Chop Chop Brazilian Steak House: Part 2

In my first Restaurant Review for Chop Chop Brazilian Steak House I promised I would go back for a second experience.  You can read all about my first experience from here.  I can safely tell you that going back was a great decision which was greatly influenced by my darling little sister Pineapple.  We catch up in person every now and again when we are both free and this time it was her turn to choose a place and we settled for Chop Chop Brazilian Steak House.  I have nothing but great things to say today so you might want to read through so that you get address to this place at the end of the blog.

I was the first one to arrive and I had to check and make sure they accepted payment through Ecocash.  Thankfully they do and so I happily waltzed in and chose a table for two.  When Pineapple arrived we chose a different table and we made ourselves at home.  We had a waiter come through to assist us, I can’t possibly forget her name, Samantha, she was very helpful.  Before placing any order of sort the first thing we did was ask her to take pictures, for the gram!

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Pineapple & MaKupsy (Fitness Bae)

Browsing through the menu was an easy decision for me.  I don’t like beef so I was scouting for anything but that.  I settled for a chicken burger and chips and minutes later Pineapple decided on the same thing.  I guess we share the same birthday for a good reason after all.  I made sure I showed up on an empty stomach because the agenda of the day was talk about what we have been both up to, what we are planning for the near future and how we are going to to make a mark in the world while enjoying a good meal and indulging in some yummy beverages.


Chicken Burger & Chips $8

I think this is the biggest burger I have ever had in my life!  I had to cut it in half so that I could accommodate it in my mouth.  It was fresh, tasty and packed with nothing but goodness. You wouldn’t think it was your ordinary burger, it had “that thing”.  The burger was sinfully tasty just thinking about it right now is making me feel hungry all over again.  I am very particular about colour on my plate and I can safely say that I was not disappointed.   The meal was executed to a tee.  I didn’t get to finish my burger by the way.  Okay I lie, I left just a bite size but I really couldn’t stomach anymore food.  I didn’t even have space for dessert!


my favourite picture of the day 🙂

For people who were stuffed we surprisingly had space for cocktails.  We wanted to try something new and Samantha went and asked the Bar Man to come through and explain to us what each cocktail contained.  Like how cool is that?  This is already another reason Chop Chop Brazilian Steak House will be my new hang out place.  I haven’t had that kind of personalised service before.  We settled for Purple Rain cocktails.  Not only do they look pretty they taste completely divine!  My ears starting getting hot at some point, a good kind of hot.  I am not sure if it was me just feeling happy for spending time with Pineapple or the cocktail was taking over, either way it was a wonderful feeling!


Purple Rain $9 each


Zimbabwean Bloggers 🙂

We were at Chop Chop Brazilian Steak House till around 9pm.  To think we got there in the afternoon around 3pm!  I think my second experience was much better than the first because I had great company and a great waitress as well.  If Pineapple and I had it our way we could have stayed there till closing time but we had other commitments the next day.

I think it is only right for me to tell you that if you don’t pay a visit to Chop Chop Brazilian Steak House anytime soon you will be doing yourself a serious disservice!  It is going to be the hottest place in town and you don’t want to have to make advance bookings to have a taste of the place.  Go there today, tomorrow, this weekend but whatever you do make a trip there, it will be worth your while.

The positive things from my second experiences are:

  • The use of Ecocash, what a a life saver!
  • The waitress Samantha was very attentive and helpful.
  • The toilets were clean.
  • The ambiance was great.
  • The music had that Kizomba feel to it I had to stop myself from getting up and pulling a move or two.
  • Compliments to the Chef on this day, the food was amazeballs!

I noticed on their Facebook Page that they now have a Jazz Nite on Wednesdays.  I will check it out soon because I always have an excuse to leave the house!


One of the main highlights of Chop Chop Brazilian Restaurant is that unlike many sit-down non fast food restaurants in Zimbabwe, they are open every single day of the week for breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee and drinks. In addition, everyday, there is a different special on the menu; all you have to do is ask your waiter!

Don’t say you didn’t hear this from me first but… from Saturday the 21st of July, they will be serving a meat platter!  It will be going for $30 for 4 kebabs, 2 sausages, 4 wings, 250g sirloin steak and chips.  There goes watching my portions!

You can make a reservation online. No need to call or come in just visit

On a scale of 0-10, 10 being the best experience ever, I give Chop Chop Brazilian Restaurant a cool 9 out 10.  I am so glad I made a second visit, it was worth every minute.  If you want to have a sit down at a place with great energy, comfortable sitting area and delicious food then look no further…

©MaKupsy 2017


Love is…Serendipity

You never see it coming and the next thing you know unconditional love unconditional love; she ain’t looking for no diamonds and digging for no gold just somebody to love unconditional love…

I looooove me some Jah Cure.  His music speaks to my soul.  This is one of my favourite tracks by him and I can never get enough of it.  The only side effect to this track is that it leaves me feeling all mushy, but a mushy good way.

What I have realised about love is that it comes when you least expect it.  That moment when you are all relaxed, no “God send me a partner already!” thoughts on your mind, busy getting on with your life and BAM! LOVE HITS YOU.  That kind of love is precious.

There are too many people in the world trying to be someone or something they are not or trying to feel things that they don’t feel.  This has probably contributed to love not being as pure as it used to be or rather as it is supposed be.  Most people have an agenda when it comes to relationships.

I would like to believe everyone wants that kind of love Jah Cure sings about but the biggest question I have for you is are you willing to give unconditional love?

