You Might Not Be Able To Blog For The Rest Of Your Life

I had a dream, a dream to blog about almost all the precious experiences I would go through in my lifetime. The dream was so vivid I saw it going from the year 2014 all through to the day I am no longer a part of this world. I lied to myself, it’s not possible for me and I accept it with open arms. I’ve been blogging for nearly 6 years now and I’m closing this chapter of my life soon. Let me share a few secrets with you…

Blogging MaKupsy

1. Time Won’t Be Enough

I’ve been waking up at 3am to create content. It started because of the load shedding situation in Zimbabwe. I wouldn’t have electricity for the greater part of the day. I decided if I slept early I would wake up in the wee hours of the morning instead to do some cleaning, cooking and you guessed it, blogging. That’s the only time I had access to WiFi so the plan was to make the most of it. I would create my content in advance, schedule it and get a chance to read through other posts bloggers I follow would have penned down. However, it turns out time is something I no longer have enough of. I’m big on telling people that “you make time for what matters to you” and it’s true. Although blogging matters to me, I now have other platforms I cater to that need my full attention. The time for blogging simply isn’t there anymore.

2. You Will Run Out Of Ideas 

You can write alright, but exactly how many ideas do you go through till you get to the point where you realise that there isn’t anything to write about anymore? I’ve done it all. I’ve written about travel, relationships, blogging tips, motherhood, sex, events in town, restaurant reviews, you name it and I have a blog hiding somewhere in my posts for it. I’ve even written articles I’ve been paid for. One of the coolest things about blogging which is clearly diverting us from the topic at hand! Yes, ideas will soon run out and you might end up with a blog with no content for months to come and start questioning why you even started blogging.


3. Which Brings Us To The Why 

The main reason I started blogging was to have an outlet for my broken heart. I was bitter and full of so much range that I couldn’t contain and the best way to let it out was through writing. It worked for a few years until all the negative feelings no longer lived inside me. I’m in a better space now and I believe my time for oversharing parts of my personal life is over.

When the why fades away, it doesn’t make sense to keep going. I’m not an angry black woman anymore, why keep focusing on the past that can’t be altered when I have a bright future to indulge in? My why doesn’t live here anymore.

MaKupsy Happiness

4. A Friend Told Me

That it’s okay to let go. She has walked with me through this journey and when I told her that I was losing my zeal for blogging she reminded me that change happens. I can focus my energy on something else that inspires me to create. The end of something can birth new opportunities.

5. Mental Wellness

In the past I’ve easily shared intimate parts of my life freely.  However, as I’ve grown older I realise that maybe it’s not such a great idea to do so.  The past few months have been difficult for me on the mental wellness front.  I’ve had bouts of anxiety and depression.  These are things I would have put in a blog post but I feel that maybe it needs to be in a different setup altogether until such a time I know how to manage my dark days.  Social media might not be the space right now.

This is my last blog post on my Lifestyle Blog. The journey was enthralling…  Letting go of something that used to be the centre of my attention feels like I’ve lost a part of me but it’s for the best. I have a new project I’ll be working on that I’m excited about. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do but knowing that I won’t be focusing all my efforts on running two blogs reassures me that I will finally have time to give it my full attention.

Curious question; have you at any point during your journey you’ve decided you’re done with blogging?

I’ll still be available on my Fitness Blog which you can subscribe to over here.  I’m also on social media platforms with the same handles throughout: @fitnessbaeint

Thank you for the amazing support, for reading through my posts, sharing with your friends and family, commenting and leaving “likes”. Without you my blog would have never grown into a brand. I’ll be forever grateful.

“If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.”

©MaKupsy 2020

Clients Who Pay The Least Are Often The Biggest Headache

Dear Creative,

By now you know that the client who wants to negotiate their way out of paying you the amount you charged is going to give you a headache; let them go!

Social Media Management MaKupsy

Someone shared her sentiments on the topic and said;

Clients who pay the least in most cases have the most demanding of work. It’s like they undermine your work but at the same time want you to give it your best shot. It’s demotivating and draining. -Anonymous

Since I started my social media management hustle I’ve made it a point to steer clear from individuals who will give me potential headaches.  

Yesterday morning I scrolled past the post above on my Twitter timeline but quickly went back to give it my full attention after I saw the title.

Have a watch and let me know your thoughts.

