I last got some Zumba workout done close to two months ago.  You can imagine my excitement when I received an email notifying me that Zorro was hosting a free Zumba session! The first thing I did was message my friend Shami to let her know that we were going to be attending this do come rain or shine.  Come Saturday, I was there 30 minutes late and Shami was right on time; shame on me!

#RunWithFitnessBae Zumba.jpg

We clocked in a good hour of different music genres and danced the morning away.  I was in my zone; dancing makes me happy!

Zumba With Zorro #RunWithFitnessBae.jpg

Zorro, Shami, Fitness Bae

The outing would be incomplete without a selfie with Zorro.  He’s really good at his craft.  The event was mainly to support the underprivileged so people came through with donations of any sort including but not limited to money, clothing and groceries.  I donated a few clothes that don’t fit anymore thanks to all this running I do.

Zumba #RunWithFitnessBae.jpg

Goofing around 🙂

It’s always great to do something different every now and again, even better if your friends can come along.

What fitness fun did you get up to this weekend?

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Run 5K For The Fun Of It!

I love October!  Running is much more colourful thanks to the blooming jacaranda trees. The early morning runs are filled with beautiful fresh scents and that’s an additional reason to get up and run!  I’ve been training for my first half marathon and I’m currently on week 12 of 16.  I’ve stopped following the programme on My Nike Coach for this month because just looking at the set distances is making me sick to my stomach.  I don’t think I’m mentally prepared to wake up and run 18K on a random Wednesday morning.  I’m still going to run my half marathon though, but I’m going to do it my way!

I got this brilliant idea of documenting what you plan to do each week and then sharing both what you and don’t get done from one of my favourite fitness bloggers Piper.  You should check out her September and October goals from here.

What I Planned vs What I Did

Monday Run 5K * Ran 5K. It was one tough run considering I had gone out the previous night and left the event at 10pm, only to get to sleep at 11pm, absolute madness! 

Tuesday 50 crunches 50 push ups and 30 minutes Zumba 50 crunches 50 push ups the only problem here was the push ups.  Now that I know how to do them properly they are pretty intense.  I didn’t feel like doing Zumba afterwards so I let that slide.

Wednesday Run 5K Ran 5K It was mostly an uphill run but I smashed it and clocked in my best time and shaved off a whole 15 seconds from Monday’s run.

Thursday 50 crunches 50 push ups50 crunches.  My right shoulder is in pain.  I think I got overzealous on Tuesday morning.  I had to fix a hot water bottle and lie on it throughout the night to ease the pain on my shoulder.

Friday Run 5K * Ran 5K + 30 minutes of Zumba. It was a slow easy run.  I didn’t have any music today, I wanted to enjoy my surroundings.  My shoulder is still in pain but hopefully tomorrow I’ll be feeling much better.  Threw in some Zumba as well, the hunger I felt within an hour!  I gobbled down half an avocado before I left for work.

Saturday 50 crunches 50 push ups * 50 crunches 50 push ups.  I did these first thing in the morning before my body could make any excuses.

Sunday Run 5K * Ran 5K First #JustDoItSunday of the month, I loved it! 


Image from Pinterest

My highlight for the week was definitely Zumba.  It takes me to a happy place.  I love how my body can do all these various moves and still get to exercise at the same time.  It gets me sweating, way more than I do when I go for a run!  Maybe next week I will do two Zumba sessions instead of one…will see how things go.

How was your exercise week?  What did you get up to and what have you changed on your fitness plan?

Lesson Learnt This Week: Go out for your run at 5:00am if you want to beat running in the sun!

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Day 19: Your Career Your Choice?

On the #30DayAfriBlogger Challenge today’s topic is “Why Did You Choose Your Career Path.  I’m a qualified Secretary and now that you know what I do let’s talk about the fun stuff!

