Old Mutual Harare Marathon

One of my new year goals is to run at least 3 half marathons this year.  I know, that’s pretty intense considering I only ran my first half marathon just last month.  The idea is to push my body to the limits and this will certainly do so.  I for one am disappointed with the start time because it’s very hot lately and by 6am my body doesn’t do very well with running, I’m more of a just before the sun comes out runner but I guess I’ll have to make a plan!

Fitness Bae Old Mutual Harare Marathon.jpg

All the details are on the poster.   You can enter for the Old Mutual Harare Marathon on Friday 9 February or Saturday 10 February at Old Georgians Club in Groombridge.  Payment options include cash, swipe and Ecocash.  Come prepared.

Mark your calendar and save the date, will see you on Sunday!


I’m beyond heartbroken.  I couldn’t go and register for the marathon on Saturday it was pouring all day long!  I have never felt so much pain.  Thankfully a friend managed to go and I’m really proud of her and she smashed 21K.  Well done Claire, you’re getting stronger by the day!


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UnPlugged Must-Haves

UnPlugged Magic: Love. Live. Music

I hope you have been preparing for UnPlugged because tomorrow it’s the place to be!  Your UnPlugged must-haves include items from clothes, to food to a couple of accessories.   Those of you going for the first time need to make sure you have some if not all of the things on the list below to make your UnPlugged experience all the more fun!


Photo Credit: @mama_danai (Twitter) and her friend Rutendo

  • Sunglasses
  • Flat shoes (there will be a lot of dancing involved)
  • Shorts
  • Jeans
  • Floral summer dress
  • Hoodie or jacket (if you are planning to stay on till the evening)
  • Power bank
  • Selfie stick
  • Cooler box (make sure you stash a lot of ice and drinks of your choice(Vodka) in there)
  • Bottled water
  • Camping chairs
  • Picnic blanket
  • Backpack or sling bag
  • Toilet paper
  • Alcohol
  • Beer sticks
  • Biltong
  • Pizza(from Pizza Slice obviously)
  • Burgers (just make sure your crush won’t be coming along it might get messy

The UnPlugged Look

What I love about UnPlugged is that you can bring your own food and drinks.  Thankfully there are food stalls so if you run out of your own stash you can always buy yourself something tasty to eat or drink.

You can pay via swipe, ecocash and cash unfortunately Zipit is not yet available.

Performing acts to look forward to at UnPlugged tomorrow include, Tariro neGitareMunyaradzi Nyamarebvu & Roots Kalimba and the “UnPluggers Choice”, WinkyD !!!

Still not convinced to come through?  Watch the UnPlugged Zimbabwe video from here to see what the vibe is like.


Photo Credit: @mazishuga (Twitter)

UnPlugged Zimbabwe starts at 2pm and ends at 10pm.

Make sure you enjoy every moment and don’t forget to bring your friends and family.  If you are going to be drinking alcohol please make sure you have a sober designated driver so that you get home safe and sound.


Have I left out any UnPlugged must-haves?  If yes, please feel free to drop them in the comments section.

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ParkRun Harare

ParkRuns have been a major part of my health and fitness journey.  I remember the first time I set foot in the park with my neighbour for my first run.  The most unpleasant experience of my life!!  However, I kept going back for more because it was a place I felt safe because there were other runners as well.  Most were slow runners, others were on a mission to sprint away but generally the atmosphere was just right if you were serious about getting in shape.  Nearly 3 years later I still put in some parkruns when I need a place to bring back fond memories of the start of my journey.  I managed to lose weight from running in the park and I also got my fitness on while I was at it!

Over the long holiday I realised that there is actually no time like the present and I should start organising our very own parkruns in Harare!  This is how it’s going to work.

The goal is to meet up for parkruns once every week on Saturday morning.  

We will start off the first month of parkruns with running 2.5K each week and gradually increase the distance over the next few weeks until we get to the ideal 5K distance.  Everyone is invited to come along for the parkruns; young, old, kids, as long as you have a goal to have a healthy body and mind then you must make sure you come through.

