Friends Are Like Breasts

“Friends are like breasts, you’ve got big ones, small ones, real ones, and fake ones.”

I’m that one person who has very few friends.  I can safely say I have just 5 close friends and it’s a great feeling; I have way less drama in my life thanks to that.  These friends are in trouble though, we share the most random life experiences and I promise you if anyone went  Over the years I have lost and found new friends at different phases of my life but one thing stands true, all of my friendships have come with both positive and negative lessons which I will write about at a later time.  Today let me share my thoughts on how you can keep the sparkle in your friendship.


Shami & MaKupsy 🙂


Friendships just like relationships take a lot of work.  Thankfully technology has made life easier for everyone and most people have access to WhatsApp, Skype, phone calls, social media platforms, think Facebook; there really is no excuse not to stay in touch.  If you plan on staying friends for a while you have to make sure you take regular communication seriously.

Spending Time Together

Yes ladies, you know how we always complain about that guy who only texts but never makes an effort to meet up and see you on a face to face date?  No prize for guessing that the same thing applies to friendship!  Make an effort to meet up in person as often as you can to do activities you both like.  I know one of my close friends has a “no phones policy” when we go out on dates, she believes it’s important to give each other 110% attention when we finally get to spend time together because cellphones are generally disruptive and I now completely agree!


There is a huge difference between catching up and suffocating your friend.  Don’t be that friend who doesn’t understand the art of leaving someone alone with their thoughts.  It’s perfectly fine to go a day or two without talking to a close friend, life is happening to all of us and sometimes spending an entire day chatting away about nothing is not the most productive thing to do.  It’s welcome on most days but certainly not on all days.  If you are this person, please give your friend some space.


I would have said gifts but everyone’s language of love is different.  I remember the one time I was crazy in love about shoes and my best friend Tanya, who happens to be all the way in South Africa got me a pair of designer heels for my birthday.  I was in tears of joy the entire day thinking of how she planned for weeks to get the shoes to me on my birthday without ever showing a hint of what she was up to.  She knows my language of love is all things pretty if that’s even a language but she gets me.  You know what your friend values the most, whatever it is, make an effort to go out of your way and get it done for them.  Here’s a free idea, get someone to clean their house and do their laundry and iron it so that they come back home they get back to a sparkling clean house!

*P.S. Surprise money is also nice*


If your friend is always in agreement and never questions your choices or decisions is that even a friend?  At some point you will mess up and you will need someone to hand it out to you in black and white, no sugar coating, no playing nice; just the hard truth.  They will also give you advice on how best to deal with a situation because criticism without a way forward is pointless.  When your friend is losing the plot be the one to remind them, good friends look out for each other.

Grow Together

Grow in all aspects.  Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  What’s the point of being friends if you remain exactly the same?  Most of my friends are book worms, they are always studying for some programme of sort and it’s only natural that it rubs onto me.  The last time I was on a coffee date with Chenge she encouraged me to take up an online course which I delayed on taking any action on until a few weeks ago.  You see, our lunch dates are productive after all!

These are my top tips on how to keep the spice in your friendship.  I know there are a lot more of where those came from but I would like to hear from you.  What do you do to maintain the friendship connections in your life?  I’ve observed that men don’t seem to do a lot of work to maintain their friendships.  How do you men do it?  Please share your secrets!

That said, when it comes to the sort of breast friend I am, I’m right up there with the “real breasts, have you seen the size of my breasts?! *insert forever laughing emoji here*

©MaKupsy 2017







The Cook Out ZW

The CookOut ZW is a picnic style, family friendly event that celebrates the Zimbabwean summer with special focus on great food and great music.  The first CookOut ZW event was held last month and I still have no idea how that missed me but fear not I’m here with the hook up.

This shindig is basically a cool, intimate Sunday chill out event with lots of fun for kids as well! The CookOut ZW will feature succulent meat braaied to perfection by braai masters and the only thing cooler than the music will be the drinks.