MaKupsy – Social Media Manager

3 Biggest Lessons Having A Child Out Of Wedlock Will Teach You

My daughter is turning 9 this year, it’s astonishing how time has flown by so fast. It feels like a few sleeps ago we were in a minibus on our way to the clinic for her immunisation shot while she danced on my lap and marveled at the outside world through the minibus window. She has always been such a happy child; so full of life and her sunny personality has blossomed throughout the years. With everything that has happened throughout the years, she’s the main reason I push myself to do and be better.

single mothers MaKupsy

Image from Pinterest

In our African culture, having a child out of wedlock is considered taboo no matter how old you are when this happens. You’d think people have moved with the times but when it comes to tradition some things still hold water. I’ve had friends and family share some of their lessons with me but it occurred to me that I never shared my lessons of having a child out of wedlock. There are plenty of them but because I like to keep things short and sweet I’ll only share three with you.

1. Protect Yourself

If you have no plans of going through an unplanned pregnancy then, by all means, get yourself on a contraceptive method! Unprotected sex comes with consequences. You can’t be having sex every other day with no protection in sight and assuming you won’t get pregnant. The emergency contraceptive can only do so much, ask me, I used to take it and still ended up pregnant. I’d encourage you to go to the clinic with your partner to both figure out which method you can try. Get to know the side effects as well. Most come with weight gain but I’d rather deal with finding ways to lose weight instead of trying to raise USD2000+/- for maternity fees. Be proactive ladies, at the end of the day, you’re the one who will have to carry a child for 9 whole months.

2. People Will Be Disappointed 

They might not say it to you in black and white but you will feel it. Everyone wants the best for their child. In our culture, it seems the biggest achievement for a woman is to get married, have a grand white wedding, bear strong healthy babies preferably boys for your husband and live happily ever after. Now imagine not delivering any of the things I just mentioned… I had a time I felt lacking because I didn’t have a big wedding band to show the world. It took a long time for me to accept that not everyone is supposed to get married and that’s okay. We all have our different paths and all for a good reason.


3. Your Partner Will Move On

Just when you think you’re having your life back on track you’ll hear the news that your partner has moved on. You thought putting your life back together one piece at a time with a baby on board was easy? This news will devastate you whether you still feel something for your partner or not. I couldn’t eat or sleep for days after receiving this news. I felt that no one else could ever love me.

The stigma towards single mothers in Zimbabwe is real and after accepting that there was no hope for the father of my child and I; I couldn’t even imagine how anyone would want to pair themselves up with someone who had a child.

relationships MaKupsy

Image from Pinterest

Fast forward to present day and I could write a book about how the universe granted my wishes. I have a partner who adores my daughter and I. He does everything in his power to make sure we’re happy and comfortable. I couldn’t ask for more.

In my 8 years of motherhood, I’ve come to accept that nothing stays the same. You might be going through a very tough time right now but a few years from now you’re going to look back and laugh at what you’re currently crying about.

If you’re not yet a mother take a chapter of this lesson from my life, at least you’ll be a step ahead and not have to repeat my mistakes.

Are you a mother? What are some of the lessons you have learnt so far?

©MaKupsy 2020

Don’t Post The Quote Sis, They Don’t Care

One of my marketing flyers once read “I Live On Social Media” which wasn’t a lie. I was always glued on my phone swiping through different platforms to keep up with everything except for the time I was asleep. Even then, I would dream of some of the people I follow especially those on Twitter. I’m still curious about how that works, you dream of someone you’ve never met in real life, someone you only interact with online. Strange indeed!

2019 changed my perspective on so many things around social media.

social media MaKupsy

1. People Don’t Care

You got a new job, you just had a beautiful bouncy baby, you relocated and you’re finally living in the city of your dreams. The first thing you think of is sharing with your online friends. Yes, they will send you dozens of likes and messages of congratulations but do they genuinely care? That single post has probably given one of your online friends a reason to despise you, not that you’ve done anything wrong but you reminded them of how things aren’t going well in their lives.

Does that mean you shouldn’t post your achievements? I say post them BUT choose your platforms wisely. I’m assuming it depends on which country you’re from but from the part of the world I live in your well-intended post might end up being a meme or have people pass snide comments. Want to know what they care about? Your downfall. Now that’s the stuff they’ll enjoy any day. Human beings are strange creatures.

