Why Do I Blog?

This challenge to blog everyday in September has taken a toll on me. I’m way behind schedule and I’ve since stopped panicking. Life happens and that’s okay.

I’ve been blogging for 4 years now and people ask me why I’m still at it.  I have a lot of reasons which I will share with you today.

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  1. I blog because I got tired of writing in my journal. I have always kept a journal for as long as I remember but thanks to technology my handwriting has gone from bad to worse.  It’s a task putting my thoughts to paper now so blogging works like an online diary for me.
  2. I talk too much, I always have something to say and because those around me have things to do they can’t always be sitting and listening to my stories. This is working as an outlet for me to express my views and opinions on different things going on around me.
  3. I want to keep my memories alive especially for my daughter Kupsy. Someday I will be dead and gone and I would like her to have access to my blog and get to read all the things, both good and bad that I went through.
  4. You know how you forget about all the details that happened on a certain event years after it has happened? Well, thanks to blogging I will never forget the priceless moments and they will be right here in detail.
  5. To learn new things, since I started blogging not a day goes by that I don’t have moments that leave me thinking and adding on things to my life skills.
  6. For entertainment purposes, some of the bloggers I follow are witty and provide a good laugh on days when things aren’t exactly going my way.
  7. To get a wide readership for my work and a lot of interesting followers. I read some blogs posts before I hit the follow button, I like to make sure blogs I choose to follow are worth my time.
  8. The original reason I started blogging was because I had fallen truly, madly, deeply in love with a certain guy and there was no way I was going to tell him about it so I wrote an article about him instead which you can read about here.
  9. To keep me sane, I have days that writing is the only thing that makes sense and it works for me, it’s more on the therapeutic side.
  10. To get over the bad and heartbreaking things that have happened to me in the past. Putting them out there helps me deal with them and move on to brighter days.

*BONUS POINT*  I blog because I want to share stories from Africa.

If you’ve recently started blogging or have been blogging for a while, what are some of the reasons why you blog?

©MaKupsy 2018


What No-one Told You About UnPlugged

Shekhinah is going to be all up at this month’s UnPlugged Zimbabwe event.  The beautiful singer-song writer whose debut album Rose Gold won her Album of the Year, Female Artist of the Year and Newcomer of the Year will grace us with her with her melodic voice on the 25th of August 2018 at ZB Sports Club in Vainona, Harare.

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This is the super cool stuff no-one told you about and I’m taking free hugs for giving you a heads up.

  • This month’s UnPlugged Zimbabwe is STRICTLY FOR ADULTS.
  • UnPlugged Zimbabwe has a “Chill Zone” this time around.  The ticket costs $30.    Please note that tickets to the Chill Zone can only be purchased in advance and you can’t do so at the gate.  The link for advanced tickets is www.clicknpay.africa

You’re reading this and thinking why in the world would I part with that much money?  Well, you get nothing but awesome benefits which are:

  1. The Chill Zone is right next to the stage.
  2. There’s guaranteed seating.
  3. There’s private bar.
  4. There’s separate parking.
  5. There’s a dedicated entrance.

WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE???  If you’re anything like me and have to think three times before going to take a pee break because you’re scared you will miss out on a performer during the event then if this doesn’t sell you I don’t know what will.  Also, think of the beautiful up-close shots you can get of Shekhinah…

Here’s the stuff you probably already know:

  • 384 Isis Road, Vainona, Harare is the event location.
  • The event is from 2pm to 10pm.
  • Advanced tickets are $10 please follow this link to make your purchase: www.clicknpay.africa
  • Tickets on the day at the gate will be $15.
  • All payment platforms are available.

If you’ve been to UnPlugged Zimbabwe a couple of times you already know what to wear or what to bring with you.  If it’s your first time you will need to read UnPlugged Must-Haves.

I hope you’re already marking your calendar to what promises to be the most epic show of the year.  You already know I like all things amazing and yeah I’m just tryna let you know let you know le let you know that you’ll definitely see me there!