P.S I know if Cyber Bae is reading this he is just rolling his eyes and saying “there goes Cupid’s Apprentice”; he calls me that because I still believe true love is out there somewhere, the only difference is only a few people get to experience it.

Love is serendipity.

©MaKupsy 2017

Woman Crush Wednesday : @TeteHumba

I am always on the look out for people who ooze positive energy.  My first Woman Crush Wednesday this year is this beautiful soul; Tete Humba.


Some of the things that fire my soul include being creative and working with my hands; with that I can never go wrong. As long as I am making something, I am happy. It started off as a joke but the more I experimented the more I realised that that was my happy place. From headboards, to DIY beauty products, to wigs, to clothes, shoes, wall décor. I’ll make it all!


Skin Tone

Coconut oil!  I use it to moisturize; in my masks and to remove my makeup. It’s incorporated in everything. But bear in mind I have dry skin so that makes the perfect combo.



Life Lessons 

When it’s a part of God’s plan, it will happen.  The Year 2016 was a very difficult year for me, and life threw its punches of all sorts.  Life tried to get me down but God had His own idea and here I am.


Your Centre?

My family. I cannot imagine life without them. They are my everything.



You can get in touch with Tete Humba on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.  For her hair products you can also find her on Instagram @hairbytete_h and @rtndphotography

Don’t forget the 8th of March is International Women’s Day, celebrate women!!

©MaKupsy 2017


I Used To Be An Alcoholic

The next morning was always the worst.  I would wake up feeling like the body I was in didn’t belong to me.  I just wanted to die and never come back.  I had the mother of all hangovers!  While i hugged the toilet and continued to try and force myself to throw up I kept asking myself WHY I kept drinking when clearly it was doing more harm than good to me?  After a few minutes in the bathroom and cleaning up I would head straight to the fridge to grab a drink to cure my current hangover.  Everyone says the only way to cure a hangover is to have another drink, and so I did so.  This was my typical Saturday, Sunday,Monday, Tuesday actually every morning routine for the few months I used alcohol as a coping mechanism.

I would drink every single day that God created.  There was always some form of alcohol in my house, from ciders, to wine, to whiskey to vodka…there was never a day I remember that I was in short supply in that department.  It wasn’t about the weekend anymore, all I wanted to do was get completely wasted and forget about the real issues that were eating me up inside.  Having a friend who stayed at home all day and always had a plan for an outing did not even make the situation any better.  We would go for parties, for braais, pool parties, meet up at the club, drink from home, whichever place it was we were drinking.

Zvie was the life of the party!! I was on the dance floor, I was screaming that is my my jam when the DJ played any of my then favourite songs, I was taking on dares to take 5 shots in a row, I didn’t want to go back home, all I wanted to do was have a good time and party all night.  Home meant having to be on my own and deal with my issues, I didn’t want to.  I was drowning into a deep, dark black hole…Alcohol was stealing my soul, I didn’t know who I was anymore.

It’s only now when I look back that there was actually nothing to be proud of there.  The way I would tell everyone willing to hear how I was suffering from a hangover, on a Thursday for that or any given day of the week.  It was embarrassing to say the least.  How does one live their life for alcohol alone and not face their issues head on and deal with them?  It was an escape route I suppose.  The worst was when my friends would tell me what I said or did the next day and I could barely recollect any of the events.  Thankfully nothing tragic ever happened while I was drunk but it was just too shocking to think that I could black out just like that?


The cut I got from drinking too much

With alcohol came bad decisions.  Some of the things I got myself into were crazy to say the least. I remember this one time we went to The Centurion. I can’t quite remember what the event was but we had an amazing evening.  Somewhere between one three many ciders I felt I needed to take off my pair of heels and run into the cricket pitch and feel the cool evening breeze against my face.  It was a great idea to try and sober up but it turned out pretty bad on my way back.  I stepped on a bottle of who knows what and my right foot was nearly cut into half!! I wasn’t even phased.  I was laughing the whole time and completely hammered out of of my brains.  I had handed over my brand new Samsung Galaxy 3 phone to someone whose name I couldn’t recall.  My friend was trying to ask me where my phone was so we could call for a cab.  She tried calling my phone using hers and luckily the guy was close by and handed it over to her telling her that I had asked him to keep it for me.  Gosh!  What was kinda cider was I even drinking that day???  Anyways, the cab driver came and we went home, I remember bits and pieces of my friend trying to carry me up the stairs to her place, pouring vodka on my wound and cleaning it up.  I don’t know how I got to my place and in bed.  I passed out…

I woke up in the morning ready to face another drinking day and couldn’t get out of bed because of excruciating pain coming from my right foot.  I had completely forgotten about last nights events and I was shocked to realise I had a deep cut on my foot!! PANIC was not even the word!  To cut a long story short my foot heeled eventually; and it was that particular incident that made me stop drinking alcohol completely for a whole 3 months.

After that I had no choice but to deal with my problems the mature way.  I sat down and reevaluated my life.  I had to stop talking to my partner in crime.  Not that I didn’t like her but we were a bad combination, nothing good ever came out of our outings.  It started of as I will just go and have a few drinks and ended up with me not knowing when to stop.  It was a phase that I promised myself I will never go back to.  It was fun for a moment but the after effects were filled with regrets.  Now I stick to a glass of red wine or an occasional cider.  I can actually go to bed knowing I have wine in the house and not feel the need to drink up the whole bottle.  I used to be an alcoholic and it is something I will never be proud of.