2. You Put Yourself In The Spotlight

Tweeting used to be my favourite past time. I always changed my handle to something spicy. Whatever the name was would go with the sort of tweets I’d share. I would initiate hot conversations around sex.  Did I get a lot of attention for all the wrong reasons? Certainly! People would take screenshots of my tweets and share them in groups or make them their WhatsApp status updates. Imagine the shock I’d get when someone would tell me my tweet was a hot topic in a WhatsApp group. I made a conscious decision to end the madness.

sex conversations makupsy

That’s round about the same time my brand was taking shape and I knew I wouldn’t want to be remembered for any of that. I did a whole online makeover, changed my handle and now use the same name on all platforms. It’s been 2 years of making sure I share content that adds value to my audience. Fast forward to a month ago, I was in one of the biggest interviews in my life and one of the panelists told me she follows me on Twitter. Had it been 2 years back I was going to hide under the table with shame.

They say the internet never forgets; whatever you put out there is something you won’t be embarrassed to repeat in an interview setup or better yet to your parents.

3. You Need A Hobby

Believe it or not you can do other things with your time that don’t involve social media. Read a book, listen to a podcast, write, read or cook something different. From experience, the more free time you have on your hands the more you’re tempted to share every single part of your life with the online community. We all have people who even tell us about the colour of their poo that morning. Don’t be that person who overshares. Get yourself an enriching hobby that will make social media an occasional activity not the centre of your life.

makupsy social media

Phew! This has been the longest blog post I’ve penned down in a while. I had so much to say but I’ll keep this short because I always complain about bloggers who write never-ending posts.

What are your thoughts on sharing about your life on social media?

©MaKupsy 2020

How To Find Out Your Most Fulfilling Blogging Niche

When I started blogging I had a lot of online critics. I concluded that that’s what happens when you put your thoughts out there for the world to see. One person tweeted saying “what sort of blogging is that”?  It stung, in my world, I was expressing myself the best way I knew how and to have someone else think it wasn’t good enough nearly led me to give up on a new hobby I was enjoying. To my surprise, one woman reached out to me and she encouraged me to keep writing. She told me that my blog was my space, a place to have my voice heard and my stories shared. She inspired my blog tagline. I embraced her advice and continued to write, without a niche in mind but still, I shared my experiences one post at a time.

Bloggin niche makupsy

Image from Pinterest

6 years later and I’m still churning out content weekly. Where did time go and where do some of these topic ideas even come from? Maybe I can write about that in my next blog post? Today I want to help you figure out what your blog niche is and how you can welcome it with open arms.

1. What Are You Well Informed About?

This one was easy for me. My blog was inspired by heartbreak and that’s all I wrote about for the longest time. When I look at my  WordPress blog insights readers stop by to read mostly about relationships and personal (read that as sex) posts.  With that information at hand, I run with it and deliver juicy stories you can’t resist reading. Like this post; Sex On The First Date it’s the most popular post with over 100 likes! Write about what your readers love the most. They will keep coming back for more!

2. What Tickles Your Fancy?

It could be anything. Some people enjoy wearing makeup, others love to travel while a handful like to eat out. Whatever you’re passionate about works in your favour. For someone like me who likes the finer things in life; writing about my eat-out experiences is one of my favourite things to do. Not only do I get to share mouth-watering pictures but I give you ideas of what you can try out the next time you have a date. I save you a phonecall because I share all the useful information you need at the end of the post.

MaKupsy Restaurant Review

A meal from one of my favourite restaurants in town 🙂

3. Don’t Follow The Crowd

It’s easy to want to do exactly what your friends are doing or what your favourite blogger does. Where’s the uniqueness in that? You want to stand out and have people know that this is your work the moment they start reading it. Your signature might be your catchy blog titles, the playful words you use or the high-quality images that go with your work. Whatever happens, stay true to you.  Noone can be you and that’s your superpower!

So how do long does it take to figure out what your blogging niche is? It depends on the individual in question. It took me a couple of months to understand that I was a personal blogger because I mostly share my innermost thoughts and feelings. Couple that with other topics but the top theme in my work is personal experiences.

It might take you a longer or shorter time. Whichever way it works out give yourself time before putting yourself in a box. Allow your work to guide you. It’s the only way you will find the most fulfilling blogging niche.

fitness blogger makupsy

Image from Pinterest


*Top Secret Tip*

If you really want to stand out in the blogging world, choose a niche that most people aren’t a part of. I’m the only Fitness Blogger in Zimbabwe and that dear reader is how I stand out from the crowd. Oh, you thought I only had this blog. I’m a woman of many talents…

Have you figured out what your blogging niche is or you’re still riding the wave trying to figure things out?

©MaKupsy 2020

Marriage, The Be-All And End-All Of Life

“Do you want to get married?”  My mother asked me this random question a few weeks ago when I’d gone home for the weekend. I replied her with an honest answer that left her puzzled.  “I don’t know mhamha.” 