A variety of food including but not limited to juicy loin chops, tender flame grilled chicken pieces, hot off the grill burgers, fresh, colourful, crisp salads and soft drinks, coolers, cold beers will be readily available so fear not, you will NOT go thirsty or hungry.  Payment options include cash, swipe and Ecocash.

Take it from me, this Sunday The CookOutZW is something you have to check out; I’ll be there you already know I like all things entertaining.  Music features include melodious fusions by Bryan K plus Afro-Pop and Soul by Vera.


For more information log onto The CookOut ZW Facebook Page on @theCookOutZW

Prayersoul is giving away 3 CDs of his album, While I Was Away.  To stand a chance to win name any 4 songs by PrayerSoul, add them in the comments section of this post, take a screen shot and add to my pinned Twitter or Facebook Page.

Please note that if you win you can only collect your CD from The CookOut ZW event on Sunday from Prayersoul himself.

Bring yourself, your friend, your siblings, your children, your significant other to The CookOut ZW.

It’s important that you call the number on the poster and tell the host that you will be attending the event.  RSVP for The CookOutZW please!

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Take Time To Unpack

School days are the best days of your life?  I think not!  I remember the year, 1993 it was sometime before Christmas.  My parents told me that I could write up a list of friends I would invite over for a party and I was delighted.  I used to have a birthday celebration each year but it was always with my siblings and hardly ever with my friends so you can imagine the excitement.  A few days later I was informed that we were going to Marondera and I didn’t read much into it.  My grandmother stayed there and we visited her often so for me it was just another trip to see Gogo(grandmother).  I was wrong, we were moving and no one even cared to tell me.

It was only when we arrived in Marondera and we didn’t go to Gogo’s place that I realised that something was amiss.  I was shown our new home and what was going to be my new bedroom and I was not amused.  You see, when we were in Chinhoyi the house we stayed in was tripple the size of the one I saw before my eyes.  The neighbourhood was completely different, I knew no one except my cousins who stayed I didn’t even know where because we met when we all went to Gogo’s place.  I was devastated.  I actually cried buckets and told my parents I wanted to go back to Chinhoyi and be with my friends, my school and everything that I was familiar with.  Mothers back then didn’t take tantrums lightly and my mother would whoop my ass for being dramatic.  I cried myself to sleep so many nights, I missed my friends.  I missed home.

I had to attend a new school and as you can imagine I felt like an outsider.  Making friends was a real mission.  I loved sport, I could swim and play tennis but I didn’t make it to the team because the school already had their set of students they had already “chosen”.  I remember taking up hockey instead and I struck some luck there and ended up being in the team.  Even after trying to make friends through sport people didn’t seem to like me.  I was bullied and secluded.  The one time all the girls in my class called for a meeting and sat me down.  I don’t remember what it was about but I remember walking home in tears and wishing I would either go back to Chinhoyi or die.  Children can be really cruel and to date I don’t understand why they treated me that way.


Image from Google

At home my father never wanted me to leave the house.  I was always under lock and key.  The only time I was allowed to play outside the gate was when I went out to ride my bicycle.  That was one of my favourite things to do.  A few weeks after we moved my bicycle was stolen and I was left with nothing else to do with my time.  Eventually I was allowed to go and play with children my age but only till a certain time of day then it was back to being under lock and key.

I still have memories of having to sit outside during break time by myself because the other girls were “punishing me”.  Was it because they had already established who their friends were and I was messing up things for them by being the newbie?  Was it because I loved to take part in sporting activities?  Was it because I didn’t know anything about the town?  I had and still have so many questions because I can’t imagine why people would have such a strong feeling of dislike of someone they really didn’t know.

