Tamy Moyo : Tekere

Tamy Moyo has a new music video out titled Tekere.  Tamy whose full name is Thamsanqa is a Zimbabwean singer, songwriter and guitarist.  Talk about a tripple threat!  Whoever is behind her music and video production is doing an amazing job to amplify her talent.  I’m a very visual person and colour speaks to me.  Her latest video is making love to my eyes it’s sinful! She officially has a new fan!

You can check out her latest video below.

My other two favourite videos by Tamy Moyo are:

  1. Beautiful Ndozvandiri

2. Lay It Down featuring Nutty O

All I can say is she’s got international standards going on.  She’s really setting the pace for the rest of the Zimbabwean artists and I’m impressed, that time I’m the queen of criticism.  She has shut it down!

Show her some love and check out her music videos and subscribe to her YouTube Channel while you’re at it.

What are your favourite songs by Tamy Moyo?  Also what does Tekere mean?

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Are Any Of These Songs On Your Playlist?

I remember telling my sister that when you’re going through a heartbreak and you try to listen to music the greater part of the time you don’t even hear the words; the melody alone is enough to send you off to a crying fest. I love my music and not a day goes by without listening to some feel good track of sort.  Lately I try and avoid the sad songs because I’ve realised that what I listen to easily influences my mood.  Are you like that as well?  Today isn’t about heartbreaks though; I’m going to take you back in time musically…

Music that makes me happy MaKupsy.jpg

Image from Pinterest

Thong Song : Sisqo

High School days are the best days!  I’m sure every school had a DJ play this song at every Variety Show around the 2000s.  This is the time when the latest fashion for the boys was a bandana, a pair of shiny jeans and a summer shirt; if you got yourself one with a dragon you automatically made it to the cool kids club.  Wearing your jeans below your belly button for the girls as well as guvhu outs (crop tops) was a thing.  I remember I had a black one which was written 90’s in silver glitter.  This is also the same time when writing letters was the most romantic gesture ever and waiting for your boyfriend to call you at an exact time was the highlight of your day. I saved up my pocket money to buy the cassette, Unleash The Dragon.  It was gold!  The song still sounds really good in 2018.  Take me back!!!


He Is : Heather Headley

This was back in the days of CDs.  I was working at my very first job and asked one of my colleagues what she was listening to.  She let me borrow her Heather Headley This Is Who I Am Album.  I fell in love with her music at the very first listen.  You have no idea how happy I was when weeks later I watched Breaking All The Rules and she was in the movie singing this very song!  Couple that with getting very excited about watching Jamie Foxx, he was a very big deal back then and I couldn’t get enough of him.  Sexy sexy 🙂


Better In Time : Leona Lewis

I know I said sad songs are a no no but I can’t help myself.  This song takes me back to nearly 8 years ago.  My heart was raw with pain.  I was going through my first and promised myself it would be my last heartbreak.(I was delusional)  I remember listening to this song while taking a walk during my lunch breaks and I would just sit by one of the park benches and cry my eyes out.  I honestly thought life was no longer going to make sense without my then partner.  I thought death was a better alternative to the pain I was going through.  Thankfully life teaches you that whatever you think might never get better will eventually be but a distant memory.  No regrets.  I healed from all the pain; I let go.  I learnt my lessons the hard way and I know that indeed it does get better in time.


Dip It Low : Christina Milian

The choreography and visuals won me over the very first time I watched this video.  Back then we actually used to enjoy watching ZTV and they had really good programmes lined up.  That time you’ll be singing along to things you had no clue about.  Now I’m like how on earth did our parents even allow us to watch and listen to this stuff?  “I’ma show you how to make your man say ohhh.” 

Fun Fact: I had no idea there were weave ons.  I genuinely thought that was Christina Milian’s hair.  I used to think wow, it must be nice staying in America, there’s something in the food or water that makes your hair grow so long!

I could write up a post with nearly 100 of my favourite songs but that would bore you to death.  The idea is to keep you coming back to my blog not chase you away.

Music keeps memories alive.

Do you remember any of the songs from my playlist?  If yes, which ones?

