How To Plank

Standard Plank, rocking plank, knee plank, side plank, forearm plank and reverse plank.  There are more planks from where that list came from but I don’t want to exhaust you so early in the morning.  This month I have been paying extra attention to my arms because I’ve just about had enough of having to mask the flab through wearing clothes that cover them up.  I need to show them off on New Year’s eve and I’m really doing the work!

Below are my personal favourite planks.

  1. Forearm Plank
Forearm Plank

Image from Pinterest

2. Reverse Plank (with leg raises)

reverse plank

Image from Pinterest

3. Plank Row and kick back

plank row and kick back.jpg

Image from Pinterest

One thing I absolutely love about planks is that they firm up my entire body.  Yes, my arms are feeling and looking more toned but the rest of my body is feeling the positive effects of planks as well.

Whatever you do, please make sure you do your planks in proper form and take your time to do them correctly.  There is no rush, the time you set aside for exercising is for you and you alone so rushing through it won’t give you any results.  Keep your exercise focused, intense and deliberate.

My challenge for you today is to try out at least one of the planks I mentioned above and once you find the one you enjoy, add it to your routine.

Don’t forget to smile, smiling burns calories too 🙂

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This Is Why You Are Gaining Weight

Ask anyone trying to lose weight and they will tell you how easily you can gain weight if you stop paying attention to your healthy habits.  It took me an entire year to lose 10kgs but if I’m reckless it takes me just one week to gain 1kg back!  The universe has some mad jokes I tell you.  It has been 3 years on this journey and I now know what makes my body tick or not.  Today I will share habits that easily contribute to my weight gain, I’m sure you will read some of them and notice that they probably have the same effect on you.

1. Poor Sleep

I’m a runner and this form of exercise requires that I get as much rest as I can to perform at my best.  However, on days I don’t sleep properly I don’t have the energy to get up and do one of the few things I love the most.  No energy means no runs means zero progress on that day.  Which translates to me feeling guilty all day long and probably missing a meal which by the way is a bad thing because starving yourself means your body goes into starvation mode which leads to weight gain, my word, the cycle!

2. Clothes

Fashion keeps doing the most.  One time our jeans are all the way up to our boobs next thing they are low cut and at some point they had elastic bands around the waist.  I remember the elastic band phase, I had a pair or two of those.  Now that’s the worst pair you want to invest in if you are trying to lose weight.  The elastic just keeps stretching and you don’t even realise you have gained weight until you wear something else.  Stay away from elastic band jeans, they give you false sense of security!

3. Alcohol

I love me some white wine, on a good weekend I will go through a whole 1litre of white wine and not even feel bad about it.  I run so that I can drink and drink so that I can run; that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!!!  I’m pretty good when it comes to watching what I eat and very consistent when it comes to exercise but I promise you, alcohol will be the death of me!  My six pack comes and goes and I know alcohol is the reason why it won’t let it thrive.  Alcohol contains a lot of calories so unfortunately for me, I drink my calories…Just so you know, it’s not just alcohol that contains calories, soft drinks and fruit juices are also an enemy of progress.

White wine has 83 calories in 100g glass

Coca-Cola has 210 calories in a 500ml bottle

Fruit juice has 54 calories in a 100g glass

My advice is drink water, it has zero calories.  If you can’t at least cut down because those clearly these drinks do more harm than good.

4. Stress

My stress comes from my Body Fat Scale.  I used to have a habit where I would weigh myself everyday.  That didn’t end very well and I since stopped the habit and I don’t encourage it either.  Now I weigh myself once a week, same place and same time.  According to researchers stress is connected to weight gain, because a high level of the stress hormone cortisol has been shown to up appetite, drive cravings for junk food, and make it oh so much easier to accumulate belly fat.

5. Pre-Menstrual Syndrome(PMS)

This is the worst time of the month for me.  I hate PMSng, it drives me up the wall with it’s cravings and mood swings.  I crave the strangest things.  Last month I had doughnuts, a whole litre of coke, chocolate, lots of greasy take out and biscuits.  Gosh!  All that bad food in a week.  I don’t know if it’s just me but my stomach has this small bulge of sort when I’m PMSng.  This is one of the worst times of the month for me because I know the moment I hop onto the scale I will be very disappointed!  I promise you the cravings leave me thinking I’m pregnant…but I know better.


You are all talk and no action.  I see you!

