I’m so glad I joined Fitness In The Park.  I look forward to my daily run.  The floor work afterwards feels like torture BUT there have been huge benefits:

  • I’m faster
  • More alert

Wearing my belts and watch a notch tighter and while I haven’t lost weight, my overall shape is sleeker 🙂

Thank you Fitness Bae!!

Nyasha Chidavaenzi

Fitness Has Amazing Benefits

Girl this is by far my favourite blog post. I used to starve myself and it didn’t work. I love your authenticity, you are being real n I love that. Please do more posts like this, I am on a fitness journey, I had the winter chub 😂😂😂😂😂, it wasn’t planned by the way.

Thanks girl


I Love Your Authenticity

I’m Annabelle, known as Bella on the #RunWithFitnessBae group. I can not say I’m fit yet but I’m better than the way I was before i joined the group on 5th of February this year. I had no idea what clean eating was , how to run long distances, stretching, loving my body and mostly commitment. The members of this group are super motivating and non-judgmental. No matter how little you do for exercise, the group still makes you feel good about it and encourage you to do more which makes you to work harder, run longer,eat better and not starve. I no longer starve ,I run better than before , I have learnt about rest days and yes its paying off!  I lost 6 kilos in four weeks because of these members and their advice.


Motivating & Non-Judgmental

Fitness Eagle is the fitness code name I go by but commonly I am referred to as Dr. Adrian. I joined RunWithFitnessBae at the beginning of December 2016 to date.  The experience for me has been nothing but bliss.  My aim was not to lose anymore weight.  I gained over 5kgs of muscle mass since I joined the group and have been thoroughly educated on healthy eating.  I have also been introduced to different exercise challenges.  Through the group I have learnt how to maintain my weight and stay focused when it comes to  training consistency.   This is the place to be where fitness dreams become reality!

Dr. Adrian


Fitness is a personal commitment. Choosing that road and sticking to it can be tough without support and encouragement in place. I’ve learnt different techniques in this group from keeping fit to sharing with others alike; it goes a long way.

DT Tsanga

DIY Fitness With Support

I have always enjoyed exercise, not seriously but just enough. Before joining #RunWithFitnessBae I wasn’t consistent with any workouts and that was okay. I did not have enough motivation to achieve what I had in mind. Through the awesome people in this group I have acquired a lot of knowledge on fitness to the point that I now give other people who are just starting on this journey advice 😂. I have learnt to eat right and exercise right. I am now more focused on my fitness goals. I am in a better place and I am loving it!


Eat Right & Exercise

So I honestly can not say that I have ever been really fat, well I have never weighed more than 70kgs and for my height that’s pretty okay. My fitness journey had initially been more about making sure that I do no get fat. Before joining #RunWihFitnessbae I had no direction about my workouts, never cared about doing better in my workouts and was not much of a groupie🙆 But 5 months down the line, I am more informed about what fitness is all about; how to balance the different aspects that come with it and most importantly, to love my body as well. Its been a great journey and promises to be great with these wonderful fitness fanatics. My fitness goals are now to tone my body and maintain my weight.


Fitness Is About Balance

Fitness Queen Terrorist or as I like calling myself AmyTheTerrorist  Before and after I joined #RunwithFitnessBae I’m not saying I wasn’t great before but with the group I have evolved into a better person. I have learnt how to eat well, how to present my food, the importance of adequate rest, the importance of stretching and I have learnt to listen to advice.  I used to be Amy knows it all but I have realised that I learn everyday and this group has helped me to lose 10kgs😍😍 that I had gained and I am so happy to be here. It hass been a good 5 and 1/2 months😍😍💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽


I Learn Everyday

Ever since I had my son by c-section, my tummy has been flabby. I haven’t been able to work out much since I’m still healing. But the group has helped me in watching what I eat and just doing light workouts. I have lost 4cm around my waist since joining in January and I now have a goal of losing 10kgs by my birthday. I know the group will keep me accountable and that’s what motivates me.


New Mum!

I am happy to be part of this growing movement and I have met people who encourage and push you and motivate you to do better and workout…There are days that I don’t feel like working out but when you see other people doing their workout on the WhatsApp Group you feel motivated to do yours. I have benefited more on the Challenges that have been posted and the results are amazing thank you Fitness Bae for this initiative.

Fitness Hunk

The Movement Is Motivating