10 Exciting UnPlugged Facts

UnPlugged is back again this Sunday!  I am already doing a mini countdown.  If you have never been then I suggest you save the date because this is an event that you don’t want to miss. I know you are here because you know I like all things exhilarating and UnPlugged is definitely one of those few things I can never get enough of.  When you go make sure you are seen but whatever you do please don’t cause a scene! Today on my blog I give you, 10 Fun UnPlugged Facts, this is the only place you have seen this because I am always a step ahead on my blogging journey.  Read on…


1. Unplugged got its name from the initial intention to introduce acoustic performances but the event quickly morphed to being electronically amplified and the name stuck.
2. The first ever Unplugged was held in December 2014 and was attended by just 150 people.
3. It’s a roving event with no fixed abode.
4. The two childhood friends who started Unplugged share a passion for homegrown music. They have known each other for over 30 years!
5. The heart of Unplugged is artist development – providing up and coming talent the space and audience to share and develop their craft.

f4912835-43f9-4ac0-9eea-b0cea1e8903b (1).jpg

Prince Musarurwa & Pah Chihera

6. Unplugged Zim, the company that manages Unplugged, is actually an Arts Organisation whose work spans across various Arts disciplines.
7. Over 150 artists have performed on the Unplugged stage.
8. Unplugged was a loss-making business for close to two years, when it finally reached break-even.
9. Unplugged’s first Bulawayo event happens this year in September, the 3rd to be precise.
10. Unplugged is looking across borders, hoping to penetrate other markets.



Artists interested in performing at Unplugged can fill in the application form at:


See you at UnPlugged!

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The Relationship Business

Ladies, YOU HAVE TO READ THIS.  I found the article quite interesting.  It is a completely different way of looking at relationships and who knows it might work for you.  Unfortunately the writer wishes to remain anonymous so you will just have to thank me for sharing instead.  Read and share with everyone you can think of.  Enjoy

You could sit there everyday watching Days of Our Lives and swear that Bo and Hope have the relationship that any decent human being would want. I mean its all there, she is a stunning brunette who could easily be the poster girl for sensitivity and he is a no holds barred cop with a tough exterior and mushy romantic inside. They have faced tragedy been shot at, have a long lost son, I mean its the whole 9 yards. Yet somehow they have the perfect relationship simply because they love each other. BULLSHIT!!!


Image from Google

Back to real life were we have no water and power goes. I am going to come out and say it right now, LOVE IS NOT ENOUGH. I haven’t been in a lot of relationships and I am probably not an expert but I have been in one successful relationship for a long time and let me tell you something that shit is hard. Its takes your time, a lot of your money, it requires sacrifices it has gives and takes and yes it also has PROFITS. Relationships are like businesses ladies and gentlemen and they must be managed as such.

Now before you throw you Mills and Boon at me let me say this, love is important in a relationship. That yearning for attention from you significant other, the deep caring and illogical need for their companionship and happiness is very real. But like any business it is not the only variable. Let me now present to you my business model :


Normally includes 2 partners (unless you into some of the kinky stuff and we are not judging) both with an equal stake in the business….. let me stop right there because the statement is WRONG. Never in any business have partners had an equal stake. Yes they may own 50% of the business but your stake especially in a relationship is based on “What do I lose if this ends” and the factors are always different on both sides. So when in a relationship always remember that like in business you have to guard your stake. What is in you best interest should be in the best interest of the business for the relationship to work. I have seen people who were seemingly overcome by love whither afterwards while their partner walked out almost unscathed. Mainly because they had a little saved up on the side (a piece of their individuality) for times like these.


Image from Google


A mission statement basically defines what it is you do. What defines you as a business? In a relationship this is just as important. What is it that you do that makes this a fruitful relationship. If love was all that was needed then restaurants and cinema’s across the world would run out of business. Many partners probably have a lot in common. They probably like the same things and maybe go to the same places. I know a couple who love bike riding, some enjoy trying out new restaurants, others hit the hottest spots in town. Whatever it is that you do as a relationship must be clearly defined and known by both parties. If you are to venture into new areas i.e redefine the mission statement then there must be buy in from both parties. Imagine fellas for a second you start dating a reserved, quiet almost boring woman because well you frantically already have a hectic lifestyle. And ladies if you will be the woman in question you want to have a little bit of fun in your life. Now this relationship will lead to there having to be compromises and frantically exchange of characters. Now imagine if one of them changes the mission statement. No more balance. Your partner loses the part of you they needed and you are no longer the same organisation.