Shekhinah comes to UnPlugged Zimbabwe 

Shekhinah MaKupsy

Shekhinah UnPlugged MaKupsy 2018.jpg

UnPlugged MaKupsy


Shekhinah UnPlugged MaKupsy.jpg

UnPlugged Asaph.jpg

UnPlugged MaKupsy Shekinah.jpg
UnPlugged 2018 MaKupsy.jpg

©MaKupsy 2018

The Cook Out ZW

The CookOut ZW is a picnic style, family friendly event that celebrates the Zimbabwean summer with special focus on great food and great music.  The first CookOut ZW event was held last month and I still have no idea how that missed me but fear not I’m here with the hook up.

This shindig is basically a cool, intimate Sunday chill out event with lots of fun for kids as well! The CookOut ZW will feature succulent meat braaied to perfection by braai masters and the only thing cooler than the music will be the drinks.

A variety of food including but not limited to juicy loin chops, tender flame grilled chicken pieces, hot off the grill burgers, fresh, colourful, crisp salads and soft drinks, coolers, cold beers will be readily available so fear not, you will NOT go thirsty or hungry.  Payment options include cash, swipe and Ecocash.

Take it from me, this Sunday The CookOutZW is something you have to check out; I’ll be there you already know I like all things entertaining.  Music features include melodious fusions by Bryan K plus Afro-Pop and Soul by Vera.


For more information log onto The CookOut ZW Facebook Page on @theCookOutZW

Prayersoul is giving away 3 CDs of his album, While I Was Away.  To stand a chance to win name any 4 songs by PrayerSoul, add them in the comments section of this post, take a screen shot and add to my pinned Twitter or Facebook Page.

Please note that if you win you can only collect your CD from The CookOut ZW event on Sunday from Prayersoul himself.

Bring yourself, your friend, your siblings, your children, your significant other to The CookOut ZW.

It’s important that you call the number on the poster and tell the host that you will be attending the event.  RSVP for The CookOutZW please!

©MaKupsy 2017

Day 7: Lose Yourself In My Top 10 Zimbabwean Songs

Music makes me happy.  It’s my go to place when I need something to evoke different emotions within me.  From getting myself in a good mood, going for my morning run, dancing with my daughter, unwinding after a long day at work…music is art!

I have always been a fan of music but it was mostly international music.  It was only in the early 2000’s that a genre titled “Urban Grooves” emerged that I started paying attention to our local music.  It was advocated that all local radio stations were to play 75% local content by local artists.  What I loved was that most of the artists sang in Shona, bonus!!!  Back then music was soulful, it was rich and high school boys would use that to their advantage and dedicate songs to their potential girlfriends on radio and automatically had almost every high school going child tuned in to listen in case you got a “dedication.” These are the times where song books and auto books were a big hit but that’s a story for another day.  They were still good times indeed!


Photo Credit EXQ (@exq_papi) Instagram

Enter 2005 a new genre of music appeared on the scenes, ZimDancehall.  Can you believe that nearly 12 years later it’s still going strong and racking in listeners both young and old?  What I love about ZimDancehall is that the artists are telling their story as it is, there is no sugar coating there.  They sing their truth!  However, ZimDancehall is not everyone’s cup of tea and some people criticise it stating that it is shallow.  What some people don’t realise is that it is the day to day reality of a group of people whose existence we don’t like to acknowledge but form a large part of our culture (our real CULTURE not our traditional).  The fact that we keep shunning issues that are on the ground is probably part of the reason why some people are failing to be themselves.

Please be friends with YouTube to get to watch the videos or listen to the audios.  Below is a list of my top 10 favourite tracks in no particular order; straight out of the heart of Zimbabwe, please note that the genres vary.

