Day 7: Lose Yourself In My Top 10 Zimbabwean Songs

Music makes me happy.  It’s my go to place when I need something to evoke different emotions within me.  From getting myself in a good mood, going for my morning run, dancing with my daughter, unwinding after a long day at work…music is art!

I have always been a fan of music but it was mostly international music.  It was only in the early 2000’s that a genre titled “Urban Grooves” emerged that I started paying attention to our local music.  It was advocated that all local radio stations were to play 75% local content by local artists.  What I loved was that most of the artists sang in Shona, bonus!!!  Back then music was soulful, it was rich and high school boys would use that to their advantage and dedicate songs to their potential girlfriends on radio and automatically had almost every high school going child tuned in to listen in case you got a “dedication.” These are the times where song books and auto books were a big hit but that’s a story for another day.  They were still good times indeed!


Photo Credit EXQ (@exq_papi) Instagram

Enter 2005 a new genre of music appeared on the scenes, ZimDancehall.  Can you believe that nearly 12 years later it’s still going strong and racking in listeners both young and old?  What I love about ZimDancehall is that the artists are telling their story as it is, there is no sugar coating there.  They sing their truth!  However, ZimDancehall is not everyone’s cup of tea and some people criticise it stating that it is shallow.  What some people don’t realise is that it is the day to day reality of a group of people whose existence we don’t like to acknowledge but form a large part of our culture (our real CULTURE not our traditional).  The fact that we keep shunning issues that are on the ground is probably part of the reason why some people are failing to be themselves.

Please be friends with YouTube to get to watch the videos or listen to the audios.  Below is a list of my top 10 favourite tracks in no particular order; straight out of the heart of Zimbabwe, please note that the genres vary.

  1. Nhema: ExQ and Killer T
  2. Ndipe Rudo: Sani Makhalima
  3. Penge Penge: Tytan
  4. Million Reasons: Prayersoul
  5. 25: Winky D
  6. Pain Killer: Stunner
  7. Alleluya: Roki and ExQ
  8. Ndiyende: Celscius
  9. Wakandipedzera Nguva Yangu: Selmor Mtukudzi
  10. Dai Zvaibvira: Killer T

I asked an artist and friend, Prayersoul his thoughts on the music industry in Zimbabwe;

There is no fixed structure in Zimbabwe for people to know what’s hot and what’s not.  For example, the reason we all know about Cassper Nyovest is because of Channel O, Trace Africa, MTV Base and all the other music channels available on DSTV.  They have a strong media presence and this gives consumers access to them.  If Cassper Nyovest does a video it will go to different fans from Africa, South Africa alone has nearly 55 million people!  He has demand and can send out emails to African promoters to let them know he will be in their country if they want to book a show.  Zimbabwe musicians are not getting this type of exposure.  If there was one channel that we all watched in Zimbabwe and it wasn’t Dstv; think a Zimbabwe “Dstv”.  Then everyone in the industry wanting to grow and get popular would try and get on it and viewers will get to know who is who and increase their chances of bookings.

What is your favourite music genre in your country?  Have there been any collaborations that have gone international?  What do you like or dislike about the music from your country?

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No Contender – Thulani (Thirst Level 100)

The moment I received this music video link my lust levels went so high, the ladies will understand why once they watch the video.

  • Amazing Voice
  • Lovely Lyrics
  • Catchy Beat
  • Good looking
  • Great Body
  • Abs of Steel
  • Perfect Skin
  • Well-Dressed
  • Quality Video
  • Sings in Shona
  • Zimbabwean

P.S I have this video on repeat as I type this.

What I need to know about Thulani… Is he single or nah??



The video is finally out!!  You have no idea how long I have waited for this particular music video. Njabulo sent me the track and lyrics the day the single was released.  I think I slept at midnight that day and sent it to almost everyone in my contact list.  My friends started asking me if I was a promoter because I kept saying “Make sure you listen to it now!!”  I remember even dreaming about the lyrics the day I listened to this track.  I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do because I even now have it on my running playlist, it’s that good!


Tytan & Ammara Brown

The song is performed by Tytan and Ammara Brown.  If you are on Twitter make sure you follow them both.