I never looked forward to going to school.  I hated every minute of it.  I remember telling my parents about what was happening but they brushed it off.  There were a lot of incidents that happened that I won’t dwell on because as it is I am typing this and crying at the same time, the wounds are resurfacing all over again!  I grew up telling myself that once I am done with school I am never coming back to Marondera if it’s the last thing I do.  I hate that place, it has so many unpleasant memories.  Each time I travel and I start feeling home sick it’s not Marondera I will be thinking of, I will be thinking of my home here in Harare.  It was only yesterday that it dawned on me that this is the reason I never enjoy my visits to Marondera, the place haunts me…


©MaKupsy 2016

15 Ways To Mend A Broken Heart

You are definitely one of the lucky few people on this planet if you have not gone through a heartbreak.  In my opinion the pain that comes with it is right there next to labour pains.  It is something you don’t want to experience more than once because the pain usually scars you for weeks, months and sometimes years to come.  I asked some of my favourite people on Twitter to share how they managed to get over a heartbreak and as always they didn’t disappoint!  I like to keep opinions anonymous so names are not mentioned.  Their healing processes and some of mine are in the list below.  Kick back, grab your notepad and fix yourself a strong cup of coffee you will want to keep this!

  1. Cry. Cry yourself to sleep, cry yourself through the day, cry each time you listen to that sappy song that reminds you of him, heck cry yourself a whole river!  It’s the best thing you can do for yourself, crying will help wash away the pain.  Whatever you do, DO NOT internalise your emotions.
  2. Get high or die trying. Seriously.  Nothing makes you feel better like a good old smoke.  You are guaranteed of short term memory loss which is a good thing because you can focus on the feel good sensation and forget about your broken heart for a while.  Proven effects include joy, euphoria, contentedness and a care-free attitude!
  3. Cut contact, otherwise you will find yourself snooping on their social media this is very unhealthy.   I suggest you actually take a social media fast for the next 30 days in a bid to protect yourself.  The last thing you want to do is see your ex partner all loved up on Instagram.  That will actually do you more harm than good, heartbreak and social media are NOT friends!
  4. Get up under someone new.  Try this at your own risk.  An orgasm a day keeps the stress away.  Yes, I made that saying up but it’s a sure way to take your mind off your ex but just make sure whoever you decide to have sex with will actually shower you with multiple orgasms otherwise the whole act will be pointless and leave you frustrated.
  5. Listen to some music. Not the sappy sad stuff by the way. Something upbeat to lift up your spirits.
  6. Move to another place.  Try getting a job in a town hours away from your current location or better yet leave the entire country.  That way you can heal faster without any memory triggers.
  7. Keep yourself occupied. Spent time with friends, do your favourite things.  Try positive distractions such as going out and doing something fun especially something new. Amusement Park, dancing; getting out and not focusing or dwelling on the heartbreak.


    Photo Credit: @tendai_angela (Instagram)

  8. Put yourself out there. You don’t have to rush into another relationship but just go on dates and feel wanted. It helps to not be lonely and also just for the confidence boost.
  9. Alcohol! , it numbs the pain.  Those who don’t drink can safely turn to ice-cream or comfort foods; hello calories!!  I have tried and tested this one and all I can say is that alcohol will fix the problem for that day but when you wake up sober all the pain will come rushing back.
  10. Accept that it’s over.  This is probably the most crucial point because without this you won’t be able to.  Accept it and do not be bitter, okay TRY very hard not to be bitter.
  11. Positive self talk and reflection.  Remind yourself it’s their loss and not yours. BUT also look at your contributions to the demise of your relationship.  Avoid self blame at all costs but focus on reflecting. This usually happens further down the road to mending your heartbreak.
  12. Let go completely.  You are not trying to do the whole “Oh we’re broken up but we’re cool and modern so we can be friends” – it just prolongs the pain! CUT TIES…Cut it, Cut it, Cut it, you need to cut it!!
  13. Be kind to yourself.  You will have days where you will be upset with the world.  It happens, embrace it.
  14. Time.  It mends the heart.  I know others believe getting straight into another relationship helps you get over another one. This is not everyone’s portion.  Avoid going from one mess straight into another.  That way when you say “I am over someone” you really over them. There are no comebacks.  Time is often under estimated; especially nowadays because everyone wants an instant fix. There is NO QUICK FIX for heartbreak. This is why we end up having relationships with broken people who haven’t healed from past mistakes. Be fair to the next person. Take your time, you do not heal overnight.
  15. Understand that heartbreak is a part of life.  Not just in romantic relationships but in life in general.  Lovers, friends and family will disappoint you so always be prepared to find a way to deal with it.  Learn from your experience and remember that you are not the first or the last one to experience this.  This too shall come to pass…

How have you dealt with heartbreak in the past?  How long did it take you to finally reach the point where you could bump into your ex and they will have zero effect on you?