What did YOU want to be when you were growing up?  I know with my generation everyone wanted to be a doctor, a nurse, a teacher, a soldier an accountant, a businessman or a pilot.  Those seemed to be the only options one had to choose from in order to be labelled successful.  I on the other hand was completely different.  I had other plans on my mind and none of those occupations tickled my fancy.  I had different dreams and who knows some might still come true in this lifetime.  I always felt that if I became or got to do some of the things on my list I would be happier; so here is my list of things I thought I would one day do once I was all grown up.


Image from Pinterest

  1. Study choreography.  I love to dance,(not professionally) think naughty suggestive shake your ass like a salt shaker type of moves.  I’ve always felt that if I had the opportunity to actually study dance I would have one job I would love and literally run to every day because I can never get enough of all the dance styles that keep being created every single day.  Seeing that the choreography dream isn’t coming true soon enough I have taken to never leaving the dance-floor when I go out to party.  You should see my moves, Beyonce ain’t got nothing on me!
  2. Music.  Sometime in my early 20’s I thought being a DJ wouldn’t be a bad idea considering the way I love my music.  I remember applying for some voice over positions and that never materialised.  A friend who happens to be a DJ needed some Voice Over’s done for his music mix and approached me some  years back.  I enjoyed the few seconds of fame and loved hearing the sound of my voice.  I figured it wasn’t too late to pursue that career but what else must one do after being a Voice Over Artist?  However, this is definitely a dream that can still come to life if I put my mind to it; I just have to make it a side gig because the way Zimbabwe is set up you can’t make it your end and all!
  3. Counsellor.  I would like to believe I am an attentive listener and once I put my mind to it I will encourage someone to talk about issues they feel they cannot normally share with other people.  I already have a qualification in HIV/ AIDS Care and Counselling so one day when the opportunity arises I will step up and use it.  Methinks studying couselling works to my advantage because people feel safe to share their problems with me.  In this case health and fitness problems and I’m always willing to help no matter what time of day.
  4. Globe Trotter.  I wanted to travel the world. I didn’t want to have a permanent address.  I wanted my life to be different and planned that each year I would stay in say Kenya for one year, then move to India the following year and off to Netherlands, anywhere but home was going to be absolutely perfect for me.  I wanted to learn about different cultures and traditions while I enjoyed being on a travel adventure.  Alas, that hasn’t happened yet, but on the upside I have travelled to some parts of the world and still plan on travelling beyond Africa.

Image from Pinterest

I have a fun personality and I want to do things that unleash my character.  My current job doesn’t allow that though, it was an occupation chosen on my behalf and each day I make steps towards pursuing what I want and find a way to escape from a job that steals my joy.  I know it’s not too late to give what I love the most my full attention.  I want to leave this earth knowing I did everything that brought joy to my life.

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” — Steve Jobs

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September Challenge


Hello September!

Thank goodness the skies are clear and the sun is out; that’s every reason to go out and get your fitness on!  This month I have switched things up a notch and replaced our usual skipping with dance and yoga.  I will be letting you in on the benefits of doing these workouts during the course of the month so stay logged on.  In the meantime let’s talk about how September is going to be set up.

Burpee Challenge

You want a toned body but you don’t want to do the work because you think fit bodies drop from the sky?  I’m here to remind you that it doesn’t work like that and you are going to have to push yourself to get the results that you want.  There is no excuse for not taking part in the Burpee Challenge because all you need is yourself and some space to do the workout.

unnamed (2) Here’s why YOU should do burpees:

  • Burpees are awesome because they work your entire body.
  • You can do them in your home, at the gym, in the garden, on holiday; anywhere.
  • Burpees aren’t just great for helping you to lose fat and build muscle; they can actually help to improve the health of your heart and lungs.
  • They burn MEGA calories!

Dance and Yoga Workouts

You can buy a DVD workout, you can watch from YouTube, you can download an application and install it on your phone; you can even just create a power playlist and dance away.  Whatever you have to do, just make sure you get to do 30 minutes of it on the allocated days, you can thank me later.  The idea is to get your body out of your comfort zone.  Over time your body gets used to doing the same thing and boredom creeps in.  That’s why it’s important to spice up your journey so that you stay motivated.

unnamed (3)


The challenge would be incomplete without running.  However, this month you will be running less times in a week and each time you go out for a run you will be focusing on different aspects of running and not just going the distance.  Team Fitness In The Park is big on taking part on the #JustDoItSunday run that is hosted by Nike Run Club and it would be great to have you join us on those virtual runs.  Make sure your battery is fully charged the night before you go for a run, you wouldn’t want it to switch off on you during your run.


