Chop Chop Brazilian Steak House: Part 2

In my first Restaurant Review for Chop Chop Brazilian Steak House I promised I would go back for a second experience.  You can read all about my first experience from here.  I can safely tell you that going back was a great decision which was greatly influenced by my darling little sister Pineapple.  We catch up in person every now and again when we are both free and this time it was her turn to choose a place and we settled for Chop Chop Brazilian Steak House.  I have nothing but great things to say today so you might want to read through so that you get address to this place at the end of the blog.

I was the first one to arrive and I had to check and make sure they accepted payment through Ecocash.  Thankfully they do and so I happily waltzed in and chose a table for two.  When Pineapple arrived we chose a different table and we made ourselves at home.  We had a waiter come through to assist us, I can’t possibly forget her name, Samantha, she was very helpful.  Before placing any order of sort the first thing we did was ask her to take pictures, for the gram!

95c18427-f810-4565-9906-0eed8fdd201f (1).jpg

Pineapple & MaKupsy (Fitness Bae)

Browsing through the menu was an easy decision for me.  I don’t like beef so I was scouting for anything but that.  I settled for a chicken burger and chips and minutes later Pineapple decided on the same thing.  I guess we share the same birthday for a good reason after all.  I made sure I showed up on an empty stomach because the agenda of the day was talk about what we have been both up to, what we are planning for the near future and how we are going to to make a mark in the world while enjoying a good meal and indulging in some yummy beverages.


Chicken Burger & Chips $8

I think this is the biggest burger I have ever had in my life!  I had to cut it in half so that I could accommodate it in my mouth.  It was fresh, tasty and packed with nothing but goodness. You wouldn’t think it was your ordinary burger, it had “that thing”.  The burger was sinfully tasty just thinking about it right now is making me feel hungry all over again.  I am very particular about colour on my plate and I can safely say that I was not disappointed.   The meal was executed to a tee.  I didn’t get to finish my burger by the way.  Okay I lie, I left just a bite size but I really couldn’t stomach anymore food.  I didn’t even have space for dessert!


my favourite picture of the day 🙂

For people who were stuffed we surprisingly had space for cocktails.  We wanted to try something new and Samantha went and asked the Bar Man to come through and explain to us what each cocktail contained.  Like how cool is that?  This is already another reason Chop Chop Brazilian Steak House will be my new hang out place.  I haven’t had that kind of personalised service before.  We settled for Purple Rain cocktails.  Not only do they look pretty they taste completely divine!  My ears starting getting hot at some point, a good kind of hot.  I am not sure if it was me just feeling happy for spending time with Pineapple or the cocktail was taking over, either way it was a wonderful feeling!


Purple Rain $9 each


Zimbabwean Bloggers 🙂

We were at Chop Chop Brazilian Steak House till around 9pm.  To think we got there in the afternoon around 3pm!  I think my second experience was much better than the first because I had great company and a great waitress as well.  If Pineapple and I had it our way we could have stayed there till closing time but we had other commitments the next day.

I think it is only right for me to tell you that if you don’t pay a visit to Chop Chop Brazilian Steak House anytime soon you will be doing yourself a serious disservice!  It is going to be the hottest place in town and you don’t want to have to make advance bookings to have a taste of the place.  Go there today, tomorrow, this weekend but whatever you do make a trip there, it will be worth your while.

The positive things from my second experiences are:

  • The use of Ecocash, what a a life saver!
  • The waitress Samantha was very attentive and helpful.
  • The toilets were clean.
  • The ambiance was great.
  • The music had that Kizomba feel to it I had to stop myself from getting up and pulling a move or two.
  • Compliments to the Chef on this day, the food was amazeballs!

I noticed on their Facebook Page that they now have a Jazz Nite on Wednesdays.  I will check it out soon because I always have an excuse to leave the house!


One of the main highlights of Chop Chop Brazilian Restaurant is that unlike many sit-down non fast food restaurants in Zimbabwe, they are open every single day of the week for breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee and drinks. In addition, everyday, there is a different special on the menu; all you have to do is ask your waiter!

Don’t say you didn’t hear this from me first but… from Saturday the 21st of July, they will be serving a meat platter!  It will be going for $30 for 4 kebabs, 2 sausages, 4 wings, 250g sirloin steak and chips.  There goes watching my portions!

You can make a reservation online. No need to call or come in just visit

On a scale of 0-10, 10 being the best experience ever, I give Chop Chop Brazilian Restaurant a cool 9 out 10.  I am so glad I made a second visit, it was worth every minute.  If you want to have a sit down at a place with great energy, comfortable sitting area and delicious food then look no further…

©MaKupsy 2017


Man Crush Monday : Chef Takura

Every woman wants a man who can cook; okay I lie, I love a man who can cook so I will speak for myself on this one.  Imagine getting home to a meal prepared with nothing but tender loving care by your one and only.  Chef Takura (hello beard gang) took some time out to share spinets of his story with me and you can read all about it below.


