Meal Prep For Beginners

I’m still a beginner at meal preparation.  A friend of mine is a professional at this and he has been trying to convince me to start incorporating meal prep into my life and it has taken forever and a day to get me to do it.  Thankfully I’ve started trying it out on the days the need strikes and I can confirm that there are benefits to it after all!

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Time works for and against you in my opinion.  You will need to actually set aside time to go shopping, get your ingredients together, prepare and store the meals.  You will also need time to clean up after yourself once you are done and writing all this has me tired already!  But fear not!  There are benefits that come with it after all; doing all this means you have more free time during the week as you will only need to reheat meals that are already prepared, serve and enjoy.  I choose to do my meal prep on random Sundays.  A good playlist, glass of wine, comfortable pair of shoes and I’m ready to get my cook on!

2. Money

Eating out is expensive especially in Harare.  A decent meal will cost you about $15 and we’re talking a juicy burger, chips and a drink.  Now just think of how much money you will save if you choose to prepare your very own home cooked meals. Let’s do the Maths shall we?

2kgs Chicken Pieces: $8, Potatoes, $1, Mazoe Orange Crush 2litres, $4, Mixed Greens $1.50

All these ingredients will cost you $14.50 and before you even start thinking you may as well eat out then.  The plus side of buying the ingredients I mentioned is that chicken and juice will probably last you a whole month especially if you stay on your own.(Saving 101).  You will also prepare the meal just the way you like it, why settle for an okay meal when you can make a fire meal?

3. Control

You know exactly what’s going into your meal from salt, oil, sugar or whatever additive you choose to use.  Chances of overeating are also at a minimum because if you are anything like me there’s something about cooking for myself that makes me lose my appetite, two spoonfuls in and I’m already full.

4. Goodbye Indecision

I’m guilty of never knowing what I want to eat.  Thanks to meal prepping most days of the week I’m set and it leaves out chances of me eating unhealthy food options.  *bonus tip* if you don’t want to end up eating junk food simply don’t keep junk food in your house it will change your entire life, trust me!

5. No Wasting Food

Meal prep comes with leftovers.  Just this past weekend I prepared sugar beans and today instead of cracking my head over what to have for breakfast I just grilled a sausage and had it with the remaining sugar beans and it tasted heavenly.  Who needs bread when you have sausage and beans?

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My two favourite easy to make meals or snacks are crunchy salads and and infused water.  I mainly like infused water because of the delicious looking colours more than anything if I’m honest and it makes drinking water a lot more exciting.

If you fail to plan your meals, you plan to fail at eating right. – Fitness Bae 2018

On that note you should also check out how you can plan your health and fitness journey from here.

What are your favourite easy to make meals that you make for your meal preps?

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15 Ways To Mend A Broken Heart

You are definitely one of the lucky few people on this planet if you have not gone through a heartbreak.  In my opinion the pain that comes with it is right there next to labour pains.  It is something you don’t want to experience more than once because the pain usually scars you for weeks, months and sometimes years to come.  I asked some of my favourite people on Twitter to share how they managed to get over a heartbreak and as always they didn’t disappoint!  I like to keep opinions anonymous so names are not mentioned.  Their healing processes and some of mine are in the list below.  Kick back, grab your notepad and fix yourself a strong cup of coffee you will want to keep this!

