Swimming In Summer

Swimming is your best friend if you’re looking for a low impact sport.  I started swimming when I was still in preschool because all my siblings were involved in different sporting activities which included swimming so I was bound to join in.

Swimming Fitness Bae

Fitness Bae


Some of the reasons why you should swim in summer:

  • Swimming beats any form of exercise on a hot summer day.
  • You can enjoy swimming on your own or with friends, it’s really up to you.  I like to time my workouts so I usually spend at least 30 minutes doing a few laps and the rest of the 30 minutes just floating about and enjoying the cool water against my skin.
  • Best stress buster after running!
  • Swimming is gentle on your joints.  After my half marathon a few weeks ago my body has been in all sorts of aches and pains especially my hips and feet.  After my swimming session my joints felt so much better.  I spend way too much pounding my feet on the ground during my road runs.  You should see my feet, my toes, my word my toenails are even falling off!!! Sadly that’s a topic for another day…
  • No matter how old you are, you can always go swimming.  I started swimming at age 5 and decades later I’m still at it.  I know I will still be enjoying a few laps of my favorite breast stroke even in my 60s.

Swim with Fitness Bae



Fitness bae weekend swimming.jpg

OMG look at those abs!

Fitness bae community.jpg

With my friend Tawanda

Weekend Vibes Fitness Bae.jpg

Saturday well spent 🙂

You might be reading this and thinking but I don’t know how to swim; fear not, it’s never too late to try something new.  Add swimming to your to-do-list!

What’s your favourite form of exercise, the one you can do for the rest of your life?

Fitness Bae®


I Am Fearless

“Once you become fearless life becomes limitless.”

One thing I do very well is not trying to be someone or something that I’m not.  I thank my 30s for this.  Life has been so much simpler since I got into this phase of my life!  I blog about whatever tickles my fancy, I live for myself, I do sh*t that makes me happy.  A great example is how I can just spend an entire Saturday at home doing absolutely nothing and still feeling content.  Plus, I pay rent there; can’t be all over town and not enjoying my hard earned monthly payments.  Then again if I really look at it I’m probably just old and I’ve been there and done that so nothing really tickles my fancy anymore.

Day 4 #SheHeals #MaKupsy.jpg

I made a decision a while back to make the rest of my life the very best of my life.  I already know people will judge you no matter what good or bad things you choose to do so go out and overshare like I do and leave no story untold or keep it to yourself and take it to your grave.  Whatever makes you happy is what matters the most.

I have nothing to fear, I’m the definition of an over-sharer and I trust those close to me would never be surprised if they found out about something I said or did that I happened not to tell them.

Do tell, what are you afraid people will find out about you?

I see you’re still reading this so why not go on and read some of my no holds barred blog posts; I promise they will make a great Sunday read;

©MaKupsy 2018

My Heart Is Not At Home

Each time I come home for the weekend I suffer from mental exhaustion.  It actually starts affecting me prior my visit.  My friend Tanyr highlighted that to me a few months ago when she told me that the week I’m meant to go to Marondera I suffer from insomnia, migraine headaches, I tend to overindulge in alcohol and I’m generally just a mess.  Coming home is a lot for me.  This place doesn’t feel like home.

Day 3 #SheHeals MaKupsy.jpg

I still hope that some day my parents will choose to live in a different town but that’s highly unlikely.  As it is coming home will forever be a chore to me.  Our past hurts don’t easily shake off and coming back to the place where nothing but bitter and sad memories reside is a tall order for me.

You can read about why my home town doesn’t feel like home from here.

However, it’s still a beautiful Saturday morning, what’s on your mind?

©MaKupsy 2018

Zumba Fundraiser

Good Morning Team Fitness!

There is another event coming up this Saturday and I hope to see you there.  This time it’s a fundraiser and the target is to raise $500 towards a great cause.  Makumbe Hospital needs to be refurbished and Harare West Rotaract Club is doing the thing that needs to be done to get this project going.  I will definitely be there, look out for me on the warm up session just before the event starts.

Zumba Fund Raiser Harare.jpg

opening act by Fitness Bae







Please save the date.