Chef Takura

I have always loved cooking, working in hospitality made the choice easier.

My favorite meal changes so often. I am into soups at the moment. I also always love making pizza and pasta from scratch because they are so versatile for toppings and sauces!!
I currently work at Forest Hills Resort as the Managing Director.  I love building and making our product better. Sadly I have very little time to cook. (There goes my dream to have a Chef Bae!)  Forest Hills is a beautiful location many places to hike and enjoy nature.

Forest Hills

Being the wine lover that I am I couldn’t resist asking him on his thoughts on food and wine…
Pairing food and wine was my last job in Australia where I was the Head Sommelier (a wine waiter) at a Modern European Bistro. Pay attention to the weight of the dish as well as flavour. A hearty beef dish will go better with a full bodied red wine and a light spicy Asian dish would go better with a lighter white wine. Experiment a lot and see what your palette enjoys!!!
I do try and exercise as much as I can. The nice thing about living on a mountain is that EVERY walk has an incline!! I also like to swim and skip.
I have just gained a little more fitness and I get to see the area and take loads of nature photos.  The greatest challenge I have had so far when it comes to exercising is making time and there is no one to work out with out here.  Chef Takura needs to read about the benefits of running alone.  However, I do enjoy running, I will start running when I get someone to chase me!

Shakshuka or eggs in rich tomato sauce


Grilled Crumbed Fish Fillets with home made mayonnaise and pineapple salsa!


Beef Fried Rice

You can get in touch with Chef Takura on Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date with his mouth watering meals and beautiful views that he constantly shares on social media.
©MaKupsy 2017

Chez Zandi – Bistro & Wine Bar

This is definitely my go to place come Friday!  Last week I hooked up with friends and we had what was supposed to be a drink or two turn into a whole night of good company, extra cold drinks, great music and delicious food. If you stay in The Avenues this might turn into your new hangout place to.  I would have you know that I pass by this place every other day when I go for my morning run but I never realised that it was the hottest place ever!


View above me

The first thing I noticed when I walked in was the decorations, definitely a plus for me.  As you walk in there is a garden area and a few children were playing there.  It’s a family friendly environment and I will make sure I take my daughter there one of these afternoons, she would definitely love all that space to run around.

There is an option to sit inside or outside the restaurant but my friends were outside already so there was no way I was going to start to ask to change tables; besides it is blazing hot lately so even at night the temperatures are crazy. However, the benches are not exactly comfortable.  You know how a bench ordinarily has three planks that go across it, well, theirs have two and for some of us who are blessed in the curves department; it made sitting pretty uncomfortable.  Perhaps management can look into this.

One thing I liked about my experience was that the waiter actually remembered our drinks and didn’t have to keep asking what we were having.  It’s unfortunate that I have forgotten his name he really did a great job.

The music was laid back and diverse for the most part then it got all hyped by the hour.  I listened to songs I last heard when I was in High School and I loved it!


All this for USD8

I honestly don’t know why I choose to do these Restaurant Reviews in the morning, now I am felling so hungry and it’s not even time to have a cup of coffee yet! That platter fed not one but three people.  Unbelievable!  Pig on the spit, chips and a salad.  It was absolutely delicious and now just thinking of what I am probably going to eat for lunch today has me rethinking about waiting for Friday to go back to Chez Zandi.  I actually thought we would need another platter but we were all full by the time we were done.  The food was reasonably priced, fresh and finger licking good!


See how happy I get when I see food 🙂

After one too many I had to use the powder room.  This is one of the areas I am really sensitive about when I go out because it determines whether I will come back or not.  I was pleasantly surprised.  The bathroom was clean; tissue was available, there was hand soap, hand lotion, air freshener and the mirror was intact.  The whole time I went to use the bathroom it was clean and that was A LOT of times, trust me.  I don’t know why I pee so much when I drink and once I start I don’t stop! That said, there was a time I got to the bathroom and it was packed.  There were 5 women ahead of me and I was convinced I was going to pop.  I went to check out the men’s bathroom and there was absolutely noone so you know I did what you are thinking right now, I had no choice, I was seriously going to burst!  That’s another area to look into, maybe have two bathrooms for the women?  It will save a lot of jumping up and down trying to stop ourselves from peeing on ourselves.

Will I recommend this place to anyone?  HECK  YES!  This time around I will bring all the friends I made from the Road Trip to Sanganai Creek because they are an amazing bunch and we will certainly have a great time here.  I will rate Chez Zandi a cool 8/10 my experience here was lovely.