ParkRun Perks:

  1. The park runs are free!
  2. I will teach you how to run and share fitness related information.
  3. You will be able to lose weight or maintain it.
  4. You will make friends with similar interests.
  5. If you can’t run walking is still an option so please don’t feel excluded.
  6. Exercise is a stress buster.
  7. You will challenge yourself to commit to a habit that your body and mind will thank you for in the not so distant future.

Fitness Bae works towards enhancing the lives of the community through support, encouragement, mental and physical health awareness activities. 

I find pleasure in helping those around me achieve their health and fitness goals.  For this reason I have decided to start hosting parkruns starting from the 2nd of September 2017 going forward. (save the date) 

Like my Facebook page @thefitnessbae to stay updated on the parkruns and to also get weekly updates on different health and fitness events and information happening in and around Harare.

Have you tried going for parkruns?  If yes, what has been your experience with running outdoors?

Stay logged onto my Health and Fitness Journey Series Episode 8 will be live on Tuesday at 9:00am.

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Walk Against Cancer

Good Morning Team!

It’s good to note that there are a lot of activities were health and fitness are concerned over the past year.  This weekend there will be a walk against cancer.  If you have time please come through and be part of worthy cause.

Team #RunWithFitnessBae will definitely be taking part and we hope to see you there!


Fitness Bae®

Yoga Classes

Hello my darlings!

I always want to keep you updated on what’s going on in the fitness world in and possibly around Harare.  Take your pens out and jot this down or take a screen shot of this blog post or better yet book mark it for future reference.

My fitness friend Tendai Angela hosts Yoga Classes every week and this is what her calendar looks like:

Monday: 18:45 – 19:45hrs 

(Set intentions of the week, relaxation) at Queen of Hearts. “The art of release and internal balance.”

Wednesday: 16:30 – 17:30hrs

(Mid week check in) at Queen of Hearts. “Nourishing Vinyasa Flow.”

Saturday: 08:30 – 09:30hrs

Franjipani in Mount Pleasant.  “Consciousness in Motion.”

Saturday: 12 – 13:00hrs at Queen of Hearts.  This is a free class for women with endometriosis or any menstrual related issues or pain.  “Self Love Series”

I hope to see you at one of the classes because I will definitely take some time out and let my body do the Yoga!


Tendai Angela

For more information kindly get in touch with her on this platform.

Fitness Bae®



Victoria 22 Restaurant


Victoria 22 was beautiful.  How I wish it could be my birthday all over again!  Before going for our actual dinner date we decided to pass through Bojangles for a quick drink.  I opted for a Passion Thyme Mocktail which was actually not so bad, next week I will give it another try when I am nicely settled and not rushing for dinner reservations.  I actually had no clue where we were going to have my birthday celebrations, all I was instructed to do was to doll up.

Why didn’t anyone tell me how plush Victoria 22 Restaurant was???  Oh my word!  It is absolutely gorgeous.  Where do I even begin?  If you have read some of my Restaurant Reviews you know that I am really honest about my experiences and do not leave a stone unturned.


The staff are friendly and very welcoming.  They give you that “feel at home feeling” the moment they greet you at the entrance.

Given the current weather setup in Harare I was happy to note that they had their heating system sorted out.  I am still trying to figure out the name but it’s there in the picture below so if you know it please educate a sister. Colleen came to my rescue, she says they are called Patio Heaters, see you learn something new everyday.  Our table was outside so we got to see part of the beautifully lit garden and swimming pool (remind me to take my bathing suit next time).


They didn’t have red wine so I opted for dry white wine.  It was actually okaish but I won’t be trying it again anytime soon.  We were served with who knows what, all I recognised in there was the carrots. LOL. All the same it was delicious and it made a great combination with the wine.


They really go all out when it comes to sprucing up the place.  All the candle stands, lamps, comfortable chairs, interior decor, the powder room, absolutely amazing!  Did I tell you the powder room is so clean you can actually eat from in there?  I don’t remember the last time I dined out and I was okay with that department.


