning on a very busy note so I couldn’t get a moment to blog.  You see, one of my co-workers is on leave for the next 2 weeks so I am job shadowing.  It’s a wonderful experience but I have days I get overwhelmed like today but I’m here now so let’s get to it.


I have had so many conversations with my girlfriends about relationships over the years and in the end we all agreed that it is easier to build your own boyfriend because we were clearly getting a raw deal when we chose our boyfriends.

Let me build my “imaginary boyfriend”:

  • He likes taking long walks in the park at the end of a hectic day. Hand in hand we talk and update each other on the day’s events.  He is tall, big and strong so every time I am lost in thought he sweeps me off my feet as I kick and scream telling him to put me down; but I really don’t mean it because I like it when he does that.
  • He surprises me with a bunch of flowers on a random Tuesday morning. I wake up to a knock on my door and there you have it, fresh cut lilies.
  • He is so breathtakingly handsome. Each time I see him or think about him I can’t help but smile because he has a smile like no other.
  • He spoils me with random acts of kindness.  All my friends know that he is the type of guy who will tell me to call all my girlfriends and we have a night out on him.
  • He cooks.  Not that boiling eggs type of cooking, the real actual meal you can sit down and both enjoy.
  • He is hands on around the house and we don’t need to call in a plumber or electrician because he will try and fix something himself first before letting anyone else do it.
  • He has a good heart.  When I am under the weather he will either constantly check up on me or take time out and spend the day with me and nurse me back to good health.
  • I don’t have to ask him to do anything for me.  He does things because he can and not because I can’t.
  • He understands that some days all I want is a night of cuddles with him and a good movie.
  • He gives me the most amazing sex, the earthshaking and bed breaking type and plenty orgasms too.

Unfortunately he doesn’t exist because you can never get all those qualities in one person.  Life has a sense of humour like that.  However you can accept your boyfriend or girlfriend as they are because my darling, no one is perfect.

So do tell me, what’s your “imaginary” boyfriend or  girlfriend like?



Africa Day!

Africa Day is the annual commemoration of the 1963 founding of the Organization of African Unity (OAU), presently recognized as the Africa Union (AU).  You can read more Africa Day from here.


I will be honest with this one.  I am just so freaking happy that today is a holiday and I get to be away from the stresses of everyday life for just this one random Wednesday.  However, with all the excitement I still have no clue what I am going to do with my day.  I was thinking I could do one, two or all of the following today.

  1. I can go and visit my cousin and finally see her new born baby.  She will be a whole month old soon but I haven’t had time to see her bundle of joy because she stays really far away so I will have all the time to make the trip to her place and back to mine.
  2. I can also go and see my friend who I haven’t seen in ages.  This adulting thing can really make you lose touch and never have time for face to face interactions.  I could actually kill two birds with one stone here.  See my friend first then my cousin later..hmm
  3. I can spend the day glued to a TV Series.  Seeing that I am up to date with Reign (Queen Mary is really pretty by the way!)  I need to figure out what else I can get myself hooked onto.
  4. I can make myself useful in the kitchen and try out a new recipe.  I haven’t had T-bone Steak in forever and if anyone has any juicy clue on how to prepare it differently please do share.
  5. I can spend the day reading blogs and working on the blog posts I promised a few people
  6. I can sleep all day long and probably get a headache from oversleeping while I’m at it…okay, that idea won’t fly.
  7. I can spend it drinking Vodka and making dumb decisions while I’m at it.
  8. I can run 20K just to see if my body will let me get out of that one alive.

Whatever option I choose to go with I just have to remember that I have to be at work tomorrow morning so I can have fun but not too much of it.  Sigh

If you have a holiday break today, what have you planned to do with your day?



The Unexpected Visitor

I find it very rude for someone to just show up at my place unannounced!  How do you just decide, well, I am going to pass through and see this woman today, without asking her or telling her in advance by the way… I have days I just want to be alone, enjoy my own company, sit around the house, walk about naked, even fart all day because no one is there hence no need to hold it in but no, some people just think it is okay to just show up!

In our culture, once you have a visitor it means you have to get up and start cooking.  I stay alone and cooking happens at least three days a week at most.  Now imagine having to start thinking of what to cook for this visitor, that’s if you even have food in the house to start of with!  Then there are other issues like water and electricity.  How will I even begin to start on a meal when I don’t have one of the two.  See how inconvenient this is???

Now I simply have a policy where I don’t open the door if I’m not expecting anyone to visit.  You will knock your knuckles off for all I care.  There is less drama that way.  Unless of course they send me a message or call to tell me they are by my door and have a bottle of red wine then maybe just maybe I will consider opening the door for them.

If you are one of those people who are in the habit of doing that, please stop it.  Sometimes I simply do not want to entertain you, it’s draining and time consuming and most of all it pisses me off because I am one of those people who always calls days in advance before I decide to visit someone.


The ironic thing is that it’s the same culprits that always just randomly show up at my doorstep. STOP IT!!