Let’s talk about it, I would love to read your thoughts.

©MaKupsy 2017

Fitness In The Park : Africa Day

Hello and good morning; I hope your day has started off on a bright and beautiful note.  If you follow my blog you are well aware that I also have a Fitness Blog that you should check out when you have time.  Fitness is a huge part of my life and without it I probably would not have the amount of zeal I have for blogging.  The two make a perfect match.  This will be a fun read for you because it will take you less than 10 minutes to go through it, enjoy.

There is one main thing you can do when you have a break from work and that is rest.  I know a lot of people managed to do that yesterday but for some of us who can never get enough of exercise it was a chance to meet up with like minded people and get some activities going.  The start time was 9:00 am and that gave everyone enough time to get ready and possibly add an extra hour of sleep.  I had done an 8K run before the event so there was no way I was going to go for a run so instead I watched over our bags while everyone went for a short 2K run.

The agenda for the day was to complete the entire alphabet as a group for the Spell Your Name Challenge.  We really should have had someone take a video of this because the various forms people ended up doing were hilarious.  It looks easy to do on paper but a different story when you actually have to do it.  That’s the beauty of doing things in a group, you get to learn and unlearn things.  I for one learnt that you can combine your burpees with mountain climbers and feel like death after wards (in a good way).

Onai showing us how to do a star jump

We ended up substituting burpees with skipping and speed runs because we were no longer doing them in the proper form.  It was a lot of fun either way because we got to challenge our bodies in ways we never knew were possible.

I would like to personally thank everyone who came through yesterday:

  • Onai : May I one day be able to do star jumps like that without wanting to pass out.
  • Thembi : Even though the challenge was not easy you kept your good form for all the workouts.
  •  Jeff : Who knew you could combine burpees with mountain climbers, shout out to you for teaching us this trick!
  • Archie : You had a cold but that did not stop you from coming through for the event and even playing basketball after the main agenda of the day.
  • Samantha : The energy you have is out of this world, you should seriously consider being a sprinter.
  • Kundi : You managed to run even though it is not your favourite form of exercise.
  • Dumi : You arrived a little later than everyone else but you managed to join us and still play basketball afterwards.
  • Memory : That push up variation was not something we expected after an hour of exercise but we loved it all the same.  You still went on to play for your team at your netball match.
  • Chenge : Girl those squat pulses you taught us are definitely going on my to-do-list.  I hope this means my tush will grow at a faster rate because they are definitely something.



It was a great day filled with great vibes.  The beautiful thing about this experience is that the ones who love fitness will stay coming through without need for a push.  I can only write about fitness and tell you all about it but if you actually don’t get up and do the work you will never get results.  At the end of the day this is all on you.

This Fitness In The Park event is free and happens once each month.  Be sure to Like my Facebook Page to stay up to date with all things fitness related.

Do you have Fitness In The Park Events in your community?  If yes, what is the experience like?

©MaKupsy 2017

Issa Birthday!

The month of April is the month where all the self motivators; fearless spirits and beautiful minds were born.  – FitnessBae®

If there is anyone who looks forward to their birthday it has to be me!  I love celebrating my big day in any way that brings a smile on my face.  I am one of those individuals who will go out and buy herself a gift because I learnt from a birthday many years ago that if you don’t make your day special on your own no one else will.  This year I already got myself a new phone and I might just throw in a pair of quality running shoes in the mix and I will bug my Husby(he is my friend not my husband but still call him Husby, strange I know!) for perhaps a sports watch and I know he will tell me I should go and jump over a cliff.  LOL


The past year has taught me many different lessons but today I will share two of them with you.