Wedding MaKupsy

This is the shortest blog post you’ll ever read from me. I no longer have much to say about marriage. I’m neither here nor there. Maybe when someone shares their experience that comes with a happy ending I might just consider it.

Dear reader, what are your thoughts on marriage?

©MaKupsy 2020

Msinje Farm, Your Next Travel Destination

Msinje Farm is 30km out of Harare CBD along Shamva Road. A place I instantly thought was spectacular when I saw one of the top day tour and weekend getaway service providers in Zimbabwe; Pamushana Africa Transport post pictures on Twitter. I told myself I’d join them on that trip but I simply couldn’t wait. I had to go and see Msinje Farm if it was the last thing I was going to do last weekend.

Msinje Farm MaKupsy


A Few Things You Need To Know

  • Entry fee is USD5
  • Your cooler box and snacks get in for free
  • They open at 12 midday till late on weekends
  • There’s an option to braai your meat on your own or have one of the friendly staff do it for you
  • Braai Master charges USD2
  • They provide coal for braaing at a fee; my advice, bring your coal with
  • The tour guide, Tadzie Junior was an excellent host. He showed me around Msinje Farm. He’s very patient too. He took a dozen pictures of me without complaining.

Msinje Farm

The first thing that put a big smile on my heart was the well-manicured lawn. They take great care of it and I was quick to remove my flip flops to walk barefoot. It felt good and I could feel all the muscle tension leave my body. Just writing about it is making me experience this feeling a second time.

A red Ford classic truck is parked in the bar area. That has to be my favourite highlights of my trip. I wanted to jump in and take it for a ride around the farm but you’re not allowed to. My opinion is they keep it there as part of the “feel” to the place because it looks like it consumes a lot of fuel. Seeing I couldn’t take it for a ride I chose to take tonnes of pictures seated at the back of the truck instead. Makes for great Instagram content!

Msinje Farm Classic Ford

They have a stunning garden with modern comfortable chairs. I remember thinking to myself when I buy my house this is the look I want. Not too flashy not too subtle but just the right touch.

Accommodation is also available. One of the rooms was built around a ruware (rock). By far the coolest thing I’ve seen to date!

Msinje Farm Views

Lastly, they have a mini snake park. You’re allowed to take pictures and if you’re daring enough you can hold some of the non-poisonous snakes in your hands or around your neck. IT’S A NO FOR ME. I only went to see the snakes for what lasted less than a minute because they scare me and no matter how much the tour guide tried to convince me that some were harmless I was having none of that.

Overall I had a marvelous day filled with new experiences, lots of pretty pictures and one too many glasses of wine.

MaKupsy Msinje Farm

You should go and check out Msinje Farm and feel this for yourself first hand. Contact the owner on +263772476548 to make your booking to go through. Just let her know I referred you.

It’s a family-friendly environment (children under 3 get in free) so when you decide to visit, make sure you take your family, friends, loved ones or do a solo trip. Whichever way you’ll have a grand time!

©MaKupsy 2020

Haka Game Park, My Solo Travel Experience

Haka Game Park is about 12 kilometers from Harare city centre. You can either use the Cleveland Dam entrance along Mutare road or when you’re along Mutare Road turn left into Harare Drive at the roundabout. Haka Game Park entrance will be to your right after about 1.5 kilometers.

Makupsy Travel Zimbabwe

My favourite shot of part of Haka Game Park 🙂

It’s the perfect place to go on a solo trip or with friends. I needed a solo trip to breathe some fresh air and take in some exquisite views. I asked a friend who had been there before what I needed to take with me. He advised me to pack a picnic basket filled with all my favourite things and a bottle of wine. Thankfully I’d eaten so I settled for my bottle of water, crisps, and bar of chocolate. Just incase…

10 Things I Loved About Haka Game Park

  1. The cool breeze and crisp clean air.
  2. Silence. A welcome change from all the hustle and bustle of Harare CBD.
  3. Viewing zebras and buffalo so close up. You have the option to take a walk with them if you like but I haven’t reached that level of bravery just yet.
  4. There are braai areas and a lot of sitting space.
  5. A lot of available sitting areas are available. Most are tree stumps. A very clever idea if you ask me.
  6. There are a variety of activities you can take part in. Horse riding, canoeing, volleyball, and soccer. 
    Haka Game Park Game Viewing

    Image courtesy of Kelvin Motsi

    Image courtesy of Kelvin Motsi

  7. Bins are available. Please make sure you tidy up and bin your litter before you leave.
  8. You can bring your food, alcohol, and snacks.
  9. Any car can use the route to Haka Game Park. I’m not sure if the same applies when the rainy season hits hard.
  10. It’s close to Harare CBD, you won’t have to travel far and wide to experience a taste of the wild.