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Love Is Winning In 2018!

I have declared 2018 to be my year of love.  Most of my love stories have ended on a disastrous note usually with me suffering a serious case of heart break but not this year.  This year my love life is going to flourish, I’m going to love out loud and I’m going to share a lovely post on how love has won this time around before the year ends.  I feel something positive coming my way!

For some reason love and music seem to go hand in hand for me and there’s this Afrofusion artist who has stolen my heart musically!  His name is Ashton Mbeu Nyahora and he is part of the group; Mbeu and The Mhodzi Tribe.  If you don’t know him you are obviously living under a rock. Think love, celebrating women, daily struggles in our country and celebrating life.  He sings it all.


Photo Credit: Ashton Mbeu

I got in touch with him and asked him what or who influences him musically;

Everything around me influences my music and I owe my mentoring to Dr. Oliver Mtukudzi. To date we still go and seek advice from him, he is a fountain of wisdom.” – Ashton Mbeu

A few facts about Mbeu and The Mhodzi Tribe:

  • Ashton’s family wanted him to join the army but his chose his musical passion instead.
  • The genre of their music is called Mhodzi Music but their fans prefer to call it Afrofusion; the group is not afraid to experiment with different genres.
  • Mbeu and The Mhodzi tribe  are all professional and full time musicians working towards penetrating the international platform.
  • The age groups of the band members vary from 22 to 28 years old.

This is one of my favourite tracks, I even have it on my running playlist!

You can get in touch with the band on Facebook (@MbeuTheMhodziTribeBand) they are very responsive on that platform.

My personal favourites in no particular order by the band are:

  1. Mbeuyashe
  2. Dhabuka
  3. Ndapfugama
  4. Chawakandidira
  5. Hazvineyi

As I was saying; love is beautiful, relationships are oh so lovely.  However when you get into a relationship I hope and pray that you and your partner take time to talk about what your relationship is about and which direction it’s taking.  Be clear about what it is you want and need.  The year is 2018 refuse to waste your time on things that don’t grow you, relationships included.🤗

How’s your new year coming along?  Have you started working on your resolutions as yet?  Have you listened to Mbeu and The Mhodzi Tribe before?  If yes, what are some of your favourite songs?  If not, what are you waiting for???

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I’m Emotionally Exhausted

It’s the beginning of a new year and you would think I would be excited and looking forward to a fresh start or better yet a continuation of the beautiful things I was working on last year.  I had such a refreshing getaway to end my 2017 but when I came back home to face my realities I realised that I’m not feeling too good after all.  I’m not physically ill but emotionally exhausted.  The worst part is that it’s affecting my creativity in a very bad way.

I think I’m on the verge of a burnout and I need to do myself some good and take a step back and figure out what exactly I’m entertaining or not that’s bringing me so much melancholy.  I’ve been using music as a coping mechanism and the one song I listen to every single morning is Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus.  It probably touches on some issues I’m going through but listening to it is a bad idea because I end up feeling worse instead of better; but still I listen to it!

I’m exhausted from trying to be stronger than I feel…

MaKupsy 2018

Tytan The Ndebele Rapper

Tytan has stayed consistent in dropping melodies that evoke all sorts of emotions within you after his hit song Mukoko which incase you didn’t know reached 2 million views on YouTube last week!  2017 has certainly been a good year for him so far.  I got in touch with the ever smiling Ndebele Rapper and he shared his journey with me.



My musical highlights for 2017 include the The Bho music video, four other video releases, release of the Tytan EP and it’s great sales and my United Kingdom Tour.

Mukoko is my favourite music video because it’s the one that broke the mould and helped me step out of my cocoon and dare to try new things.

My music is available on all online stores especially the popular ones 😉, local distributors in Harare or on kynrecords.com

This year I traveled to the United Kingdom and South Africa. The United Kingdom was lit though, I pretty much was everywhere through back-roads and all sorts on my way to Estates, cities, towns…pretty much anywhere I was called out to do some work.