I believe you know what contributes to your weight gain.  You just have to pay extra attention to yourself.  At the same time weight gain is not entirely a bad thing, especially if it’s going to the right places.

My advice is make small deliberate changes in your life and the weight loss will happen.

Let’s talk, what’s adding the weight on your scale?

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Day 16: I’m Addicted To Fitness

I had to come to terms with my fitness addiction at some point.  At first it was something I did to get to a target weight, then something I did to get feel good hormones, then something I did every other day because not doing it resulted in withdrawal symptoms that came in the form of feeling like something is missing.  That missing thing was running!  I can’t live without it, it’s a big part of my life.  My name is MaKupsy and I’m addicted to fitness!


MaKupsy a.k.a Fitness Bae

Let me take you through what a typical morning routine is for me.

  • Leave the house for a run at 5:45am, run anything between 2 to 12K
  • Once my run is complete sync my run on NikePlus and share it on social media platforms
  • Get home and do floor work, currently doing burpees and thankfully today is Rest Day
  • Stretch for 10 to 15minutes
  • Drink up 1litre of water
  • Take a few mirror selfies
  • Admire my naked body
  • Take a bath and get ready to take on the world!

I’m one individual who enjoys running.  If I go for two days without running I’m good but make it three days and my body starts aching to go out and do something.  I eat right, I stay hydrated, I create fun challenges and spice up my exercise routines to keep me going.  I don’t do “diets” because I believe life is too short and everything should be enjoyed in moderation.

I have been on this health and fitness journey for 3 years and counting and you can read all about it from these links:

My Health & Fitness Journey

I Found My Purpose

One thing you have to remember when you are on this journey is that Rome was not built in a day.  You have to take slow deliberate changes, that makes it all the more fun!

What’s your health and fitness programme or lack thereof?

©MaKupsy 2017


What Is The Best Exercise For You?

No prize for guessing that running is the result I got after taking a fitness quiz. The result read;

Running is one of the most popular ways to work out worldwide and this evergreen method maintains to recruit a lot of new believers. You are able to set your own pace, distance, time and much more. You will need your own self-discipline but signing up for local runs or marathons is a great way to stick with it

I can’t argue with the statement above, it is so very me.  Running is a major part of my fitness program.

I have tried different forms of exercise over the years to keep myself sane.  If you exercise regularly you know that routine will certainly kill your mojo.  To keep things interesting try and add on different routines to your already existing go to form of exercise.   Below are some of the exercises I do to keep me focused and motivated.  Remember fitness should also make you happy.  Incorporate exercises you look forward to that way you will actually do them with zero excuses and smile while doing so; we all know smiling burns calories.

1. Zumba

I LOVE to dance.  Anyone who knows me will tell you that I will be on the dance floor for hours on end as long as the DJ is playing my favourite type of music.  I bought myself Zumba DVDs when I was just starting out on my journey and I would make sure I put in at least 45 minutes twice a day to get results.  It worked like a charm!  I watched my love handles and my worries melt away effortlessly.  The great thing about Zumba is that you can workout from home or join a group, it’s completely up to you.

2. Yoga

I was skeptical to try this out the first time but after shelving the Yoga DVD for months I finally decided to try it out.  The first days were tough because Yoga requires your full attention and there is no time to muck about.  After weeks of trying I finally got to finish the entire 45 minute workout and I was hooked.  What I love about Yoga is that I can workout without my shoes, I wear light clothing, strength, flexibility and mental health are greatly enhanced.  Who knows, if I keep at it I might finally be able to do the “Crow Pose” and you will never hear or see the end of it!

3. Swimming

I started swimming when I was a little toddler and I haven’t stopped since.  Before I got hooked onto fitness swimming was one of those things I would do to cool down from the heat.  Things have changed over the years and each time I go out to swim I make sure I clock in a certain number of laps before I start chilling by the pool.  There are a lot of benefits that come with swimming which include helping to maintain a healthy weight, healthy heart and lungs as well as tone muscles and build endurance.  (The endurance part works wonders for my running)


13 minutes of skipping 🙂

4. Skipping

A friend recommended I try out skipping at the beginning of the year and I have never looked back.  The first days were tough, I would skip for 5 minutes and feel like I was going to die any second.  I kept pressing on and within weeks I had found my rhythm and my time got better each day.  Now I can safely skip non-stop for at least 6 minutes.  My secret?  A good playlist and a reliable digital skipping rope.  I skip from the comfort of my home and I know I annoy the heck out of the guys who stay downstairs.  Number one benefit of skipping is that it’s best friends with weight loss, it helps improve your skin given the amount of sweating that comes with it and skipping is known to burn around 1300 calories per hour.  What’s not to love??