  1. Nhema: ExQ and Killer T
  2. Ndipe Rudo: Sani Makhalima
  3. Penge Penge: Tytan
  4. Million Reasons: Prayersoul
  5. 25: Winky D
  6. Pain Killer: Stunner
  7. Alleluya: Roki and ExQ
  8. Ndiyende: Celscius
  9. Wakandipedzera Nguva Yangu: Selmor Mtukudzi
  10. Dai Zvaibvira: Killer T

I asked an artist and friend, Prayersoul his thoughts on the music industry in Zimbabwe;

There is no fixed structure in Zimbabwe for people to know what’s hot and what’s not.  For example, the reason we all know about Cassper Nyovest is because of Channel O, Trace Africa, MTV Base and all the other music channels available on DSTV.  They have a strong media presence and this gives consumers access to them.  If Cassper Nyovest does a video it will go to different fans from Africa, South Africa alone has nearly 55 million people!  He has demand and can send out emails to African promoters to let them know he will be in their country if they want to book a show.  Zimbabwe musicians are not getting this type of exposure.  If there was one channel that we all watched in Zimbabwe and it wasn’t Dstv; think a Zimbabwe “Dstv”.  Then everyone in the industry wanting to grow and get popular would try and get on it and viewers will get to know who is who and increase their chances of bookings.

What is your favourite music genre in your country?  Have there been any collaborations that have gone international?  What do you like or dislike about the music from your country?

©MaKupsy 2017

UnPlugged Must-Haves

UnPlugged Magic: Love. Live. Music

I hope you have been preparing for UnPlugged because tomorrow it’s the place to be!  Your UnPlugged must-haves include items from clothes, to food to a couple of accessories.   Those of you going for the first time need to make sure you have some if not all of the things on the list below to make your UnPlugged experience all the more fun!


Photo Credit: @mama_danai (Twitter) and her friend Rutendo

  • Sunglasses
  • Flat shoes (there will be a lot of dancing involved)
  • Shorts
  • Jeans
  • Floral summer dress
  • Hoodie or jacket (if you are planning to stay on till the evening)
  • Power bank
  • Selfie stick
  • Cooler box (make sure you stash a lot of ice and drinks of your choice(Vodka) in there)
  • Bottled water
  • Camping chairs
  • Picnic blanket
  • Backpack or sling bag
  • Toilet paper
  • Alcohol
  • Beer sticks
  • Biltong
  • Pizza(from Pizza Slice obviously)
  • Burgers (just make sure your crush won’t be coming along it might get messy

The UnPlugged Look

What I love about UnPlugged is that you can bring your own food and drinks.  Thankfully there are food stalls so if you run out of your own stash you can always buy yourself something tasty to eat or drink.

You can pay via swipe, ecocash and cash unfortunately Zipit is not yet available.

Performing acts to look forward to at UnPlugged tomorrow include, Tariro neGitareMunyaradzi Nyamarebvu & Roots Kalimba and the “UnPluggers Choice”, WinkyD !!!

Still not convinced to come through?  Watch the UnPlugged Zimbabwe video from here to see what the vibe is like.


Photo Credit: @mazishuga (Twitter)

UnPlugged Zimbabwe starts at 2pm and ends at 10pm.

Make sure you enjoy every moment and don’t forget to bring your friends and family.  If you are going to be drinking alcohol please make sure you have a sober designated driver so that you get home safe and sound.


Have I left out any UnPlugged must-haves?  If yes, please feel free to drop them in the comments section.

©MaKupsy 2017

Adele – Someone Like You

Love is one of the most beautiful things you can experience in this lifetime if it’s reciprocal.  However, if you are one of the unlucky few who got served a huge dose of unrequited love you will know exactly how much pain can come from it.

Thankfully over the years I have had the chance to reflect and take note of some of the mistakes I made in the past where love was concerned.  In the past I have paired myself up with people who actually did not love or care about me.  I saw the signs and chose to ignore them.  A slight sign of concern was automatically mistaken for love.  For me love had to make my heart go pitter patter, lose my senses, lose sleep and have me going through extremes of happiness and sadness.  That was clearly a lot to take in in the name of love.

I used to be a bitter woman, I was mad at the world.  Mad that I loved someone who did not see all the things I did in the name of love.  More than anything I was mad at myself for not seeing something was not good for me and simply walking away when I still had the chance to do so.

I am happy to say that what I view love to be has completely changed.  For me love will not leave me close to feeling a panic attack, love will complete me, love will give me a warm, calm and confident feeling towards my partner.  I don’t think I still get butterflies, maybe it’s an age thing; but I certainly feel that this is right when I am with the perfect match.

