10 Things That Used To Be Cool Before Social Media

I come from a generation that used to not have social media.  Right now everything goes by so fast if you aren’t careful you will miss out on a lot of things.  It’s not a bad thing to have information at your fingertips but nothing beats the good old times.  This morning during my run I couldn’t help but think of all the things that used to be cool before social media and here’s my list.

Before Social Media MaKupsy.jpg

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  1. Calling each other on the landline.  If your family setup was anything like mine the moment the phone rang everyone rushed to try and pick up because we were all expecting a phone call.  My dad used to give boys who would call a really hard time!  I remember the one boy was told to wait till I finished High School before he could even think about calling me again.
  2. Recording music.  This is round about the time when audio cassettes were a big deal.  The DJs used to kill our vibe though, here you are trying to be the cool kid with a flawless collection of mix tapes and the DJ starts talking right in the middle of your recording!
  3. Calling a taxi.  You had to know someone who knows someone to finally get yourself one.  Then there was a time there was probably one taxi service provider and you called their landline and wait on them to come and pick you up.  That was a whole different life I tell you!  Now there’s taxis everywhere you turn and Uber in some countries!
  4. Keeping time.  If you had a date at 2pm trust that the next person would be there at the exact same time.  If they were delayed you would wait for at most an hour because there was no other way of getting in touch with them to know how far along they were.  These days people keep sending messages or calling every other minute for an update it’s crazy!
  5. Dating.  These men used to go all out.  They would express themselves, take you on well thought out outings, open doors and shit but alas, times have changed!
  6. Autobooks.  I remember getting into trouble for owning one of these in High School.  Each time I think about it my heart bleeds, it was the most beautiful book I had created and all my friends had signed in and then it got confiscated!
  7. Watching TV as a family.  Back then there was only ONE TV channel so everyone watched the same thing.  Who remembers the character who used to say “Laura my sweet potato.” ?
  8. Family photographs.  The whole town had one photographer and you had to make an appointment to have him to a house visit.  On the day everyone had to take a bath, have vaseline blue seal smeared on their faces to look fresh and wear their best outfit.
  9. Reading books.  I remember going through the entire Enid Blyton series during my primary school days.  I loved and still love to read but lately most things are digital.  I’m really old school, I want to read a book and touch, feel and smell it, am I weird?  Maybe I am but I love it that way.   Oh yes, and going to the library was something we looked forward to doing but now Google has all the answers, yawn!
  10. Writing letters.  Expressing yourself and actually having feelings and emotions was not a crime.  I still have letters from my very first boyfriend.  That boy used to write the most heart warming letters.  The whole process of buying stamps, envelopes, writing pads and then adding a dash of fragrance to the letter before posting it off was a thrilling adventure.

*Bonus point* PRIVACY!  People kept their relationships and their business to themselves.  Fast forward to 2018 there’s no more room for mystery because almost everyone let’s you in on what they are doing with their life.

I know some of the pictures below will take you back in time.

Things before social media MaKupsy.jpg

before social media MaKupsy 1.jpg

cool things before social media MaKupsy.jpg

life before social media MaKupsy.jpg

What are some of the things that you used to enjoy before social media took over? I know these can’t be the only cool things from way back when. I would love to hear from you.

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This Is What Happens When You Have A Guy Friend

I have a colleague who has turned into my close friend.  I’m a fitness enthusiast and when he started his journey sometime last year I was naturally his go to person.  I would share tips, tricks and encourage him to keep pushing because I love to see people living their best life!  A few months ago I moved house and I now stay in the same area as him and we have been inseparable ever since.

Having a guy best friend MaKupsy.jpg

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Turns out almost everyone in the office is triggered by our friendship.  Apparently a man and woman can’t simply be friends.  According to them there surely must be something going on between us because we are either spending too much time together doing lunch, going home together, swimming on weekends, going for ice cream and basically doing what any other pair of friends do.  I paid no attention to it because I know most of them are married and bored out of their minds with nothing better to do except pry into other people’s business.  Then the one the day my colleague told me that someone approached him and told him the following:

  • I was going to influence him to not get married.
  • He shouldn’t date older women.
  • The person wanted to find out if I was good in bed.

Like what the heck is wrong with people?  I found it both amusing and shocking at the same damn time.  First of all, why are people triggered so much by our friendship?  Secondly, what if he’s the one who is stopping me from meeting my future husband because we’re always together, thirdly, we’re the same age and having a big juicy booty does not automatically make me older; how are my bedroom skills any of their business and lastly, why oh why are they not coming to ask ME all these questions?  What a bunch of gossipers!