There is never a dull moment on my fitness programme.  I fit in all the things I enjoy to do so that the journey continues.  A lot of people always ask me what type of workout they should try out and I always have a list ready for different individuals.  However, to make your life easy I suggest that you try out this quiz and have it help you determine what will work best for you.  You can find it over here.

What is your go to form of exercise?  What else do you incorporate when things get boring?  I would love to hear from you.

Stay logged onto my Health and Fitness Journey Series Episode 7 will be live on Thursday at 9:00am.

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Why You Should Keep A Fitness Journal

I started using a fitness journal at the start of this year.  I don’t recall who introduced me to it but once I do I will thank them profusely.  Owning a fitness journal has been one of the best things that has happened to me so far.  I wish I had known about it earlier on my journey but it’s never too late right?  I want to share this idea with you and hopefully you will take it on and see just how much of a world of difference a fitness journal will make.

You will need:

  • A notebook
  • A pen or pencil
  • A highlighter or two with colours of your choice
  • Time

Once you have everything in place sit down be friends with your fitness journal. Write down a plan of your exercise routine for the week or the month depending on your needs.  I usually plan weekly and take it from there.  Below is my fitness journal, as you can see my handwriting is not the best in the world and I hope you can read parts of it.  I took a picture of my plan from the month of April.


April Plan

According to Fitness Bae you should keep your fitness journal somewhere you won’t miss it.  I keep mine on my dressing table because that’s one area I use on a daily basis.  Other places you can also keep your fitness journal include but are not limited to your bathroom mirror, your bedside, your fridge or as a book marker in a book you read everyday and your phone.  You don’t necessarily have to keep a whole book with you, just tear out a page and stick it where you see it all the time. 

Let’s get to why I am making a whole lot of noise about why you should have a fitness journal.


  1. You can track your progress.
  2. You will feel bad for not exercising when you get back to your plan and notice you haven’t done a single thing for two straight days!
  3. You will push yourself to perform better.  For example, the month of April started off pretty well for me but towards my birthday most parts of my exercise programme went downhill and by the time I started May I pushed myself harder.
  4. You have a constant exercise reminder.
  5. You take note of your strengths and weaknesses and find ways of improving.
  6. You get organised.  I have personally found that if one area of your life starts getting organised the rest of will follow suit.
  7. You, you and you can use a fitness journal! Most people automatically assume that a fitness journal is for someone who wants to track progress for weight loss but guess what?  You can use it for weight loss, weight gain and weight management as well.  Everyone can use it.


  1. You can misplace your fitness journal and your whole life will lose meaning.  You can actually feel lost without it.

I clearly need a new fitness journal by the way and I will get my hookup from Tafadzwa Bete who has beautiful customised daily organisers called the #GoalGetterPlanner. The planner helps you translate your dreams and resolutions into SMART goals then do quarterly reviews of progress and as a daily reminder of what you set out to do for the year.  What’s not to love?


Order your GoalGetter Planners through Abigail on 0735341030 or Tusso on 0774164689


GoalGetter Planner

The long and the short of it is that if you want your fitness journey to run smoothly you need to have a plan.  You can’t just wake up one morning and start doing random exercises without taking note of what is or isn’t working for you.  You also need to consult your doctor before making any drastic physical changes in your life because many times people go and overt rain and end up doing more harm than good.

I hope you start journaling your fitness journey.  If you want to see results then a fitness journal is a must have.

Do you have a fitness journal?  If not, what are you waiting for??

Stay logged onto my Health and Fitness Journey Series on Episode 3 will be live on Tuesday at 9:00am.  I will be showing you my Running Gear.

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Running With #RunWithFitnessBae

Running helped me fight obesity.  Running helped me fight depression.  Running helped me fight alcoholism.  Running helped me mend a broken heart.  I think you can tell why running is a very big part of my life.  It takes my mind, body and soul to a happy and calm place.  Since the year 2014 I have been going out to run at least three times a week to and I have not stopped since.  My healthy obsession with running has grown into a movement termed #RunWithFitnessBae . If you are active on social media I am sure you have bumped into this hash tag at least once and wondered what it’s all about.  In this episode I will tell you all about #RunWithFitnessBae


#RunWithFitnessBae is a hash tag I use whenever I share a run or exercise routine I would have done on any given day.  I also encourage friends and fitness enthusiasts on different social media platforms to use it so that I can celebrate their daily victories with them.