Fitness Bae®

Unplugged Magic: Love. Live. Music.

The first time I went for UnPlugged it was sometime last year on a cold winter evening.  I was covered in tights, boots, scarf, dress and a jacket.  The only thing that was missing in that outfit was a hat.  Unfortunately for me I decided to wear stiletto heeled boots(big mistake!) and the whole evening my boots were sinking into the lawn, I was annoyed!  I promised myself that the next UnPlugged event I attend will be in the afternoon; that way I would enjoy the warm sun and great outdoors.  I lead a busy life and most weekends when UnPlugged is happening I am almost always out of town but not this past Saturday, this time I was ready for it and I was going to be the first one at the gate!

Okay, so I was not the first one at the gate but I was there about an hour after the event started.  After a few hellos to familiar faces my first stop was the Kids Corner they call Artsy Crafty.  I couldn’t help it, all that colour and laughter drew my attention, these children were having too much fun, I wanted in as well but well, the jumping castle is not for adults; even if you feel 16 on the inside.  LOL.  What I loved about this area is that you get to bring your children along to this family friendly chill out session.  I am a parent and I know how it can really get hectic when I need to attend an event and there is no one to baby sit for me.  This idea they have is genius because when you bring your children along you know that someone will be watching over them and keeping them entertained with interactive activities while you have that well deserved glass of wine.


with Sylent

I knew Sylent was performing on the day but I didn’t expect him to be one of the first few people I saw.  It was great to see him after so many years.  I think I last saw him close to 4 years ago!  This is one talented guitarist.  I took a lot of videos of him performing and posted some of them on my Twitter Timeline.  He is a great person full of life, love and laughter, never a dull moment with him.  He likes to call himself the “Guitar Sangoma” and trust me he has every right to do so!


with Rufaro from Food n Co

My next stop was this interesting looking stall.  I was a woman on a mission.  I really wanted to interact with as many people as I could before it got to busy.  There is nothing like having that one on one interaction and getting someone’s full attention.  Rufaro told me about the “Secret Dinner”they will be holding on the 4th of March and I put my name down for it and also bought a raffle ticket while I was at it.  I am going to try and make this as short and sweet as possible…. It’s a fresh initiative that synergies the creative force that is embedded within Zimbabwean born and internationally trained chefs and the burning passion of a new breed of musicians decorating the underground scene in Harare. For one night only every 2 months, seasoned and discerning palates will get to enjoy an evening of transformed local ingredients paired with international recipes and the undeniably gifted musicians who are disrupting the local scene. It is a good “food meets good music” vibe that will get the privileged 100 guests yearning for more and eagerly awaiting the next offering.  For a token amount you get to enjoy a 3 course meal, get to meet the chefs, dance the night away and celebrate the new breed of Zimbabwean creatives who are definitely going to transform international gastronomy halls.  Call, app or sms Natalie on 0774168542, in order to get the ‘big reveal’.  It’s happening on Saturday the 4th of MARCH 2017 so get ready ladies and gentlemen!!!  We all know how much I love all things divine so chances of seeing me at this event are highly likely.



with Josh @_6_Legend

n it was time for more pictures.  A girl can never have one too many pictures in her gallery.  Social Media really comes to life when you attend events.  Mel and I follow each other on social media platforms and this was our first time seeing each other.  Lady K is a member of my running group and we finally got to meet and have a brief chat.  The weather was perfect on Saturday and most people were dressed to the nines. The way I am always scared of the weather changing up on me I completely forgot to bring a jacket along with me but it was not actually necessary after all, all the dancing, screaming and chatting made sure nothing else mattered.


Foooood!  The other plus for attending UnPlugged is that you get to bring your own food and drinks if you like but for $10.  I think it’s a great deal because that way you get to eat exactly what you want and not have to complain about how you didn’t enjoy the food.  Back to that mouth-watering meat…The pork was calling my name, I had to have it! But I didn’t, because I was still full from the late lunch I had at home.  However, the good news is I got chatting with the owner of the stall and I think he should come through for my birthday party this year.  I spoke to The Spitman and he told me that he charges $250 to do a spit but this does not include the animal but will have charcoal marinades and service as part of the $250.  He makes his own home made barbeque sauces and marinades.  His team does the Greek, Portuguese, English and American style spits.  I have no clue what those are and I will certainly be making friends with Google after this!  You can get in touch with him on 0772892052 for all your weddings, corporate events, family gatherings and all types of events UnPlugged included!