This experience just made me realise that people ain’t shit.  I’m single, he is single too.  Imagine if we were actually dating and people were going around saying things like that to my “boyfriend”.  How long would he stick around before giving into what people around him were saying.  From what my colleague tells me the majority of the people coming to him with negative things to say are women.  I’m not surprised, it seems women are really each others worst enemies.  Why wouldn’t you want one of your own be in a happy healthy relationship?  Turns out being a single mother is a serious disability, it will be an abomination for me to be with a single never had children before man.  Us single mothers should be left to date whatever comes our way as long as it’s not a single man.

It’s all too funny if you ask me but I’m used to this crowd, I’ve worked with them for a good 6 years and I know that they live for gossip and negative energy.  I’ve written a couple of pieces which you might enjoy and you should check them out;

Office Eye Candy

Miss Petty

If you have a friend of the opposite sex what has been your experience with people around you.  What’s the worst or best thing they have said about you two?  It’s Monday, let’s talk about it and chase the blues away.

©MaKupsy 2018

Half Marathon With Bon Marché

I’m going to run my second half marathon to date on Saturday and I’m excited!  Running makes me happy.  Running keeps me sane.  Running is the definitely the next best thing after sex, well; for me anyway!

Fitness Bae Bon Mache WalkARobix

On our way home yesterday my colleague, Tawanda, asked me what I was going to be up to over the weekend and I leisurely told him I wanted to go for the Bon Marché Walk-A-Robix but the location is too far seeing that I’m not mobile.  It was my lucky day because he was going with his friend Gloria; and she called a few minutes after we had the half marathon conversation.  She was registering for both of them and I begged him to ask her to do the same for me and I’d reimburse her money.  A few minutes later she called to confirm that everything was in order, happy days!

Harare Marathon Fitness Bae.jpg

Why I love Bon Marché fitness dos:

  1. They’re reasonably priced, $5 gets you a t-shirt or vest and they are good quality too!  I still have my t-shirt from the very first do I attended close to 3 years ago.
  2. They’re organised; nothing makes me happy as much as event organisers who keep time.
  3. They serve refreshments, no need to worry about packing my own water bottle.
  4. It’s a colourful event, it brings a lot of fitness enthusiasts together, just watch this space for the selfies I’m going to take.
  5. They’re fitness competitions after the run so you stand a chance to walk away with a cool prize!

Half Marathon Fitness Bae.png

After taking another look at the running route I noticed that it’s ending at 18K, well, the overzealous me will run all the way to get to 21k, why stop when I can hit my actual target?

You can register at any of their 8 Bon Marché branches.  However, YOU CAN NOT register on the day.

I hope to see you there.  I know I’ll be there seeing that I’ve already paid for it!

What are you doing this Saturday?

Fitness Bae®

Fitness Bae Run

Shout out to Gloria for getting us to to the venue in one piece; she’s the one with the pretty lipstick.

Fitness Bae Bon Marche.jpg

Before the run

Fitness Bae running partner.jpg

After the run with my friend Tawanda

Fitness Bae & Xavier.jpg

Photo courtesy of Xavier, he’s a member of my Facebook Fitness Community

Fitness Bae 21k.jpg

Fitness Bae

Single On Valentines Day

This was the first Valentines Day I was single.  I’ve spent most of them with someone special but 2018 was different. A good kind of different if you ask me because it gave me time to have some reflect on relationships I’ve been in in the past.  I wasn’t expecting to receive any gifts or flowers because I know my relationship status so not receiving anything didn’t come as a surprise.  I had planned to treat myself  to coffee and cake but thanks to committing my money to other important things that didn’t materialise.  However, that wasn’t a train smash, the year has so much to offer and I have other entertaining things I plan on doing as the year progresses.

MaKupsy Single On Valentines Day.jpg

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I need to do better when it comes to relationships.  I used to be really good at this.  My very first boyfriend taught me how to put someone first.  That boy had me running around town trying to figure out what to gift him.  Not because it was his birthday or it was Valentines Day but because he was so good to me and I had to find ways to reciprocate.  Loving him was easy.  Then life happened and well, let’s just say I made not so clever decisions and ended up dating guys who didn’t take time to learn my love language  and that was frustrating.

I’m taking time out for myself to love myself fiercely and learn exactly what I’m about and what makes me happy.  I know I deserve all the love I keep giving to everyone else.  I can’t keep hoping and wishing for the perfect match when I’m not practicing being a good person myself, how on earth will that work out?  I made a decision on Valentines Day that the next time I’m in a relationship I’m winning that Girlfriend of The Year Award!  I’m going to take time to learn what makes my partner happy and do exactly that and more.

Relationships are a two way street.  Everyone wants to feel loved, adored and celebrated by their significant other.  Ladies, let’s pay more attention to our men, sometimes we expect to always be the “takers” and give nothing back.  Receiving gifts is lovely but take time to spoil your significant other as well; it doesn’t have to be anything out of this world, it really is the thought that counts at the end of the day.

