Dax 3 in 1 Super Curl Sheen Review

I bought myself a bottle of Dax 3 in 1 Super Curl Sheen a while ago because I was and still am out of coconut oil.  Members from the Facebook Page I follow for natural hair care highly recommend this product so I decided to give it a try as an alternative while I waited for my supplier to restock the product that makes my hair really happy.  I remember using Dax 3 in 1 Super Curl Sheen way back in primary school.  This is round about the time I learnt how to do my own hair.  How I wish I had taken it to the next level and learnt how to do cornrows, I could be making serious money right about now!  The country is on a serious natural hair movement and there’s no stopping us.  The product seemed to work just fine back then so I had no doubt it would work miracles yet again.

Dax 3 in 1 MaKupsy.jpg

The packaging is basic nothing too fancy.  Directions on how to apply the product are simple and written at the back of the bottle; they read:

Apply generous amounts of Super Dax 3 in  Triple Action Black Curl Sheen to your hair and massage evenly throughout your hair with your fingertips.  Comb into your favourite style.

I asked my Twitter followers if they had used this product before.  Their responses;

My clothing was always stained as a kid, especially collars – @SoulDeepZim

Awesome, my pubic hair had been flourishing ever since – @_iamTJ (I don’t know if he’s serious or just playing.)

Dax 3 in 1 Review MaKupsy.jpg

Dax is perfect if you want to rock the African Threading hairstyle (we call it “buns” this part of the world)

I’ve been using this product for a month and a half now.


  1. It’s cheap, I bought it in Bon Marche for $3.80.
  2. It leaves your hair soft and easy to manage if you plan on plaiting it.


  1. I don’t like the sticky effect it leaves on my hands.  After applying it my hair felt sticky, dirty and heavy I felt like I had to rewash my hair.
  2. Dax 3 in 1 leaves stains on my pillow cases and satin bonnet.
  3. There are no ingredients listed so I have no clue what I’m feeding my hair with.
  4. I didn’t see any positive changes after using it.  My hair felt and looked miserable.  I assume it works for certain hair types.  I’m still trying to figure out what my hair type is so there’s that.

The natural hair community hypes a lot of things, I’ve learnt that not everything that works for others will automatically work for me.  Thankfully the product was cheap and I wasn’t too heart broken when it didn’t work.  I gave it away to someone who made better use of it.

On a scale of 0-10, I rate the product at 3.  At least it will keep your hair moisturised until your reliable everyday product is back on the market.

What has your experience with Dax 3 in 1 Curl Sheen?  Would you recommend it to a friend?

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10 Tips For Every Zimbabwean Naturalista

Naturalistas are going to love this piece penned by my woman crush this Wednesday, Tasha is not only a Blogger but a mother, wife, fashion designer and passionate about DIY hair care!  Get your notebooks out, she’s sharing some priceless gems with us this morning.

Zimbabwe Natural Hair Tips.jpg


If you are like me and have 4C hard maShona type, deciding to go natural can be exciting. With the new found obsession for natural hair, it can be a little overwhelming sometimes. With these groups up on Facebook one can be misled with how fancy the trend can be. No matter where you get your DIY hair smoothies from, there are a few things you should already know:

  1. Don’t Rush the Process

The hardest part about starting your natural hair journey is having patience. Know that hair does not grow overnight.Hair grows about half an inch every month. Now that does not mean that it will grow a full half inch per month!  If there is constant breakage occurring, there won’t be much growing at all. Be sure to find a routine that works for you. Once you find what works with your hair, it will grow to its fullest length monthly.

  1. Don’t compare yourself to others

Create your own routine; it is very easy to follow what someone else is doing.  Don’t think what worked for someone else will work for you. Every naturalista’s hair is different. Know your hair texture, porosity and hair type as well. Once you accept your differences with others, you’ll be ready to handle your hair the right way.

  1. Less is more

When it comes to hair products, less is more. There are so many different products out there, and it’s okay to want to try all of them out; just not at the same time. Always remember using too many products at once will only weigh down your hair, and leave it feeling greasy.