Initially I wanted to tell you everything that happened at UnPlugged but I have decided that you should make a date and come see how beautiful the afternoon experience is.  I can only tell you so much but you have to experience it to believe it.  I had a wonderful time and even though I had promised myself I would be out of there by 5pm I found myself hanging out till the event was over.  I had two body guards(read as booty guards) who later joined me and they made sure the afternoon was double the fun.


Booty Guards

Minus the burnt burger that I had later on in the evening everything about this afternoon was perfect. I would recommend this event to anyone who likes a laid back environment to spend with family and friends.  There is no need to be shouting on top of your voices because the music is just right and you can spend actual quality time. The best part is that the event is usually held towards the end of the month so you have enough time to save and plan around the day.  You also get to network, the number of contacts I made in one afternoon alone!  Don’t take networking for granted.  You don’t know what the next person knows.

I asked my two body guards how their first experience was like and this is what they had to say:

Booty Guard 1: It was a nice chilled vibe with amazing music and good company.  Given a chance I would  want to go back each time the event is hosted.

Booty Guard 2:  It was a different yet fun experience for me seeing that it was my first time there.  The place was chilled relaxed and I got to meet new people.  I will definitely be going back again for the experience. I loved every second of it!

I would like to say thank you to the Founders of UnPlugged, both Elinah and Chiedza for giving me an opportunity to come through and write about my experience at their event.  I also want to thank Ameera Mimi; that Women Creative Wednesday session you featured on a few weeks back is the reason I got a chance to write this post today.  You specifically said that if you want something you should reach out and ask and I did exactly that!


UnPlugged Magic: Love. Live. Music

Those who like to keep stats on events; roughly 1200 paying people camethrough on Saturday and the total of people who attended the event were in probably about 1300.  How epic is that!!!

What did you get up to this weekend?  I bet you did not have as much fun as I did!  Have you been to UnPlugged before, if yes how was your experience?

©MaKupsy 2017

Zumba With Zorro!

Are you ready for Zumba with Zorro?!

Zumba with Zorro MaKupsy.jpg

We are always looking for a reason to stay fit and this month just before Valentine’s Day there will be a Zumba event and guess what, IT’S FREE!

You just need to sacrifice the first few hours of your morning, wear something RED and come join the fun.  There will also be BP and Sugar check-ups.



Come through and save the date, 11 February 2017.

Fitness Bae®

Body Active Gym

When I started my fitness journey going to the gym was never an option.  The reason I could not go to the gym was because I told myself that I had to commit to at least 3 months of working out from home;if I could do that I would certainly be able to do the time at the gym.  There is something about paying your own subscriptions that makes you not feel bad when you miss a workout.  I had done so in the past and I was not willing to waste any money on something I was not dedicated to.  The other reason was I simply could not afford to do so.  At the time I told myself I had to make a plan and work with what I have in order to reach my goal weight and it worked like a charm!

However, I have reached my goal weight, I have new goals to smash and this time around I want to actually join a gym and get to tone my body and tighten my arms more than anything.  I decided to go and see for myself if joining the gym would be worth my while before doing anything too drastic like paying a full year’s subscription before giving the whole gym a “feel”.

Two weeks ago I had a “Gym Date” with Kev; I never in my wildest dreams thought that was ever going to be something I would look forward to in this lifetime but trust me I was excited!  It was easy to make my way there because I got transport just a few minutes walk from my place.  I dropped off right at the entrance of the office park where the gym is located; hurray for me!  This was already a plus for me because a gym easy to get to means less stress and less excuses.