The menu was completely foreign to me.  I couldn’t even pronounce half if not all the things on it.  This is a sign that I need to dine out more because clearly I need to just waltz in a restaurant and know exactly what I want; but then again where is the fun in that?  We all need new experiences right?  The waiter came through and told us about the specials for day.  From the soups, to the starters to the main course and desserts.  He also told us what was not available for the day.  I found that very useful because it at least makes it easier for you to navigate through the menu knowing what is and isn’t there.  We didn’t opt for all those though because we just wanted to get to the main meal.  I know myself too well, if I go on to have a three course meal chances are by the time I get to my main meal I will be too full to actually enjoy it so we plunged straight in.


I chose Maiale allo Lenzero e Vino Porto.  (Pork Fillet wrapped in Bacon Sauteed in Ginger, Garlic, Sweet Chilli Soya Sauce complimented with a Port Wine Reduction served on a Bed of Parmesan Cheese Parsley Mashed Potatoes).  WHAT A MOUTHFUL!  A mouth watering mouthful too because I enjoyed every bite of it.  The portion looked small but I was actually surprised that I couldn’t finish all of it.  I guess my eyes were way bigger than my stomach after all.  I wanted to to have dessert but there is always next time because I was going to end up throwing up if I had anymore food.


The one thing that was really outstanding for me was that we didn’t have to wait forever and a day to be served, the food was prepared in just under 30 minutes.  Also…the waiters kept refilling my wine glass and serving us with olive bread slices, cheese bread slices of sorts so that kept us distracted and that’s actually very clever of them.

To sum it all up, Victoria 22 is a beautiful place. I would recommend anyone to go there especially on their birthday, you won’t be disappointed.

  • Great food
  • Great music selection
  • Great decor
  • Great staff
  • Great service
  • Eye catching colours on your plate.

I rate this place a cool 10/10 and I can’t wait to go back again.  It was truly a breath taking experience.




John Legend All Of Me Tour

I love me some John Legend, his music is soulful.  I especially like his latest album Love In The Future, there is not a single song I skip.  My favourite tracks are All Of Me, Save The Night, Caught Up and The Beginning.  He will be coming to Harare to perform.  Unfortunately all the reasonably priced tickets are sold out and if you really want to go you have to part with $150! Those are United Stated Dollars by the way.  So I will get to hear all about him on social media networks because I won’t be parting with that kind of money, I have bills to pay and sh*t to do.  Some people are saying it is actually cheaper to travel to South Africa to watch him perform from there, I’m still to get the details.  All the same, he is a great musician and I hope those who get to go have a lovely time 🙂



Lunch At Gotcha Nyama

I had a lunch date yesterday at Gotcha Nyama with one of my close friends and she decided to do a no show on me.  Oh well, I am used to going out to eat on my own so it was not a train smash when I had my hearty sadza, green vegetables and fish for a good $3.50  The food presentation was okay, nothing ground breaking.  The sadza was perfect!  It was not too hard or too soft, it was just right.  The vegetables were delicious they should actually put more of those if you ask me.  The fish; oh well; let’s just say I can do a whole lot better than that any day.  They really have to work on it because I for one will not be having a repeat of that meal.  The reason I eat out is to try out something new and get a tip or two, but with this fish they need tips from me.


And yes, even though the fish was nothing fancy I ate all of it, mainly because I paid for it.  If someone else had done so then chances are I would have stopped halfway, because I am a woman and yes, that’s what some of us do. Laugh Out Loud!  Below is what happens when you skip breakfast in a bit to make room for lunch.  Then after that I complain about how my clothes do not fit anymore after clearing almost everything off my plate.


Their service was okay as well, I did not have to wait for a long time to get my meal and that was a plus because all I wanted was to enjoy my meal and make it back to work on time.  The place is clean, it is comfortable, they have a nice colour theme of red, orange and black going on.  However, the customer care still needs some work.  They definitely need to smile more.  There is nothing as welcoming as someone who is pleasant and helpful when you need to order a meal.

That said, will I go back for another meal?  Maybe I will, just to try out something I saw on their menu listed as Jollof Rice.with a maximum price of $5, it better be worth it!