I no longer feel anything towards the man who once shattered my heart to irreparable little pieces; I am indifferent towards him.  You will be surprised to note that this very song used to bring me to tears each time I listened to it but now I listen to it and recall that it used to be his favourite song.  Through it all in as much as things didn’t work out between us we had our happy moments.  They didn’t last but for the season they were supposed to they brought a smile to my face.

It’s important to take a step back whenever you get the chance to and find out where you go wrong.  It’s easy to sit down and blame the world for things going wrong in your life when most times you are the very source of your own pain.  You can’t choose who you love though you can try very hard to make sure you love someone who at least feels the same way about you.

I have made it my personal mission to continue to grow myself in love.  How?  By doing things that bring me joy, filling my days with happy moments, understanding that not everyone will understand the intensity that comes with me and above all else to keep learning and unlearning habits that might hinder my progress.  Not everyone will understand what I am about but the right one will know that I am amazing just the way I am.

We live yes, but how many of us actually take time to learn?  




©MaKupsy 2017

Love is…Serendipity

You never see it coming and the next thing you know unconditional love unconditional love; she ain’t looking for no diamonds and digging for no gold just somebody to love unconditional love…

I looooove me some Jah Cure.  His music speaks to my soul.  This is one of my favourite tracks by him and I can never get enough of it.  The only side effect to this track is that it leaves me feeling all mushy, but a mushy good way.

What I have realised about love is that it comes when you least expect it.  That moment when you are all relaxed, no “God send me a partner already!” thoughts on your mind, busy getting on with your life and BAM! LOVE HITS YOU.  That kind of love is precious.

There are too many people in the world trying to be someone or something they are not or trying to feel things that they don’t feel.  This has probably contributed to love not being as pure as it used to be or rather as it is supposed be.  Most people have an agenda when it comes to relationships.

I would like to believe everyone wants that kind of love Jah Cure sings about but the biggest question I have for you is are you willing to give unconditional love?

P.S I know if Cyber Bae is reading this he is just rolling his eyes and saying “there goes Cupid’s Apprentice”; he calls me that because I still believe true love is out there somewhere, the only difference is only a few people get to experience it.

Love is serendipity.

©MaKupsy 2017

Desperate Housewives

When everyone was all excited about the television series Desperate Housewives I joined in but only got to watch the first two seasons because I never really had time to sit down and watch it.  A few weeks ago my friend brought me back to the series and gave me the whole 8 seasons of it and I have been hooked ever since.  I am currently watching Season 6 and the first episode left me feeling a lot of different things.  Here’s the thing.


Image from Google

If you go back to season 5 Mike had moved in with Catherine and they seemed happy.  Well, Catherine mostly did because she hadn’t been in a relationship in a while and was happy to finally have someone in her life.  Mike seemed distant and still in love with his ex wife Susan. (But apparently they had both “moved on”) Catherine obviously didn’t see that Mike wasn’t head over heels for her because she was in a love bubble of her own.  I think it was brave of Catherine to ask Mike if he was ever going to marry her because Mike told her the truth that he didn’t know.  And you know that for most women we choose to not pay attention to what a man says.  He actually told her the truth but we always find a way of hoping somehow he will change his mind because we are just programmed like that I guess.  The other issue I have with Mike is that he will go above and beyond for Susan just to make her happy but clearly won’t do much for Catherine.  I can safely say Catherine gets half baked love from Mike but Susan on the other hand…There are real life cases where you date a guy and he treats you like crap but then dates the next woman and treats her like a queen and you wonder what the fuck is that all about?  So then;the series continues and a whole lot of things happen but this is the part that really got to me when I watched episode one of season 6.


Mike just went on to marry Susan and left Catherine out in the cold.  Okay fine, maybe Catherine made a not so wise decision by hooking up with someone she knew still had unresolved issues but give her a break, you can’t exactly choose who you fall in love with, or can you?  Why does Susan always get what she wants though?  That again is not fair!  I was really sad on Catherine’s behalf.  How do women end up in situations like this though?  How do we just feel the need to fall for the emotionally unavailable guy?  Do we not see the signs?  And as for Mike, how do you just drop Catherine like a hot potato and get back to your ex wife (Susand) and forget about all the promises you made to Catherine?  Didn’t she at least mean something to you?  Does this mean she doesn’t have feelings too or she should just get over it and move on.  Mind you she stays right across the street and will get to witness everything the pair gets up to.  Man, the world is a cold ass place…

I should clearly stop over analysing things, it’s just a series!!