  1. Cry. Cry yourself to sleep, cry yourself through the day, cry each time you listen to that sappy song that reminds you of him, heck cry yourself a whole river!  It’s the best thing you can do for yourself, crying will help wash away the pain.  Whatever you do, DO NOT internalise your emotions.
  2. Get high or die trying. Seriously.  Nothing makes you feel better like a good old smoke.  You are guaranteed of short term memory loss which is a good thing because you can focus on the feel good sensation and forget about your broken heart for a while.  Proven effects include joy, euphoria, contentedness and a care-free attitude!
  3. Cut contact, otherwise you will find yourself snooping on their social media this is very unhealthy.   I suggest you actually take a social media fast for the next 30 days in a bid to protect yourself.  The last thing you want to do is see your ex partner all loved up on Instagram.  That will actually do you more harm than good, heartbreak and social media are NOT friends!
  4. Get up under someone new.  Try this at your own risk.  An orgasm a day keeps the stress away.  Yes, I made that saying up but it’s a sure way to take your mind off your ex but just make sure whoever you decide to have sex with will actually shower you with multiple orgasms otherwise the whole act will be pointless and leave you frustrated.
  5. Listen to some music. Not the sappy sad stuff by the way. Something upbeat to lift up your spirits.
  6. Move to another place.  Try getting a job in a town hours away from your current location or better yet leave the entire country.  That way you can heal faster without any memory triggers.
  7. Keep yourself occupied. Spent time with friends, do your favourite things.  Try positive distractions such as going out and doing something fun especially something new. Amusement Park, dancing; getting out and not focusing or dwelling on the heartbreak.


    Photo Credit: @tendai_angela (Instagram)

  8. Put yourself out there. You don’t have to rush into another relationship but just go on dates and feel wanted. It helps to not be lonely and also just for the confidence boost.
  9. Alcohol! , it numbs the pain.  Those who don’t drink can safely turn to ice-cream or comfort foods; hello calories!!  I have tried and tested this one and all I can say is that alcohol will fix the problem for that day but when you wake up sober all the pain will come rushing back.
  10. Accept that it’s over.  This is probably the most crucial point because without this you won’t be able to.  Accept it and do not be bitter, okay TRY very hard not to be bitter.
  11. Positive self talk and reflection.  Remind yourself it’s their loss and not yours. BUT also look at your contributions to the demise of your relationship.  Avoid self blame at all costs but focus on reflecting. This usually happens further down the road to mending your heartbreak.
  12. Let go completely.  You are not trying to do the whole “Oh we’re broken up but we’re cool and modern so we can be friends” – it just prolongs the pain! CUT TIES…Cut it, Cut it, Cut it, you need to cut it!!
  13. Be kind to yourself.  You will have days where you will be upset with the world.  It happens, embrace it.
  14. Time.  It mends the heart.  I know others believe getting straight into another relationship helps you get over another one. This is not everyone’s portion.  Avoid going from one mess straight into another.  That way when you say “I am over someone” you really over them. There are no comebacks.  Time is often under estimated; especially nowadays because everyone wants an instant fix. There is NO QUICK FIX for heartbreak. This is why we end up having relationships with broken people who haven’t healed from past mistakes. Be fair to the next person. Take your time, you do not heal overnight.
  15. Understand that heartbreak is a part of life.  Not just in romantic relationships but in life in general.  Lovers, friends and family will disappoint you so always be prepared to find a way to deal with it.  Learn from your experience and remember that you are not the first or the last one to experience this.  This too shall come to pass…

How have you dealt with heartbreak in the past?  How long did it take you to finally reach the point where you could bump into your ex and they will have zero effect on you?

Let’s talk about it, I would love to read your thoughts.

©MaKupsy 2017

Chickpea & Chicken Liver Salad

Hello everyone.  I hope you had a splendid weekend.  Today I have an easy to make salad recipe from my good friend Chef Thami.  He is my go to source when I want to prepare something tasty and different and he never lets me down.

1 can chickpeas
75g chicken liver
3 tablespoons olive oil
1 tablespoon lemon juice
Salt & pepper to taste
1 teaspoon sugar
3 cloves garlic, minced
1 tomato, chopped
2 spring onion chopped


Image from Thami

1. In a pan fry the liver till cooked and crispy on the outside. Remove from heat; in the same pan stir fry drained chickpeas for 3 mins then add chopped liver into the pan then fry for another minute. Remove from heat and set aside in a bowl.
2. In the same bowl add the tomato, garlic, spring onion, olive oil, salt and pepper, sugar and lemon juice and mix well & serve.
3. If you want a cold salad, then refrigerate for 2 hours then serve.

There you have it, you have no excuse to not whip up something healthy and yummy at the same time.  This is definitely going on my list of soul foods.  Oh yes, you can have it for lunch or dinner but I will probably have mine for lunch instead.

