13 Relaxing Things You Can Do With Your Sunday

I have a love hate relationship with Sunday.  I love it because I get to relax and unwind but I hate it because it’s a reminder that I have to get back to being normal tomorrow and stop spending my day in my PJ’s doing any and everything at my own time and pace.

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  1. Attempt to get out of bed or stay there all day long.  It’s all up to you, today is your day to relax and unwind.
  2. Go to church.  I prefer attending the morning service, it runs from 7am to 9am and I can start my day with my soul feeling reenergized and ready to face a beautiful day and week ahead.
  3. Exercise.  Studies have shown that A few minutes of hard exercise is always better than nothing, and it can have real, lasting benefits.  I have a bunch of DVD workouts I thoroughly enjoy doing and just 20 mins is enough and on a day like today I can go all out and do a full hour.
  4. Take a bath.  Ever noticed how you rarely get to enjoy a nice soak in during the week because you have a million and one things to do.  Well, today’s your day to take out your favourite bubble bath or bath salts, create a soothing playlist and enjoy every minute of your therapy.
  5. Fix yourself a delicious and filling meal.  Take your pick.  I’d suggest a scrumptious brunch tho that way you won’t have need to make anything for supper.  A light snack will do the trick for later on and the bonus part is you won’t have to do dishes afterwards.
  6. Take a walk.  The Jacaranda’s are out this part of the world.  For the lucky few who don’t have allergies you will love the views and fresh air.  Perfect for taking selfies too.
  7. Catch up on your favourite series.  I’m currently watching Insecure, already on Season 3.  Issa Rae is hair goals!  You can watch the season review here.
  8. Watch YouTube videos.  Ever since my friend introduced me to the other side of it my life has never been the same.  I’m subscribed to a bunch of channels but my top 3 favourites are Minority Mindset, Gravity Transformation and Alux.com.  I’ve always known I could learn a lot from the internet but I never realised there was so much content out there and me being a visual person makes the whole YouTube experience a lot of fun for me.  What are some of your favourite YouTube channels so that I can check them out as well?
  9. Take a nap.  Nothing beats a 45 minute power nap.  It’s glorious.
  10. Do your hair.  I’m a naturalista 4c hair type girl.  That hair needs all the time, patience, prayers and strength in the world to get done and Sunday is my go to day.
  11. Read.  I have a challenge to read at least 3 books each month.  Not the romance type of books but more along the lines of books that will help me grow mentally.  I’m currently reading The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari; it’s challenging me to look at life with a different pair of eyes.  I love my hard copies but if that’s not your cup of tea you can settle for audio books.  The great thing about audio books is that you can do other things while listening in; hello multitasking.
  12. Stay away from your phone for the entire day.  WhatsApp can be a sure enemy of progress.  Before you know it the day is gone and you did nothing productive.  Your family and friends will be okay, you need the alone time every now and again.
  13. Plan your week ahead.  This is a sure way to know you will be productive in the few days to come.  I usually jot down a to-do-list which I review weekly to make sure I’ve accomplished my goals.  All successful people work with lists – Brian Tracy said so and he’s a millionaire so that alone should speak for itself.

What are you up to today?  Please share your Sunday to-do-list.

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Day 8: I Don’t Go To Church Every Sunday

I’m not going to sit here and type and lie about how I go to church every single Sunday that God created.  That would be a lie and I might burn in hell for it.  I’m going to be brutally honest about my relationship with church and hope to get a few things off my chest without this getting to my mother.  I was born and bred in the Anglican Church and this is my story.


Anglican Cathedral, Harare

I remember when I was around 5 years old I loved going to church.  Maybe it was because of Sunday School.  The teacher whose name I can not recall was a lot of fun, we would sit and listen to Bible stories, sing songs, take part in plays, make friends, go out and play and generally have a great time.  Then I got a bit older and it was no more Sunday School for me I had to sit with the big girls in the main church and behave myself.  When I look back I realise that maybe it was the teenage hormones that generally didn’t like church.  You know how you turn into this little rebel who just wants to do the exact opposite of whatever your parents tell you to do.  Now Sundays were a chore because come rain or shine I had to attend church.  I would try feigning illness and my mother would simply tell me that if you go to church God will heal you and you will be as good as new.  She had a strict policy when it came to church and I failed to understand why I had to be forced to go to church every Sunday.  Each time I would try to question her I was met with “As long as you live under my roof you will do as I say.”

