The Power Of A Referral

At the beginning of this year we had a road trip to Mazvikadei Resort.  It was a beautiful experience and a great way to start the new year.  I remember seeing my friend’s girlfriend for the first time and falling in love with her and her hair on the spot!  Unfortunately at the time I had just had my hair done and I was still disappointed with the results.  I told her I would get in touch with her the next time I decided to get my hair braided and so here we are!

I got in touch with my friend who then gave me Christine’s contact number.  Christine is her hairdresser.  I called her to set up an appointment and she confirmed she would be free a whole week after speaking to her.  I couldn’t wait, I just wanted to look pretty and waiting is not my strong point.  However, I had no choice and so the wait began.  True to her word at 6:30am she sent a message telling me she was outside my apartment.  Unbelievable!  She had said she would come through at 7:00am but she was early and I was already impressed.

Cut a long story short I got my hair done from 7:00am till 4:00pm.  I actually didn’t feel how the day went by because guess what?  You are not even ready to read this part…SHE DOES YOUR HAIR WHILE YOU ARE ASLEEP!!!  Guys, she actually prefers that you sleep and she gets on with her work with peace, quiet and maximum concentration!  I am NEVER EVER going to get anyone else to braid my hair.  She is the hairdresser I have always wanted.


Not only does she do your hair to a tee she is also a pleasant person who quickly blends in.  I love that she is open and tells you what does and doesn’t work for her from the get go.  The money she charges as you can see, is very much worth every dollar!

This year I promised myself that I would write more on women who are doing amazing things.  We normally focus on those who are already doing it big and forget about the ones in the shadows.  There is too much negativity as it is in the world, it would be beautiful to have more positive stories to read about women in our communities.  I kid you not, Christine is the first of many fabulous women to be featured on my blog this year.  I am so happy with my hair I might do it again and again and again before the year ends.

If you would like Christine to do your hair, she is just a phone call and thankfully she does home visits.  However, you have to book in advance as she is a very busy woman so you have to make sure you organise yourself in time.  Get in touch with me so that I can you the hook up of a lifetime!


I am sooooo in love with my new hairdo you have no idea!  You know I love all things beautiful and when I say something is good it really is good.  Give her a try, you won’t be disappointed!

If you know anyone who would like to be featured please let me know.

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Love The Skin You’re In – Exclusive Interview

Hi, my name is MaKupsy and I am a social media stalker!  I know I am not alone here but I can defend myself and tell you that I am on the “lite version” of stalking.  Meaning…I only stalk the interesting people on my timeline.  I bumped into this voluptuous woman on my Instagram feed and I was completely breath taken, like WOW!  I have been following her for a while now and just the other day I thought we should do an interview together and this is how it went.


What is your name and where are you from?

My name is Mercy.  I am 22, born in Zimbabwe but I am currently living in the United Kingdom. I work as a model and brand ambassador for

What inspired you to be a lingerie model?

Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought of modelling lingerie!  However, when the idea was proposed to me and I wore the lingerie for the first time, I took a moment to recognise and appreciate my uniqueness. It gave me an opportunity to reflect on the aspects of my body that at some point had made feel insecure. I have accepted all my flaws that I had previously struggled with growing up and have evolved into someone who is truly body positive.

How old were you when you started your career?

It all began about 3 years ago when my sister had an online clothing boutique. For promotional purposes we used to take our own pictures in the middle of the street and post them on social media. To our own surprise we had a great reception and that is when I discovered my glow in front of the camera.

Please share some of the challenges that come with the job?

When I first started I personally thought the physical expectations placed on models were often extreme. That I think was one of my worst fears.  Women face intense physical scrutiny and the pressure to measure up to standards that are often impossible. It made me realise that whether you are a model or not every woman has flaws and I had to learn to embrace mine.


Are your family and friends supportive of your career?

My family is very supportive of my career, if not for them I probably would not be doing what I do with such confidence and pride. Most of my work is for Korrine Sky Intimates that is our brand and family business so the aim is to work hard and represent our brand well.

How do you deal with negative criticism?

In everything you do I think you should always leave a little room for criticism, not everybody will be a fan of your work and if you can hold your head up high and are proud of what you do that is all that matters.

On the other hand we are all human, If I said that the comments of nay sayers do not sometimes affect me I would be lying. One example I can share, I did a short film for Korrine Sky Intimates first year anniversary and someone made a snarky remark about the shape of my head. Now for me to let that not affect me I reminded myself that the shape of my head is something I cannot change. The trick to all of this is I only allow myself to feel it for a split second realise why I am doing this brush myself off and its back to business

What do you love the most about your job?