When I went the entrance fee was 120ZWL or USD6. They also take Ecocash so that’s a bonus!

Have you been to Haka Game Park before? What was your experience like?

©MaKupsy 2020


How Dropping These 4 Habits Can Change Your Life

1. I don’t eat bread. It’s been nearly three months now. The main reason is that I’m not willing to spend 20ZWL on food that I know is bad for me. I’ve observed that most people aren’t buying bread and it’s stuck on the shelf for days on end. The chances of buying a nearly stale loaf are highly likely, I’m not taking that chance with my money. Just out of curiosity, have you noticed how you feel so hungry after a few hours of eating bread? The reason behind it is because bread has low energy density and your body uses it up quickly.

2. I love my coffee; I have it black, no milk no sugar. It was hard to stop taking sugar but I had to wean myself off it one day at a time. Studies have shown that having black coffee without sugar keeps your mind and body young. (I wish it had the same effect on my boobs😂)

new habits makupsy.jpg

3. I no longer run long distances. My current body type isn’t meant for that form of exercise. I only found this out when I was taking my fitness certification classes. It explained all the aches and pains I’d been experiencing the past few months! However, after running for weight loss for the past 5 years it came as a shock to discover that I didn’t have to kill myself with running insane distances. When I reach my goal weight I’ll get back to it but for now, I keep my runs short and sweet. The maximum distance I’ll ever do is 5km.

4. I’ve stopped buying exercise gear. I have more than enough of it. Lack of space in my wardrobe is also playing a huge role in that decision. Nevertheless, I’m still considering getting more custom made apparel instead and then give away the exercise gear collection I currently own. Sounds good to me.

What habits have you dropped along the way? They don’t have to be fitness related, it can be anything you know has made a positive difference in your life.

Let’s talk.

©MaKupsy 2020

New Year Resolutions Are A Waste Of Time

New year resolutions loading…Does this sound like something you have said or read on social media lately? My guess is yes; a million times over. There’s something about new beginnings that gets people all excited about what lies ahead. I used to be a part of this bandwagon. Each year I’d take out my journal and write a never-ending list of things I wanted to achieve or change in the coming year. Guess what? I hardly ever went through half that list and sometimes I’d misplace the journal and just go on with my merry life with the same attitude I had the previous year. So much for that! 

New Year Resolutions MaKupsy.jpeg

Cons Of New Year Resolutions

  1. You bite more than you can chew. At some point, you’re bound to lose track of your resolutions. Last year I intended to read at least 12 books by the end of the year. I stopped at book 7 and never got back to it. 
  2. It’s close to impossible to achieve all the resolutions you set out to accomplish. This is the part where you feel you let yourself down. That one thing can discourage you to stop working on everything else you had planned out. 
  3. In the fitness world, I’ve encountered a lot of people who tell me they want to start exercising on a Monday. Why not today? I think it’s the same effect as telling yourself your new year resolution is to start exercising in January. Dear reader, if you couldn’t get yourself to do anything about your health for a whole year what guarantee do you have you’ll be motivated to do something about it in January 2020?  

Pros Of New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions 2020 MaKupsy.jpeg

  1. You’ll likely land yourself a cool gym discount. This time of the year most fitness centers are aware that most people’s top resolution is to lose weight. They’ll lure you in with an irresistible offer.
  2. Working with a list of things of what needs to be done will help you stay focused. Just make sure the list is somewhere you see it all the time.

Do I make new year resolutions? I don’t. From personal experience, this has never worked out well for me. What I have instead are monthly goals that I break down to weekly then daily goals. I find it easier to keep track of goals.  

I’ll share one of the goals I currently have:

In order to accomplish these goals I’m going to make sure:

  • I’ve paid up my gym membership,
  • I’ve concluded on the start dates for self-defense classes,
  • I’ve invested in a second bathing suit for my swimming sessions and
  • I’ve given my custom made apparel contact a call to finalise on designs.  

I dare you to try this out for yourself and see how much it will greatly improve your life. You don’t have to wait for a new season to make goals, you can do so today because frankly speaking, change doesn’t need a timeline.

©MaKupsy 2019