When you get to the entrance of the gym, the outside does not look very fetching and you automatically assume that you have been short changed.  I am here to  admit that I was blown away when I stepped into Body Active Gym!  The place is a Fitness Freak sanctuary.  I had to try everything out!  The first thing that Kev did was take me on a tour around the gym and I had not one but four favourite spots once I was done with the tour.  I will add them within the blog.


Pool as blue as the sea of a dream! 

After the tour Kev directed me to the treadmill for a 10 minute warm up.  Thereafter my body went through the most!  We decided to work on my arms and core.  Kev did not put weights on the bar I was using but it was so heavy I wondered how the guys I was side eyeing lifted weights so effortlessly.  Apparently the bar alone is a whole 5kgs!  That explains why I was having a hard time.  Kev is patient, very helpful and shows you how to do your reps like it’s nothing.  Mind you he was using weights on his reps, I just stood there in awe.


Kev doing his reps on the Cable Crossover Machine

After a good one hour of working out I sort of broke a sweat and thought to myself well, so much for that!  Fast forward to days later my whole body was tight and in pain from working out that Saturday.  I didn’t realise the effects would hit later on not on the very day!  The one thing I liked about the gym was that it has a relaxed atmosphere, it has a co-ed setup, it is multiracial, it is not crowded and there is a lot of space for you to exercise at ease.


Spin Class

I didn’t realise we had Spin Classes in Zimbabwe.  I only ever read about it when people abroad tweet about it.  Now I have a chance to also take these classes and see what wonders it can do for me!  The gym has more than enough equipment and there is a wide selection to choose from.  Staff is available to help with  how to use the equipment.

There is a machine I used and totally loved.  It’s called the Body Massaging Machine.  I have seen it on TV advertisements and when they advertise it they give you the impression that if you just stand there for 10 minutes all your weight issues will melt away, such lies!  The Body Massaging Machine actually helps your body to relax after a workout, the vibration from the machine helps develop leaner muscle tissue as it increases the metabolic rate resulting in a higher caloric burn, reduces tension and stress among other things.


Body Massaging Machine

Would my visit be complete without a Sauna experience?  Heck no!  After my workout I took a quick shower and took time to unwind in the sauna for a good 15 minutes.  The showers and toilets are well maintained and that’s a really sensitive area for me. No matter how I enjoyed my Gym Date experience if I had noted that this area wasn’t on point my interests would have gone out the window!

Available Classes

  • Pilates Classes
  • Yoga
  • Zumba
  • Ladies Circuit
  • Swimming
  • Spin Class
  • Boxing

I will probably be trying all the above because I like to challenge my body.  The fees are also not too bad but because of my ever hectic exercise schedule I will settle for being a Casual Member for now.  If you would like to join Kev is your man and you can reach him on +26377705111

If I am to rate Body Active Gym they get a cool 8 out of 10 from me and yes, I will certainly be paying them another visit soon.


What did you get up to this weekend?  Did you take time to workout or prepare yourself a healthy meal?

©MaKupsy 2017



Delicious Fine Food Emporium

It’s not easy to admit that you aren’t as young as you used to be.  In my early 20s I used to party like it’s nothing.  From Thursday through to Sunday my friends and I would go out and have a ball of a time and still have energy to last us through the next day.  Now that I am older, I can only choose ONE day to go out and it takes me two whole days to recover.  Aging is real!

After a Saturday night out I could not gather the strength to fix myself anything to eat and decided to go for breakfast.  I had asked for restaurants to try out on social media and a guy who said he would prefer to be named as “a handsome dimpled Ndebele guy” told me I should try out a place called Deli.  We hooked up with my partner in loving all things nice and headed out for breakfast on Sunday morning.  20161106_130413

We were greeted by a bubbly young waiter who introduced himself as Melvin.  We opted for a table for two and got the cosy table by the corner right next to the mini balcony.  I asked him what he would recommend for breakfast, something filling though because we were dying from hunger.  He gave us options and we ordered some cappuccino while we waited for our food.  Someone has to tell me what they call the biscuit they put on the side of your cappuccino and why they only put an incy wincy size.  The way that biscuit goes down and sadly you have only one of it.  Let’s play nice guys, why not give us three of those yummy biscuits, yes, no, maybe, am I stretching my luck? LOL



I will tell you one of the few things I loved about this place, the cool breeze and fresh air.  Given the current heat wave sitting indoors was not ideal.  I also got to watch people taking leisurely walks on a Sunday morning and that kept me away from my phone for a while. (still trying to battle my phone addiction).  The other thing I was happy with was that the food didn’t take forever and a day to come through.