  1. No Gibberish

A lot of products on the market appear to be “all natural” but yet you can’t pronounce half of the ingredients.  Be careful with what you’re purchasing ladies and gentlemen. Just because the bottle says “100% natural”, doesn’t mean it is. Use products with simple ingredients that are easy to pronounce. Water based products are the best because water is the best moisturizer ever!!

  1. Finger Detangle

This is rule number 1 for most naturalistas. Never comb your hair when its bone dry. When you do this you are asking for breakage galore, not to mention a tough time even getting the comb through your hair.  Finger detangle your hair with a gentle approach is the secret to easy and manageable hair.  Eliminate the usage of brushes or small tooth combs, to minimize splits and breakages. . I use coconut oil or aloe vera to help with detangling.

Naturalistas Zimbabwe.jpg


  1. Moisturise your hair

Water is the best moisturizer. Using products throughout your week is not enough. You need a touch of water to restore balance in your hair. Your hair is weak when it’s dry; you experience severe hair loss and hairline problems. Know your dry spot!  The centre seems to be my driest and kinkiest. Apply more moisture and conditioner on these areas.

  1. A great diet

This goes without questions, but still so many women forget about this part. What you put in is what you get. It’s as simple as that, for a glowing skin and popping hair take loads of WATER. Food such as fish, chia seeds, dark leafy green veggies, nuts and eggs among others are the best things to add to your diet. Our body produces natural lubricants for the scalp to promote healthy hair growth.

  1. Conditioner is your friend!

Try to deep condition your hair as often as possible. This will help with moisture issues and it will improve your hair’s manageability. Have a deep conditioning a simple regimen. Invest in a deep conditioning cap (plastic bags/shower caps work), wide tooth comb and use mild heat use steamers.

  1. Create a basic night regimen

To protect your hair at night, try out a simple regimen. Nothing too fancy just a simple satin bonnet or silk pillowcase will do you good. Make sure your spritz some concoction before going to better or any oil, butter of your choice to loc in moisture.

  1. Embrace Shrinkage

We all hate shrinkage but its either you beat it or embrace it. While every naturalista must choose their path; I choose to embrace my shrinkage and rock it nevertheless.

Zimbabwe Naturals MaKupsy.jpg

Tasha is hosting a Meet and Greet Brunch this Saturday, 14 April 2018 at Moto Republik.  The event will be her official blog launch and comes with an opportunity to network.  Bring out your crown; natural, relaxed, braided or with weave or wig, locs and bald. It’s all about self confidence!  You can look forward to some freebies, food and hair talk which happens to be the reason you’re going to begin with by the way. Oh, gentleman are welcome too.

Tasha is on social media: Facebook: @TashaMatHairDiaries , WordPress: www.tashamat.wordpress.com




10 Reasons I Crush On Yemi Alade

I have a major woman crush on  Yemi Alade!  I’ve tried to hide it for a couple of weeks now but I can’t help myself anymore, Yemi is going all out to make you notice her whether you listen to Nigerian music or not.  Below are some of my favourite things about her:

  1. Her creativity juices abundantly flow.  She doesn’t restrict herself to singing one genre of music, now that’s creativity!
  2. She is confident, you just have to see her in action to know this.
  3. She is hard working, her videos are not mediocre, you can see a lot of work has been put in.
  4. She is a happy person, if you’re anything like me and stalk her every once in a while you would know this from her photos.
  5. She has a contagious smile.

    Yemi Alade.jpg

    Image from Google

  6. Yemil Alade has the body of a goddess!  Talk about having lady lumps in the right places.  Her thick thighs are definitely saving someones life 🙂
  7. She has her dance moves on lock.  Just watch any of her videos, she isn’t just sitting about looking pretty, she’s putting her back in it!
  8. Her fashion sense is amazing.  Never a dull moment in her wardrobe, think bold and loud colours, she’s wearing them.
  9. Big hair lives here.  She goes all out with different hairstyles mainly natural hair looks and occasionally something not so natural, either way she is always rocking it.
  10. The reason why I crush on her the most is that she sings in her own language.  I have no idea what she will be singing the greater part of the time but the rhythm always gets me excited.