©MaKupsy 2017

Cape Town Reloaded

I NEEDED a holiday and Cape Town was the answer!   This was a much needed break and I enjoyed every bit of it.  I won’t bore you with a lot of details like I did the first time I visited.  In this post I will write about the highlights of my trip.



with @mapz___ (Twitter)

I hung out with Leigh and Melissa and they showed me around the Victoria Wharf at the V&A Waterfront.  It’s like THE destination for shopping, dining and entertainment.  These two women were the best hosts ever.  They showed me around and spent the entire afternoon with me.  I wonder at what point will Zimbabwe have breath taking malls like these…probably when Miss Kupsy is done with High School because trust me we have a long way to go.  That said, I had to walk past some of the stores because my pocket is not yet that healthy and walking in just to window shop was going to leave us with real heartache. Stores like Hugo Boss Ladies, Louis Vuitton and Mont Blanc; I have kept the list short because if I keep going on my heart might just start bleeding all over again!

We later settled in for late lunch by Primi Restaurant .  The views from there are absolutely divine.  You can watch the waves from a distance while sipping on a glass of wine and taking in the lovely ambiance.


I went through the menu and all I can see was the usual food I had been stuffing my face with for the past few days.  I was so over chicken and burgers. I wanted to have something that would have my taste buds excited.  Melissa suggested I try out Carbonara (Crispy bacon & pecorino folded with an egg, a dash of cream & spring onion).  I was a bit skeptical but seeing that she had tried it out a couple of times I had a feeling it was going to be worth every bite.  We ordered some drinks and waited on our order.  The sun was a bit too much so we opted to change tables and the waiter was really helpful moving our bags and later taking pictures of us.  Apparently he used to be a photographer so this was not a bother at all.


Carbonara : Price R73

When my plate was placed in front of me I thought oh my, I am going to need a burger after this!  It looked like it was too little but trust me a few bites into it I realised that I was lying to myself, I was actually going to have a hard time finishing my food.  The pasta was rich, well prepared and very tasty.  I loved how the bacon was finely chopped and mixed with the rest of the ingredients.  I am not friends with Red Wine so when Leigh and Melissa ordered a bottle I ordered a cider and this meal really went down with an ice cold glass of Hunters Gold.  My bill was a neat R150, I have never felt so good about paying for a meal and drinks the way I did on this day.  Back home for that amount all you get is a meal and no drinks!  A meal like this that makes you wonder who works in that kitchen!


(Twitter)@Ubuntu_Queen- Melissa, MaKupsy & Leigh

After late lunch we proceeded to go to the waterfront to take A LOT of photos and selfies, and photos and did I say selfies while enjoying the view.  It was a lovely day spent with great company, good food and amazing views.

Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour

Can you believe my nephew had not been on the City SightSeeing Bus and yet this is his second year in Cape Town?  Unbelievable! We got it touch and decided to meet up by the Tour Bus office in the City Centre.  The one thing I loved about the City Sight Seeing website is that they have an online chat facility which actually works!  The conversation I had with them the morning we were meant to meet up with my nephew went like this:


Methinks Service Providers in Zimbabwe should try this out, saves a lot of time and money!

I had my first Uber experience and I must say this application is really convenient and affordable.  It cost R100 to pick me up from the hotel to Long Street. Not bad at all!  The thing is when I travel to South Africa I keep converting the money to the amount I would have been charged in Zimbabwe and I realise we are being ripped off back home!!

It was a fun filled afternoon. Our first stop was Table Mountain.


Vuyo is a laid back person.  This was not his kind of fun, he likes being indoors but after your aunty has come all the way from Zimbabwe you have to get out of the house and get some air.   I know he was just thinking to himself someone shoot me now!  I was all geared up for the day, backpack, sunglasses, dress, shoes, selfie stick, sunscreen, actually just about everything was in my bag ready to take on the day.