Fitness Bae®

Top 5 Reasons To Take The Stairs

I have worked at my current job for the past 6 years and in all the 6 years I have been here I ALWAYS take the stairs.  I have to go up 4 flights of stairs before getting to my office floor.  I have had exceptions where I have used the elevator like on times when I have been too sick to use the stairs which has been probably twice.  I remember the one time I decided to use the stairs because my heels were killing me and the security guard asked me if everything was okay?  He’s got jokes right?!

Everyone in the building knows me as the “stairs lady”; good or bad thing?  I say very good thing because I seem to have encouraged a few people to start taking the stairs over the years.  Even when I visit friends or run errands I make sure I use the stairs.  I had a friend who used to work on the 12th floor and I only visited her less than five times because the thought of taking the stairs was horrific!

Part of the reason why I use the stairs is because I am scared of being stuck in the elevator because the one at my place of work always jams people in there.  At least once a week someone or a group of people get stuck in the elevator, I am not taking any chances.  I don’t do well with closed spaces and chances of getting into a panic attack are too real so no;  I won’t be using an elevator anytime soon.

Below are 5 reasons extracted from this link.  You won’t want to be left behind on the stairs wagon after reading this.

  1. You tone your lower body.
  2. You work on getting a strong core.
  3. Going up the stairs may be hard but it’s easy on your joints.
  4. Stairs allow you to accomplish cardio, toning, and muscle building all at once.
  5. Stair climbing uses the largest muscles in your body to continuously carry your own body weight up throughout the entire workout, which means more calories burned!

What are you waiting for?  Get stepping 🙂

Fitness Bae®

How To Up Your Fitness Game

So you started a fitness journey and you are all up in the fitness game.  You have been pushing day in day out and have seen results. Then suddenly the changes stop coming or they take longer to come through. You are frustrated so you push harder to no avail.

  • You start thinking this fitness stuff is not for you.
  • It’s all a lie.
  • Or maybe it’s time you consider those miracle shakes or something?
  • Or maybe you’re a runner who can’t seem to go faster.
  • Or you’re trying to gain muscle but it’s not working?

If you relate to any of the above it’s perfectly normal so don’t worry at all. There’s one thing that you’re likely not doing that could unlock this problem for you…. REST.  Now before you run for the hills saying this person is mad (how can not working out improve your workouts?) I urge you to read the full article, try it and if it doesn’t work for you then you can feel free to brand me crazy.

how to up your fitness game #RunWithFitnessBae.jpg

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The Science

As you exercise your muscles are tested and in many cases proven weak, so your body makes a memo to make those muscles stronger. It takes time out to rebuild the muscles and make them stronger for next time. So guess what happens if you don’t rest? The muscles never get stronger. And if they never get stronger you never get better at what you do.

The Logic

Another important thing to consider is your performance.  Now runners will talk about gait, strength trainers will talk about form. Whatever you call it, it’s important you perform your best during workouts to get the most out of them. That means having the full energy to do the work properly. Tried cutting something with a blunt knife? A lot of energy in and little results. So working out with tired muscles is much the same (go back to the introductory paragraph).

Rest Before You Are Tired

Now if you’ve ever tried running in intervals to improve your endurance you will know the next part very well.  If you rest when you feel tired you’re already too late. The key is to rest before you’re fatigued; you recover much quicker and are able to go for longer. So as it is with the small things so it is with the big ones. Resting your muscles regularly boosts your fitness, it in fact injury proofs you. Allowing your body to fix your weak spots before they are exposed.

How Often Should You Rest?

It largely depends on what you are doing exactly how much you need rest.  Here are few examples in my own experience and observation;

Strength Training

My strength workouts are murder, you have to scrape me off the floor with a spatula immediately after!  I use a weight I can do 8 -12 reps with and increase the weight when I get to 12 reps by 4 sets. After working out a muscle group, I rest it for at least a day to 2 days.

Cardio Workouts

Cardio workouts that are not to strenuous you can allow yourself up to 3 or consecutive days of activity and then one day of rest or 2 is fine.