This is my favourite Yemi Alade video. She went out and went straight into Salsa!  Now that ladies and gentleman is what I call breaking musical barriers.  I can never get enough of this woman, she’s definitely won my heart…musically that is 🙂

What’s your favourite song by Yemi Alade?

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Day 22: Who Are You To Police My Black Hair?

I think people are just jealous of the way black hair is so versatile!  Not just any black hair but a black woman’s hair.  What I love about my hair is that I can do any and everything to it everyday.  One day I have twists, the next day I have a mini afro and who knows maybe the next day I will let it out to flourish and be happy.  The thing with black hair is that it has so many layers to it.  It can be both creative and daring and that makes people unhappy, especially people you work with.    It’s a damn shame for them because I won’t stop being myself, I love every inch of my black hair!



That’s me in the photo above; making people very unhappy with my uncombed hair.  Shout out to The Quarter Wife for the beautiful picture.  If you are a black woman I’m sure you are familiar with some of these statements.  Some may call them insults depending on how they take them.

  • Do you need a comb for your hair?
  • When are you getting your hair plaited?
  • That’s a school girl hairstyle, you really have gone broke!
  • Why do you have a maids hairdo?
  • Can I touch your hair?
  • Aren’t you going to wear a wig on top of those cornrows?

I’ve been asked a few of those questions above about my hair.  People really try my patience I tell you!  I sometimes wonder they ask just to hear what I have to say.  I would get really worked up the first days but lately I just smile or completely ignore their remarks.  My favourite one is “That’s a school girl hairstyle, you really have gone broke!”.  The reason why I like it is because each time I get cornrows done I shed off a whole 5 years from my age, people start thinking Im in my 20s, what’s not to love?  I’m not even insulted, Im excited, all the more chances of getting hit on by a young hot blooded man.(just kidding!)  

What most people don’t understand is that protective styles are actually good for your hair.  My hairline used to suffer in the past but ever since I attended a couple of Natural Hair Events I now know how to take better care of my hair.  When I think back growing up we used to do each other’s hair during school holidays or on weekends and our go to hairstyle was mabuns (African Threading) not a single person had hairline problems then our hair was intact!

21740196_10156599253034746_1804613863756250446_n (1).jpg

(African Threading) Photo Credit: Shuvai Murumbi (Facebook)

Show me one woman who doesn’t want an intact hairline and I will show you a liar!  This hairstyle just needs your time, $1 to buy wool and voila you’re good to go.  Tell me one person who doesn’t want to save money the way our economy is currently set up?  Some people will call this a maid’s hairstyle I call it a wise woman’s hairstyle.  If there is one thing all women need to do more it’s to be comfortable in their own skin, even if it means rocking mabuns!

If your hair is nappy they are not happy” – Paul Mooney

If there is one thing you need to do for your hair it’s learn everything you can about it.  We all have different hair types and what works for me will not work for you.  I used to be super obsessed about my hair length but I realised that what matters the most is that I have healthy hair more than anything.  Be kind to your hair, don’t be stressing the heck out of it.  I think hair can actually hear things if you ask me so feed it with love, attention and products that will keep it well hydrated and moisturised.


Photo Credit: Alice Murewa (Facebook)

My colleagues have since stopped asking about my hair.  Now they just watch and get the shock of their lives.  They realised they can’t steal my joy and they have probably embraced that I’m fearless when it comes to my hair.  I don’t conform to society’s expectations.  If I want my hair natural I will wear it as is, I’m not everyone, I am uniquely me.

To all the black girls who are constantly harassed about the state of their hair, next time anyone tries to insult you tell them to focus on their own hair and leave yours the heck alone! 