I got home sometime before 0100hrs, see how this is THE place to go on a Friday night?

Oh, I took a picture of the menu for those who might want to also give it a try. I will definitely go for one of their Jazz Sundays sometime soon.


What did you get up to over the weekend?  I bet your weekend was not as interesting as mine.

P.S. Why didn’t anyone tell me there was another place to hang out that is NOT Centurion I am enough of that place! 

©MaKupsy 2016


News Cafe Fife Avenue

News Cafe Five Avenue; when I go there for drinks I have a ball of a time no complaints there.  However, yesterday we went there for coffee but got a seriously raw deal.  They didn’t have cake, how can you not have cake in this blistering cold?!  They do realise that coffee dates will be on a double because of the weather right?  Anyways, I settled for some Hot Chocolate which was absolutely divine!  I had to choose something else to eat seeing that they didn’t have cake! (Note to Restaurant owners, It would be really nice if we could just walk in and actually get to eat what we actually want to eat and not have to make alternative meal choices!)  I chose something not too heavy and opted for Creamy Chicken Mini Pita Pockets served with chips.  My imagination was running wild trying to think what my plate would look like once it was placed on my table because this is something I had not had before.  Lo and behold!


This is what you get for $8


That is one very sad looking plate right there!!  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  I was like are these News Cafe Five Avenue guys for real?  It felt like I was reliving my DV8 Restaurant experience!  Come on people, you can do better than this.  How do you just place food on a plate with zero creativity.  This plate was very unhappy; there was no life, no colour, just starch.  These people really make you feel like you are eating this food for free.  After paying your United States Dollars that are so hard to come by they serve you this?!  I want to be happy to be eating out, I want to be like wow, that was something I can never eat from home.  If they gave me the recipe to whatever this was supposed to be trust me I would ace it and I would be so proud to serve it to all my friends.  Actually, tell you what, I shall look for this recipe and try it out just to show how serious I am.

I had to search on Google just to make sure I wasn’t being petty and look at what I found.  Below is a very happy looking Chicken Pita and I would rather eat that with a huge smile on my face than what I had to stomach last night!


This Google image is bursting with colour, texter and flavour!!


I hope they do something about their plating.  News Cafe Fife Avenue is a really fun hangout and I would like to continue going there.  At this rate I might just go for drinks only because the food they served me last night was a complete let down.

My rating 5/10 the Hot Chocolate won me over as well as the ambiance but the food is a no for me!


Wednesday Inspiration – Based On A True Story…

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. Napoleon Hill”


2005, I finish my A’Level studies at Marondera High School in Marondera, Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is at the height of its socio-economic and political decay. I want to advance my education but the situation in +263 won’t allow. My father, knowing very well that his son wants to advance his education by any means necessary, suggests that I take a gap year in 2006 and help him run his businesses in rural Macheke, a small village town on the border of Mashonaland East and Manicaland provinces, on your way to Mutare, Zimbabwe’s fourth largest city. I take up the offer and I run the family business to the best I could.   Towards the end of 2006 I told my dad that I really wanted to go to university to study and he understood but the sad story was that it was quite difficult for my family to finance my studies. Anyone who really understands the situation in Zimbabwe from 2006 will know what I’m talking about.

On the 19th of March 2007, I embarked on what I still consider as one of the most adventurous journeys of my life. I hopped on to a Greyhound bus, armed with US$52, which, at the time, was equivalent to R 1000, Destination: Durban, South Africa. To this very day I still remember the words my parents said to me on that day, warning me about the dangers of living in Azania! I arrived in Durban and managed to secure a job at a restaurant called Oscars Café in Essenwood Road. That job marked a watershed moment in my life. I was a waiter but because I had an unfulfilled dream and I was not prepared to let the situation in Zimbabwe dictate my fate, I then enrolled at the University of KwaZulu Natal Howard College Campus for a bachelor’s degree. I used the money I made to finance my studies. Four years of my life was spent at that restaurant then I moved to Market Restaurant when Oscars was sold.


Working while studying was one of the most challenging endeavors I have ever embarked on. It was very tough. Varsity classes started at 8am and at 4:30pm I had to be at work. I worked till 11pm each night, 16 hour double shifts on the weekend. After work I would then start working on assignments and/or study, but I never lost hope. I wanted that degree so bad. Through restaurant work and the strength I got from the heavens, I managed to attain 2 degrees. The hours were long, the work was tough but working in the restaurant did not just help me pay for my education, it helped me develop excellent communicative, business and interpersonal skills, which are vital in the business world this day. After graduation I managed to secure good jobs and I haven’t stopped studying.  I plan to pursue a Masters in International Relations as well as an LLM

unnamed (1).jpg

A few months ago I was at a restaurant at OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, South Africa, waiting for my flight, I was travelling to one of the Southern African countries. The waitress who served me was a Zimbabwean girl. I had a chat with her and she told me she wanted to study and I shared my story with her, I was just having a conversation. Several months later, when I had long forgotten about my conversation with her, I was back to the airport and it so happened that I found myself at the same restaurant where she worked. Somebody else was serving me but when that girl I had spoken to spotted me she came straight to me…what she did almost got me into tears, she produced her student card!! My story had inspired her to take that leap of faith and had registered at the University of Johannesburg’s Bunting road campus in Auckland Park. I still cannot comprehend what I felt on that day.