MaKupsy Single on Valentines Day (2).jpg

Seeing that I’m in such a wonderful mood today I would like to do a give away some Golden Pilsener beers to two lucky readers.  How to enter:

Ladies: What is one of the most memorable thing you have ever done for a guy you were dating?

Men: What gift have you received from a woman you were dating that knocked your socks off?

The ones with the best answer will win themselves a 6 pack each of Golden Pilsener.  Don’t forget to take a screen shot of your comment and share it on social meida; don’t forget to use the hash tag #ShareTheGold 

MaKupsy Golden Pilsener.jpg


Share the moment. Share the experience. Share the gold.


#ShareTheGold MaKupsy.jpg


MaKupsy #ShareTheGold.jpg


#ShareTheGold golden pilsener.jpg


MaKupsy Golden Pilsener.jpg

This year I asked the men what they think would be the best gifts to received.  After reading through the replies I came to a safe conclusion that this is the reason why they hardly ever get gifts.  Wakanda madness is this?

©MaKupsy 2018

Friends Are Like Breasts

“Friends are like breasts, you’ve got big ones, small ones, real ones, and fake ones.”

I’m that one person who has very few friends.  I can safely say I have just 5 close friends and it’s a great feeling; I have way less drama in my life thanks to that.  These friends are in trouble though, we share the most random life experiences and I promise you if anyone went  Over the years I have lost and found new friends at different phases of my life but one thing stands true, all of my friendships have come with both positive and negative lessons which I will write about at a later time.  Today let me share my thoughts on how you can keep the sparkle in your friendship.


Shami & MaKupsy 🙂


Friendships just like relationships take a lot of work.  Thankfully technology has made life easier for everyone and most people have access to WhatsApp, Skype, phone calls, social media platforms, think Facebook; there really is no excuse not to stay in touch.  If you plan on staying friends for a while you have to make sure you take regular communication seriously.

Spending Time Together

Yes ladies, you know how we always complain about that guy who only texts but never makes an effort to meet up and see you on a face to face date?  No prize for guessing that the same thing applies to friendship!  Make an effort to meet up in person as often as you can to do activities you both like.  I know one of my close friends has a “no phones policy” when we go out on dates, she believes it’s important to give each other 110% attention when we finally get to spend time together because cellphones are generally disruptive and I now completely agree!


There is a huge difference between catching up and suffocating your friend.  Don’t be that friend who doesn’t understand the art of leaving someone alone with their thoughts.  It’s perfectly fine to go a day or two without talking to a close friend, life is happening to all of us and sometimes spending an entire day chatting away about nothing is not the most productive thing to do.  It’s welcome on most days but certainly not on all days.  If you are this person, please give your friend some space.


I would have said gifts but everyone’s language of love is different.  I remember the one time I was crazy in love about shoes and my best friend Tanya, who happens to be all the way in South Africa got me a pair of designer heels for my birthday.  I was in tears of joy the entire day thinking of how she planned for weeks to get the shoes to me on my birthday without ever showing a hint of what she was up to.  She knows my language of love is all things pretty if that’s even a language but she gets me.  You know what your friend values the most, whatever it is, make an effort to go out of your way and get it done for them.  Here’s a free idea, get someone to clean their house and do their laundry and iron it so that they come back home they get back to a sparkling clean house!

*P.S. Surprise money is also nice*


If your friend is always in agreement and never questions your choices or decisions is that even a friend?  At some point you will mess up and you will need someone to hand it out to you in black and white, no sugar coating, no playing nice; just the hard truth.  They will also give you advice on how best to deal with a situation because criticism without a way forward is pointless.  When your friend is losing the plot be the one to remind them, good friends look out for each other.

Grow Together

Grow in all aspects.  Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  What’s the point of being friends if you remain exactly the same?  Most of my friends are book worms, they are always studying for some programme of sort and it’s only natural that it rubs onto me.  The last time I was on a coffee date with Chenge she encouraged me to take up an online course which I delayed on taking any action on until a few weeks ago.  You see, our lunch dates are productive after all!

These are my top tips on how to keep the spice in your friendship.  I know there are a lot more of where those came from but I would like to hear from you.  What do you do to maintain the friendship connections in your life?  I’ve observed that men don’t seem to do a lot of work to maintain their friendships.  How do you men do it?  Please share your secrets!

That said, when it comes to the sort of breast friend I am, I’m right up there with the “real breasts, have you seen the size of my breasts?! *insert forever laughing emoji here*

©MaKupsy 2017






Issa Birthday!

