I Am NOT Broody

Miss Kupsy has been on my case for a baby sister since last year in January.  I blame her friends.  No actually, I blame the mothers.  They are busy manufacturing little people and putting my little girl under unnecessary pressure.  She now feels lonely because her friends have playmates and she is all alone.


I have a million reasons why I don’t want to have another baby yet though and some of the reasons may sound petty but are a really big deal for me.  For one, I don’t have a car and trust me moving about with a child with public transport is a real nightmare and I would not want to go through that with two children!  Until I buy myself a car having another baby is out of the question.  I once wrote about not wanting to have another baby but I guess time does change your mind right; you can read more of my reasons from here.

However; I never thought about procreating until recently when I realised I am all she has.  If I was to drop dead today who would be there for her.  Yes, my family is there but what about a sibling she can call on when life happens?  I am not getting any younger and it would be ideal to have her and her sibling with a reasonable age gap so that at least that would keep them close.  (I can only hope)  

After typing this out I realised that maybe just maybe I don’t want to have another baby after all.  I relived my labour experience and it’s a done deal. It’s not happening.  I really am not broody for real and I was just enjoying the idea of Miss Kupsy having a playmate but I am not willing to do it, no thank you.  Somehow I thought if I wrote it down I would convince myself to try for another one but it didn’t work. She will be fine, I am going to make a lot of money and make sure she has a fulfilling life she will never want for a sibling.  Labour is not a fun place to be!  What was I even smoking??

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14 thoughts on “I Am NOT Broody

  1. Can my inlaw get a sibling please, these days we have some for of medication (injections) that help with the labour pains so no excuses there…l will start a march with Kupsy soon we want a sibling.we shall march to your work place and home be warned.


  2. Will I-Wont I moments are pretty common for single mothers, at least that’s what my sister once told me. She also went through a phase where she thought of having a second child because she was worried for one reason or another….then she cooled off. A couple of years ago she ended up adopting a friend’s child when the friend wasn’t there anymore, and now she has two babies. Take it a day at a time, enjoy the moment with Miss Kupsy, and if there are other plans ahead, you will see them through as they come along.

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    • The moments are not easy at all. One minute you feel completely guilty and the other minute you are just wondering if your little person will be okay on their own. I do agree though, I will wait it out and see what the future holds. Your friend has a great person, taking care of a child takes someone with a very big heart 🙂

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  3. Haaaaaa! Completely know what you going through!!! I told my mum you need to pray for me cos I just might end on Nate! I used to feel broody a lot when I would see babies but now I relive the experiences (labor, c section, diapers, sick baby……) and quickly jump to I’m ayt the way I am and hey Nate has my siblings kids to have as siblings right? Oh and I will make loads of money too so that he will have all he ever needs!

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    • Hahaha Gwen, trust me I am sure Nate is way past the wanting a sibling age. He will probably feel jealous about a new baby brother or sister allow him to thrive on his own. Yes, your siblings kids are still his siblings so its all good. Gosh, we really find ourselves in some really complicated situations sometimes.

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  4. Haaaaa in case you comforting yourself that they “get over” the wanting a sibling stage I hate to break it to you but THEY DO NOT!!!! Hahahahaha!!! He still will randomly come and kiss my belly and when asked he will say “Maybe a baby will come into the tummy”. My older sister’s daughter is 15 and told her mum straight that its ok for her to have a baby, even if they will have a huge age gap. Its never over lol…. So buckle up hun!


  5. Okay. It’s no secret, I’m legit stalking your blog right now LoL…I’m on a study break. Anyway a trip to the shops with a child goes like this. Your child is only excited the moment you step out of the house, the rest of the journey they claim to be tired after walking for 5 mins ( I’m not saying these claims are unfounded) ..you’d probably have to carry that child or drag them through the rest of the journey kicking and wailing after failed bribery. On the way back home the kid will probably fall asleep on the ride and you’ll have to carry both your shopping bags and the child. A ordeal that was meant to be pleasant will turn into the most tiring experience of your life. Having lived both experiences, wanting a car first is so valid. Some people are cool with one baby on the back, front and holding the other..negotiating crowds and general chaos of a CBD but honey..that’s them, not you.

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    • Stalking is good though, it means you have found something worth your while. Hmmmm what you just described is NOT something I want to experience. These little people do the most but we love them all the same. The one time I went downtown with Miss Kupsy and navigating our way round was an actual nightmare and yet another reminder why I should not have a little one anytime soon.


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