My favourite destination was a beautiful estate in Leicester where I’d gone to sing at a wedding, it was “goals”! I’d love to own such a property but I’d definitely make sure there’s a phone signal at least (there wasn’t any can you imagine the social media withdrawal symptoms!)


Minus being a musician I’m also a Brand Consultant and Graphic Artist. Both are exciting because I love piecing stuff together to fruition.

Since the onset of my music career I’ve learnt to be very patient with everyone and the processes that entail progress and success as much as learning not to waste my time on things that don’t add any value. I’ve learnt to stay true to myself in my craft and take in as much as I can to enhance my knowledge of it. I’ve learnt that as much as I inspire people with my life experiences, to most my life is just entertainment be it good or bad. I’ve learnt that I still have a long way to go as far as my dreams are concerned.


My fans should expect more exciting collaborations and visuals as I plan to continue to tour the world in the process.

Those who have always wondered what my music genre is can safely take note that it’s Pop Music (Afro Pop); I rap and sing.


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Day 19: Your Career Your Choice?

On the #30DayAfriBlogger Challenge today’s topic is “Why Did You Choose Your Career Path.  I’m a qualified Secretary and now that you know what I do let’s talk about the fun stuff!

What did YOU want to be when you were growing up?  I know with my generation everyone wanted to be a doctor, a nurse, a teacher, a soldier an accountant, a businessman or a pilot.  Those seemed to be the only options one had to choose from in order to be labelled successful.  I on the other hand was completely different.  I had other plans on my mind and none of those occupations tickled my fancy.  I had different dreams and who knows some might still come true in this lifetime.  I always felt that if I became or got to do some of the things on my list I would be happier; so here is my list of things I thought I would one day do once I was all grown up.


Image from Pinterest

  1. Study choreography.  I love to dance,(not professionally) think naughty suggestive shake your ass like a salt shaker type of moves.  I’ve always felt that if I had the opportunity to actually study dance I would have one job I would love and literally run to every day because I can never get enough of all the dance styles that keep being created every single day.  Seeing that the choreography dream isn’t coming true soon enough I have taken to never leaving the dance-floor when I go out to party.  You should see my moves, Beyonce ain’t got nothing on me!
  2. Music.  Sometime in my early 20’s I thought being a DJ wouldn’t be a bad idea considering the way I love my music.  I remember applying for some voice over positions and that never materialised.  A friend who happens to be a DJ needed some Voice Over’s done for his music mix and approached me some  years back.  I enjoyed the few seconds of fame and loved hearing the sound of my voice.  I figured it wasn’t too late to pursue that career but what else must one do after being a Voice Over Artist?  However, this is definitely a dream that can still come to life if I put my mind to it; I just have to make it a side gig because the way Zimbabwe is set up you can’t make it your end and all!
  3. Counsellor.  I would like to believe I am an attentive listener and once I put my mind to it I will encourage someone to talk about issues they feel they cannot normally share with other people.  I already have a qualification in HIV/ AIDS Care and Counselling so one day when the opportunity arises I will step up and use it.  Methinks studying couselling works to my advantage because people feel safe to share their problems with me.  In this case health and fitness problems and I’m always willing to help no matter what time of day.
  4. Globe Trotter.  I wanted to travel the world. I didn’t want to have a permanent address.  I wanted my life to be different and planned that each year I would stay in say Kenya for one year, then move to India the following year and off to Netherlands, anywhere but home was going to be absolutely perfect for me.  I wanted to learn about different cultures and traditions while I enjoyed being on a travel adventure.  Alas, that hasn’t happened yet, but on the upside I have travelled to some parts of the world and still plan on travelling beyond Africa.

Image from Pinterest

I have a fun personality and I want to do things that unleash my character.  My current job doesn’t allow that though, it was an occupation chosen on my behalf and each day I make steps towards pursuing what I want and find a way to escape from a job that steals my joy.  I know it’s not too late to give what I love the most my full attention.  I want to leave this earth knowing I did everything that brought joy to my life.