The first lesson is that life is too short to hope and wish that good things will come your way.  If you want something you have to go out there and get it yourself.  Yes, you have heard this line before but trust me, it’s true.  I want my Fitness Bae Brand to grow in a very big way and because of that I am working over time to make it happen.  I don’t do it half halfheartedly, I give it my 110% attention and that is the reason why you see me at events in and around town.  I want to continue to learn how to be a better person and how to make my brand locally, regionally and some day internationally recognised.  I am doing everything in my power to be visible in a world full of so many creatives but I know that some day soon my hard work will pay off.

The second lesson is that you can’t change a human being.  I am dead serious about this one.  A human being who can change is a human being who wants to change on their own.  I remember having this conversation over a bottle of wine a few weeks ago with a friend of mine.  We talked about how most women get into relationships and want to change someone from the way they dress, talk, heck; even how they walk!  We both concluded that people are not projects and it is not anyone’s job to try and change them into a completely different person.  I am personally guilty of this and in the past I have tried to change a partner into my specifications and that went downhill pretty fast.  The long and the short of it is that if you love someone you have to take them as they are and learn to live with both their good and bad side, no one is perfect darling.

I am thankful for all the wonderful friends that surround me who contribute to my sanity; without them I would probably be in a very dark place.  Thank you to everyone who sent Voice Notes, Birthday Wishes, the early morning phone calls; I am in filled with nothing but warm fuzzy feelings.  One of the messages I received this morning got me all teary eyed and officially made my birthday extra special.

Happy Birthday love!
You are at the top of my list for people I have met on Twitter, not Malawian, that I can actually call a friend.
Today on your birthday I want you to celebrate you: the beautiful person that you are- you love people and you love serving people.
This year has all things falling into place for you (still waiting for the abs -though you are already goals to me 😏😉)
So am wishing you all the strength, positivity & energy required to see you through this year-living your dream & kicking ass while at it!

May God shock you with what He will do to and with your life. May you remain open, available & teachable.

Happy 21st birthday Ma Kupsy😏

A happy birthday to PineappleTinaKuda and Simba, Issa Celebration!

©MaKupsy 2017


The video is finally out!!  You have no idea how long I have waited for this particular music video. Njabulo sent me the track and lyrics the day the single was released.  I think I slept at midnight that day and sent it to almost everyone in my contact list.  My friends started asking me if I was a promoter because I kept saying “Make sure you listen to it now!!”  I remember even dreaming about the lyrics the day I listened to this track.  I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do because I even now have it on my running playlist, it’s that good!


Tytan & Ammara Brown

The song is performed by Tytan and Ammara Brown.  If you are on Twitter make sure you follow them both.

I also got the lyrics for the song as well so you can sing along and not make up your own lyrics.
Yebo, sqabhobho!
Been tryna get to you kodwa abanye bayangikhiphela um’bhobho
Now that I’m here I’ll be your protector, be your mahobho
Ngizophatha kahle, angisoze ngikuphathe njenge skorobho
I’ll give you my heart, Mukoko!

Baby, handizi chimoko
ndiri mukadzi chaiye
ndasiyana nezvipoko
Ndine rudo runotapira kunge rwabva mumukoko

Ndibate ruoko, baby

Hona kunaka!

Bona, skhokho!
When I’m just with bafuna kungithathela
They love you so much bayakukhalela
I will not give up ngizabavalela
I’m stealing your heart mina nginjengesela
Abafun’ ukusalela, just coz I’m with you bathi kuzaphela You set me free you can call me Mandela
I will just love you forever and ever and shout out my love from a big vuvuzela!

Ohh, I will sing for you and make you my hubby
But you gotta treat me like a treasure my hubby

Ohh, I will sing for you and make you my hubby
But you gotta treat me like a treasure
You gotta treat me like a treasure!

Handizi chimoko
ndiri mukadzi chaiye
ndasiyana nezvipoko
Ndine rudo runotapira kunge rwabva mumukoko

Ndibate ruoko, baby

Hona kunaka!