Generally most runners are running as far as they can or as time allows. If your runs are challenging then 2 days on and a rest day is the perfect plan for you. More can be done and it’s fine to go 5 straight days and rest two… If your goal isn’t to run faster and better.


How To Rest

When you are on a rest day or period doing absolutely nothing is allowed but it’s not the best idea. The things you really should do on rest days are stretch and hydrate. Stretching helps with blood flow and loosening the rested muscles while hydration is always good. ALWAYS. Light walking or short runs are also good for active recovery. Swimming or running or walking in a swimming pool are really good too.

Rest is part of the plan, a VERY BIG part of the plan. Not something you do when you can’t go any further. So have a look at your plan, if rest is not in it, you need a new plan. Schedule some rest and see if it doesn’t bring the desired results.

God made the earth and he rested. God made the plants and he rested. God made animals and he rested. God made man and he rested. Then God made woman and since then no one has rested!

This 4 minute read by was penned down by Fitness Beard.

Fitness Bae®

This Is Why You Are Not Happy

I used to have a lot of friends but with time we outgrew each other because of different milestones we all went through which is perfectly okay.  Now I think I have probably have four really close friends who I know I can call on whatever time of day and just catch up, vent or talk about how we can grow in all life aspects.  I hardly mention names when I write up my posts because when someone reads my blog they always know when I am writing about them and the same applies today.  Let me tell you about a conversation I once had with a once was good friend of mine.  Let’s call him D.


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The one time we had gone out for coffee and we were catching up on life and all things random.  He asked me what I had planned for the weekend and frankly I had a whole list of things I wanted to do but I didn’t have the means.  I still remember what I told him.  I wanted to go for a long drive till I got to a place with a lake; park there and take in the sunset and calming surroundings.  After that I would probably take a dip because I love me some water and I always have a reason to swim.  That said, K said to me; “You realise you don’t need to wait on anyone to do this, you can do it on your own.”  I was like dude, are you mad?  How is that even possible you do know that I don’t have a car right?  He simply told me that he knew but that was all the more reason to start working towards buying my own car! Okay, that was a shocker but the shocker made me actually start looking at things differently.

You realise you don’t need to wait on anyone to do this, you can do it on your own.”  

I have a great example of how I made the first change.  I once joined a fitness group on Facebook that has been there for quite a while now.  I was excited to be part of a team that enjoyed fitness as much as I did but the downside was these guys only published posts for their regular members and so my runs and workouts were always pending.  I was gutted and told myself, self, you either have to suck it up and accept that this is how its done in this group or start your own group!  Of course I started my own group, are you mad, why subject myself to such misery?  It was the best decision that I ever made and it made me realise change can be just a click away!

We always have an excuse not to do something.  When you really look at it you are usually the one stopping yourself from achieving the majority of your goals.  Oh it’s too difficult, I don’t have what it takes, maybe if I had this, it’s because I went to this school, only people from certain backgrounds get to have that.  The excuses are plenty!  Listen; you only get to do this life thing once and you better make the most of it!  I used to be this person; always with a list of excuses but after the talk with D I grew up instantly.  If you don’t have a car then by all means take public transport to wherever you want to go, if you don’t have money to go to the gym then workout from home, if you are passionate about music but you are not part of a band then start your own band.  Stop waiting for a saviour and save yourself already.  Actually, you read this everyday on social media but you just won’t do anything about it but here I am trying to convince you.  Why am i even wasting my time?  As and when you are ready you will make that change.

I still don’t have a car by the way but I have set a target for myself and started working towards getting one.  My dream car is the Land Rover Discovery; she’s going to be my baby in this lifetime, one day is one day!  For now my first car will be a little fuel saver that takes me all over the country on a budget.  That way I will get to travel more and get to take a tonne of pictures, create memories and live my best life now.  I am still living my life like it’s golden by the way, pedestrian life and all but once I get my car it will be on level 47646727 so you guys should just watch this space!

Now let’s get talking, what is stopping you from living your best life now?  Do you want to die and not have lived as many happy moments as possible?  You know you can die today, right here and right now?  Would people say you were a bubbly soul who did everything in their power to spread happiness or you just lived each day unhappy and ready to stab yourself with a spoon out of sheer boredom?