Visions are boring!!

BUT they are necessary. A business without a vision is doomed. Any O’Level kid doing Commerce can tell you that. Just as it is with a relationship. Now when a business starts the vision has to be there. That is impractical for a relationship (unless you are one of those Makandiwa types) because well you usually don’t plan on starting them. That’s cool but at some point and time there has to be an endgame. What is it it that we are going to achieve when we say that our relationship has worked. A lot of people are probably thinking, marriage, wealth, 6 more wives that kind of thing but has anyone thought “to love each other more”? Didn’t think so. The vision encompasses everything that you do, it affects every facet of your relationship. I personally wouldn’t wanna get on a bus that said destination “Unknown” . I am not saying it has to be specific but at least let a brother know he is passing Gweru at some point.


 Now me being male women are obviously expecting this so I won’t disappoint, men should naturally lead the relationship. Did someone say “chauvinistic”? I say this because like in business someone has to be ultimately responsible for the decisions. There are times when someone has to make the call. Now I am not saying it shouldn’t be the woman, look at it from a business model. If you have a CEO he is usually surrounded by directors. Now in my relationship I am definitely not the director of Finance. She is because she is better with money, so in the day to day running of things she makes the call on money. However if there is an objection and a final decision has to be made well…… SO what I am saying is both partners can lead but a successful relationship lets people lead where they have strengths. So ladies you know even though they may not be romantic you love the movies she picks and gents you may not wanna admit it  but she is always spot on when it comes to what you should wear. Then like a successful director allow the better individual in that field to make the decision. Let him pick the movies, if he cares about you he will pick some good romantic movies because will its just good for business.


 A business that doesn’t make profit (unless you are an NGO or political party) will soon run out of……business! How do you measure profit in a relationship you ask? In revenue of course. And revenue-costs= profit. Now the tricky thing about profit is you may not always take back the same based on you different perceived stakes. If you are in a relationship that has you continuously sacrificing and having outlay after outlay without any of the things you want then your costs are to high. The best way to get profit is to either increase revenue which is getting more of the attention that you want, more of the time, more time apart whatever it is or reduce costs which is giving less of yourself to the relationship, focusing on the areas that matter and not the whole thing. If you feel like you are losing in a relationship then its time to balance the books or close shop.

 My point (if I actually had one) is that to leave a relationship to fate and love would be a mistake. We need to look at what we want and define clearly how we  get it. I am not saying we should plan the whole thing but at least we should know where we are about to invest our emotions, time and love to and make sure that its successful. I am not an expert, a doctor or a blogger. I am just a guy, who had free time after work and decided to air an opinion. So its okay to disagree with me because I might be wrong and so might you.

 Disclaimer: The statements issued here do not necessarily represent the opinion of the writer who is one hundred percent committed to his relationship and believes that he leads nothing and has no individuality what so ever. See you at supper baby!!

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Day 27 – My Blogging Style

I have no clue in which category my blogging style falls into.  I am one individual who writes what is exactly on her mind.  I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing but either way that’s how I get my blogging done.  When I started this journey of expressing most of my thoughts online I decided to go through other blogs and see how they were going on about it.  Trust me there are a million and one ways to blog but most of them didn’t seem to speak to me.  I am one of those people who like to read something that is short, sweet and straight to the point.  good-writing-style

However, I was bumping into very long reads that got my head spinning because I easily lost interest.  Once I realised that I told myself my writing style is going to be something my readers can relate to, look forward to and generally short.  There is nothing that puts me off as much as bumping into a catchy blog title that comes with endless paragraphs.  Please don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this style of blogging but it is just not for me.  I want to stay captivated by what I am reading so I stick to the short reads because I want to get to other blogs that leave me wanting more.