Tell you something, something, I’ve been searching for a honey
Who will give me something extraordinary baby
I’ve got loving, loving, I’ve got loving for you baby
Sweet loving for you, baby, Keep coming for it, baby

I will sing for you and make you my wifey
‘Cause I’ve never seeni such a beauty in my lifey

I will sing for you and make you my wifey-ey-ey-ey-ey
‘Cause I’ve never seeni such a beauty

Baby, lemme tell you something, handizi chimoko
ndiri mukadzi chaiye
ndasiyana nezvipoko
Ndine rudo runotapira kunge rwabva mumukoko

Ndibate ruoko, baby

Hona kunaka!

Kana uchida rudo runotapira iwe
Ndokupa mukoko
Uya unzwe kunaka, ravira iwe
Ndokupa mukoko

Baby handizi chimoko
ndiri mukadzi chaiye
ndasiyana nezvipoko
Ndine rudo runotapira kunge rwabva mumukoko

Ndibate ruoko, baby

Hona kunaka!

Jusa riddim!

A little background information on the artists:

Who is Tytan?


Born Njabulo Mayibongwe Nkomo, Tytan is a Zimbabwean born singer, creative designer, music producer, entrepreneur, brand consultant, television personality, curator and broadcaster born on the 6th of February 1990 in Harare where he grew up and attended SOS Hermann Gmeiner Primary school and then Marist Brothers High school as well as Nyanga High School then Kutama St Fransis Xavier.

The second born in a family of two was raised by his mother who was a high school teacher and a Food Technologist. Spent most of his childhood with his now married sister Gugulethu Runyowa. His father Cornelius Njabulo Nkomo passed away in August 2009.

Future prospects for Tytan

  • Featuring on three television series’ with ‘Tatenda Studios’ as a way to establish himself into the film industry as an actor.
  • Being a radio deejay on one of the local radio stations.
  • Production of Television Shows in-line with Music and Entertainment.
  • Creation of a solid music distribution network.

You can read more about Ammara Brown over here.

The choreography was good but I feel they didn’t do enough justice to the video picture quality wise.  However, I still rate this track at neat 10/10 and I think we can expect great things in the near future from That Mukoko Guy!

P.S For my international readers, Mukoko is a honeycomb


My Bedroom Is A Mess!

You should see the state of affairs in my bedroom, you would think some crazy woman lives there.  Everything is everywhere!  I am one of the neatest and tidiest people I know ( if I do say so myself) but lately I just wouldn’t give a damn!  Yesterday I had told myself self, self; make sure you clean up and make this the little haven it always is but self would not cooperate.  So I spent the rest of my afternoon lying in bed, chatting on WhatsApp for the most part of the day, watching this series titled Undateable which I have decided to rate 5/10 because some it’s funny, but not so funny.


photo credit :

I had forgotten I had last had my last meal in the morning so around 4 pm I decided to get up and get some cooking done.  I hate cooking for myself by the way, such a mammoth task!  Then dishes need to be done afterwards, the inconvenience…maybe I should just invest in some paper plates and paper cups?   So ever since I discovered that you can add mayonnaise to your macaroni my life has been heaven on earth!  The main reason being I don’t particularly like macaroni but the mayonnaise is making it more palatable for me.


Macaroni mixed with mayonnaise, beef stew  & mixed greens ( I HATE BEEF by the way, but it was the quickest cooking option at the moment)

My personal space usually reflects what’s going on with me emotionally.  So my room being such a big mess just means I am an emotional wreck at the moment.  I have so many things going on with me I can’t even begin to list them.  You know what the biggest problem is though?  When I am going through this phase no amount of texting about it will help.  I NEED to talk to someone, face to face, someone who will understand all the different emotions I am going through.  Someone who will give me a big hug and tell me everything is going to be okay.   Who spends a whole day doing nothing and even forgetting to eat?  And the worst part, last night I didn’t even sleep one wink, I kept tossing and turning in bed.  I am actually starting to worry that I might actually be feeling depressed.

I am tired of having to hear the “It’s going to be okay, Worse things have happened to people, It’s just a phase, Be strong.”  I can’t!  I am unhappy and I have tried everything under the sun to stay happy but I just can’t seem to find peace and guess what, the upcoming holiday season is just going to make me feel worse by the minute.  I know everyone has problems but fuck it I need to fix how I am feeling right now!