©MaKupsy 2017

Build Your Man Up They Say

I see this topic almost everyday on my Twitter Timeline.  For a minute there I tried not to share my 2 cents on the topic but the opinionated me just couldn’t let this one slide anymore. I have mixed feelings on the topic so you can be the judge of where I exactly stand at the end of this piece.  Just thinking about building is exhausting now just imagine building a whole entire human being!   I like to use examples, I have been through the most when it comes to relationships(thanks to bad decision making) I always have a point of reference.

Exhibit 1  

I once wrote about this guy some years ago, he is ex number four.  I worked on this guy like a real actual project!  I did a complete makeover.  Changed how he dressed, showed him how I liked to be treated; insert coffee dates, dinners, random lunches, flowers, gifts, even made sure I had bills covered because I understood that he was going through a rough patch so being the loving girlfriend that I was I made sure all was well. Lesson number 1, DO NOT go around taking care of these grown ass men please because guess what, we broke up anyway and he moved on and started making sure he was paying the bills and making sure his new girlfriend was well taken care of.  Guys!!  This is not even a laughing matter but I am laughing anyways.  Like what the fuck was wrong with me?  Why was I housing a grown ass man and giving him free lessons on how to be a great guy only for him to leave and be Prince Charming to the next woman?  Allow me to laugh at myself some more.  This thing we call love can really play with our senses.


Exhibit 2

I don’t think we can call this one an exhibit but seeing that I already have a heading with that let’s just play along.  I remember the stories most of our parents used to tell us when we were growing up.  About how they started of with nothing but ended up with beautiful families, cars and houses.  I admire them very much, I really do; but I think times have changed for us.  Back then it was okay to start off from the bottom but now both men and women want a “finished product” so to speak.  How many are willing to start from scratch with someone who has zero vision?  Definitely not me!  These days it’s not just the men who have a checklist, even women now want a man with certain things and are not willing to back down on them.  Things like he has to at least have his own place, he should drive, not have a bunch of baby mamas, must be well traveled…the list is endless really depending on the individual.  I for one will tell you that a man who can not cook risks chances of not dating me because let’s be honest, there is nothing as sexy as a man who can whip up a fire meal!


Image from Google

Exhibit 3

This is not to say that some people who have actually built their man up did not live happily ever after, they actually did and it’s beautiful to hear about these stories.  I have a friend who started dating her boyfriend when we were 18 and over a decade later they are still together, they even got married!  They used to have some major differences but because they loved each other and they had a mutual end goal things worked out well for them and now they are happily married.

My thoughts in a nutshell?  I think that love is a gamble.  You can win or lose when it comes to relationships.  You can do everything in your power to make sure things work out but sometimes your best isn’t good enough and someone will leave.  I have also come to the realisation that no one sings the song of “Build Your Woman Up”!!   My advice, if you have put in the work and the next person decides they want to leave.  Refuse to be dumped.  Like seriously, after investing your time, efforts and mind banging sex someone tells you it’s over.  Say no, it’s not happening, we are in this till the end.  Show up at their doorstep with breakfast the next day like everything is normal.  LOL, okay, that’s not very great advice and please don’t follow it. Take heart; building someone up might be the best or worst thing that might ever happen to you.  It really is about the two of you in the end.

What are your thoughts on the topic?  Have you been in a situation where you gave it your all but it crumbled before your very own eyes.  Let’s talk.

©MaKupsy 2017

Skipping Challenge Highlights

Skipping has had the month of January completely action packed.  Members of team #RunWithFitnessBae have been on a mission to smash their goals.  When we started this challenge we all thought it was going to be a walk in the park but have we been shown otherwise or what?!  Even though this month the main focus was skipping we still did various workouts depending on each person’s fitness goal.  Below are some comments from the team members:

skipping for runners.jpg

Image from Pinterest

I used to do 100 skips per minute now I can do 150-200 depending on how tired I am and the abs are finally coming through!  Also, each time I have a headache it stops after skipping
I usually have morning headaches. Babes we Fitness

When I started skipping in December I noticed that I ran faster and my abs were coming through. But come January after doing the challenges I am gaining weight. Sob Sob. I have put on a kilogram from early December.  My tummy is just okay. Hasn’t really changed. However, I have been eating anything I want. Anytime. Lol. This could be it.