Running is the main focus of the team.  People run from different parts of the world using running applications of their choice and then share their runs on social media.  In short it is virtual running.  However, once every month team #RunWithFitnessBae meets in the park to run as a team, exercise and talk about difficulties or victories we would have faced during the month.


I managed to fight a handful of demons thanks to exercise and I want to help those around me do the same.  There are so many benefits that come with running such as sleeping better, saving money, making new friends and I don’t want to be the only one enjoying the perks. I will be doing this for the rest of my life! I find pleasure in encouraging people to set running and exercising goals and then sit back and watch them smash them.

#RunWithFitnessBae hash tag is only part of a brand that is a work in progress; Fitness Bae.  Below is what Fitness Bae is and what it stands for.


Fitness | Motivation | Education


Fitness Bae is a movement to help you achieve your health and fitness goals in an engaging and cost-effective manner.


To provide a platform for people in Zimbabwe and from across the globe to share and engage in a variety of fitness related issues.  Fitness Bae works towards enhancing the lives of the community through support, encouragement, mental and physical health awareness activities. Fitness Bae also aims to develop partnerships with organisations that offer health and fitness related products.


  • To transform 100 lives each year.
  • To establish a 100 member Park run.
  • To create easily accessible platforms for fitness enthusiasts to share their skills and creativity.
  • To establish a Fitness Bae studio within the next 5 years for those who want to exercise in a confined environment.


  1. Building positive lasting relationships with the community
  2. Keeping open communication
  3. Managing expectations about the programme and individual desired results
  4. Encouraging fun, challenging and interactive programmes throughout the year
  5. Promoting success through team work

I hope you join me on this lifetime running journey.  It will be worth your while to be part of a growing movement that is going to make a huge impact on the fitness community.

If you are in need of someone to talk to about depression, addictions or counselling and you are in Zimbabwe these two places will be of great help.



8 Coltman Road, Mount Pleasant
Harare, Zimbabwe. 077 354 7544


Stay logged onto my Health and Fitness Journey Series on Episode 2 dropping on Thursday; I will be sharing my experience with keeping a Fitness Journal.

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You Are Your Own Competition!

Today I am featuring one of the people who inspire me.  Her name is Ropafadzo Amanda Banhwa and this is her story…


This weight loss journey started off as a joke. I never noticed that I was this big until it was already too late. Imagine hitting 135kgs! I am sure I even weighed more than that. The sure road to going fat lies in JUNK FOOD, PROCESSED FOODS, FAST FOODS, FIZZY DRINKS, AND NOT BEING PHYSICALLY ACTIVE.

Before I gained weight I was never skinny. Maybe the smallest size I ever wore was a size 38. I was always the bigger one amongst friends. However; I played sport so I always managed to maintain my body around a 38/40 size. Unfortunately I stopped basketball and BOOM I hit 135kg.  I realised it when I went to South Africa for shopping and I couldn’t find anything that I could fit and I didn’t even use the shopping money.

It was time to make the change I had obviously been avoiding over the years.  The trip to South Africa that brought me back empty handed motivated me to lose weight. People had tried to tell me that I was big but my EXCUSE was that I was big boned and it was a family thing. (Yeah right! everyone has an excuse and very silly excuses in most cases). I decided to go on the Internet and research about weight loss.  All the articles I got were talking about vegetables, water and fruits.  I decided to give it a try.  Though I was too drastic on myself it worked.  After 2 weeks living on fruits and vegetables a whole 10kgs was gone. I felt so excited.

I read more about weight loss and the best ways to do it which were not harmful. They stated:

  • being active for at least 30 minutes a day,
  • using stairs instead of an elevator,
  • walking more often than driving,
  • eating smaller potions and eating more frequently; 4 to 6 times a day,
  • eating more vegetables and fruits; 4 to 6 potions
  • Drinking a lot of water; 1l for every 25kgs.

The most difficult part for me was and is still the food. I am seriously dedicated to exercising but food is my enemy.  In order to lose and maintain weight the secret is to watch 80% of what you eat and 20% is regular exercise.

I never gave up; weight loss is a journey and your body will reach a stage it will plateau, you will gain, you will lose all you need is believe in yourself. Love who you are. Chose an exercise that you enjoy and it won’t hurt as much.