Photo Credit: Thembi

You can read about some of the events and my hair experiences from here:

  1. My Hair Game Is Non-Existent
  2. The Power of A Referral
  3. My Hair Grows Towards Heaven
  4. I Love My Natural Hair

What are some of the worst things people have said or done to your hair?  Are you comfortable walking about with your hair in it’s natural state?  Let’s share your hair stories.

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This Is Who I Am

Just yesterday I was going through Instagram and bumped into a post that gave me inspiration to write.  I haven’t been my normal bloggy self  but thanks to the caption below from Tendai I have more reason to get back to doing one of the many things I love.  By the way, you should totally follow her page she has the most beautiful photos you have ever seen!  Plus she is also part of #TeamFitness and trust me she will inspire you to get up and do something.


So let’s talk about the caption in the photo.  I completely agree with it.  Story of my life right there!  Growing up I believed in order to be perceived as “beautiful” I had to have long wavy hair, perfect model size body, excel in all things life related and surely then I would be more likable.  Wrong!!

It took me years to finally realise that I don’t have to transform into a completely different person in order to be noticed.  I since stopped trying so hard to be “perfect”.  I now wear my hair short because I can.  Screw whoever thinks otherwise.  I love it, it’s hassle free, easy on my pocket and I look great, if I do say so myself.

I love my body just the way it is.  I have come to accept that I will never be a size 0 and well…it’s okay, I accept that but that doesn’t mean I will stop hoping and wishing I had a thigh gap!  LOL

The other thing that I have come to accept about myself is that I hate housework.  Lawwd!!  I feel like it’s a curse sent from who knows where.  I will do it however because I love a clean space but it doesn’t mean that I love doing it.  As and when I get married my husband has to know that he has a lazy ass wife.  I hope he accepts it because I have accepted it with open arms. (But I promise I am not lazy when it comes to other interesting things – allow your imagination to run wild here.)  On a serious note though, I just think that it’s one of those things women are expected to enjoy because that makes you a “perfect woman”.

That said.  Love yourself just the way you are.  You are perfect in every single way.  No matter your skin colour, your weight, your height, your flavour you are unique and no one can tell you otherwise.

Have a lovely week ahead and stay beautiful both inside and out.





Day 4 – My Hair Game Is Non-Existent

I used to be a huge fan of human hair extensions.  The only difference was that I used to get the synthetic hair and that was okay until it started doing serious injustice to my hairline.  The main reason I liked the extensions was because my hair doesn’t grow past a certain number of centimeters so at least with that I didn’t feel so bad after all for having not so long hair.

Hair Game MaKupsy.jpg

Photo Credit the lovely @mtchikawa (Twitter) rocking her Brazilian 20 inch hair

Eventually I chucked the synthetic hair and just round about that time that’s when the Brazilian/ Peruvian/ Virgin hair came along.  I have no idea which is which but I do know it is expensive.  I hear the minimum you can buy this hair that cascades down your back is a good $250.  Please note that these are UNITED STATES DOLLARS.  If that’s the minimum price I shudder to imagine what the maximum is!  This is the reason why my hair game will never succeed in this lifetime.  There is no way I am willing to part with that kind of money for hair alone.  Mind you, you haven’t even included money you will pay the hairdresser or whatever other chemicals or sprays that need to be used to keep the hair looking flawless.  The few women I have seen with this hair look absolutely gorgeous in it and the rest; well, I think they are either buying the imitation version of the hair or are perhaps not taking good care of it.

Chances of seeing me in this lifetime with Brazilian/ Peruvian/ Virgin hair are close to none because I simply can not afford it.  It is way out of reach for me.  If anyone ever offers to buy it for me they would be doing a huge mistake because I promise you I would sell it. (judge me all you like)  The things that I could do with $250 between me and my daughter!  I guess it’s also a growing up thing.  You accept that some things will just miss you and that’s okay, we can’t possibly have everything we want in this life.  I keep my hair short, saves me both time and money and I use the money for other constructive things and at the same time I stay very well in my financial lane.

For those who are rocking the human hair and doing a great job of it then well done ladies and keep doing what you’re doing!  As for those who are not, I reserve the right to remain silent.