Steward Health is sponsoring fitness related prizes this month so make sure you take part.  I will announce the “challenge day” a day in advance so that you have time to prepare.

Hash Tags

Each time you post your run or workout on social media be sure to use both #StewardHealth and #RunWithFitnessBae

Park Runs

Tomorrow at 6:30am we will be at Greenwood Park, Harare for the first Harare Park Run.  You don’t want to miss this!  This will be an every Saturday do for the month of September so bring the whole family for some fitness fun, the event is free.

Please print the workouts and stick them somewhere you can see them all the time, that way you can feel guilty each time you don’t workout!  Make sure you get enough rest on the prescribed rest days.  Stay hydrated, eat nutritious meals and document your journey so that when the month comes to an end you can see all the goals you smashed; one day at a time.

The first Harare Park Run had 9 runners:

  1. Fitness Bae
  2. Lisa
  3. Fitness Hunk
  4. Fungai
  5. Decision
  6. Archie
  7. Nyasha
  8. Toriro
  9. Percy

2nd Harare Park Run – 16 September 2017


  1. Tambu
  2. Decision
  3. Fitness Hunk
  4. Fungai
  5. Saimon
  6. Toriro
  7. Fitness Bae
  8. Toby
  9. Rudo
  10. Tafadzwa
  11. Alyssa
  12. Yemurai
  13. Clara
  14. Bertha
  15. Liberty
  16. Lynah
  17. Yemurai
  18. Tapiwa
  19. Rati

3rd Harare Park Run – 23 September 2017


  1. Chenesai
  2. Munyaradzi
  3. Saimon
  4. Nyasha
  5. Miss Bubbles
  6. Fitness Bae
  7. Tapiwa
  8. Toby
  9. Fitness Hunk
  10. Lisa
  11. Decision
  12. M.K
  13. Fungai
  14. Alisa

4th Harare Park Run – 30 September 2017



Fitness Bae®


What Is The Best Exercise For You?

No prize for guessing that running is the result I got after taking a fitness quiz. The result read;

Running is one of the most popular ways to work out worldwide and this evergreen method maintains to recruit a lot of new believers. You are able to set your own pace, distance, time and much more. You will need your own self-discipline but signing up for local runs or marathons is a great way to stick with it

I can’t argue with the statement above, it is so very me.  Running is a major part of my fitness program.

I have tried different forms of exercise over the years to keep myself sane.  If you exercise regularly you know that routine will certainly kill your mojo.  To keep things interesting try and add on different routines to your already existing go to form of exercise.   Below are some of the exercises I do to keep me focused and motivated.  Remember fitness should also make you happy.  Incorporate exercises you look forward to that way you will actually do them with zero excuses and smile while doing so; we all know smiling burns calories.

1. Zumba

I LOVE to dance.  Anyone who knows me will tell you that I will be on the dance floor for hours on end as long as the DJ is playing my favourite type of music.  I bought myself Zumba DVDs when I was just starting out on my journey and I would make sure I put in at least 45 minutes twice a day to get results.  It worked like a charm!  I watched my love handles and my worries melt away effortlessly.  The great thing about Zumba is that you can workout from home or join a group, it’s completely up to you.

2. Yoga

I was skeptical to try this out the first time but after shelving the Yoga DVD for months I finally decided to try it out.  The first days were tough because Yoga requires your full attention and there is no time to muck about.  After weeks of trying I finally got to finish the entire 45 minute workout and I was hooked.  What I love about Yoga is that I can workout without my shoes, I wear light clothing, strength, flexibility and mental health are greatly enhanced.  Who knows, if I keep at it I might finally be able to do the “Crow Pose” and you will never hear or see the end of it!