I have a few tips that you can follow that might work for you as well.

  1. Watch what you eat. I realised I was eating a lot of bad food.  I totally erased fast foods and junk food and starch. I did it drastically which is not recommended but I did it. I started eating only vegetables and fruits and water. No fizzy drinks nothing sugary and in 2 and 1/2 weeks I had lost 10kgs.
  2. Check your physical side. I was as lazy as a toad.  I started with what I could manage and that was a stepping stone.
  3. Don’t do too much too soon. Don’t push yourself beyond your limit. Remember that Rome was not built in a day; the same way you did not gain weight overnight is the same way you won’t lose it over night, it takes time, be patient.  Weight loss is NOT an overnight success.
  4. Change your routine of exercise because if you stick to one thing your body will get used to that. Try swimming, Zumba, skipping, running, jogging, power walking, steps, stair climbing, yoga, dancing.  Anything you can think of in terms of exercise. All you can do in terms of exercise. Don’t isolate the body and say I just want to lose my tummy because your body is not isolated.
  5. You need to know your blood group because whatever you eat should at least be linked to your blood group. People are not the same and what works for me won’t work for you. When I discovered my blood group I made positive changes.
  6. Consistency is the key. The problem we usually have is that we want quick fixes but that only works for a while.
  7. Eat well balanced meals rich in vegetables and you won’t go wrong.
  8. You are your only competition.  Do not judge your progress with someone else’s, you are on your own weight loss journey.

Amanda at Comrades Marathon Kwazulu Natal

When I started running I could only run as far as 2K but now I can run  42K nonstop. I love running and using the stairs.

  • I exercise between 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes of running 3 or 4 times a week.
  • 30 minutes stair and 20 minutes weights at least once a week.


  • I also do a lot of sprinting especially hill sprints and most of my runs are on hilly roads.
  • I aim at 1 hour of exercise a day.
  • I ameating well these days but I also cheat at times. Remember it’s 80% eating well. But my motto is 80% eat well 20% spoil myself.

When I had lost 30kg (in 4 months) the weight started being hard to drop. I started making sure I was extra cautious with eating healthy. Here is a sample meal plan:

Morning snack – green tea and fruit
Breakfast – whole wheat cereal with fruit and yoghurt or 2 slices of bread with polony/cheese/ham/bacon
Lunch – 1/2 potion of mixed vegetables 1/4 potion of starch and 1/4 meat
Snack – fruit/nuts/corn
Supper – vegetables and meat
Snack – green tea



4 years down the line I’m now a size 34/36. I have lost over 60kgs. I’m now 80kgs. My hip is now 44.5, waist 30 inch, mid waist 32, lower waist 36,  breasts 34 and my BMI is at 25.2.

I have not accomplished my goal yet. Yes it’s been 4 years since August 2013 till now but I am so proud of the work I have done so far.

If you would like to get in touch with her for weight loss and weight management issues details are below:

Ropafadzo Amanda Banhwa



Contact Number: +263713674274

Fitness Bae®

How To: Spiderman Lunge

Spiderman Lunges, Long Lunges, Warrior 1 Lunges, Curtsy Lunges and Side Lunges.  These are some of the different forms of lunge variations.

I will show you one of my favourite stretch routines; Spiderman Lunge.  What I love about it is that:

  • You can do it from anywhere; indoors or outdoors
  • You do not need any equipment (just your sexy self)
  • You do not have to wear any shoes
  • It’s easy to do

Starting Position

The beauty of doing Spiderman Lunges is that you get to;

  1. Improve the flexibility in the lower back area, hip and hamstrings
  2. You get a solid groin stretch
  3. You get some secondary benefits to your ankle mobility
  4. You activate your hamstrings and glutes.

Working my left and right leg with a smile on my face 🙂

I hold my position for about 20 to 30 seconds and make sure I breathe and keep my core intact.  I am a runner and this exercise really helps with keeping my muscles well stretched and when I go out for my run I hardly ever feel pain in my legs afterwards.

I hope you are working hard towards your fitness goals and you will be giving Spiderman Lunges a try; remember

If you want results consistency is key.


Fitness Bae®




5 Tips On How To Set Fitness Goals

If you want to succeed you have to set some goals!

