Dreadlocks Love Affair

I met Beaton years ago and the first thing I noticed about him were his dread locks; then his upbeat personality followed soon after.  A few months ago I penned down a product review and complained that it did absolutely nothing for my natural hair.  A few hours later a ping notification alerted me that I had a new comment on my blog post and lo and behold it was something from Beaton.  He advised that I try a different product that he also uses for his dread locks and; true to his word a few weeks later my hair was more manageable, soft and super healthy.  Now that right there is a man with the best hook up in town!

Beaton Becoming The Muse MaKupsy.jpg


I love so many things about his blog I might need all day to tell you about them but I’ll try and keep it short and sweet so that you can head over and check out his blog soon after.

  • He’s original.  I’ve been reading a lot of blogs over the past 4 years and never have I bumped into one that starts with inviting you for coffee.  That’s his thing, if you were on Beaton’s blog right now he would be in time to join him for …. (insert anything random here) he gets up to the most interesting things.  My favourite piece is Of Months And Their Names.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think of writing what each month is in Shona but he went on and did that.
  • His blog is interactive and filled with free and informative information.  He’s the sort of Blogger who will publish a post and have 33 likes and 20 comments on it.  The trick here being…he shows up for other bloggers.  He’s right there commenting, sharing and liking so it’s easy for them to reciprocate.
  • He writes very rich content and disguises it with dashes of humour.  If you’re someone like me who doesn’t particularly like reading about current affairs he will have you hooked into a post only to later realise he was writing about what’s happening in Zimbabwe!

However, one thing I think might add an extra punch to his work is use of quality images.  He already has great content but those pictures will probably explode his statistics.  

4 Things You Didn’t Know About Beaton

  1. He is part of AfroBloggers and their platform was selected to be in the pilot group of the Connect.Hubs program run by Hivos, British Council, Nesta, Enthuse Afrika, Electric South connecting together 44 creatives from Southern Africa; in Harare and Cape Town to come connect and go create.
  2. He is currently teaching a creative writing course to a Sunday School class at his church.  A poem he penned for 8-11 year olds was performed at a National Poetry Event.
  3. Meeting Steph Kapfunde(Managing Director of Enthuse Afrika); someone he has known virtually for 5 years but never met in real life.
  4. He does his own hair and he has a secret formula he uses on his hair because when I met him last week his hair was smelling diving I just wanted to hug it!

You can connect with Beaton on;

Website: becomingthemuse.wordprss.com

Twitter: @Beatonm5

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It's National Wine Day!

Do you have dread locks?  Have you tried them out before?  I’d love to have those but my hair type won’t let me live my best dread locked life 😦

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Hairstyles That Make My Hair Happy

My love affair with braids started exactly a year ago when a friend referred me to her hairdresser, Christine.  Ever since then I’ve had no one else touch my hair when it comes to braiding.  There are thousands of people who can braid your hair but I keep going back to the same person because:

  • Whichever hairdo you show her you want if she can do it she’ll tell you she can and if she can’t she’s honest with you from the get go.
  • She keeps time.  If you set up an appointment with her best believe she will be there at the agreed time.
  • She’s almost always fully booked so you have to make an appointment in advance, sometimes a whole week in advance.  It will be worth the wait because your hair will look good and all her attention will be on you on the day.
  • She does home visits.
  • Her prices are very reasonable.
  • She can do your hair while you sleep.  She actually prefers that you sleep and she gets on with her work with peace, quiet and maximum concentration!



More of her work…

Braid Gang MaKupsy.jpg


MaKupsy Braid Gang.jpg

Box Braids

Cornrows MaKupsy.jpg

Corn Rows

Natural Hair Hairstyles MaKupsy.jpg

Bob 2.0

You know I love all things beautiful and when I say something is good it really is good.  If you would like her contact details please get in touch with me and I will pass it on to you.  I’ve referred a handful of people to her and they too have nothing but amazing things to say about her work.

Give her a try, you won’t be disappointed!