I also got the lyrics for the song as well so you can sing along and not make up your own lyrics.
Yebo, sqabhobho!
Been tryna get to you kodwa abanye bayangikhiphela um’bhobho
Now that I’m here I’ll be your protector, be your mahobho
Ngizophatha kahle, angisoze ngikuphathe njenge skorobho
I’ll give you my heart, Mukoko!

Baby, handizi chimoko
ndiri mukadzi chaiye
ndasiyana nezvipoko
Ndine rudo runotapira kunge rwabva mumukoko

Ndibate ruoko, baby

Hona kunaka!

Bona, skhokho!
When I’m just with bafuna kungithathela
They love you so much bayakukhalela
I will not give up ngizabavalela
I’m stealing your heart mina nginjengesela
Abafun’ ukusalela, just coz I’m with you bathi kuzaphela You set me free you can call me Mandela
I will just love you forever and ever and shout out my love from a big vuvuzela!

Ohh, I will sing for you and make you my hubby
But you gotta treat me like a treasure my hubby

Ohh, I will sing for you and make you my hubby
But you gotta treat me like a treasure
You gotta treat me like a treasure!

Handizi chimoko
ndiri mukadzi chaiye
ndasiyana nezvipoko
Ndine rudo runotapira kunge rwabva mumukoko

Ndibate ruoko, baby

Hona kunaka!

Tell you something, something, I’ve been searching for a honey
Who will give me something extraordinary baby
I’ve got loving, loving, I’ve got loving for you baby
Sweet loving for you, baby, Keep coming for it, baby

I will sing for you and make you my wifey
‘Cause I’ve never seeni such a beauty in my lifey

I will sing for you and make you my wifey-ey-ey-ey-ey
‘Cause I’ve never seeni such a beauty

Baby, lemme tell you something, handizi chimoko
ndiri mukadzi chaiye
ndasiyana nezvipoko
Ndine rudo runotapira kunge rwabva mumukoko

Ndibate ruoko, baby

Hona kunaka!

Kana uchida rudo runotapira iwe
Ndokupa mukoko
Uya unzwe kunaka, ravira iwe
Ndokupa mukoko

Baby handizi chimoko
ndiri mukadzi chaiye
ndasiyana nezvipoko
Ndine rudo runotapira kunge rwabva mumukoko

Ndibate ruoko, baby

Hona kunaka!

Jusa riddim!

A little background information on the artists:

Who is Tytan?


Born Njabulo Mayibongwe Nkomo, Tytan is a Zimbabwean born singer, creative designer, music producer, entrepreneur, brand consultant, television personality, curator and broadcaster born on the 6th of February 1990 in Harare where he grew up and attended SOS Hermann Gmeiner Primary school and then Marist Brothers High school as well as Nyanga High School then Kutama St Fransis Xavier.

The second born in a family of two was raised by his mother who was a high school teacher and a Food Technologist. Spent most of his childhood with his now married sister Gugulethu Runyowa. His father Cornelius Njabulo Nkomo passed away in August 2009.

Future prospects for Tytan

  • Featuring on three television series’ with ‘Tatenda Studios’ as a way to establish himself into the film industry as an actor.
  • Being a radio deejay on one of the local radio stations.
  • Production of Television Shows in-line with Music and Entertainment.
  • Creation of a solid music distribution network.

You can read more about Ammara Brown over here.

The choreography was good but I feel they didn’t do enough justice to the video picture quality wise.  However, I still rate this track at neat 10/10 and I think we can expect great things in the near future from That Mukoko Guy!

P.S For my international readers, Mukoko is a honeycomb


PSquare – Collabo featuring Don Jazzy

This song has to be the song of the year for me so far!!  I am a sucker for guys with well defined bodies and those twin brothers look nothing but sexy.  Imagine if they look that good with their clothes on what happens when they…okay let me not think that far.  But just to put it out there my favourite twin is the one with the shaved head. Love the video to bits and I noticed it was shot in Cape Town, South Africa, notice the red tour bus at the start of the video.

If I were to rate it on a scale of 1-10 it would definitely get a 10 from me!