When it comes to my health and fitness journey I keep it as honest as possible.  I am not one of those “Do as I say not as I do” type of people, I am the Do As I Do; because I believe someone will only be convinced to try something if they see you actually doing it yourself.

setting fitness goals Fitness Bae.jpg

Image from Pinterest

When I started my journey my goal was to lose 10 whole kilograms in a space of 3 months.  Given how unfit I was at the time it was going to be a real mission.  I did not have enough knowledge of what exactly I was getting myself into and couple that with having to work out from home on my own it took a very long time to achieve my goal.  It took me a whole year to finally lose the 10kgs and it was one of the most interesting years of my life.  I went from telling myself I would completely cut out carbs at night, to overeating in the mornings because I would have gone to bed on an empty stomach to doing laundry for an hour and counting it as a workout and then rewarding myself with a huge meal.  It was a disaster and I am surprised I made it out alive!

Fast forward to now I am more informed about fitness.  The reason being I read A LOT; it simply doesn’t end at reading, I read and actually try out some of the things and I get both negative and positive results from it.  I obviously stick to including the positive into my life because nothing is as priceless as progress.  I will share a few tips I have learnt about setting goals over the past 3 years and I hope if you try them they will produce the same amazing results.

  1. Write it down!  I live on social media and starting up a blog to document my journey made me feel more accountable and I had to workout because once you put yourself out there people want to see results.
  2. Don’t make excuses.  My very first excuse was I didn’t have money to go subscribe for gym membership but I thought well, I have legs and running is free, let me try that for now and see if I will make any progress from there.  3 years later a hashtag has emerged from my road running ways; #RunWithFitnessBae see how powerful that goal of not making excuses worked out for the best.
  3. Make realistic goals.  My dream was to some day be able to run 10K.  Please note I had no “time goal” all I wanted to do was run 10K at an easy and comfortable pace without stopping at all.  What worked for me was making small changes each and everyday.  There was no way I was going to one day wake up and run 10K in less than an hour on a random day without making small and steady progress.  I would run 5K this week, then 5.5K the following week until I eventually got to my 10K dream. 🙂
  4. Don’t stop.  You will fall off the wagon not once or twice but several times; don’t be hard on yourself it comes with the journey.  I have had days I have said to myself screw this; today I am going to have not a glass but a whole bottle of wine and I don’t even feel bad about it because life is too short!  BUT the next day I will get back on the straight and narrow; start anew and keep working on how to better myself not only physically but emotionally as well.
  5. Be your own hype-man(woman).  At the end of the day the reason you get up each day to exercise is for no one else but you.  You can read, join WhatsApp Groups, follow health blogs but those can only do so much for you.  The real motivator is yourself.  Shower yourself with positive affirmations, take before and after pictures, go all out and make noise about your progress because believe me when I tell you that the feel good hormones you get from exercising and from self praise will keep you going for a very long time; trust me, I do this myself.

What are your 2017 fitness goals?  Have you come across any obstacles along the way if yes what have you done to get your mojo back?

Fitness Bae®

Dare To Skip!

Welcome to the second part of the Winter Challenge.  I know a lot of you are relieved that we don’t have to run every day anymore.  Here is the breakdown for this month’s challenge, sit tight and grab some pen and paper it’s going to be exciting!

1.Floor Work

Make sure you invest in a pair of shoes that has a firm grip, you do not want to trip and fall during your routines. Don’t you just love that there is Rest Day on Saturday and Sunday?


Image from Pinterest

2. Skipping Challenge

Be mindful of where you skip from. Skipping exercise should NOT be done on a carpeted surface or stone or asphalt surface. You should do the exercise on shock-absorbing surfaces, preferably wooden floors or other smooth surfaces to avoid tripping or rubbing, which can lead to injuries.

I also strongly advise that you wear a pair of trainers when you do your skipping.  Do not skip barefoot!  The challenge will be in reverse, we will start from Day 30 making our way to Day 1.  Get ready to sweat buckets!


Image from Google

3. Running

This month we will be running twice a week.  Sunday for #JustDoItSunday 5K and Wednesday for a 3K run.

Nyasha did us all a huge favour and put the information on a very neat spreadsheet.  I suggest you print it, stick it on your fridge, kitchen cupboard, bathroom mirror, heck even stick it on your forehead if it will help you with remembering that you have work to do!

All the best in the July Challenge.  You will get very hungry this month, skipping does that to you BUT please make sure you have a healthy and filling breakfast.  Stay hydrated and make sure you prepare your own meals as often as you can.  You can do this!  If you could run for the most part of June, what’s a few skips in July?

For information on the benefits of skipping please read the link over here.

Fitness Bae