I Made My Woman Smile Today

I noticed that maybe just maybe I am being a little too hard on the men out there.  So this post is for the men and the positive things they do for the women in their lives.  It’s not really about going above and beyond but the simple things that make her smile.   As always the participants remain anonymous, only their ages will be disclosed.  Here is a list of the things they did today just to put that beautiful smile on their partners face.


  • I gave her a surprise visit at her workplace with a bunch or roses. 23
  • I bought her jewelry. 22
  • I bought her a new phone Samsung Galaxy 4 just because she was being a good wife and mother to my children. 32 
  • I sent a voice note reciting a poem and she loved it. 22
  • I kissed my wife goodbye on the cheek before I left the house. 30
  • I sent a message saying “I love you”.  Believe me for most married people those are rare words. 41
  • I complimented her on her new hairstyle. 28
  • I took her to Nandos for lunch. 34
  • This morning I told her she is the most beautiful wife a man could ever have. 41
  • I finally put a photo of both of us on my Twitter Avi. 25
  • I gave her a necklace with her name on it. 26
  • I called her, all the way from South Africa to Harare for a good 10 minutes. 34
  • I remembered our first year anniversary and sent a gift to her office. 27

You see, sometimes all a woman needs is a random act to show her that she still has your heart.  I hope the other guys out there get to read this and will hopefully do something to brighten up their partner’s day.

Let me know what you decide to do for your leading lady today 🙂



12 thoughts on “I Made My Woman Smile Today

  1. I love how more than half of these lil love acts have nothing to do with money. See its never about the money. Its really inexpensive to keep the love burning 🙂


    • You see. It’s the simple things. Nothing about buying anyone a house, a car but small heartwarming gestures. And the nice thing about all this is that actual men are doing these acts out there meaning it is possible to make a woman happy after all.


  2. It’s a beautiful feeling to know that people still find time to put other people first and make them smile right? Thank you for reblogging and for reading MoonChild19


  3. My morning was made when one of the DJs discussed this topic on radio, Twitter and Facebook, it definitely put a smile on my face >>> TeeKay #TheIgnition @teekay239 What’s the last thing you did or say to put a smile on someones face? #TheIgnition http://fb.me/7bARvAa6y


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