I Found My Purpose

I never really wanted a lot of things badly enough.  I could like something alright but really want and need it was a different story.  I went through the greater part of my life having a luke warm attitude towards a lot of things until one fateful day.  The day I went for my regular medical examinations and hopped on the scale to reveal how I had gone from being fat to obese was a life changing moment.  It was at that very moment that I decided I was going to do everything in my power to do something about the excess weight I was carrying around.  I was 85kgs and NOT pregnant.  Why is this important to note?  Well, when I was full term and a few days before giving birth to my baby girl I was 85kgs so you can imagine the horror!  It was time to get up and do something!

I was 85kgs and NOT pregnant.

With no money to subscribe for gym membership I was left to my own devices.  I decided running would be my best bet since it was free and all I needed was myself.  The first days were hard and I power walked through the most of the distances I had set out for myself.  After weeks  of pushing myself I eventually ran for longer without stopping and I got all the motivation to keep going…I haven’t stopped running since.

I did not have much information to work with when it came to my eating habits so I simply worked with what other people were trying out.  I remember waking up in the middle of the night and sending a message to my friend telling her how hunger was stopping me from sleeping.  I had adopted a diet where I ate a very heavy breakfast, sometimes it even had sadza, a heavy-ish lunch and close to nothing but a glass of water and fruit for supper.  The scale was not moving, I was unhappy, I was hungry.  It was only after reading an article on the internet that I realised that I was doing myself more harm than good and started learning the art of preparing healthy balanced meals.  That was one of the best things that ever happened to me!


I am going to be the first NikeWoman from Zimbabwe 🙂

Running got much more fun.  I had set out distances to try out and each time I managed to run through them.  My goal was to run 10K and if I could do that I would have officially accomplished the biggest goal in my life.  It did happen and it was just as I had pictured it.  From thereon I started challenging myself to run not just longer but faster and the hobby slowly became an addiction.  When I started I showcased my fitness journey on social media.  I knew I would have no choice but to show up come rain(in every sense of the word) or shine because my followers would be expecting to see my progress.

I switched things up and added Zumba, Yoga, NRC Workouts, Aerobics, Swimming and Tennis.  I realised that running alone was going to get boring at some point so the more activities I included the better variety to choose from.  I was bubbly, stronger, happier, fit and lean.  I did all this from the comfort of my home and never had to part with a single dime to reach my desired goal.  I have bumped into friends from College who can’t believe I haven’t changed at all because I am physically the same person.  If only they knew how much change that has taken place mentally as well.  I am a completely different person now.

With family and social media followers starting to compliment on my progress I felt the need to to work harder.  When I realised the impact my journey had on people around me I created a WhatsApp group which has turned into a movement termed #RunWithFitnessBae.  At the beginning of the year it was trending because of a Fitness Challenge I had planned and organised.  The movement has participants from different parts of the world but mostly Africa.  I have taken the movement from WhatsApp to Facebook, Blogging and Instagram.  As it stands I am currently the only Zimbabwean Fitness Blogger and I create fresh content each week!

It brings me so much joy to know that even though my fitness journey was mainly pushed by a case of depression; the fruits that have come from it have actually created a passion and purpose that I could have never imagined.  I have managed to inspire people across the globe; especially mothers, to exercise and get back to their pre-pregnancy bodies.  Those who have come into contact with me have become better not only physically but emotionally as well.

I am a woman on a mission to make the most of every opportunity life throws at me.  I believe everyone can exercise for the body that they want and if you can not afford the gym there is no excuse not to get fit.  I am a living example of what park runs can do for you.  I am currently 74kgs and I have never had to part with a single dollar to lose weight.  I have been through it all, the fad diets, the hoping for miracle weight loss, the drinking fruit juice all day but at the end of the day what I have learnt is that you have to eat right, exercise and be patient.  The results will come, just make small changes everyday and you will be amazed at what your body can do.

If you would like to talk to someone about weight loss or weight management then I am the person for you.  If you would like to be a part of the current Winter Challenge feel free to join us, all the more competition for the team.

Never give up on what you truly want, it’s not everyday that people get to find out what it is that fires their soul!

I found my purpose.  The one thing that makes me get up in the morning and look forward to starting the day.  The one thing I dream of, the one thing I get excited talking about, the one thing that keeps me up at night writing up ideas and chewing up my data while I do research on the internet.  The one thing that I can’t live without.  I think, eat, dream, live fitness.  I am Fitness Bae.

Fitness Bae®


Chasing Change : Archie

Everyone always seems to have a really cool fitness journey about how they were out to overcome some immense trials in their life and they took to fitness. Mine is a lot more simple, some may even think it silly but it has driven me. A lot has changed in a little under a year, so many lessons gained and now I am chasing a huge goal. I’m positive I can make it happen and I have already started putting in the work.


I didn’t start running because I had grown grossly obese or because a BMI calculator on my smartphone classified me as obese. It also had absolutely nothing to do with a doctor telling me I would be dead in a year if I didn’t shape up. For me, don’t laugh, but the story involves AliExpress and Super Mario. Quite the unlikely pair to drive someone to fitness.  I bought two Super Mario themed t-shirts from China and when they came only one of them  would fit and even then it was a really tight fit with my potbelly sticking out like a sore thumb. This would have been the perfect time to use that “Ha, Chinese cuts are always smaller” line but I knew the truth.

I realised I was turning into my fellow millennials.  The beer drinking, skinny jeans wearing, tight t-shirt and three-months-pregnant-and-in-denial looking millennial. I’m talking about the guys, parked at Fife avenue Shopping Centre on a Friday without a care in the world. I started wearing a shirt to work and it would become uncomfortably tight after lunch. Whenever I bumped into old friends they automatically assumed I was now married. Why is that people see a potbelly and assume you are married? Are potbellies so unattractive that you must be married to let yourself get one because that person is stuck with you for better or worse?  I felt like I was in a borrowed body so I had to do something about it.

