Marriage Is A Journey

Marriage is a journey.  I know this because I read it on the news feed of one of my favourite couples on Facebook.  I randomly stalk their page and each time I do so there is always something inspirational and heartwarming.  Today this is what I bumped into.


Cynthia & Her Husband Sean

Marriage is like buying a second hand car. What attracted you to it was probably the shiny paint, the interior, the sound system etc, and it felt like a “new car” to you.
You then bought the car , entered into a relationship with it to start your own car journey experience. Your journey with the “new car” was an adventure as you began finding out things you never knew existed! 

You set off to go on your journey which is 1500 miles away, but it doesn’t bother you because you know the journey will be worth it! A third into your journey you hear a weird sound and you smell  something that wasn’t there before you can’t put your finger on it but you know something isn’t right!

You’re at a strange place with a now strange car and you’re faced with a dilemma!
1. Do you get the car checked out, fixed so you can continue on your journey? Or…..
2. Do you accept it as a loss, abort the journey forfeit your destination and find your way back to where you started? 

Marriage is a journey…

It’s an adventure, quite exciting and exhilarating at the beginning, but then the going will get tough at some point, you begin to see characteristics you never knew existed, you get disappointed, you feel let down, angry  feel like throwing in the towel.  You feel like it’s easier to just get a brand new car, but even those break down at some point too, so what will happen then??

You get to know your car  you get it fixed, you continue with the journey, it will be an experience, your own adventure, embrace it, focus on your destination!! It’ll be worth it.
Marriage is not for quitters, neither is it for the faint hearted!


Cynthia is a Gym Addict and you can find her on Instagram where she always posts some mouth watering food and you can also find her on Facebook ,where she shares her fitness workouts.

Are you married?  If yes, what are some of the marriage nuggets you have to share?  Feel free to drop your thoughts in the comments section.

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Office Eye Candy

About a year ago there were interviews at my workplace.  The way I got super excited about it you would think I was the one who was going to take part in it.  I have colleagues who have been with the organisation for decades so you can just imagine how old and very married that makes them…This automatically translates to nonexistent eye candy in the office except me of course (insert huge smirk here).   There were about eight gentlemen who came for the interview and most of them were a breath of fresh air.  After a few weeks of waiting three of them were called in to start work.  One of them was just a few years older than me; he was very good looking and looked so good in a suit.  By now my readers should know how much I love a man in a nice suit.


I was thrilled that we finally had a young person in the office.  In my mind I was thinking now I have all the more motivation to dress all sassy, flirt the day away,  get to work super early so that I can have a chit chat with him before we started work and something nice to catch a glimpse of every now and again because I would get to see him often.  He was going to be my Superman and save me from the dull office environment I currently work in…Did the universe not have other plans for my perfect fantasy or what!  After talking to him the first few days I found out that he had a girlfriend that he was committed to and looking to marry after a few months!!!  Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t want to date the guy because I know how office romance usually ends badly but a little flirting here and there never hurt anyone.

Man I was gutted!!  I actually didn’t speak to him for months after he told me about his girlfriend.  The poor guy didn’t even know what he had done wrong.  I was so upset and when I look back now I can’t help but laugh at myself.   We are good friends now and we do talk but he never got to know I had a major crush on him back then.  The crush has completely worn off now because ever since he got married he has this “prosperity curve” thing going on with him so he is safe. LOL

To all the employers out there please add some eye candy to the office, some women need that extra push to get excited about going to work.