unnamed (2).jpg

The main reason why I decided to share my story with the rest of the world is that I want people to know that the road to greatness is like that legendary narrow path, its full of obstacles but its up to you to give up or navigate your way around it. I’m not saying I’m a great man now, but I’m far much better than what I was in 2006. This is my message to you all, in whatever you do, be the yardstick of excellence, make sure you lead so that they can follow. Look beyond the obvious, in search of the unseen, as you establish yourself as number one, as the world’s greatest….you can do it. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise, you can do it.


Tapiwa Munjoma is a Political Scientist, FreeLance Journalist and a Human Rights Activist who specializes on African Politics.



Gava Restaurant – Sadza With Soul

IMG_0433A few weeks back I had a serious traditional food craving and I was this close to losing my mind!  I asked everyone I could think of if they knew a place that made delicious traditional meal after working hours .  Most people couldn’t name a place and so I ended up tweeting @263chat for help and I got instant feedback!  How cool is it to have a platform where you can ask all things Zimbabwean and actually get a reply?  And so I made my way to Gava Restaurant.  The thing I liked the most before I even got there was that their kitchen was open till 9 pm and that meant any other time the food craving hit me I would know where and what time it would still be available.

Sadly this restaurant review won’t have much to go on about concerning the atmosphere because all I wanted to do on this particular day was to eat a nice hot meal prepared by someone else.  Methinks that is the one disadvantage of staying on your own.  Cooking for yourself becomes so monotonous and you end up sleeping on fruit or a sand-which.  Once I arrived at the restaurant I took a sit outside and the waiter was quick to bring the menu.  Seeing that I already knew what I wanted I ordered Sorghum Sadza with Chicken Stew (road runner) it came with green vegetables and beans.  The meal minus the refreshments cost $8.  There was a lot of meat in my plate I struggled to finish it but it was absolutely delicious.


Why did I like Gava Restaurant?

  • It is close to town.
  • The staff was friendly and efficient.
  • You don’t have to wait till you start growing old to get your food.
  • They had a lovely selection of music.
  • The meals are reasonably priced.

My rating on a scale of 1-10 is a 7. I will definitely go back for another meal one of these fine days.  I was thinking one of these lazy Sundays and get to experience it for a couple of hours.



Dv8 Restaurant


I had a date night with friends yesterday after work.  We decided to try out a restaurant in Kamfinsa, Harare, called Dv8.  I initially planned on having coffee and cake but sadly I was informed by the waiter that they only served coffee and no cake.  Dv8 apparently specialises in steaks, their logo reads, ” Steaks You Leave Home For.”  Unfortunately I don’t like red meat so steak was not an option.  I decided to order white meat instead and seeing that I am always on a mission to prove that I prepare the best fish ever I ordered hake and chips.  I could have had hake and a salad but it was my cheat day so starch was certainly welcome!  Their service was soooo slowwwwwww, it took close to 15 minutes for a waiter to finally attend to us.  My blood pressure was already going up because I believe customer service should be fast and efficient in case the customer decides otherwise and leaves and bam, money gone!

IMG-20141217-WA0001Anyways, after a long wait I finally got my plate.  The presentation was plain, I felt the dish was missing colour in it.  Maybe they could have added some tomato, carrots, cheese, red onion, something anything to make it not look so boring?  The hake was not well cooked; I don’t know the name of the coating they used but it ended up rock hard and I was fighting it just so I could cut it up and eat it.  I was NOT amused, considering I paid $10 for that plate!  To calm myself I decided to order a glass of wine.  Lo and behold!  They didn’t have red sweet wine.  They only had white dry wine and no, they did not sell by the glass.  Really, like really and truly?  So I opted for a glass of fruit juice instead.  I was really upset to be honest.  How do I come all this way for a meal only to have to compromise and not get what I want?  Do they not know what their customers like?

To be honest the only thing I enjoyed about Dv8 was the atmosphere.  Their service was crap.  Will I go back there again? NO.  But maybe if  you go you might be lucky and get to have the perfect service.  The whole point of eating out is to try something that is tasty and will want you coming back for more right?  I for one was disappointed and certainly not planning on another experience with them.  “I won’t be leaving home for them.” Get it?