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” — Steve Jobs

©MaKupsy 2017

Bulawayo UnPlugged

UnPlugged Zimbabwe decided to branch out to Bulawayo because they are amining to build a national brand. How often Unplugged goes to Bulawayo will depend entirely on the take up. If the people of Bulawayo come out and have a great time, UnPlugged will definitely look into making it a regular fixture, similar to Harare.



I caught up with the energetic and charismatic CalVin who was one of the main acts of the Bulawayo UnPlugged event held last month and here is what he shared with me.

Which genre does your music fall under?

My music falls under Hip Hop and Jazz.  I’m currently experimenting with Jazz so I’m a rapper who vocalises, you could say I’m Jazzy Hip Hop.

What are your favourite songs and which ones are your fans favourites?

My personal favourite songs are: King, My Life and Uthando
My fans like: Zkhuphan, Jeki and Bebengakholwa

What inspired you to pursue music?

Music is something that I grew into.  It’s something my cousins were seriously into and I caught up with that fire and I ran with it ever since I was 10 years old.

How long have you been singing?

I’ve been rapping since 1996 so that makes it 21 years of singing.  The first time I recorded something commercially was in 2003.  I can safely say I have been a commercial artist for 14 years now.



Top 3 things that people don’t know about you?

  1. I love comedy.
  2. I enjoy watching soccer.  I’m a Highlanders Football Club and Manchester United Football Club supporter.
  3. I don’t write my music I just freestyle my way through it.

What did you like about UnPlugged Bulawayo?

I liked the vibe that UnPlugged has.  The chilled out vibe is something you want to continue to experience.  It’s a family oriented event.  People came through with their drinks, food and their kids as well.  It was properly organised, the sound system was on point and the money was good too!

What was your experience performing at UnPlugged Bulawayo?

I enjoyed my performance.  I loved the vibe people threw back at me.  I actually took the opportunity to perform one of my Jazz songs and I did well, the crowd loved it!

Any precious gems to drop for those who want to pursue music?

If you want to pursue a career in music the first thing you need to know is that it is going to eat up most of your time.  It will demand your full attention, your money, your energy, your everything actually!  People always think it’s just about coming through to the studio and recording a song.  It doesn’t go down like that, you have to put in the work if you want to shine through a world full of artists.  We don’t want any lazy artists in the game waiting for handouts, come into the music industry knowing that you are here to work!

 You can follow CalVin on his social media platforms to stay in touch with his musical journey on;

Instagram: @iamcal_vin

Twitter: @IamCal_Vin

Facebook: @Cal Vin

Website: www.cal-vin.com

Don’t forget to mark your calendar for Sunday 1 October 2017 for another blanket, wine and music affair at UnPlugged Zimbabwe, see you at Wingate Hararians! 

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Turn Up The Music And Go Run!

Music is one of those things that I can live with or without when it comes to running.  It took me losing my pair of earphones some years back to get me used to running without music.  It was actually a blessing in disguise because I had no choice but to run and pay attention to my breathing as well as the rhythm of my pace.  Years later I can choose to take or leave my earphones behind when I go out for my morning runs.  However, one this is certain, when I go out to run for more than 8K I MUST have my earphones otherwise that run taxes every fiber in me.

I asked some of the members of team Fitness In The Park if they run with or without music and this is what they had to say;

I run with music to distract me from the distance I have to run, the pain of running and to not listen to my breathing. – Real

I run without music to avoid being run over by cars.  I run on the right side of the road for visibility but sometimes I have to choose to run from the side of the road with less potholes. – Tatenda

I run with music to praise and worship and also I use songs as encouragement to keep running. When I feel like walking I tell myself to run till the end of the song. – Shingi

I always make sure I create a fire playlist a day before a long run and I usually have one if not all of these tracks on shuffle mode.

  1. Akiliz: Ammara Brown
  2. Alleluya: Roki and ExQ
  3. Bvunza Tinzwe: Killer T
  4. Chekeche: ExQ feauturing Military Touch Movement
  5. Mungandidi: Takura

My favourite track at the moment is Akiliz by Ammara Brown and you should be on the look out for it!  The track was inspired by a lover who was in the habit of using her.  Ammartians already know two singles off the album “Ammartia”; namely Mukoko and Wachu Want.