The best thing about my job is that I am doing something that I enjoy and love, I think that it is very important because most people are not as lucky in life to be able to live their passion.

Funny enough I used to avoid having my pictures taken when I was younger, since I discovered that I can serve body and face I have never looked back since. I get a lot of room to be creative and experiment with my body shape size and looks nothing can beat that.

Any wise words to share for those who would one day want to be models as well?

I cannot emphasise enough to women how important it is; if you decide to embark on this journey as a model the first and most important thing is to be comfortable in your own skin. Confidence is like a smell it follows you everywhere you go. One thing my mama has taught me is that there is nothing more sexy and liberating than a woman who oozes confidence knows exactly what she wants, sets goals and achieves them!

You can find Mercy on these Social Media Networks:

INSTAGRAM  @mercydiosa

SNAPCHAT  @Chynageisha

TWITTER  @Mercydiosa1



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I Love My Natural Hair

Hello my lovings, I hope you had fun-filled weekend.  On Saturday  I attended a Garden Party by Maestro.  It was hosted by Hanani Dube who is the creator of FroSister hair products.  The event was a success and it was very intimate as we got to discuss different issues surrounding natural hair.  You never stop learning, just when you think you now know almost everything about natural hair something else makes you realise you are near but yet so far on your hair journey.  These were the top tips I got from this event:


with Blogger @Pineapple_ZW (Twitter)

  • Hair growth has three phases which are the anagen, catagen, and telogen phases. Each strand of hair on the human body is at its own stage of development. Once the cycle is complete, it restarts and a new strand of hair begins to form.
  • Massaging your scalp helps with hair growth, blood circulation and opening your pores.  It’s important that you take enough time massaging your scalp, 5 minutes or more will do the trick depending on how much time you have.
  • I asked about wash day for my daughter and I was told to wash her hair in stages. For example; undo her hair today, shampoo tomorrow and then braid it the next day.  That way she doesn’t get irritable and unhappy about the process.
  • You can co-wash (conditioner only wash) your hair in-between shampoo days.  This means say you Shampoo and condition your hair on a Monday and Wednesday but you have an event on the Saturday.  At this point it’s okay to do a co-wash because your hair is not very dirty.
  • A woman should have a signature look.  Choose at least two hairstyles that work for you and don’t give you a headache when its time to get your hair done.

FroSister Garden Party; Hanani is the one with the beautiful Afro 🙂

That said, for those who missed the blog post on the reason why I decided to go natural you can read all about it below.

It was round about the time I had finished my A level examinations; with all the time on my hands I ended up experimenting with my hair. I remember the fit my mother threw when she found out I had went and got my hair texturised with Dark n Lovely.  She was not amused one single bit, she always told me that my hair was beautiful just the way it was but you know how most of us always think mothers just want us to feel better about ourselves because they have no choice, we are their children so it’s their job type of feeling? I kept my hair in texturised state for a couple of years.  At some point my hair started falling out at the back but I soldiered on because there was no way my mother was going to win the natural hair is better than texturised hair debate.  I went on to colour it to some wild orange colour.  Orange, really, of all the colours in the rainbow I chose orange!  I didn’t keep that colour for long until I decided to just chop off my hair and start again.  This time around I was determined to keep it in its natural state for as long as I could.  That didn’t go too well either because after just a few months of plaiting it I as back on that texturised tip. The thing is, I really wanted my hair to grow super long so I was impatient and in my head I thought that texturising it would speed up the growth.  It was clearly not working for me because once my hair grew to about 15 cms it simply stopped growing!!  I was beyond frustrated.  I got all the hairdos you can think of, from braids to weave ons.  I think weave ons just did more harm than good to my hair.  Fast forward to around August 2014 my hairline was receding and I was sure my hairline was starting from behind my ears. ((Laugh Out Loud!!!))  I had to either suck it in or continue stressing out my hair which was clearly not improving over the years. I kept thinking “oh my gosh, I am going to look like a guy if cut my hair”, then I changed my mind and said actually screw people and what they think, this is what I want and I am going to go ahead and do it.