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I Love My Natural Hair

Hanani Dube who is the creator of FroSister hair products hosted a Natural Hair Garden Party on Saturday by Maestro Restaurant.  The event was a success and it was very intimate as we got to discuss different issues surrounding natural hair.  You never stop learning, just when you think you now know almost everything about natural hair something else makes you realise you are near but yet so far on your hair journey.  These were the top tips I got from this event:


with Blogger @Pineapple_ZW (Twitter)

  • Hair growth has three phases which are the anagen, catagen, and telogen phases. Each strand of hair on the human body is at its own stage of development. Once the cycle is complete, it restarts and a new strand of hair begins to form.
  • Massaging your scalp helps with hair growth, blood circulation and opening your pores.  It’s important that you take enough time massaging your scalp, 5 minutes or more will do the trick depending on how much time you have.
  • I asked about wash day for my daughter and I was told to wash her hair in stages. For example; undo her hair today, shampoo tomorrow and then braid it the next day.  That way she doesn’t get irritable and unhappy about the process.
  • You can co-wash (conditioner only wash) your hair in-between shampoo days.  This means say you Shampoo and condition your hair on a Monday and Wednesday but you have an event on the Saturday.  At this point it’s okay to do a co-wash because your hair is not very dirty.
  • A woman should have a signature look.  Choose at least two hairstyles that work for you and don’t give you a headache when its time to get your hair done.

FroSister Garden Party; Hanani is the one with the beautiful Afro 🙂

For those who missed the blog post on the reason why I decided to go natural you can read all about it below.

It was round about the time I had finished my A level examinations; with all the time on my hands I ended up experimenting with my hair. I remember the fit my mother threw when she found out I had went and got my hair texturised with Dark n Lovely.  She was not amused one single bit, she always told me that my hair was beautiful just the way it was but you know how most of us always think mothers just want us to feel better about ourselves because they have no choice, we are their children so it’s their job type of feeling? I kept my hair in texturised state for a couple of years.  At some point my hair started falling out at the back but I soldiered on because there was no way my mother was going to win the natural hair is better than texturised hair debate.  I went on to colour it to some wild orange colour.  Orange, really, of all the colours in the rainbow I chose orange!  I didn’t keep that colour for long until I decided to just chop off my hair and start again.  This time around I was determined to keep it in its natural state for as long as I could.  That didn’t go too well either because after just a few months of plaiting it I as back on that texturised tip. The thing is, I really wanted my hair to grow super long so I was impatient and in my head I thought that texturising it would speed up the growth.  It was clearly not working for me because once my hair grew to about 15 cms it simply stopped growing!!  I was beyond frustrated.  I got all the hairdos you can think of, from braids to weave ons.  I think weave ons just did more harm than good to my hair.  Fast forward to around August 2014 my hairline was receding and I was sure my hairline was starting from behind my ears. ((Laugh Out Loud!!!))  I had to either suck it in or continue stressing out my hair which was clearly not improving over the years. I kept thinking “oh my gosh, I am going to look like a guy if cut my hair”, then I changed my mind and said actually screw people and what they think, this is what I want and I am going to go ahead and do it.

So I woke up one morning and decided to chop it all off!  Yes, I took that big leap and knew my friends and colleagues were going to have a field day with me because the way I loved to be up to date with hairdos and all they were definitely going to wonder what had come over me.  I have a round face by the way and chubby cheeks, pair that up with short hair it was a definite shocker for everyone who knows me! I don’t regret the chop, I have been liberated in more ways than one especially on my monthly expenses.  I used to spend about $60 each month on hair alone and it is now down to $10.  Imagine the things I can do with the extra $50; more money to splurge on simple pleasures.  The amount of time I now spend at the saloon takes the cup any day.  In 30 minutes flat my look is done unlike before where I had to spend most of my Saturday stuck in one place without having time for anything else after it was all done up.  The one thing that used to dread about weave ons was the fact that after my jog or workouts I would be all sweaty and there was  no way of washing out the sweat, I had to wait for my next hair appointment to get my hair washed, which was usually after 4 whole weeks!  Thankfully that is a thing of the past now and I can wash my hair as and when I want to with no fuss at all.  The other thing I am thoroughly enjoying about my short hair is that I can swim as and when I want to and most of all with the rainy season you won’t see me running for dear life when it starts raining because I won’t be worrying about my hairstyle and how much I had to spend on it.


Short hair stays winning 🙂

My confidence levels have gone crazy because now I own my look.  I love my hair, I am buying it all sorts of fancy shampoos, conditioners and moisturisers because it’s now easier for me to maintain. Before I had to hide a few flaws behind big hair but now what you see is what you get, it is 100% me.  Will I get plaited again?  I doubt it will be anytime soon, I am enjoying the freedom plus I have come across so many haircuts that I want to try out so no, it’s all natural for a while…And yes, my mother was right, natural hair looks beautiful on me, mothers are never wrong after all.

Have you ever gone all out and cut your hair?  What was the reaction from those around you? Will you do it again? If you have never done so or have second thoughts on doing it, what are the reasons?  I would love to hear from you.

Fro Sister Products are now available in Harare, Zimbabwe! FroSister natural hair products are now available in Harare. Please contact our distributors for all your hair needs on 077 176 8408.


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