*Whatever you do when you go out for your run and you have music make sure you are wearing reflective gear.  If you can help it only wear one earphone so that the other ear can still be aware of happening outside your run.*

What does your playlist look like and do you run with or without music?

Fitness Bae®

UnPlugged Must-Haves

UnPlugged Magic: Love. Live. Music

I hope you have been preparing for UnPlugged because tomorrow it’s the place to be!  Your UnPlugged must-haves include items from clothes, to food to a couple of accessories.   Those of you going for the first time need to make sure you have some if not all of the things on the list below to make your UnPlugged experience all the more fun!


Photo Credit: @mama_danai (Twitter) and her friend Rutendo

  • Sunglasses
  • Flat shoes (there will be a lot of dancing involved)
  • Shorts
  • Jeans
  • Floral summer dress
  • Hoodie or jacket (if you are planning to stay on till the evening)
  • Power bank
  • Selfie stick
  • Cooler box (make sure you stash a lot of ice and drinks of your choice(Vodka) in there)
  • Bottled water
  • Camping chairs
  • Picnic blanket
  • Backpack or sling bag
  • Toilet paper
  • Alcohol
  • Beer sticks
  • Biltong
  • Pizza(from Pizza Slice obviously)
  • Burgers (just make sure your crush won’t be coming along it might get messy

The UnPlugged Look

What I love about UnPlugged is that you can bring your own food and drinks.  Thankfully there are food stalls so if you run out of your own stash you can always buy yourself something tasty to eat or drink.

You can pay via swipe, ecocash and cash unfortunately Zipit is not yet available.

Performing acts to look forward to at UnPlugged tomorrow include, Tariro neGitareMunyaradzi Nyamarebvu & Roots Kalimba and the “UnPluggers Choice”, WinkyD !!!

Still not convinced to come through?  Watch the UnPlugged Zimbabwe video from here to see what the vibe is like.


Photo Credit: @mazishuga (Twitter)

UnPlugged Zimbabwe starts at 2pm and ends at 10pm.

Make sure you enjoy every moment and don’t forget to bring your friends and family.  If you are going to be drinking alcohol please make sure you have a sober designated driver so that you get home safe and sound.


Have I left out any UnPlugged must-haves?  If yes, please feel free to drop them in the comments section.

©MaKupsy 2017

10 Exciting UnPlugged Facts

UnPlugged is back again this Sunday!  I am already doing a mini countdown.  If you have never been then I suggest you save the date because this is an event that you don’t want to miss. I know you are here because you know I like all things exhilarating and UnPlugged is definitely one of those few things I can never get enough of.  When you go make sure you are seen but whatever you do please don’t cause a scene! Today on my blog I give you, 10 Fun UnPlugged Facts, this is the only place you have seen this because I am always a step ahead on my blogging journey.  Read on…


1. Unplugged got its name from the initial intention to introduce acoustic performances but the event quickly morphed to being electronically amplified and the name stuck.
2. The first ever Unplugged was held in December 2014 and was attended by just 150 people.
3. It’s a roving event with no fixed abode.
4. The two childhood friends who started Unplugged share a passion for homegrown music. They have known each other for over 30 years!
5. The heart of Unplugged is artist development – providing up and coming talent the space and audience to share and develop their craft.

f4912835-43f9-4ac0-9eea-b0cea1e8903b (1).jpg

Prince Musarurwa & Pah Chihera

6. Unplugged Zim, the company that manages Unplugged, is actually an Arts Organisation whose work spans across various Arts disciplines.
7. Over 150 artists have performed on the Unplugged stage.
8. Unplugged was a loss-making business for close to two years, when it finally reached break-even.
9. Unplugged’s first Bulawayo event happens this year in September, the 3rd to be precise.
10. Unplugged is looking across borders, hoping to penetrate other markets.



Artists interested in performing at Unplugged can fill in the application form at:



Send an application to applications @unpluggedzim.com with your bio, contact details and links to your music.  Please apply in advance as the process may take about two months or longer depending on the waiting list.

See you at UnPlugged!

©MaKupsy 2017