Breakfast Tramazzini USD11

That was my plate.  I LOVE COLOUR.  Just looking at this got my mouth watering it was unbelievable! Underneath the pancake was bacon, scrambled eggs, tomato and Parmesan shavings.  I have no idea what the last thing is but it tasted absolutely delicious!  The salad had a dash of dressing which I have to have!  My food was so juicy and tender I could feel nothing but pure bliss while I ate.  This is what breakfast should look like, I took a few tips from this and I will certainly be trying this at home.  The presentation definitely won be over as well.  I believe when you see food in a plate you should get excited about it and trust me I couldn’t wait to dig in!


Farmhouse Breakfast USD 11

This was my partner in loving nice things had. Two eggs, smokey bacon, pork sausage, grilled tomato, fried potato, banana and toast.  What a mouthful!  When I asked him about his meal he said and I quote” What I liked about the Deli is you feel at home…it’s like a home away from home.  It did not feel like a restaurant and I got to enjoy my meal in a relaxed environment.  The meal was delicious, food presentation was good and I ordered a filling meal that was worth every bite.”

During our meal I took a note of a few things that I wasn’t particularly happy with.  That ketchup bottle was close to finishing and I had a hard time squeezing it out.  I remember saying to myself I am going to splash some sauce on my white shorts and that nearly happened!  Boy was I going to be pissed off or what??!  I would like to believe that replacing a ketchup bottle with a new one is not too much work and I hope someone looks into this because it’s not a good look.


I had fallen in love with the white rose in a glass at first glance but when I realised it was those plastic flowers I was disappointed.  I think fresh flowers would certainly not break a budget.  Maybe buying those bunches that will bloom, those will certainly last long.  I am sure there are inexpensive flowers somewhere in town.  Fussy much?


Back to the fun stuff.  I cleared my plate, well, we both did even though half the time we were trying out things from the next persons plate.  I do that a lot when I eat out.  Make sure that I order something different from the next person so that we get to try out two different meals at once.  You should try this out and let me know how that goes for you.  There was just a fork and knife left in both our plates when Melvin came back to clear the table.

My experience here was great.  Melvin kept coming back to check on us to find out if everything was okay and if we needed anything else.  One of the few reasons I will be back for another visit is because the staff are friendly and cheerful  They give you a warm welcome and that’s definitely a plus for me.  I would certainly recommend this restaurant to friends and family.  On a scale of 0-10, 10 being completely satisfied with my experience I will give Delicious Fine Food Emporium a cool 8.  They should expect to see me again sometime soon because their lunch menu got me feeling very excited.

P.S The restaurant really needs to work on getting a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page.  We are living in the age of technology, make it easy for us to find you.

Their address is: Shop 97A Sam Levy’s Village, Borrowdale, Harare

Have you been to this restaurant before, if yes, how was your experience?

©MaKupsy 2016

The Bottom Drawer

The Bottom Drawer is a beautiful restaurant situated in Harare.

Good morning my darlings.  I hope you had a weekend that was as lovely as mine.  I have a new found hobby which is non alcohol related and I think it’s blending pretty well with my blogging.  Restaurant Reviews.  I have not being eating out as often lately but I have decided I should do it more often and get my fellow food lovers to have a go to place when they want to know where all the great food and good deals are.  So here goes…


I had to make a prior booking so that I could have a table reserved.  Thanks to Google Maps it was easy to locate the restaurant and within 5 minutes we had arrived.  As you walk in you are welcomed by plush lawns, garden chairs and a nice cool flowery breeze.  The restaurant is a double storey house that they turned into an eat out place.


We got to The Bottom Drawer an hour later than our reserved time but thankfully our table was still available.  Unfortunately there was no one to welcome us so we had to navigate our way around the place.  Once we decided on a table which was close to the swimming pool, obviously!  We sat down and I was happy to note that they had the menu already available by the table.