3. Swimming

I started swimming when I was a little toddler and I haven’t stopped since.  Before I got hooked onto fitness swimming was one of those things I would do to cool down from the heat.  Things have changed over the years and each time I go out to swim I make sure I clock in a certain number of laps before I start chilling by the pool.  There are a lot of benefits that come with swimming which include helping to maintain a healthy weight, healthy heart and lungs as well as tone muscles and build endurance.  (The endurance part works wonders for my running)


13 minutes of skipping 🙂

4. Skipping

A friend recommended I try out skipping at the beginning of the year and I have never looked back.  The first days were tough, I would skip for 5 minutes and feel like I was going to die any second.  I kept pressing on and within weeks I had found my rhythm and my time got better each day.  Now I can safely skip non-stop for at least 6 minutes.  My secret?  A good playlist and a reliable digital skipping rope.  I skip from the comfort of my home and I know I annoy the heck out of the guys who stay downstairs.  Number one benefit of skipping is that it’s best friends with weight loss, it helps improve your skin given the amount of sweating that comes with it and skipping is known to burn around 1300 calories per hour.  What’s not to love??

There is never a dull moment on my fitness programme.  I fit in all the things I enjoy to do so that the journey continues.  A lot of people always ask me what type of workout they should try out and I always have a list ready for different individuals.  However, to make your life easy I suggest that you try out this quiz and have it help you determine what will work best for you.  You can find it over here.

What is your go to form of exercise?  What else do you incorporate when things get boring?  I would love to hear from you.

Stay logged onto my Health and Fitness Journey Series Episode 7 will be live on Thursday at 9:00am.

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Dance Workout Party!

Good morning my darlings!

Don’t say I never told you. There will be a Dance Workout Party this Saturday by Sam Levy’s Village.  One of my favourite trainers Zorro will be part of the lineup so yes, I will be there!

Dance, Music, Food, Exercise, what’s not to love?

See you there.

Fitness Bae®

Fitness In The Park : Food Edition

As promised, there will be another Fitness In The Park Event but this time around the theme is centred around food.  The second event we held last month left us feeling really hungry and it got me thinking that the next one must definitely have some food involved.

Fitness In The Park Harare.jpg

What I absolutely love about this venue (Simbewe Garden) is that there is so much space to do a different array of activities.  The event is free as always but if you would like to have some food you will be looking to spend $5 for a plate.  My very good friend Nyasha will lead the food discussion and also take time to show us how to prepare traditional meals that are both healthy and delicious.  We sure are in for a treat!

Once we are done with the important part of the day if you would like to join me to celebrate my birthday feel free to stay on.  It promises to be a great day filled with good music, great company and a lot of exercise so do come prepared!

Bring your towel, bottle of water, your friend(s) and your Bae!


Miss Ru showing us some Yoga poses


Paul doing what he loves!


Food makes everyone happy 🙂

unnamed (1).jpg

Worth every dollar!!


Fitness | Motivation | Education

To end the day we had a dance session with Pineapple Creative Studio and you can watch it from here.  It was a beautiful day!

Fitness Bae®

Zumba Fundraiser

Good Morning Team Fitness!

There is another event coming up this Saturday and I hope to see you there.  This time it’s a fundraiser and the target is to raise $500 towards a great cause.  Makumbe Hospital needs to be refurbished and Harare West Rotaract Club is doing the thing that needs to be done to get this project going.  I will definitely be there, look out for me on the warm up session just before the event starts.

Zumba Fund Raiser Harare.jpg

opening act by Fitness Bae







Please save the date.

Fitness Bae®

Zumba With Zorro!

Are you ready for Zumba with Zorro?!

Zumba with Zorro MaKupsy.jpg

We are always looking for a reason to stay fit and this month just before Valentine’s Day there will be a Zumba event and guess what, IT’S FREE!

You just need to sacrifice the first few hours of your morning, wear something RED and come join the fun.  There will also be BP and Sugar check-ups.



Come through and save the date, 11 February 2017.

Fitness Bae®