This Is Why You’re His Side Chick

Ever wondered why he will have a side chic or two but NEVER leave his wife or main chic?  I asked a couple of guys and this is what they told me…



  • It is happy ever after for me so there is no backing down.
  • In her I have made a heavy emotional and material investment that I just can’t walk away from.
  • Mainly because I would need a lawyer and would lose half my shit!
  • I don’t see my side chic as an equal or replacement.
  • Most men easily get distracted but the distraction doesn’t last forever, I stay with my main focus.
  • She has been tried and tested and proven to be loyal.
  • It’s really simple for me, I love my main chic and luck for my side chic.
  • My main chic is someone who is a constant challenge with drive but also respectful towards me through the good and bad times.
  • My wife is deeply committed to me and loves me for me and not for the material things I have.  We have come a long way.
  • I made her my best friend, how could I possibly live without her?
  • She completes me, she is the yin to my yang.