What’s your blogging style like?


Day 20 – Comparison Will Steal Your Joy


when i grow up i want to dress up like that and look fabulous and ready to take on the world! photo credit @MAKOSI

I follow Makosi on Instagram for inspirational purposes because I am addicted to living a healthy lifestyle.  She posts photos of her runs, yoga, church service messages, outfit of the day you name it but mostly her workout and that’s why I can never get enough of her.  The other day she posted the above photo with a caption that read;

“Comparison is the thief of joy, Love your life. Focus on the positives and realise that everyone puts their best foot forward on social media…”

She could not have said it any better.  I am very guilty of going through Instagram and wowing and liking photos at the same time wishing I had a body, a house, a relationship, shoes, a smile, you name it that I would have seen while scrolling through different accounts.  By the time I am through with all that trust me most times I am left feeling miserable and questioning why my life isn’t as fabulous as everyone else’s.  But the truth of the matter is people rarely ever showcase the troubles they are going through.  They make sure that you see the positive aspects and that’s not a bad thing really, what is bad is wishing your life was like that without actually realising yours is just as fabulous the way it is.  There is nothing wrong with wanting the finer things in life but we should not make what we see on the internet deceive us because there is clearly more to it than what meets the eye.

This week I promise to start off my week on a positive note and stop comparing my life to people that I don’t even know and be easy on myself.  This life is too short to not celebrate the goodness happening in your own life.

Have a lovely Sunday and a smashing week ahead and never forget how great your life is; it could be worse but here you are living it to the fullest!


I Lost 10 kgs In A Year

It has been a whole year of a complete change of lifestyle.  I started working out in August 2014 and I weighed in at 83kgs.  That is the weight I was when I was when I was at my full term pregnancy in September 2011.  Now you can only imagine the horror I went through after realising how overweight I was.  It took me by surprise BUT I decided to do something about it with immediate effect.  I started with a variety of act ivies such as Zumba, aerobics, yoga, jogging, power walking, dancing and above all else changing my eating habits.  (This was the hardest part for me)  I made it through and one year later I am exactly 73kgs.  I lost 10 kgs in one year.  Have you seen what 10kgs looks like???  It has been one interesting journey which I plan on continuing with for the rest of my life.  However, after a few months into my programme I dropped some of the workout activities because I realised that I enjoy running more than anything and the feel good hormones that come with it are priceless.


Let me share my fitness and nutrition essentials before, during, and after my workout


I am a morning workout person so I actually don’t eat anything before my workout; I simply up and go.

  • What music do you listen to during your workout?

I like to keep it hyped.  I currently have Jah Prayzah‘s complete album titled Jerusalem; The Pink Print album by Nicki Minaj and a couple of single songs by Sean Paul.

  • How do you switch up certain routines daily/weekly to stay motivated?

I started working out exactly one year ago.  I started with basic indoor sit ups, a workout DVD here and there but generally light routines.  I decided to up the tempo because I wasn’t getting any results.  I started with power walking and light jogging which over time turned into running.  I change my running routes every other day so that it doesn’t become too predictable and boring.  I also do dance workout videos that I get from YouTube as well as home workout DVDs I get when I buy Women’s Health Magazines.

  • What do you eat or do after your workout to make sure you got the most out of your work out?

After my workout I hydrate.  I usually have 500ml or 1 litre of water depending on the distance I would have ran or the indoor workout routine I would have done.  I also make sure that I have fruits just before I leave the house; either bananas or apples but bananas seem to keep me fuller for longer.  I don’t have time to make a full healthy breakfast before I leave home but two hours later I have my healthy breakfast from work and a cup of black coffee to keep me alert throughout the day.
What we do before our workout can make or break our potential success!

I went through www.etbfit.com the other day because I am ALWAYS reading different articles on how to stay fit and healthy.  It sounds they have really good products going on and I want to get my hands on them! There is always need to shake things up on this health and fitness journey and I think I can find healthy alternatives to fuel my fitness!  I have my eyes on the pre-workout package and you should too!