Physically though I can see how I am so much stronger. I can hold my yoga poses for longer. My triceps (I think) are becoming more pronounced. .I have been working up earlier.  Motivated to exercise in the morning. It so exciting. I’ve never stuck to a 30 day challenge in my life. I’m determined to make it. Fitness Duchess

Day 26.  I decided to rest this morning, my body almost gave up on me yesterday.  Hope to work out in the evening. Nyago

Morning workout done.  But guys…I was manually counting and according to my manual count I did 5 000 skips but rope says 6593; could I be making an error or these Private School ropes ain’t loyal? Chido

Insanity polymeric cardio 40 min session complete plus 1 000 skips to cool down.  Evening workout unlocked! Christie 

I’m just hungry, besides that I love food but hmmm and the cravings are out of this world!  Doughnuts are now 35 cents in Food Lovers.  Get behind me Satan! Tendai

I don’t know about everyone else but personally, if  I run anything more than 5 kilometers I get a headache all day long that day!  Today I did 6 000 skips and I feel like I overworked myself, how is everyone else managing? Fitness Bae

I haven’t weighed myself but some of my clothes now fit. Queen of Hearts

4 000 skips done and dusted.  It got so frustrating having the rope getting caught up in my feet.  Felt like throwing it against the wall!  Felt like I was gonna collapse on the last 600 skips but I pulled through. Primal Pete

The notable change i have seen is endurance and pace and I have noticed that im actually losing weight. Fitness Hunk

Just wanted to say glory God and thank you all keep it up👏👏… this is the longest I have stayed true to getting fit and healthy.  Yes I admit I Have been sketching  (🙈I’m sorry) when it comes to skips (keeping up with y’all is hard and I am certain none of you are from this earth🌍..😂) but all your stories, workouts keep motivating me each day to make sure I have done something towards my goal and from joining weighing in at  122 kgs today the scale was saying  114 kgs🙃🙃🙃For a while you think you are wasting your time and nothing is happening, I guess it’s one step at a time…once again thank you😄 ScousePatsie

There you have it.  A lot of things have changed.  Skipping has worked on us physically and mentally.  I think from now on I will incorporate my other workouts with skipping for maximum effect because the results I am seeing on the scale have left me smiling all the way to 30 January.

Have you tried skipping?  If not, what are you waiting for?

Fitness Bae®


Refuse To Settle For Less!

PRIORITY : a thing that is regarded as more important than others.

I am one of those people who believes in planning almost everything.  From what I am going to do from the moment I wake up, what form of exercise I will do that day, what I am going to wear, what I am going to eat, what I will do for my lunch break…generally how everything must go.  I would like to believe it’s the same for everyone else because you can’t tell me you just go through your day without a plan on what you will do with your day.  Okay, not everyone then but most people have a to do list, right?


where do you find yourself on someone’s to do list?

Where is the problem exactly then, seeing that most people have to do lists that they work on day in and out?  My problem is when people around me choose to make me number 50 on their to do list and expect me to jump at the drop of a hat when they feel it’s time for me to show up. (Fortunately for me I don’t take that nonsense lightly). We all make time for the things we love or things that are important to us.  Here’s a good example; there is no way someone will call you to make a date at 8 pm and expect you to think that makes you special in any way.  Someone who really wants to see you will tell you when the day starts not at some ungodly hour.

Know your worth and if you realise that someone is taking you for granted and not treating you the way you should be then I say to you DO NOT SETTLE FOR LESS.  I know it all too well, I have been through this and I do not want to see anyone else going through it. Too many times we hope and wish that someone will one day see the light and put us first on their to do list.  I wouldn’t wait to see how that ends because it always ends with you going further down their list of priorities.  Be selfish with your time.  This life is too short to be fighting for someones attention when you can be putting your time and effort into other productive things…like shopping and working on how you can get a better and mind blowing orgasm by yourself. It’s all about self love.