So I woke up one morning and decided to chop it all off!  Yes, I took that big leap and knew my friends and colleagues were going to have a field day with me because the way I loved to be up to date with hairdos and all they were definitely going to wonder what had come over me.  I have a round face by the way and chubby cheeks, pair that up with short hair it was a definite shocker for everyone who knows me! I don’t regret the chop, I have been liberated in more ways than one especially on my monthly expenses.  I used to spend about $60 each month on hair alone and it is now down to $10.  Imagine the things I can do with the extra $50; more money to splurge on simple pleasures.  The amount of time I now spend at the saloon takes the cup any day.  In 30 minutes flat my look is done unlike before where I had to spend most of my Saturday stuck in one place without having time for anything else after it was all done up.  The one thing that used to dread about weave ons was the fact that after my jog or workouts I would be all sweaty and there was  no way of washing out the sweat, I had to wait for my next hair appointment to get my hair washed, which was usually after 4 whole weeks!  Thankfully that is a thing of the past now and I can wash my hair as and when I want to with no fuss at all.  The other thing I am thoroughly enjoying about my short hair is that I can swim as and when I want to and most of all with the rainy season you won’t see me running for dear life when it starts raining because I won’t be worrying about my hairstyle and how much I had to spend on it.


Short hair stays winning 🙂

My confidence levels have gone crazy because now I own my look.  I love my hair, I am buying it all sorts of fancy shampoos, conditioners and moisturisers because it’s now easier for me to maintain. Before I had to hide a few flaws behind big hair but now what you see is what you get, it is 100% me.  Will I get plaited again?  I doubt it will be anytime soon, I am enjoying the freedom plus I have come across so many haircuts that I want to try out so no, it’s all natural for a while…And yes, my mother was right, natural hair looks beautiful on me, mothers are never wrong after all.

Have you ever gone all out and cut your hair?  What was the reaction from those around you? Will you do it again? If you have never done so or have second thoughts on doing it, what are the reasons?  I would love to hear from you.

Fro Sister Products are now available in Harare, Zimbabwe! FroSister natural hair products are now available in Harare. Please contact our distributors for all your hair needs on 077 176 8408.


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My Hair Grows Towards Heaven!

The first time ever Hair Meet Up was held last Saturday between 10am and 1pm.  Before I left the house a few minutes before 10am I thought I would be one of the first people to get to the venue, you know how terrible most people are with time.  Surprise surprise there were close to 20 people when I got there.  What time did these women wake up??  Wait, the first 5 people to get to the venue were going to get a free hairdo, now it made sense!  The way my hair was a hot mess I should have left home early as well but there is always next time I guess.


The venue was beautiful.  Chairs close to the pool in the shade away from the unforgiving sun.  I have never seen so many women with different natural hairstyles in one place.  The event started a few minutes after 10am and the hostesses and guest speakers were lively and got the crowd taking part.

We had an amazing time and I learnt some very valuable lessons from this meet up.  I realised that I have been doing more harm than good to my hair without even realising it.  We have too much information around us and thanks to Google we now search for everything and automatically assume that whatever we find there holds true to our own situations.  Below are a few tips and sayings I found very useful and inspiring:

  1. You need to learn what your hair likes so that you know which products to try. Do not use too many products at once otherwise you will not figure out what is actually working for you or not.
  2. Move around with a bottle of water and spritz water to keep it soft. Sometimes you can try adding some oil. Just a bit of oil, maybe a tablespoon or less.  Zimbabwe is dry; your hair needs WATER more than anything.
  3. You can use eggs and avocados on your hair without having to break a budget on expensive products. Most times home remedies work wonders on your hair.
  4. Tea tree and peppermint oil are good for dandruff.
  5. Remember that hair is different. What works for Chido won’t work for Chipo.
  6. Never comb your hair when it is dry.
  7. Our hair is the only hair that grows towards heaven. God did not make a mistake by making it the way it is.

  8. The moment you undo your hair and there is that stickiness it means you are using too much product in it.
  9. Castor oil and blended red onion is good for your hairline.
  10. Speak affirmations of love to your hair.

MaKupsy & @Pineapple_ZW (Twitter)

We were sold a dream though, the ticket said that Kudzai Sevenzo would be the special guest appearance but she didn’t come through and there was no mention or explanation of why that did not materialise.


The hamper I won for Tweeting about the event like a maniac 🙂

Over and above the event was well organised.  A number of women walked away with prizes myself included and it was a day well spent gathering priceless information.  I know for a fact that from now on I will NOT buy any hair product that does not contain Aqua in it.  My hair journey has already begun and months from now I will show you if the tips above helped or not.  I really need to get my hair line back it is currently in ICU!

Do you have any more natural hair tips you would like to share?  If yes please feel free to get in touch so that we can have more information available for natural hair enthusiasts.

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