The month of April is the month where all the self motivators; fearless spirits and beautiful minds were born.  – FitnessBae®

If there is anyone who looks forward to their birthday it has to be me!  I love celebrating my big day in any way that brings a smile on my face.  I am one of those individuals who will go out and buy herself a gift because I learnt from a birthday many years ago that if you don’t make your day special on your own no one else will.  This year I already got myself a new phone and I might just throw in a pair of quality running shoes in the mix and I will bug my Husby(he is my friend not my husband but still call him Husby, strange I know!) for perhaps a sports watch and I know he will tell me I should go and jump over a cliff.  LOL


The past year has taught me many different lessons but today I will share two of them with you.

The first lesson is that life is too short to hope and wish that good things will come your way.  If you want something you have to go out there and get it yourself.  Yes, you have heard this line before but trust me, it’s true.  I want my Fitness Bae Brand to grow in a very big way and because of that I am working over time to make it happen.  I don’t do it half halfheartedly, I give it my 110% attention and that is the reason why you see me at events in and around town.  I want to continue to learn how to be a better person and how to make my brand locally, regionally and some day internationally recognised.  I am doing everything in my power to be visible in a world full of so many creatives but I know that some day soon my hard work will pay off.

The second lesson is that you can’t change a human being.  I am dead serious about this one.  A human being who can change is a human being who wants to change on their own.  I remember having this conversation over a bottle of wine a few weeks ago with a friend of mine.  We talked about how most women get into relationships and want to change someone from the way they dress, talk, heck; even how they walk!  We both concluded that people are not projects and it is not anyone’s job to try and change them into a completely different person.  I am personally guilty of this and in the past I have tried to change a partner into my specifications and that went downhill pretty fast.  The long and the short of it is that if you love someone you have to take them as they are and learn to live with both their good and bad side, no one is perfect darling.

I am thankful for all the wonderful friends that surround me who contribute to my sanity; without them I would probably be in a very dark place.  Thank you to everyone who sent Voice Notes, Birthday Wishes, the early morning phone calls; I am in filled with nothing but warm fuzzy feelings.  One of the messages I received this morning got me all teary eyed and officially made my birthday extra special.

Happy Birthday love!
You are at the top of my list for people I have met on Twitter, not Malawian, that I can actually call a friend.
Today on your birthday I want you to celebrate you: the beautiful person that you are- you love people and you love serving people.
This year has all things falling into place for you (still waiting for the abs -though you are already goals to me 😏😉)
So am wishing you all the strength, positivity & energy required to see you through this year-living your dream & kicking ass while at it!

May God shock you with what He will do to and with your life. May you remain open, available & teachable.

Happy 21st birthday Ma Kupsy😏

A happy birthday to PineappleTinaKuda and Simba, Issa Celebration!

©MaKupsy 2017

Road Trip To Chinhoyi

The weekend was definitely refreshing.  My cousin and I travelled out of town just to enjoy a day away from The Sunshine City (Harare), Zimbabwe.  We left around midday and I was the designated driver, you have no idea how exciting it is to drive when you finally get your licence!  Anyways, why did we choose Chinhoyi?  I have this serious connection with Chinhoyi.  When I was born we were staying in Kariba.  However, I don’t have any memories of the place.  All my childhood memories start from the time we moved to Chinhoyi.  I absolutely loved staying there, I went to nursery school and the greater part of my grade school in Chinhoyi.  Birthday parties, swimming, sleepovers, lunches, trips to the caves, mountain bike rides, modelling shows…all these were memories I shared with my childhood friends.  We moved in 1995 to Marondera.  I was completely heartbroken, I wanted to stay with my friends and grow up there but my parents had other plans…

1.jpgBack to the road trip.  First stop was the Chinhoyi Caves.  Gosh, I had completely forgotten that sight seeing was going to mean a lot of workout!  Going up and down the stairs was no joke, even for someone like me who exercises almost everyday  Do not attempt this if you are not fit, you will be out of breath and exposing your unfit self for the world to see. hahaha.  Everything was just as I remembered it and the caves still crept me out!  My cousin only went into the cave with the Sleeping Pool, she was too spooked out to get into the other cave.  I got into both caves, but the Dark Cave didn’t have much to go on about but still has this eerie feeling.


We later went to the Chinhoyi Motel for a drink and to check out the swimming pool but we were both out of battery power so we couldn’t take anymore photos.  I on the other hand forgot my bathing suit so all I could do was place my legs in the water.  I was tempted to skinny dip but I don’t think the people were mentally prepared for such a scene. LOL.  Supper was a braai at some place called Christos a few kms out of Chinhoyi.  The meat was delicious, or maybe we were just super hungry?  All the same it was a perfect way to end our road trip.


“Myth has it that if you throw a stone in the pool, the ancestors will throw it straight back at you with a curse! ” We were seated right by the sign where it says do not throw stones in the pool…the way I was tempted to throw one in there!

When we were heading back to Harare I felt like a part of me was left in Chinhoyi.  I can never forget or erase the beautiful memories I made when I was still staying there.  Even though we moved away, in my heart Chinhoyi will always be my hometown.