The long and the short of it learn to discern where you are wanted and where you are simply getting your time wasted. The moment you have to beg, plead, negotiate for someone’s love, time or affection is the moment you leave because you deserve nothing but the best!

©MaKupsy 2016

Run With Fitness Bae

We had a Run Everyday Challenge that ran from the 10th to the 16th of October.  I must say this was the toughest week of my life!  The challenge was to run 5 kilometres every single day for 7 days and the participant who had the best pace won.  There were 13 participants, please check out the table below to see how awesome everyone in the group was.


Unfortunately not everyone managed to run every day and we came up with a penalty.  We decided that your slowest run plus 10 seconds was going to be slotted in for the days you didn’t run. Trust me, this method saw some participants who were ranking first place move down the grid.  I think it was a fair move because running is hard, waking up early morning and sacrificing the comfort of your bed is harder and running every single day and telling yourself you can get through a run is hardest of it all!

Thankfully we survived the challenge but it came with a lot of changes for everyone in the group:

  • Bed time was super early for most morning runners because most people had to make sure they were done with their run by 6am.
  • I can confirm that when I went to bed I was completely lights out. I am a light sleeper and most times I wake up at least twice during the course of the night.  With the challenge nothing of the sort happened; after jumping into bed I was probably dead till my alarm went off at 4am!
  • Most runners complained of fatigue.
  • I remember dreaming of new running routes to try out!
  • The classic one was when were one of the participants stated they were too tired to have sex with their partner thanks to the running challenge.
  • Women talked about how running actually helps during your period. Somehow exercise helps with the cramps and when one of the participants tried to back out of the challenge due to her period we encouraged her to keep going, it only gets better.
  • I for one can tell you that my appetite went out the window. I was hungry in the mornings, lunch time as well but come supper time I was just too tired to feed myself!  I think I lost a couple of kilograms but thanks to my bathroom scale dying out on me last minute I will never know!
  • Calvin went crazy on the last day of the challenge and ran at a pace of 3mins 12seconds on the last kilometre of his run. WHO DOES THAT??  No one in the group ran anywhere close to that pace and we were all green with envy because that’s a pace we only dream of.  Well done dude!
  • Kudzai also set a great pace, look at number 8 on the grid.  Unfortunately he missed a run or two and he lost the first place.  I actually had my fingers crossed that he would win but I guess he needs a longer pair of “secret socks”.
  • The one thing I was very happy about was that most runners had not ran 5 kilometres in a very long time others never at all but this challenge pushed them to their limits. Now that’s what a challenge is all about!  Nothing but serious business when it comes to fitness!


The winner was NatalieShe is truly an inspiration (and very young too).  The pace she set out for everyone was out of this world!  I mean, who runs an average of 5mins 12 seconds per kilometre for a whole 5 kilometres!  Like I said she is young and straight out of High School where they play sport, do all those cross country events almost every day so of course she was going to win! (This is what sore losers sound like. LOL)  A big congratulations to Natalie, she did very well and because she was the winner of this challenge she got to choose what the next challenge will be.

The hash tags will be #NatalieChallenge #RunWithFitnessBae.  In order to win you must take part and when you post your run on social media don’t forget to use the two hashtags I mentioned.   This time around there are prizes to be won and they will be announced a few days just before the challenge starts.  If you want to take part please contact KudzaiUmba or myself and we will add you to the WhatsApp Fitness group.  There is a lot of information on and fitness, encouragement, good laughs and healthy food recipes so if that’s your cup of tea come and join the family.

Well done to each and every single person who took part in this challenge.  I know some participants have not taken on this kind of pressure before but look at how you sailed through this!  This is the beginning of many challenges to come.

The next challenge is from the 31st of October to the 4th of November 2016.


I hope you had a weekend as lovely as mine.  If you have any questions on the next running challenge or you just want to join and get started on your fitness journey don’t hesitate to get in touch.  Today is Monday by the way, the perfect day to get up and do something!

©MaKupsy 2016