And so I soldiered on, a good 21 years of my life and when I finally moved out you do not want to know what happened…I went a whole ONE YEAR of no church.  Please don’t judge me.  I had done my time!  21 years of church is not a joke.  It’s not that I didn’t like going to church, I did but I just didn’t want to be forced to do go.  I believe that “You can take the donkey to the river but you can’t force it to drink.”  I would go to church yes, but half the time I was sulking inside and wishing I was home and that obviously defeated the whole purpose of even going in the first place.

I believe in God and I pray often it’s just that I don’t go to church religiously.  Does this make me a bad person?  I do know that going to church every Sunday does not mean you will automatically go to heaven.  I know a few people who go to church sometimes every day but how they treat others makes you wonder why they even go to church in the first place. Ohhhh no wait, I am not supposed to judge!!

I think that at the end of the day it is how you treat others that matters the most.  Your church attendance records should really not pose as an issue as long as you practice love, obedience, put others before yourself…all the positives life has to offer.  Will I go to church this Sunday?  Chances are very slim…But I will be kinder to the next person, I will be patient and listen to a colleague tell me what she is going through, I will offer someone part of my lunch, I will buy those oranges that I really don’t want because I know that will make a difference in the next persons life and chances are I will feel a lot better doing it compared to sitting and freezing my bum off for a 2 hour sermon.

I know you’re going to judge me but that’s okay, we are all entitled to live our best lives the way we know how.

Pray tell.  What is your church attendance like and what are your thoughts on Christianity?

©MaKupsy 2017

Adele – Someone Like You

Love is one of the most beautiful things you can experience in this lifetime if it’s reciprocal.  However, if you are one of the unlucky few who got served a huge dose of unrequited love you will know exactly how much pain can come from it.

Thankfully over the years I have had the chance to reflect and take note of some of the mistakes I made in the past where love was concerned.  In the past I have paired myself up with people who actually did not love or care about me.  I saw the signs and chose to ignore them.  A slight sign of concern was automatically mistaken for love.  For me love had to make my heart go pitter patter, lose my senses, lose sleep and have me going through extremes of happiness and sadness.  That was clearly a lot to take in in the name of love.

I used to be a bitter woman, I was mad at the world.  Mad that I loved someone who did not see all the things I did in the name of love.  More than anything I was mad at myself for not seeing something was not good for me and simply walking away when I still had the chance to do so.

I am happy to say that what I view love to be has completely changed.  For me love will not leave me close to feeling a panic attack, love will complete me, love will give me a warm, calm and confident feeling towards my partner.  I don’t think I still get butterflies, maybe it’s an age thing; but I certainly feel that this is right when I am with the perfect match.

I no longer feel anything towards the man who once shattered my heart to irreparable little pieces; I am indifferent towards him.  You will be surprised to note that this very song used to bring me to tears each time I listened to it but now I listen to it and recall that it used to be his favourite song.  Through it all in as much as things didn’t work out between us we had our happy moments.  They didn’t last but for the season they were supposed to they brought a smile to my face.

It’s important to take a step back whenever you get the chance to and find out where you go wrong.  It’s easy to sit down and blame the world for things going wrong in your life when most times you are the very source of your own pain.  You can’t choose who you love though you can try very hard to make sure you love someone who at least feels the same way about you.

I have made it my personal mission to continue to grow myself in love.  How?  By doing things that bring me joy, filling my days with happy moments, understanding that not everyone will understand the intensity that comes with me and above all else to keep learning and unlearning habits that might hinder my progress.  Not everyone will understand what I am about but the right one will know that I am amazing just the way I am.

We live yes, but how many of us actually take time to learn?  




©MaKupsy 2017