Whenever I bumped into old friends they automatically assumed I was now married. Why is that people see a potbelly and assume you are married? Are potbellies so unattractive that you must be married to let yourself get one because that person is stuck with you for better or worse?

Penny-Pinching me was not willing to give a gym USD50 to run around their premises looked to YouTube. I started with the dance fitness type videos and slowly graduated into cardio but I did not feel any change. I felt I needed to do more if I really wanted this. That is when I started running. Honestly, in the beginning it was more walking than anything else.

For three weeks consistently I ran one kilometre and walked two.  I would be out of breath, feet burning, t-shirt drenched in sweat but if felt amazing. Soon I could run two, then the full three. It was a great feeling. I tried to run consistently but it was hard especially with no one to talk to, my best friend was slacking off; running once a week and that wasn’t doing me any good. It wasn’t easy doing it by myself.

As fate would have it (I’ve always wanted to write that), said best friend soon had this girl behind the #RunWithFitnesBae hashtag on his podcast. Listening to her journey and then getting to go to one of the Fitness In The Park sessions was great. That is how I met MaKupsy at the meet itself,  I was around people chasing the same thing. Different reasons, different levels of intensity but the same mission and it was good. Later joining the WhatsApp group with these very same people was even more helpful than I initially thought it would be. Setting a goal by yourself is one thing, but when you share it with friends and you are accountable to each other it’s so much better. Even just seeing your friends running will get you out of any slacking mindset!

Time moves so fast when you’re running. It’s been several months now and I have reached a point where I run 5K every weekday morning. Now I have found a new challenge: The Victoria Falls Marathon. I recently learnt there was a chance to go to the the marathon on the company’s account but first I would have to be part of the the 5 with the longest distances in a ten day competition. It’s not over yet, it has me running twice daily now and it’s not easy. I’m already planning the training I will do to ensure I can at least run the half marathon; 21K is a lot and there better be an ambulance at the end of it. The plan is to run the whole 21K non stop.


The biggest key is the ‘family’ I share my progress with daily. Now I have people sending me messages when I don’t post asking me what happened. It’s very difficult to slack when it’s like that. Maybe I just like running so much I’ll take any reason to do it.

I have learnt a few lessons on this journey so far:

  • That a skipping rope can make you feel like hanging yourself is easier than using it for a work out.
  • I have learnt that the Avenues of Harare are small you can easily run out of places to run.
  • Joggers are not the target market for prostitutes.
  • Shoes are important, The wrong type and you are screwed!
  • Most of all I have learnt that you should share your journey. Share your progress. You never know who will be inspired by your drive. That’s why I like what MaKupsy has done, everything from the story in her journey itself to the platform she has created for all of us to come and share both the great and no so great parts of this never ending fitness journey.

The only time you should ever look back is to see how far you have come!

by Archie Moyo

Save Time, Give Feedback!

Feedback : information about reactions to a product, a person’s performance of a task, etc. which is used as a basis for improvement.

I want to talk about feedback today.  I feel a lot of people forget how important it is in our day to day lives.  I will give two examples on my experiences with feedback.

I have been to one three many job interviews in my life and to be honest most of them just ended there, like right there on the day of the interview.  There was never a call to tell you why they didn’t choose me for the particular job, what I could have done to improve my chances of landing a job in that field or simply an apology to let me know that I had failed the interview and they had found a better candidate.  How does someone who is job hunting then know how to up their game and enter the job market?  It beats me to be honest.



Anyways, the job interviews were not all so bad because l also had the pleasure of attending some where even after you didn’t get the job you got a phone call to at least know what went wrong.  I remember years back when I was still in college I applied for a job at the British Embassy.  I was called for an interview a few weeks later and when I left I really felt like I had aced it.  I am sure most people are familiar with the feeling, you even get this feeling after an examination where you know you did really well or you failed dismally before you even get the results.  I got a phone call a few days later to tell me that I had done very well in the interview BUT I was still in College and they encouraged me to first finish my programme and apply next time there was a job opening.  Years later I applied again and I got the job and I was completely over the moon!  A few jobs after this experience it was back to the no feedback interviews and when I landed my current job I made sure that once I had passed my probation I told my supervisor that it was important to let interview candidates know when thy didn’t make it for a job interview.  She was actually surprised and had never given it much thought before and since then whether you make it or not you are guaranteed to get a phone call from us telling you how things went and a few tips on what you can do to better your chances in future interviews.  To be honest it also helps you ease your frustrations and stop hoping that every call that comes through could possibly be news from an interview you attended.  Now isn’t that nice?

The second case of no feedback I have come to know through blogging is when you ask someone to help you with something and they go absolutely cold turkey on you.  I remember I had a time I would write interview blogs and the first people I asked to feature on my posts were from Twitter mainly because that is where I get most of my blog readership from.  I remember sending out emails and direct messages and some people would completely ignore me, others would agree to it and then simply go quiet when it was time for the actual interview and then a handful would have me send them all the questions and information I needed from them and they would never get back to me.  Talk about wasting my precious time!  (shame on you) I would like people to realise that it is okay to say “NO”.  It saves a lot of time and energy and no one will hold anything against you.  Saying no is actually feedback in case you didn’t know.

I hope someone reads this and learns a thing or two especially the employers who don’t get back to an interview candidate.  Waiting for never ending weeks with no feedback will play havoc with your mind.  Try and ease someone’s mind by just letting them know if they got the job or not.  It won’t take much of your time.

Have you had any experiences where you were never got feedback on something?  Let’s talk about them..