Next stop was Camps Bay Beach.

The first thing we did when we hopped off was have lunch and he chose Ocean Basket.  He likes playing it safe when it comes to food and he doesn’t like a lot of things.  He is that person who will have a burger and a roll, no tomato, onion, cheese or mayo for him.


Too beautiful!

Vuyo did not get into the water at all.  He was chilled by the rocks and playing on his phone and watching the waves.  He was my camera person for the day because if he was not going to join me in the freezing water I was going to find other ways to make him useful.


The water was SO COLD but I needed pictures for my Instagram! LOL

We got back to Long Street just before 5pm after spending a couple of hours at Camps Bay Beach.


It was a lovely day and it was good to catch up with Vuyo.  I had not seen him in months!

Night Out


I don’t remember the last time I went out and got home at 4am!  The skies were clearing in preparation for a new day and there I was leaving a club!  That’s just how much fun I had on this particular Thursday night!  We got to the club around 9pm and the place was relaxed and had a few people.  The first thing we did was order some food.  I ordered a platter because I wanted something meaty.  Everyone else did the same and we patiently waited while sipping on some drinks.  I was having my usual Vodka.  The food came after what felt like forever and did I just not get the shock of my life!


Ribs,steak, chicken & a salad for

Let me be honest, I only managed to eat a few ribs and had the whole salad.  I had to ask for a doggy bag to take home because my body would not let me stomach all that food in one go!  It was delicious though but wayyy too much for me to take in one go.  The rest of the evening went really well and Somizi Mhlongo came and sat to a table right next to us.  As my friends already know I love things and I went up to him a few minutes later to ask for a selfie.  He politely declined and gave me a hug saying he couldn’t take pictures in this particular club.  Dear readers, you are very lucky, had I taken that selfie with him, you were not going to hear the last of it!  Hahaha, the universe knows better after all.  They mostly played House Music and I loved most of the songs because I am not familiar with some of them.  The place eventually got packed and so many drinks later we decided to call it a night.



I made sure I got the window seat!

Sadly, all great holidays have to come an end…It was the most refreshing week I have had all year!  I felt happier, refreshed and ready to take on life again.  It was nice to visit a destination a second time and actually have an idea of how to get around.  I will definitely visit again next year without fail or maybe I will go to East London?  Time will tell.  Who knows this time I might not be visiting but actually relocating and never have to plan all year to visit such a beautiful place.

I know I promised I wouldn’t bore you with so many details but so many lovely things happened I couldn’t help but share them.  Do make sure you put Cape Town on your must got to Travel Destination, I promise you won’t regret it!

Have a day as beautiful as you.

©MaKupsy 2016

I Hate My Home Town!

Ever since the day we moved to Marondera sometime in 1994 I knew I would not like staying there.  I went through Junior School wishing I was back in the town I had grown to love and adore… Chinhoyi.  I was relieved when I had to start High School and found a place in Harare which is a good 73 km away from Marondera.  Marondera is cold, like throughout the whole freaking year, you can never get a break from the miserable weather.  It can be sunny during the day but trust me when night comes you are guaranteed to feel the chill.  That is one of the many things I never used to and still don’t like about the place.  I never made any actual friends there, I had neighbours I would play with and talk to, but not anyone close.

I hate my hometown MaKupsy.jpg

Image from Pinterest

My dad was very strict growing up and I had a 5 pm curfew and was never allowed to go anywhere far without supervision.  Talk about being in a mini prison.  I actually had days I would plan on running away but they never materialised because I didn’t know where exactly I would run away to.  I know my dad had good intentions but some days I feel like it stopped me from making friends and exploring the town.  Maybe just maybe I would have grown to like some parts of it.  I remember the day I finished High School I promised myself that I would NEVER EVER go back to Marondera and live as far away from it as possible and only visit during special occasions and holidays; it was that bad.

The way I simply hate Marondera is beyond me. Each time I visit I spend the whole weekend indoors because there is absolutely no form of entertainment or anyone to even think of visiting.  The place drains me to be honest, all my feel good hormones go straight out the window when I go there.  Is there a cure for hating your home town?  I doubt it very much.