Burpee Challenge

Burpee : a physical exercise consisting of a squat thrust made from and ending in a standing position.

It’s a lovely Friday morning.  I went for a sleep over last night at my oldest sister’s place and we caught up on what’s been happening in both our lives for the past few weeks.  We talk on the phone every once in a while but sometimes you need that face to face interaction to really get your thoughts across.  We have our moments when we don’t get along just like most siblings out there but we always work things out and get back to our happy space.  We are currently in that happy space so we make sure we make the most of it while it lasts.  I blame our age gap, she being the oldest and I being the youngest but at the end of the day we both mean the world to each other.  Anyways, she stopped me from doing my morning run today because we slept late and I couldn’t get myself to get out of bed when it was time to go for my run.


MaKupsy at 69 kgs

Which brings me to the heart of the matter.  This week my running has been on a minimum; mainly because my legs have been giving in.  I’m sure they are trying to tell me to slow down seeing that I have been running for a year and a few months now.  I think it’s time I spiced things up a little bit and make room for different exercise routines.  To be honest I am getting bored with my running routes and I think my body has now adjusted so even after running say 8 kilometres I don’t feel like death anymore because my body is just like bring it on, you know you can do better than that!  I have reached my goal weight.  I initially meant to get to 75 kgs and maintain my weight from there but as I type this I am currently 69 kgs.  I have mixed feelings about my weight because minus 69 being a naughty number I feel that maybe now I need to slow down before I become just skin and bone.

Exercising can really get addictive if you don’t manage things well and so I have decided to start on a Burpee Challenge. 30-day-burpee-challenge-chart Instead of clocking in a lot of kilometres of running at the end of each week, I will incorporate this challenge and the Jillian Michael’s 30 Day shred workout and see if I can maintain a healthy and strong body.  I am going to be exercising for the rest of my life so I think the trick will just to keep things as interesting as possible to keep me motivated.  I have decided I will only run 3 times a week and reduce the distances and work on my speed.  This is a trial and error thing so let’s hope I won’t end up losing even more weight because in all honesty, I WILL BE DAMNED!  Weight loss is fun and games until your clothes start looking like you are wearing something you borrowed from someone else and this is a challenge I am currently facing.  Some serious shopping needs to be done next month when I go to South Africa for the Christmas Holiday!

Here is a list of reasons why burpees are an awesome form of exercise.  Please note that I got these reasons from random websites on the internet and just bunched up the ones I liked the most.

  1. Burpees are awesome because they work your entire body.
  2. You can do them in your home, at the gym, in the garden, on holiday; anywhere.
  3. Burpees aren’t just great for helping you to lose fat and build muscle; they can actually help to improve the health of your heart and lungs.
  4. They burn MEGA calories!

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Are you joining me on this 30 Day Burpee Challenge?  The most burpees I do is 25 and normally feel like I should draft my Will afterwards because death feels like a few breaths away!  It is that tough doing them but I know the results are priceless!  Show a friend or two and we can all get this challenge going, remember the more the merrier.

Have a lovely weekend ahead.


Catching Feelings



Shocked are we? That here I am, actually sitting down to write about love, something that I am always condemning on my social networks and life in general.  Love is a need, I’m not sure if that is fortunate on unfortunate though…because what most of us have gone through in the name of love is bitter sweet.   I can safely say I have done the craziest of things for that thing they call love. Contrary to what most people think on my social networks I actually do believe in love because when you find that special someone it can be the most beautiful thing you have ever experienced in your life.  I am a true sucker for romance, as and when I fall in love with the right person.

Feelings…something that every single person on this planet has.  No one can hide from those, especially when they are love related. But guess what? The year 2013 moving forward seems to not allow people to “catch feelings” as this might cause you to fall in love and probably lead to disappointed, hurt and sometimes death.   So the latest trend is to have fun, enjoy a relationship but by all means necessary, DO NOT CATCH FEELINGS!! How difficult that must be, to know you love someone so deeply but can not express it or if you choose to love do not let the other person know? What has the world come to??  Whatever happened to letting the person in your life know that they are your everything, (your apple in a mango tree type of love), you can not get them out of your mind and they make your heart skip a beat?  I wish I knew the answer too but i do know that i am a part of those people who have chosen the route to not catch any feelings if one can help it.  It’s not something I always agreed to as I am that one person who chooses to love completely…but life and love affects us all in ways we can never fully describe and that led me to making the decision to build a wall around me to protect my heart from “catching feelings”.