A waitress came through to take our orders and I was dying for a hot beverage and ordered a cappuccino.  It was served in just under 10 minutes and yes I was watching the time just for interests sake.


The Bottom Drawer menu had a variety of what sounded like light meals and my agenda was to eat something filling so I asked the waitress to recommend something she thought we might like.  She suggested we try the pies and I was not convinced one bit because when I read “Chicken & Mushroom pie” in my head I pictured the pies and Bakers Inn or Pick n Pay and I was not about to sit down and eat that on a lunch do!  She insisted we try it and so we ordered away and waited.


If you read my restaurant review blogs you will know that I am very particular about colours in my plate.  They outdid themselves on this presentation and I promise you whatever the name of the salad dressing they use, I HAVE TO HAVE IT!  The salad was divine!  I am convinced they grow these greens themselves because they were really fresh. The pie; the pie was out of this world.  It wasn’t the one you find in the supermarket.  This one was freshly baked and the chicken and mushroom was cooked to perfection.  I don’t remember the last time I had an eat out meal that left me completely stuffed in a good way.  When you see the little bowl they put the meat in you think that looks tiny I can finish it in a few mouthfuls, do not be deceived, you won’t finish it!


I am actually feeling hungry all over again just looking at the photos I am uploading.  I have no idea why I didn’t ask for a doggy bag because I left a lot of chicken and mushroom in that bowl, it could have made a delicious left over meal.

I have to give it to The Bottom Drawer, they know their stuff!  The food was delicious, the service was efficient, the waitress was friendly, next time I go I should be sure to get her name, it was real value for your money for a cool $13 a plate.  You know I am always complaining about how I feel shortchanged after an eat out experience, well this one was worth every dollar.  I think News Cafe Fife Avenue should take notes and learn a thing or two from them.  I am still not over the experience I had there.

That said; I would recommend anyone to give The Bottom Drawer a try I promise you won’t regret it.  Take your friend, family, lover(s) and you will enjoy every moment of it.  If you take your kids there is a play area and a whole garden to explore.  The restaurant has this homey atmosphere that will definitely have you wanting to go back for another experience.


Late Blog Post

I am really upset right now.  My laptop decided it was over this life thing at the wrong time.  I am not about to start buying another laptop anytime soon so it will have to sort itself out.  That means I am going to leave it alone for a few weeks and hopefully after that break it will be functioning again.(Miracles have been known to happen)

So how was your weekend?  I hope it was as epic as mine.  I had a lovely weekend spent mostly with my friends.  I have one weekend were I have time all to myself and this one proved to be fruitful; except yesterday when I had to do three weeks’ worth of laundry.


the wound I got from doing a truck load of laundry, felt like my skin was ripping apart!!

I WAS NOT AMUSED!!  I normally get someone to do my laundry, ironing and cleaning but the lady who used to do that really let me down and I still haven’t found a replacement for her.  You can read all about her mouth dropping incident here.

Last week also kept me busy with the running challenge and I am pleased to announce that I lost one kg and that is something I can’t stop smiling about because now I am back to my personal acceptable weight range.

What do you have lined up for the upcoming week?  I have a few things on my to-do list:

  1. Read more chapters of Power of A Praying Woman each day.
  2. Get on with this school thing I decided to take up.
  3. Get some rest and when I resume running later in the week make sure I don’t run anything more than 5”50 per km.
  4. Leave the pimple breakout on my right cheek alone and remember that my Dermatologist said I should not pop pimples but just leave them alone!
  5. Go bra hunting, all this weight loss has shrunk my breasts and now I am a whole cup size down. I have always wanted huge breasts but I guess that won’t be happening in this lifetime.
  6. Take a photo or more of my favourite places in Harare and share them on my blog.
  7. Keep a positive mindset and remember that all those things I hope, pray and work towards will eventually come into existence.

I have to return my neighbours laptop now.  He is such a darling for letting me borrow it for a few minutes.

Enjoy the rest of what promises to be a lovely week ahead.