As fate may have it, that wall I built close to a year ago came crumbling down a few months back.  I am still trying to figure out how that happened.  He was and still is my friend.  You know how it starts…endless Whatsapp messages, spending time together, the outings, the drink-ups (I did a lot of those last festive season) the long phone calls and before you know it you are right there in the midst of that mushy feeling and alarms ringing inside you screaming “you have caught feelings!!!”  My close friends told me this friendship was getting too personal because we were together almost every time, but then i was not complaining, the man was mighty fine.  He was just a bit taller than me, dark n lovely (hehehe) played basketball, worked out at the gym and all that muscle and abs could not have been legal because the way they had an effect on me was orgasmic. hmmm.

Okay, enough about him, back to my feelings. Somewhere somehow I realised that I was falling in love with this fine man. This was not the initial plan though, we were supposed to just have a great time and not get emotionally attached to each other.  I remember my close friends telling me that we were spending way too much time together and eventually this was going to end up as a proper relationship.  I blatantly told them that we were not dating and that any other ideas they were entertaining were false. Alas, who was I kidding?  The way we were sending messages to each other even changed, we were sounding like a couple.  The way he held my hand when we walked down the street, the way he kissed me goodbye when we had spent a day together left me breathless…  Trust me i have friends, I do not entertain anything further than a hug from my friends but this man, this man…he got my head spinning, no kidding..(thank you John Legend)  I fell in love with everything about this fine man, i could not wait to wake up to his messages or phone calls, I even saved all our conversations and went to bed in his t-shirt.  He was on my mind all day long and just him appearing at my workplace to surprise me got me losing focus.

There is a big BUT in this story and here it comes.  BUT we had promised each other that this was not going to get serious because our lives were taking different paths.  We lied to ourselves, the words were unspoken but deep inside we both knew there was more to this.  I do not regret knowing this man, he has a good heart, and a fine body you just want him to hold you close in his strong arms.  I also do not regret not ever telling him I love him, in case I was seen as the weaker party between the two of us, or the feeling was probably not mutual, or he probably would say he felt the same way because I had told him and did not want me to feel bad about it, or simply because a man finds a woman and not the other way round?? There are so many reasons why I will never tell him about it. But I do love him, truly, madly and deeply.   At some point in my life I actually believed that you can only love once, but i disagree, the heart was made for loving, it just loves to love, even when it knows it will get hurt.  This time however, my heart fell and is in love with the right man, but he can never know because I will never tell him…Tough world is it not?


I am not the only one facing this “catching feelings” problem though.  I have a few friends around me in the same predicament.  I will not mention her name, for fear that she might mention my fine mans name, but she will know I am talking about her once she reads this.  She is dangerously in love with a guy who stays a few streets away from her place.  They have been together for a while now but the “L” word has not been spoken.  Though she has gone through sleepless nights, endless composing and deleting of messages directed to him without actually sending them to him we both know she is completely love stoned and has caught feelings left, right and centre! So what is supposed to happen to us women and our feelings if these men do no communicate their feelings or if they do not see the signs we send off to them??? Tofira mukati here because I for one am not going to be telling a man that I have fallen in love with him!  We go through such hard times trying to hide our emotions fearing that how we feel will be taken for granted because we have loved and lost one too many times.

Anyways, in case you are wondering if you have caught feelings here are a few pointers:

  • You can not get the person out of your mind.
  • You get excited when you receive a message or phone call from them.
  • You get affected if they do not get in touch with you.
  • You check when they were last online and freak out wondering why they did not talk to you.
  • You can not stop talking about them.

If you experience any of those then you my dear  have officially CAUGHT FEELINGS known a long time ago as falling in love.